Bitclub Network Compensation Plan 2018 Bitcoin Mining Presentation

what's up everyone crypto Patrick here and today I want to talk about big Club Network I got my special guest Sean Logan here he has earned about a quarter million dollars but to say what's up Sean hey how's everyone doing I'm sure they're doing all good out there all our all our fans out there awesome we appreciate all you guys so you guys like this video subscribe hit the like button and we're here today to talk to you about bit Club network and bit Club network is a mining program where you guys combine your Bitcoin and get paid daily profits there's also has a binary system and probably one of the highest paying companies for Bitcoin in existence right now and I'm gonna give the floor to my man Sean Logan right here he's gonna tell you guys a little bit about it alright man thanks for having me on the show so I mean what I'm going to talk about over the next 30 to 40 minutes or so is basically how to use this company to create a residual stream of Bitcoin now the whole idea here is we want to rack up as much Bitcoin as we possibly can because that will allow us to enter the rest of the cryptocurrency market as well and just build up wealth is what this is all about it's about how to get your freedom back how to get break for you from your nine-to-five job how to have the freedom to travel the world and you know I figured out how to do that with Bitcoin mining companies like big Club Network and just with investing in cryptocurrency and understanding the technology behind it as a whole so all of this was taught to me by my mentors um I got involved in Bitcoin in 2016 and I started making profits and just never looked back so how did you get started how would you tell someone starting now about that Club Network what is like one of the the main like what's awareness what are the main things that people will grasp when they hear bit Club never what does the main thing that you want people to know about well the main thing that you need to know about when well and this is when it comes to investing into any kind of Bitcoin mining company or joining any kind of Bitcoin mining pool is you need to be able to identify what the company's a scam or not so I'm gonna share my screen and show you some stuff on here now the main thing that you want to find out about a Bitcoin mining company that you're going to invest in is number one do they even mine Bitcoin because there's a lot of fake companies out there that say they mined Bitcoin but in reality all they do is take one person's investment money and then use some of it to pay out another investor and then eventually the whole thing will collapse or the company will just shut down or well the website will shut down and then they'll just scam everyone and take the money so let me let me share my screen right now and I'm gonna show you how we know for sure that we're actually mining Bitcoin with big Club Network and how we know for sure that our money actually gets invested into mining hardware that generates profits that pays us out daily take a look yeah and I've seen this firsthand so all you guys watching this right now you guys are gonna see something you're gonna see you know Sean is a founding member he's made a you know a lot of money through bit Club this is not a scam it's been around since 2012 so there's a there's a lot going on with the club network you're gonna see right here okay so first first place is you can look up the company on the blockchain hash rate distribution right here that I've got pulled up on my screen now this is the this is blockchain info so this is the blockchain website this is a reliable source right here now what we have right here is these are the biggest mining tools in the world right here now there are other mining pools out there that aren't on this graph because this is only showing us the largest ones but we can see right there there is bit club networks showing up on on the graph on the blockchain hash rate distribution now when you're joining a Bitcoin mining company you want to ask yourself or you want to ask the company where is the mining farm located and ask if you can go and visit the mining farm in person you know do they have pictures and videos of the mining forum or other people going and visiting the mining forum because if they don't have pictures of it if they don't give you the address if they don't have videos of it if none of the members of the company have ever gone and seen it it doesn't exist now if you come into YouTube you can see tons and tons of videos of bit Club Networks mining farm you can also see them on the website as well which I'm in I'm logged in right here in the back office let me let me come in here I can show it to you so we're looking at where the form is basically he's showing you guys we're in Iceland this is located people go visit all the time they have it in a cold area because that's where you can find the most and big club network as you can see here is the biggest mining pool you can join a lot of these people join fake ones that aren't actually mining you're not actually getting profit so this one is a legit one yeah so you can come on YouTube and oh here it is like there's just the YouTube is flooded with videos of people that have gone and seen the mining farm I know people personally who have I've been friends with who've I've met through Bitcoin who have known for over a year who have all gone there and seen the mining farm they invite their members to go and see the mining farm I'm probably gonna go there eventually and see it for myself because I've been on the company for over a year now and I've been making some really good money with it but the internet is flooded of proof of their mining farm they don't hide anything to give the location we know that they have a mining farm and we know that they're mining biklen seen a lot of people on YouTube they've been there too I saw a girl that has a channel that she went and visited there too and took a bunch of screenshots there it's a real mining farm and they also if I'm not mistaken Sean even they they guarantee you your rigs that they would even send it to you if you weren't if you didn't want to mine with them anymore they have whoa hey let me uh let me rephrase that because what what they do is let's say you wanted a refund let's say you no longer wanted to be part of the company what they'll do is you can request request refund and they will actually send you the mining hardware in the mail that was purchased with your investment money however they don't recommend you do that because then all of a sudden you would become responsible for managing that mining hardware that means you have to handle the electricity cost you have to handle the cooling cost you have to maintain it at your home or wherever it is that you're gonna store it and if you're not experienced with doing that yet if you don't want to hassle with all that then it would be better to keep them at their mining farm and where they have access to better electric hospital cooling cost and a professional management team that maintains the the entire mining farm so this is not a cloud mining site they're not selling you hash power when you join this company and purchase any one of these Bitcoin mining pools what you're doing is you're purchasing mining hardware that will be set up in their facility and your name will be assigned to that Hardware so we purchase rural short-sighted interrupt but there's a we are just repurchases back into a share that goes into the next mining pool so you're gonna be mining indefinitely after those thousand days yeah and I'm gonna explain that in a minute and um if you look on the website right here I know it says that there's uh they have these repurchase rules they actually just changed this there is no mandatory repurchase rule anymore and I'll show you in my account right here let me go to my mining earnings a quick question Shawn there's the same the same thing is true on the GPU the GPU cool right for a theory on the GPU pools they don't they don't have any any repurchase yeah um you would have to it's not automatic you can't say that automatic you have to just do it manually which is fine but you're still completely in control you can what withdraw 100% of all the earnings from this company whether you're mining Bitcoin with them or you can also get they called it a GPU pool where you can mine other coins like Z cash Manero aetherium and you theorem classic now these are uh you can see I have I'm a founding member in this company which means that I've purchased all three mining pools so you can see right here this is pool one this is pool – and this is pool three and let me ask you a quick question John all three of those pools are those three separate pools for a new person that's never heard of bit Club or is that one pool that they're just part of all three can you're gonna explain a new person coming in here not understand any what a pool is okay basically a mining pool is where you in a pool is where a whole bunch of investors come together and they pool their money together to invest into a mining farm essentially is what it is so if you're buying your own hardware and you're mining all by yourself that is you're you're not part of a pool that's just your mining equipment a pool is where a whole bunch of people join together and with big Club you see these three pools right here and you have three different profits going on does this mean when someone signs up for the $500 pool when they're doing a repurchase is are they're having three pools at once that they're managing three different things they're mining once they get all three pools or what's the you kind of clarify a little bit so each time you purchase one of these pools it it basically what it does is it it's a thousand day mining contract now you can set your repurchase rule anywhere from 0% to 100% so let's say I invested in one of these pools and I wanted to withdraw all the profits I would put it on 0% and those profits each day would be loaded right here on my balance which I can withdraw into my own private key Bitcoin wallet now you if you'll notice they have these things called partial shares and you can read more about this in the description here but if I were to put this on 10% or 20% or any of these repurchases right here it's automatically going to take that percentage of the profits and reinvest it into more of the mining pool and and it what it does is it renews these little partial shares each time it renews a partial share it renews another 1,000 a mining contract though as long as you you know within your thousand day period as long as you use a little bit of the profits to repurchase to some of these partial shares and it renews more thousand day contracts your mining will never run out it will build in perpetuity and it will pay you out indefinitely so you can see here I actually have repurchased many different times and I've continued to renew my thousand day mining contracts and I started with pool number one so I started with the very smallest pool well right here which is was five hundred dollars this was a five hundred dollar investment into the pool and there is a one-time ninety nine dollar membership fee which is a lifetime membership with this company so my total investment to get started was six hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin that was a little over a year ago and as you can see my total mining earnings up here in the top right my mining earnings have totaled to be one point four one six five eight Bitcoin $500 so I mean you can just imagine how much yeah over one time $600 investments and that's without selling without recruiting without network building or anything that's just from from putting it on a compound and letting it letting the the repurchases build me up into a founding member so you could become a founding member just by joining the the five hundred dollar pool putting it on one hundred percent compound or 100 percent repurchase and those repurchases as they build up they will qualify you for pool too and then eventually qualify you for pool three and then you'll become a founding member and it will open up more areas of earning potential within this program so have you taken out any commissions from that or have you just gone back into repurchasing and from the mining profits all the time how do you tell so yeah well I know III do more than just invest into the mining um I built a network in this company and I'm gonna show you my results from that in a minute here but I just want to show you you know what I've earned just from the mining so as of today you know one point four one six five Bitcoin is worth 19,800 and $32 yeah so so you know what you can do with a program like this and as long as Bitcoin keeps going up which it looks like it will be because of the limited supply and the mining difficulty and the way it's designed it's been deflationary um you know you can potentially join a company like this for you know like 500 bucks or a thousand bucks or 3500 bucks compound these things so that you become a bigger shareholder in the company let it grow let it build in perpetuity then flip everything back to 100% repurchase I mean 100 percent withdrawal and then it'll just keep paying you out indefinitely so that's when you that's when you're withdrawing and using that Bitcoin that you made yes yeah so that's basically a commission and for everyone at home so die keys so he got up to the founding member that's not a commission that's just mining profits commissions are when you are so and recruiting and building a network you became a founder and then have you have you took any of those Commission monies out to use for other investments and things like that yeah well what what I what I do with a program like this is big Club network is your this is like your long-term stable reliable stream of income there's a lot of risky programs you can join there's a lot of risky investments you can do trading and investing in cryptocurrency itself is very risky and people lose money all the time doing that and learning how to trade in itself is difficult and there's a learning curve that you go through to learn how to trade and at some point you're probably gonna lose money while going through that learning curve however when you have a residual income business like bit Club Network that's paying you on autopilot it acts as a safety net for when you go through the learning curve of trading and when you start diversifying your investment portfolio just remember like let's say you do a bad trade here and there big deal your residual income income from a program like bit Club will just replenish your account anyways so let me show you you know how um how their their referral program works which it and again this is completely optional you do not need to do referrals to earn money with this company all you need to do to start earning is become a lifetime member for 99 bucks and then invest into any of these mining tools you can potentially mine for life yes so you can get the Bitcoin mining pools right here or you can also get a GPU pool and with the GPU pooled you can switch between mining aetherium aetherium classic z cash or Manero and i believe but right now it's just these four oh is it thousand or pulled me in Sean what's that GPU 5000 or what does that mean right this means that you're mining aetherium aetherium classic z cash and Manero right now now if you come in at the five thousand dollar GPU pool this will qualify you as a founding member where you get you can receive commissions for all these pools as well if you build a network so this is the best place to come into the right now at $5,000 um if you don't have $5,000 to come in with if you're working with a smaller budget you know come in at $500 put it on 100% compound build yourself up and do a founding member and while you're building yourself up into a founding member you can make tons of money by building a network in this company Thanks so let me go over let me go over you know how to actually build a network in here and then how it works so this company uses a what's called a binary tree and I'm gonna show you a preview of that right now and actually before I show you that let me let me just show you my results with this because I've gotten some really great results with this company and what I've been using right now I've been already on the binary system and I've had it you know a toupee I'm going on my second payout right now my pay cycle just from the binary itself so the binary it really does work guys and I'm sure we can see Sean's and how you move people around you know give it a the websites load and give it a minute here yeah it's really it's really great to be able to see this and we can share your screen with someone that is on you guys to get you guys at home on this channel are seen a perfect example of where you can go with this program you know sean has he lives this program every day this pays for a lot of your lifestyle doesn't it Sean yeah I mean I've built myself a very nice six-figure income joining programs like this and then taking the prophets and in diversifying my investment portfolio so you recommend people that work a normal job if they have an extra five hundred always they want to you know start making Bitcoin profits on the daily this might be a really good investment if they watch our video there there are Lulu um yeah especially because we know that this company actually mines Bitcoin they've been around for three years over three years now they have over three hundred thousand members you know they're not going anywhere Bitcoin mining isn't going anywhere cryptocurrency is the future so and you can mine a theory Amanda cash from the narrow and you theorem classic I mean there's a lot of benefits to being on bit Club Network yeah so let me so here's a you can see right here that they have a public record in that in your back office of all the payouts that your that you get so you can see here's my accounts and you know these are payouts that I'm showing you that I just get all throughout the day I'm December yeah so you can see the dates on here but you know these are all on from the 29th so you can see here you know we're just getting all these Bitcoin payouts over and over again all today you know there's $10 with a Bitcoin $20 $10 $10 $50 $10 $40 and this is all just the 29th you know if if this thing was like hooked up to notifications on your smartphone all throughout the day you know if you build this thing the way I teach it would just be like cha-ching – change – change – change – change – change it's on autopilot just making money all throughout the day all tonight even while you're sleeping let's see page 2 alright so I'm gonna show you just the total that I've withdrawn from this company you can see right here this is my all-time summary now this is just one position um they do this is a binary tree and they do allow you to have multiple positions in this company and we'll go into more detail about that I do go into more detail about that in some of my other videos but I'm going to show you right here might my all-time withdrawal let me zoom in a little so you can see it better yeah it looks like a line all times somebody right there from this one position that I'm logged into right now is seventeen point one zero seven five Bitcoin let's see how much that's worth as of today hey Sean calculate it at the highest bitcoins been just to show people how much you know and what as of today we'll do it as of today as of right now while we're recording this video you know one Bitcoin trades for around fourteen thousand dollars and seventeen point one zero seven five Bitcoin is equal to two hundred and thirty nine thousand five hundred and four dollars and ninety one cents now throughout the year you know I've spent some of this to pay for my lifestyle I like to party I like to go on vacations but I've been able to keep the majority of the bitcoins and the other cryptocurrencies that I've been earning over the past year so that's great this is a very very high paying program with an optional binary tree and for anyone who doesn't know what a binary tree is I'm gonna show you a preview of it in the back-office here it's basically a binary tree is a network that builds out where one person is placed on your left under you and another person on the right and then it duplicates those people below you one on the left one on the right and it just builds out and then anyone that you sign up after you've signed up one person on the left and one person on the right they get spilled over down underneath those other people and so on and so on so there are people in my network who have caught a bunch of my spillover signups and made thousands and thousands of dollars off it that's not a guarantee but it does happen so you can see my network here I'm gonna show you the point system you know they've got a point system where if you get 15 credits on each side you get a two hundred dollar Bitcoin we're two hundred dollars for the Bitcoin payout and it doesn't matter whether you sign those people up or whether your sponsor signed them up as long as you hit those pay those 15 credits you get paid two hundred dollars with a Bitcoin so you can see right here you know there's over six thousand two hundred forty credits on my right side and then you know on my left side there's thousands of credits as well so I've been cycling many many times I've made tens of thousands of dollars over and over and over again just from the pay cycles that's not including the Commission's the the generational bonuses the matching bonuses and all the other different ways that we get paid out in this binary tree now if this I consider this more of a complex marketing plan it may take you a few times of reading through it to fully understand it but I assure you if you learn how to build this thing and you study it it is very high paying and you can make enough money to quit your job you can make enough money to relocate whatever it is you know if you build this thing the way I teach you're going to make a shitload of money and just doing the mining itself is profitable that we've seen you made from $500 you've already you know at one point was at 1.7 Bitcoin just from that just from a five hundred dollar investment one point four one six five eight Bitcoin so far and that continues to pay me out you know that doesn't stop because you're doing reoccurring you're not always you're not always doing it on repurchasing but some of it you go back to withdrawal right you'd be like yeah sometimes I'll switch it back on to 100 percent compound and let it build up more and more and then switch switch it back off and now I'm making even more money each day just from the mining so you're totally in control of it you know you could put it on right yes now in a binary tree you can if the company allows you can create multiple positions for yourself so that you cycle and get paid out on all of them now I do have more than one position in this company and if you are a network builder if you plan on building this thing the way I teach where you know you're gonna make hundreds of thousands of dollars with a Bitcoin with this thing the best way to come into this is to create your top position and then you're immediately once you're going to want to come in as a founding member on your top position and then you're going to want to sign up another one of your positions on the left another one on the right both founding members on these if possible but if not just get the $500 pool in these to put it on 100% repurchase these two build up into a founding member position this one will continue to continuously get the payoff cycles from these two and as the rest of your network grows now you've got a stream of income here you've got a stream of income here and you've got a stream of income here and as you rank up because they do have a ranking system that opens up even more earning potential on top of becoming a founding member and on top of the mining earnings as you hit these ranks it will open up more payouts farther down the entire network yeah so you just gotta manage like a couple different accounts yeah so my position right now is I'm a pro builder and you can see this in the back office here I've completed everything to become a pro builder I'm almost master builder which means that I've I have over 250,000 in enrollment tree volume and I need to get to pro builders and I've already got one and you can see down here the total that I've brought in with my enrollment tree volume is almost a million dollars with a Bitcoin right there so if you click in here in this website you know after you become registered you can click on the compensation plan right here and this will break down all those things that I just described in detail the binary team cycle bonuses with with the the 15 credits on each side your your different ranking systems and it'll actually increase the amount of money that you're able to earn each day from just the payoff cycles as you rank up it has all the the matching bonuses that go ten levels deep you have all these difference you have all these different like level up bonuses for the different shares that get repurchased you have this thing called the the generational bonuses where you start getting percentages infinitely down the network as you rank up so you know you they pay you on the partial share so when you have a network of people that are repurchasing you're getting paid out on those repurchases you're getting paid out on the the cycle payouts from the the points you're getting paid out on everything it's a very very high paying system if I were to like simplify it I'm imagine it's like this it's they would if they would take about 40 percents goes into the the mining hardware 40 percent goes into the Commission structure and this this binary tree or what I should say and then the other 20 percent goes back into maintaining the company and maintaining the website and managing the mining farm so it is a very very high paying program for network builders and a very good stable long-term kind of investment for someone who just wants to you know start mining cryptocurrency and just kind of let it sit back and collect profits without doing any of the work to actually sell an old route like I do there's a lot of people out there trying to you know to add to that that are trying to sell you on programs that aren't actually mining bitcoins you know they just go under how many programs that people try to join in these Facebook groups at free Bitcoin I mean it's uncountable uncountable how many fake programs are out there but this one is a real program this one you know it's been around it's like stood the test of time it's a brick and mortar business would you say that yeah this is probably one of the best ones in existence yeah that's a good thing you bring up to this is a brick and mortar business meaning that it is a physical business with a physical location with a physical product that we invest into and the product that we invest into is the mining hardware that generates the profits unlike lending token programs trading robot programs which are like almost like 99% of those are all fake they're all just Ponzi scheme you know and all they have is a website and they're collecting investors money and they can shut that down anytime and run away with this this is a physical business that you can go and visit in person you can touch it you can see it you can take selfies with it it's it's stable it's not going anywhere and bitcoin is like the first so I mean mining Bitcoin everyone you're gonna need it to exchange into all these other coins right now pretty much every coin you want to buy you need to use Bitcoin there but they have like a lot they're right there they're coming out with the Lightning networks closely pretty soon there's a lot of big things happening with like everyone's getting in because of the buzzword Bitcoin so it seems like if you can mine it and start joining these poles Sean would you say that like most people trying to be an investor and coming into crypto this is something that would be really beneficial for them to get started yeah I'll show you just this is a this website I'm on right here it's called Queen market cap and I'm just showing you this graph because you can see how big cryptocurrency is getting right now this is a this is right here this is April of 2017 and you can see right here the the total market cap was around twenty nine billion well actually let's go down down to hang on I want to go to January so this is January of 2017 this is the very beginning of the year now we're at the end of the year so at the very beginning of 2017 the total global market capitalization of cryptocurrency was around 17 billion and this year it hit a peak of 628 billion dollars on market cap and what we see happening right now is a is an evolution and disruption in the total global monetary system as a whole you know for the first time in history now the people actually have a choice of which money they want to use they're no longer dictated and controlled by centralized banking cartels now they can actually extract their money from the system and diversify it into something that's decentralized where they control it as opposed to small groups of individuals that are essentially dominating and enslaving the entire world through financial tyranny right now we're transitioning from a centralized monetary system to a decentralized monetary system that's more empowering to the people and that's that's less corrupt and it's all happening right now and it's gonna be one of the biggest wealth transfers in history isn't there banking families heating you up right now Shawn to get into this to get into Bitcoin yeah it's we see now that the bankers are having this attitude where it's like well if we can't beat them we might as well join them so now we see banking we see banking corporations starting to utilize the blockchain technology and starting to get involved in cryptocurrency we see bankers starting to invest into Bitcoin mining you know I've had I've had all kinds of people contact me from multi-level marketers to hobby investors to entrepreneur millionaires to even people who contacted me and claimed that they were part of banking families that have been in banking for thousands of years that see this transition happening and they see the old system failing and starting to collapse and they're trying to get their money out of the fiat money Ponzi scheme and into a more secure solid investment because you know to be honest like I think some people are just afraid that their fiat money is gonna collapse and the people are kind of completely lose faith in it like what with like what would he recently happened in the country of Venezuela yeah so you think that big Club is the answer for people to get started and start mining Bitcoin without having to do it in their garage or you know what I mean this is like the good option where they can make money right now and be a Bitcoin miner without big Club is one place you can start where it's stable we know that they actually mined Bitcoin you know you can look up the main founding member of this company he's I've actually uploaded his one of his presentations to my youtube channel his name is Russ Medlin but you can just look this guy up you know this is like the main one of the main founding members in fact there's one of the videos I upload it up right here on my youtube channel this you know yeah so another thing too is like when you're investing in a Bitcoin company or a mining company your ask yourself does like the main founder or the CEO even show his face in public does he interact with the members are they updating are they giving presentations or are they hiding behind some fake facebook profile because that's what all the fake companies do is they create a fake profile with a fake CEO fake mining pictures they don't disclose anything they're not transparent and they maybe run for a while and then collapse or they scam people this is different because you know the CEO you know the warehouse you know they've mined Bitcoin you're getting daily profits there's also a compensation plan with the binary system and we basically know it works so this is something this is it stood the test of time since 2012 you know I mean you're who does Horten every 2014 it's already yeah it's it's you know the proof is in the pudding in with what Sean's doing right now well is there anything else you want to we should tell them about the pump Network yeah you know if you want to get involved in this thing um what you're gonna need to do is there's gonna be a link in the description of this video for you to join bit Club Network and because of the corrupt governments in the United States Bay Club network has basically to cover there they don't want to be they don't want to even say that they're part of the United States so they block the USA IP addresses and if and I've even had people from like other countries to try to join and sometimes they might get the same message that the the IP address is blocked so the way to get around that what you do is you're going to download this little app right here it's called anonymous and what this will do is it'll change your IP address and it will allow you to go ahead and create an account with bit Club Network Google Chrome correct yeah download anonymous as a Google Chrome extension or you could even message you could message call in and he can actually go into his back office in bit Club Network and create your account for you all you need to do is tell him which email you want to use and what username you want to use Anonymous is like when you sign in but when you sign into bit club network you're gonna have to be on a Tata box you know it does let you sign in from a USA IP address as right now but I go ahead and just I always just change it anyways so I recommend you do the same but this is an IP address switcher you will find this tool useful in your online marketing journey because what's happening is because of the of how corrupt the government is in the United States is many other cryptocurrency companies and initial point offerings are actually blocking the United States because they have like a gray area in their law about what is about what is what what is the currency exchange what is a business you know they have all these gray areas and they just don't want to deal with any of the to be honest so you're gonna find a lot of companies doing that it's not that hard guys it took me like five seconds to download it yeah it tastes like five sexy just like Sean over here I mean I'm in the u.s. using it Sean you're in the u.s. obviously using it sometimes yeah depending on if you're looking for aliens on a pyramid yeah on Explorer but you know that's about it that's Nick Club network in a nutshell you know if it's something you want to get involved with click the link in the description of this video one time $99 lifetime membership get into whatever mining pool you can for and then contact Colin or contact myself and if you need help with learning how to build a network with learning how to create a business or your where your having people come to you and ask you how to get involved if you need help with social media marketing and all that stuff we have all kinds of trainings that will teach you step-by-step how to do it how we bought them the kind of results that we have yeah like so we got you know Shawn's got put out some referral videos to show you guys how to get referrals and build up that side of the business um also you can contact me on Facebook Shawn's got a Facebook you know I'll put the links in the description so I mean this is really easy to do guys I suggest starting up you know as soon as possible you guys are all awesome out there we appreciate you watching this video you know definitely subscribe to my channel hit up Sean subscribe to his channel you got any last word Sean that's people kid I think I went over everything I wanted to again you know hey thanks for having me on the show just give us a give us a message on Facebook if you have any question no we're Hilda we're here to help everyone learn how to build multiple streams of residual income and get your freedom back and let's all make crypto bit by bit by bit Renshaw right all right guys subscribe to my channel smash that like button I love you thank you please

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  1. BitClub Network now faces the problem that it violates securities laws not only in the USA but also in other countries. Russ Medlin is American and violating US securities laws. Many of the top BitClub Network leaders are also American and blatantly violating US securities laws and promoting for others also to violate the laws. Genesis Mining was hit with a Cease and Desist in the US, and BCN is on the list. Any American marketing BCN is likewise subject to SEC rules. Russ lives in the Philippines where BCN is also inconsistent with Philippine SEC rulings. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Be careful.

    Genesis Mining Pool Is A Security:

    Pooled Mining Contracts Illegal Securities Since 2016 SEC Ruling:

    BitClub pretending to run from US regulators, but still being actively promoted to Americans:

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