20 thoughts on “Binance Vs Ethereum, Bithumb Expansion, The Greatest News Ever & Bitcoin SV Coincidence”

  1. As much as this is an infringement on peoples freedom. The governments know that most retail investors actually lose their money. When they lose their money they cant pay their debts and causes problems. The money also leaves the country entirely and untaxed too since its a global market. That's why Governments block average Joe's from the market.

  2. 16:22 that's always been the perogative of those old douche bags who are already rich. To stifle the poor folk at every turn. FUCK THEM. So hard!0)

  3. is it just a coincidence that ethereum uses the Freemason logo? I don't think so. They put their mark on cereal boxes, Disney characters and now crypto. I'm not supporting them as a group, but I understand who is in control here, and that is why it would be stupid to invest in anything that's not based on eth.

  4. Hi TMI, i always enjoy your videos. Great job ! you help me rationalize my trade and investment decisions without (too much) fomoing. Been diving in this crypto world only recently and still so much to learn. thanks again .
    Btw any opinion on APL, INS and INSTAR ?
    Last i still have a hard time figuring out when/why Alts should go up, as they usually dive when btc moves up or dive more when btc goes down!?
    Hope you can share on these in your next broadcast. Cheers

  5. screw Binance Chain, Binance should not be allowed to be a major exchange and have their own coin on it and decide what to list at their whim…anti-competitive/unfair competition….regulation time

  6. Bitcoin now at 5,500$ I think you said in a segment that some analysts say this is indication of bull market?

  7. I love the most when you mentioning your your patreon supported. I almost mentioning together with you.

  8. When I see the big boys choosing other platforms over ETH then I'll listen to the Ethereum killer talk. But governments, most all stable coins and major institutions only speak of ETH. Not to mention the size of their development team. Binance could very well kick off the next bull run with IEOs (basically ICO 2.0) but weve seen how that ends.

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