5 thoughts on “Binarycent Trading Platform Overview! Binary Cent Broker Review 2019!!”

  1. Hello Faysal, do you trade manually on Binarycent platform? Forex or Binary Options? Please teach me. I want to learn to trade manually. How can I get started?
    Thank you.

  2. What are your own personal experince with them ?
    Have you had ANY problems/isicues with them ?
    Priblems when you do a withdrawel or anything else we should know About???
    Thanks 😉👍🇩🇰

  3. Hello Faysal, is BinaryCent regulated? 2nd question is, I just created an account in BinBot Pro with Binarycent as my broker of choice. Do i still need to create a binarycent account using their official website in order to operate with BinBot Pro?

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