Bitclub Network Scam Alert 2018 WATCH BEFORE YOU JOIN! Bitcoin Mining Ponzi Scheme

hey guys might invest coin my hair just another quick video this time to explain a big field network addressing concerns about whether or not this is a scam company that's just trying to run away with everyone's money so we're gonna address this scam allure and really find out if big Trump network is a scam or a Ponzi scheme or a facility company so what is a scam or a Ponzi scheme so we'll start off with scam if you type in on Wikipedia Scone it's gonna redirect you to confidence trick so basically just fill in something up with crap bullshitting them promising them the world and give them nothing in return so confidence trick as you can see there if you type in conman or scam redirects there you can then click into scam when you're in there and it says scam or confidence trick is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence so promising in the world and given them it also explains the two types of scams or cons so there's a short con and a long con a short con or a small con as a fast wind Allah which takes just minutes it typically aims throughout the victim of everything in his or her wallet a long con or big con is a scam that unfolds over several days or weeks and involves a team of swindlers as well as prop sets extras costumes and scripted lines it aims to rob the victim of huge sums of money or valuable things often by getting him or her to empty out banking accounts and borrow from family members now that sounds familiar with so many Bitcoin companies we've seen maybe breaking it down it's short con takes a few minutes along con takes days or weeks for big club network has been established since 2014 not only that they weren't just register in 2014 they've been paying out people daily in Bitcoin since 2014 and you can go on YouTube and you can see all the reps getting paid all the people getting mining contracts getting paid take that withdrawn their money so there's no issues dead these guys are paying out because then they're making money from the mining uh obviously yeah if you type in Ponzi scheme into Wikipedia okay so they basically describe it as an operation that just recycles new investors money to pay off old investors with no product or service being actually sold I'll read it down here Ponzi scheme also known as a Ponzi game is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator generates returns for other investors true revenue paid by new investors rather than from legitimate business activities or profit or financial trading so legitimate business activities will be selling services or products profit or financial trading would be taking that person's investment money who invested in the bit Club trading and making profits with it and returning those profits back to the investor but there's no trading going on here they don't claim to trade they claim to mine which they can actually prove they don't plan to trade like a few other companies in the past well mention names operators of Ponzi schemes can be either individuals or corporations and grab the attention of new investors by offering short term returns these guys don't offer short-term returns they offer 1,000 day returns which is over three years that is not short term and they're either abnormally high which they're not or unusually consistent they are definitely not consistent because mining difficulty goes up all the time price of Bitcoin goes up and down all the time definitely doesn't describe that companies that engage in Ponzi schemes focus out of the energy into attracting new clients to make investments Ponzi schemes were alight and a constant flow of new investments to continue to provide returns to older investors and I start saying that every company that wants to attract new clients is a Ponzi scheme but it's saying that these Ponzi schemes solely rely on new clients and nothing else because they don't make money from anything else when this flow runs out the scheme falls apart so they run out of money they bail they run away and they get out of country big Club Network operate legitimate business activities they're in the top 10 largest minor pills in the world which can be validated on the blockchain and every single block mind is visible to mean you visible to the whole public you can log on actually you know what let's log on right now just to show you so you can check on blockchain info which is like the most popular one or you can go to block trailer comm /b d c /p o /big club network and you'll be able to see a lot more detail of what's going on but we're going on the blockchain for now here we go okay so there we go blockchain dot info forward slash pulls as you can see straight away there big club network it's got here so they are in the top ten there if we click into them there we go guys there's the blocks so it's one two tree four five six blocks today and we'll click into the first one there so every block with Bitcoin mining you get rewarded twelve and a half Bitcoin as you can see there that's the block reward at the moment twelve and a half Bitcoin there's a difficulty of Bitcoin at the moment and here we go all the transactions of the club network going into big build networks wallets so this proves there's a product there's a service there mining Bitcoin materials ed Cashman arrow which is cryptocurrency which is currency which means it's money it's a form of money but they're making money off their own operations not just the money that we're putting into it obviously or any investors important into it they're making money lately mining gold mining Bitcoin and out coins so they're creating new coins every day so obviously they're getting an income from somewhere else apart from new investors as you can see look at all this I'm gonna mad at Bitcoin going into their wallets I'm jealous but yeah it's pretty obvious here guys and the size of this to me you can't fake this I mean it's on third-party sites but I mean they're all gonna show the same thing and you can't fake this they're legitimately mining Bitcoin and alkaloids okay so enough odda so pickup network they were launched in 2014 for years ago those four years ago that is if that is a Ponzi scheme Fair Play that's long pause this game and they're still going strong stronger than ever the product services sold a digital currency pool shares so you're getting shares of mining pools either in Bitcoin or Experian or a Tyrian classic Manero Zedd cash whatever you choose now with the Bitcoin miner pills they go on four thousand days you don't switch the coin it stays with Bitcoin the AL coins nice little feature is that you can change it every day to Tyrion or go to Manero or does ed cash one day or go to a Tyrion classic one day whichever obviously is yielding the highest returns so this is something you can't fake as I said earlier they have real mining facilities in Iceland which you can actually go visit at any time they don't just post pictures of other people's mining facilities or make stage props to make it look like they have miner facilities people can actually go there and see their hardware they have every single GPU or ASIC miner numbered so you know which when you own which is great you know I'm gonna show you the mining facilities and their new GPU miner facilities video yeah so this is the new GPU – Ilya Iceland real pictures real videos guys okay so as you can clearly see these are their rigs they've got to settle in Iceland don't see because it's it's a lot cooler there it's cheaper electricity it just makes sense to mine they're so big club Network they'll survive even if they don't have new members join the company all the time as you seen guys there's proof of that on the blockchain they are making hundreds and hundreds of thousands if not millions off Bitcoin mining and alcohol mining and it's verified on the blockchain so you can actually calculate how much money these guys are earning they also have projects like common pay which is their SmartPay system they're smart up there introducing debit cards for that so you can literally pay with Bitcoin anywhere to accept Visa MasterCard they're after our own little hybrid wallets like the Nano letter S they have ATMs common L which is gonna incorporate coin pay obviously and their own Club coin IC o—- their own Club coin which is another cryptocurrency that they're handing out as bonuses to big club founders and members as well now the founders are the owners of these ponzi schemes of these scams they never show their face because they hide behind fake facebook profiles and as soon as the money runs out these profiles disappear and everything gets deleted we've seen it happen before okay the founder Ross Medellin from the US he's constantly all over social media and he's always speaking at events he's being interviewed by big Club investors marketers all the time there's videos out there you know what has on here this is great actually because this one is actually in with Nathan like 20 million the millions of their coin amount ten or twenty million a month and that's what's mental and they're going to be sure by the end of February we're gonna have 1100 up and running it's already been paid but in the 28 name my body operates every in the world 1% of 1% know about Bitcoin I think about the gear okay so you saw was men than they're talking about their upgrades and how much money they put into it they put in a lot so big club investors should see a massive rise in the daily payments this year which is amazing I can't wait Bay Club network don't operate in the States due to strict cryptocurrency laws and regulations they have in the states when it comes to investing money they call it securities you have to go through a lot of stuff the regulations are just way too strict over there at the moment which is why no no cryptocurrency companies are even touching the states anymore big Club Network actually block us IP addresses from accessing the site so you can't even get onto the website if you're in the States now I will leave a link below I mean is in the state who wants to join they can join below it's very easy process and it allows you to join from the United States or you can just email me team coin Meyer at and I'll be able to pop you in in my back office without you actually even go and show that effort of trying to change your IP address or whatever so the shares you receive in the big club network their legitimate company shares so this is not the mining pill shares I'm talking about you also get company shares as bonuses so you own part of the company and obviously they're gonna be sold out sooner or later they're not gonna last forever the more blocks they mine the greater the daily payouts are for the shareholders and the shareholders may actually trade them off or they can even end the contract early to receive the morning I grab a pulse so this is really cool if you decide you're in the thousand days or the 2000 days that you want to cancel your contract they'll send you the mining Hardware the GPU or the ASIC rig and you'll be able to set that up a home but you actually have to pay for the postage the transport pop it over here so that could really cost you a lot more to run that but it's an option which is brilliant it just shows that the transparency of the company and the legitimacy of the company because they actually give you that option which no one else does so many investors that I know and I've seen on YouTube as well they hit their return on investment in their first year of person shares so I'm doing as already as four or five months it's really down to the daily payout as I said the difficulty of Bitcoin or the alkynes at the time of mining the price of them etc there's a lot of factors so they make all that back just from daily dividend earnings and just from the mining pills nevermind the company shares and top it out and their recruitment compensation plan Commission's if you don't want to keep big little network a secret from people and actually tell people better so guys these add a mining pill options for both Bitcoin mining and GPU mining so you've got T reom chilean classic zed cash or Manero we'll go over the bitcoin mining first you can register your account for free but you're held in a holding tank and you're not actually active until you pay your $99 once off registration fees the great news about this though is that they used to accept Bitcoin for this registration fee now they're accepting Bitcoin cash they've switched a Bitcoin cash reason is a lot of people were paying that 99 dollar fee but they were paying anywhere from 17 dollars up to 40 50 dollars just for the transaction fee because bitcoins transaction fees are just way too high at the moment which is great for miners because they get paid that transaction fee obviously but it's not good for people who just want to pass along small amounts like $99 you're paying an extra 20 $40 on top of that so a Bitcoin cash obviously your transaction fees are gonna be very small pain at $99 which is gray and that's a once-off fee you just paid up to activate your account you never pay it again then you get access to the pills so purchasing ultry Bitcoin pills so pill one pill two and pill tree if you purchase these separately it's the same as going in and buying the founders pull straight off so it'll qualify you for all the bonuses as well the company shares and coins club coins and things like that if you can't afford it three and a half brown to begin a lot of us can't you can start up to 500 you can move your way up to Towson mm pearl grating is you can see here the way it says 50% for Commission's 50% repurchase so all that means is 50% Commission's is you get 50% of the earnings paid into your wallet 50% of the earnings go back into repurchasing Bitcoin mining equipment so you will keep earning that can actually repurchase in partial shares instead of waiting until the $530,000 builds up it'll actually repurchase like something like point zero one of a share every time and that little percentage of a share will last for a thousand days as well so what I've done is I've set my back office to 100% repurchases so I'm getting compound interest effect every day and that's what's gonna build up well some people do is they they start at the 500 and then they they reap invest 100% until they make their way up the pill to and then they reinvest on a percent if they make their way up the pool tree and then they've got the founders pill then but you can do it any way you like obviously I recommend the founders pill book you don't all have that cash lying around you can now set the repurchase to zero percent in your back office so cool once that's a 50% repurchases pill to 40% cool treat to 80% but now if you log into your back office there's a little pulldown menu now you can go from 100 to 0% so you can actually change that note which is great so you're not forced to repurchase any more each Bitcoin miner pill will pay you every day in Bitcoin for over three years so a thousand days which is nice the GPU mining now it covers a tier iam ETH a Tyrian classic ATC said cash Zed EC and mineiro XM or daddy are coins they offer because of their highest profitability at the moment to mine nice little feature but this is what I mentioned briefly earlier is you can actually switch the coin you mine every single day so you start off mining aetherium one month down the line you see o mineiro that's the most profitable coin right now and you're gonna make a lot more money manera so you switched to Mineiro the next month it's a Tyrian classic that's the highest so you're gonna switch situps you're in control of the mining which just shows it's real as well because they're actually switching the coins for you switching the hardware to direct towards whichever coin you want to mine which is great and then leave you in control you're not stuck if anything happens to the currency you can switch to the one that's good so H GPU pearl will pay you in your chosen cryptocurrency so that's area material plastic said cash or Manero for over six years guys two tabs and days double don't want the Bitcoin mining pills I'll offer that's why they're a little bit more pricey so first pill the first GP you pull is $1,000 so you get one GP you share their it's the same as the Bitcoin mining you got one share of COBOL in one shareable pill tool and share with pool tree and anybody found a pill you've got one share in each of tree shares as you can see here Sam again here Towson gotta put one GPU share by five of these guys it's the same as getting the GPU finders if you go straight in for the GPU found a pill you get five GPU shares and founder bonuses special offers like coke coins and things like that there is no repurchases though GPU morning which can be looked at as a good thing or a bad thing the bad thing is obviously you don't get the compounding effect by repurchasing every now and again every week or so so you can't build that off but the nice thing as it goes on for 2,000 days or six years it's long enough if you want you can just buy another cool then with your commissions which is great so you can repurchase yourself with your real earnings so either way it's all good now guys I really hope you enjoyed the video the conclusion obviously is big global network is definitely not a scam I would never ever invest I've invested money into big Club Network and I would never ever invest my money into something that I don't feel is trustworthy I would not promote this if I didn't believe in it and think they're a legitimate company I've seen so much proof I've done my research I've got to gather all the facts please do not invest in big Club Network until you do your own research do not just click on my link below straightaway go do your own research come back to it sleep on it be sure you're investing your money into something that you believe in as well I believe in Bitcoin I believe in the out coins of their mining they're not going anywhere I want to be one of the ones who's cashing in when these guys go up in value and everyone was using them so if you want to join big Club guys and join team coin mark that's my link their big Club dark Network forward slash coin mine or you can click the link in the description below you can also join our Facebook group for anything to do with big Club neo trading tips we also have a free Bitcoin starter pack PDF which I I recommend everyone download in the description below as well and that's free so guys until next time stay informed take care of each other and let's make sure we're only putting their money into things we believe in and are actually gonna make us profit please guys

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