Binance or Bittrex?! BEST Cryptocurrency Exchange 2017

Binance, Best cryptocurrency exchange 2017 for beginners? you know these channels blowing up man damn
welcome back to crypto lands My name is Matthew Timothy and today I want to talk
about alt coins we do videos on cryptocurrency here every single day
if you’re new if you’re new here consider subscribing if you’re into
cryptocurrencies today I want to talk about all coins as I said but
specifically how to get them I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from you guys
in the comments section really appreciate that a lot of questions and I
think that alt coins is where it’s at in 2018 Bitcoin is getting more adoption
more people are getting to know about Bitcoin but if you ask them try asking
someone on the streets if they know about Bitcoin if they say yes ask them
what an altcoin is they’re probably gonna say scratch your head and say I
don’t know so I think there’s tremendous opportunity for us as a community to
find quality alt coins quality projects that have long-term potential and then
really capitalizing on those so you know if you see a great project like iOS for
example but you don’t know where to get it this is this video is definitely
gonna be helpful for you basically what you want to do is you want to go to coin
market capcom and you want to click on the coin that you are interested in
buying then you want to go over to markets and you want to scroll down here
here are all the markets that sell AOS I’ve been using bit tracks to buy most
of the coins and that I trade with and TOS is not on there unfortunately it’s
on BitFenix it’s also on buy Nance so I started looking into like the fees and
amount of coins they had and stuff bit tricks actually has pretty high fees and
so what I would recommend for you guys if you want to buy out coins is to get a
finance account security wise if you set up your 2fa I think you’re solid for now
and then when your coins get like ledger ledger support or something put them on
there definitely but what you want to do is you want to use the link into this
Crypton and sign up for a free by Nance account from there on you go to funds
deposit withdrawals and that brings you here to this page then you want to go
over to Bitcoin and deposit and then you simply copy this address or you can do
this QR code send Bitcoin to this address it’s gonna
be here in your wallet and from there on you can go to the exchange
we have a basic exchange and an advanced one and if you go to the advanced one
you can see here you also have a lot of pairs to choose from like I said they
offer a lot a lot of a lot of coins so you know looking at Virg that we talked
about yesterday how to get yourself some birch you go over to coin market cap you
search for Birch xvg markets and then you see it’s on bit tricks but it’s also
on by Nance so you want to click on Finance you see here this is what they
offer basically which is a bunch and then you can find it here and you can
just buy it here you can hold it or you can trade with it I myself I’m not
really a hardcore trader just yet I think is really interesting my neighbor
over here has 30 years of market experience he’s been trading futures and
stuff like that for basically his whole career and I’m looking to do like a
collaboration with him and get some knowledge from him and share it with you
guys so definitely if you’re new to this channel consider subscribing because
there’s a lot more coming moving on in 2018-19 I plan to be a lot around for a
long long time so yeah that’s basically it use the link in the description get
some get get yourself a free bonus account thank you so so much for the
support guys I really do appreciate it this channel for me is as much yours as
it is mine and I want to discover a bunch of cool projects with
you guys in the next months years and really capitalize on that with you guys
so really appreciate the support and see you in the next video and until then
stop settling I started living the gon life please

40 thoughts on “Binance or Bittrex?! BEST Cryptocurrency Exchange 2017”

  1. Good video, just an advice for the beginners. Do not use Bittrex because they do not autentify the new accounts and if they do it will takes mounths and you wont be able to get your money out till then. Binance takes also long but the allow you to take up to 2 bc per day.

  2. You are always wonderful and great dear ….. how will I stop watching I don't think I can never do that ever


  4. If you can try to improve your sound quality. It seems a little quiet and somewhat badly optimized.
    I still like you and your videos. Keep it up 🙂

  5. Love Binance. However its cheaper to send ETH or LTC and exchange it into BTC it'll save you about 10 bucks on other exchanges. Does that hold true for Binance too?

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  7. I still do not have any exchange, I will open one in the near future, I hope…maybe Binance…

    Bitconnect Wallet: 8T9Vp2fNL1ZrwegUJ5tHaYPfqPHLs3vW9E

  8. Good info bro. Also all the links with extra info are sooooo welcome!

    My cryptoland present? is in business!!! A big thank you for Cryptoland!!

    Greets from your friend and businesspartner

    Olivier 8Lp1izppeWoykxeGVtiwrAzPF6oXHVdfEp

  9. This is probably really silly question, Brand new to this, do you have to buy bitcoin from somewhere else to then put it into your binance account or can you trade directly in dollars or sterling. Ta JT

  10. CryptoLand young man like the vid, just subscribed, Im also looking for long term holds right now you should share you knowledge on a future vid soon that would be cool. thanks Im really liking reddcoin for a future hold what do you think, unfortunately not available on binance .

  11. Hi there, I really like your videos thank you for making them and creating this awesome community! I'm a super newbie and wanted to ask you if you thought it was safe to hold a bunch of different alt coins on Binance?

  12. Great quality video. I've been looking for a good bittrex alternative, since they still haven't allowed new registrations, thanks. Subbed 😉

  13. The problem with Binance is that they only support buying with btc usd etc. and I’m currently mining etc for the lower transfer fees and stuff

  14. Binance is the best IMAO, you can pay trading fee with BNB coin then you only pay 0.05%
    give it a try

  15. Binance is great, if I can't find the coin I need on KuCoin exchange, Low trading (0,1%) and withdrawal fees (depends on currency), and a great profit sharing strategy. KuCoin shares 50% of the trading fees with KuCoin Shares (KCS) holders and the volume seems to increase on a daily basis (which means bigger daily payouts). KCS is my biggest bet in 2018!!

    Please use my link or invite code (E4Ve6b) if you sign up, would be much appreciated.

  16. signing up for bittrex from your link. Thanks! im thinking of investing in cardano and tron to start me off, along with the top 5 on the market to even out my portfolio. any feedback?

  17. I moved my BCC from Bitconnect to Coin Exchange now they are telling me I must remove my BCC ( it will be Delisted) can you suggest another Exchange where I can transfer my BCC to?

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