Binance loses $41 Million in BTC | Paypal skips Bitcoin

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this other stuff that I’m trying
t , to rate where we had here are a cool so we we talked in the past couple
streams of Corel Wagner would
summon a DC one glad you made it up so in the past couple streams
my stream of and when the when
we had DN eye on and we talked a
little bit about this with up w a life and in the world as we
all know Yelena lee’s good to
see one she excerpt the what’s
going on pledging made on up in
the w a DC they can be governments on
really nothing that we do and prevents that actors from
being bad or can stop these bad
actors of from unwanted provocation and it sits out of our hands is
always can be backed as always
gonna be good however what we can do is be prepared
and and really we have to be
prepared whether it’s your
walking down the street late at
night of d and stay aware of your
surroundings make sure that you
can defend yourself on excel run
so that happens whether your
meal walkin of that has to do with how you
protect your house and asked to
do with how you protect all your
assets on a really crosses you all all
of all aspects of life they key
with all of that is that we have
to be prepared and really now you can be a victim of
circumstance and lose you know
or gain you can prepare yourself
all well in advance to prevent
or mit all because when it comes to
investment of individual
investment and whether its stock investment
real estate told investment or digital
assets it’s so important on that
we have a backup plan on to
defend our own asset half you
don’t have you’re putting yourself in a
position where you can become a
victim of circumstance now when you
have a fee a currency on or if
you’re putting money into a
stint is stock in into an
exchange of UK is going to back up your money
on through one of the bean and
hefty I see insured up entity
now typically that insurance
will on all 1,000,000 in one account up
because you’re not going to be
insured up to that total amount
and you’re better off splitting
u and up can happen regardless
which you invest in out of this
doesn’t necessarily mean just
because you’re you’re on a FDIC FDIC of
covered with the ion exchange
that you’re invested in or the
bank the year invested in a bad
thi or a potential financial ballot
turn all which impacts your
stock valuation now on in the
last guy conversation and
previous vid of what can happen to an investor all when a large
corporation a large entity toes belly up the innocence now
the government decided GM was
too big to fail the bail them out of the ended
up owning up a large percentage
as part of the negotiation of
General Motors up basically went
in holding the bag and held
virtually you know of value
lists a paper at that point now you have to have a plan we
have to observe and we have to
watch and manage up our planned
a throughout the process to make
s tell of tanks a financial
institutions and digital asset
exchanges are also object to
theft to hacking and really
other ill intent fr and it’s gone on pretty much for
as long as these institutions
have existed on so you can’t the prevents it
yet again you knocking it
necessarily prevent it from
happening but you can mitigate
the impact is this very fact that digital
asset seem to be more
susceptible ought to hacking
more susceptible to pfaff’s
which may or may n in Singapore that we are able to
protect our investment and take
a a certain level of a self
reliance on in order to all
really so while images taken a break
here and on a continuum I
thought but I’m looking down my
phone and I want a pop of the of
the Cha of excerpt he the standard of
glitzy auburn rain what some and
could to see one glad you made
it up and unfortunately I have
yea this was the topic connector by
fax to prepare for tonight I
wish I would have an opportunity ought to listen to your video up
before before this chat so I’m
sure you have a some great ideas
and then things to want to plug , and and so would I like that
you know on Corel Agni purposely
keep out one word in my phrase
he know in my memory on my think that support you
keep in check keeping track and
again the preparing ourselves on is is so critical I am only
of clotting my phone here , your ego and think that that
the that the better you die so
quick , tse that’s is crazy and I wish of IE
last night in Ali said II missed
out on nine on chip stream I
missed out on deionized stream of it and then I saw Iran is all
your video, popup and and go
through when 10 this morning us
try to catch up on a few things
an it was a little order not to
decide to put that on and so on
but but anyhow we’ll take that
back in test in the in the most
rece and things that can that are
likely to happen and war of that
can happen and think about not
docs and about what happened on
two to the hacking a visitors a lot
more involved in it on but millions and millions of dollars
lost a wide range of padraig AC and
trained us see acts on lust and
think about how much money all
was also lost all with a country
g chat about an opportunity to
mitigate their lost up by
utilizing aid man OS now is that the a perfect is
everybody comfortable utilizing and an OS
and not everybody is comfortable
using in an OS and I thank you
from that perspective many are a any of safety deposit boxes is
all these different things that
you need to do to mitigate your
lost as think about you having
an something happens and now you
lose on everything is it is it
important and then mitigate of
disaster on mitigate lost by
having in a redundant and upside off
location a similar to the way
the backup day of similar to the
way the backup medical records
all and utilizing all redundant a
backup that it is miles upon
miles away a from the original of inputs or
so I think that’s really
important also good idea of sedan skew the
day’s coming and when banks will
hold and ensure crypto for the
masses it’s right around the co and it’s so impressive a really
is, so and let’s see here of italy’s go
Mexico Guadalajara up Alex what
is that from a Mexico City was
that like god and missed a coupl a not sure what the drive time
would be to so tight so you know so as we
talk about on, Tennessee, let me
just kinda get my it might not
thoughts of backing order aid o and to offer investors up
insurance on the amount of
digital asset its being held on
their exchange up and that
that’s actually of that it’s been it’s been a
number years since I was there
the last time was there on my
state in nozzle and also a and then a from there on
highways and Nam Monterey and
Monterey was a that area was
awesome so yet love that of its this great man to tell you what of the first
time I went down the mad I’ve
never been to Mexico really as a
tour is always been working down
th and you I was so impressed I
mean the the steakhouses that we
went to the restaurant’s and
Mexico were just outstanding and that’s not anywhere close on
to what true Max king cuisine is
all about and real Mexican Food
has a nice a European, says Sp and chicken places and there’s
one place of halogen light the
Vila I can try to think I think
wherein of the Monterey area can
r amazing times over there so up so that the question again
is that you know that that all
of us really have to ask of the
only a to saw something come up and so as we as we go through
this of an outward eye, and to
make sure that I, cover all of
these notes that I that I put
togeth so that the big question again
that we have to ask ourselves is you what kind of financial
planning to we have been in
again in case of, of disaster
but what kind of backup plan
ties up doe it as the banks and financial
institution that digital asset
exchange will get a backup plan
today have in place when, when
disa so I think that’s so critical
now when you can actually
identify and you see the back a
plan that this financial on
institution of of the company ethics of
based on how they planned for
disaster wide range of obviously
was implant what were the ethics
of t what how were they really
thinking about their customer in
that kind of a scenario what was
their backup plan odyssey they
didn’ back a plan to mitigate the laws
and as a resolve $150,000,000
were lost now we all saw and we’ve been
talking about it in and ready
made a video on a than others
and made videos on a reading on
my plan on Assisi is a statement of the put
out on of time twitter and and I
think that it’s so important all
when you see us easy a come o not to you know tried to lot of
makeup excuses all but he got
out in front of a potential
disaster which was the laws of
what 70 on someone earlier was talking
about it and they’re saying in
and profit margin they generate,
I wanna say that Owen about the
w in profit $200,000,000 per
quarter in profit on in 2018 so if you look at that and that
that’s staggering numbers you
know so the that’s close to
$1,000,000,000 in profit on
taken from buying it’s now the
I’m not a lost and I think it
was a hive intact t of work were taken now to get enough it with those of
another exchange and Phyllis
another a ceo of the exchange
that wasn’t planning ahead and think things would turn out
a lot differently and again due
us easy really got in front of
it now to seek the other thing is when
we when we looked up the sits in
it that it’s deftly get are you
already inundated it’s unbeliev you how can we help resolve this
scenario of what happened here is by
nance all one of the largest
exchanges in the world right now that now you know why I do get a
chance to ride a look at the
news of lately the census morning on
it to see if anything else came
out on it and maybe guys have
some updates Ramon yet some
update as could have been an inside job
it doesn’t necessarily mean that
there was an external hack on
the could’ve been somebody on th of that is specifically
targeting all one of the larger
of one of the larger crypto of
currency exchanges with a
specific purpos it’s a possibility you know it
can again it could be something
that was interior of its
happening from somebody on the
inside of a really either way Yeltsin
an external influence if it’s an
individual or group of
individuals or organization of a say they could potentially
be intuit offer the financial
gain of it on but again imagine if it’s an
external on influence with an
ulterior motive on to really a
attempt to COL lapse of the
largest exchan of a reduction of the price
point of a big point for
instance now it’s amazing, I
forget clever a poster that a
little while ago that a bit bit cloying right now
is over $6000 on.base so what
that says it is their response
from a buying it’s a response
from was really the right message
ought to boost confidence in the
space tights and now if you
think about what were some of
the a sc there was an anticipation of
actually rolling back up and in
doing up to roll back on the
black chain I could you imagine what that could take potentially
have done if they if all the
large groups got together and
said there’s a way we can
actually w that would set a very negative
precedence a potential
manipulation of the black chain
however just the fact that they
thought ab all the big organizations
decided to roll it out that they
don’t even want it go down that
path you know Spanish cobra
appreciat the flood excerpt he all but BT
scene with all of its problems
gets a pass time and time again
your 100% of on that on and I
thi , that they don’t wanna be left
behind so to all again what what really
strikes me as as Anna it really
an important take away a from
this whole situation now it
could ha to they had done a bit cloying
sat in a cold storage of you
again to mitigate a prom so they
were prepared at a plan that a
disa , let’s see here which is happen
here on 600075008, that that’s
pretty crazy so men that that two shows me
that there’s alternate
confidence and the digital asset
space there’s confidence in bit
cloying re of excerpt the minute hacks will
continue to happen and it’s the
nature the bee’s that’s exactly
right where there’s money the b you talking about people that
are you’ll spend their entire
existence on the black chain
tracking money on I I’m sure
they can t a following the bit cloying as
it goes out there up but you
know stuff can happen again if
they find out that it was an
inside j on my light auburn radio custody
custody custody of that is
really important you know
especially when we look in
mainstream adop focuses in on the fact that
finance just lost $41,000,000 on
but it’s against the response
it’s the way to community of
respond to again the fact that to its
easy that already taken a
precautionary measures, it’s
great now he took another
precautionary mea on to allow for their security
measures to review the gaps in
the security and close the whole
of the immediately told everyone on and then the toyland are
reset of their dirty step all
authentication so that that’s
just a nominal you know where
else are w ought to putting out ideas out
there for everybody here for
everybody to see and taking
swift action of been tested I
think that tight game in crypto what’s up I
deftly interesting times that’s
right brain excerpt event of its
a an odyssey of an excerpt the
hack I would I would anticipate
com anno on to say the goal
after the bank’s the big goal
after reb I think that dumb were were in a
in a scenario where you know
more and more of these a larger
institutions of a larger banks
the of the drop, Seattle number five
put the link here are five left
and opened in my browser but I’m
just real quick enough I love finance will restrict all
currently existing API Keys on
to have trading the
functionality only the skis one of the will then be
removed in full, at 1:30 PM
duties see, that’s awesome reset
it take a proactive measure and
mo a precaution every possible hole
on to find out you know what and
what not what and how of the
breach occurred so , I thought that was just a
absolutely up and testing such
an important thing to talk about on adjust filters in again on as
two of the importance of this
space all but also not just the
importance of the space but the
f ought to send onto the young
people today how many people of
the EU in this country and in
any country for that matter is
sendin that this is where it starts its
unbelievable guy told my son I’m
gonna get on line an OS and
Assenmacher the wallet and he’s
go about financial accountability on it so critical there really
is critical to already thank you very much
for that to anybody else you’re
on a few
channel yet to lead a subscribe
to the go ahead and not give a
thumbs up of that will deftly I
help out as well , and then daunt weeded out let
others know of it we like to gather and
10:00 tonight and have these
conversations still on quick question what done and
just as a side note here is as
we’re moving on to to something
else so on the tse that’s a 20
ex man you know of and and if you
go back and watch my videos I
said that it and we can get to
appoint all wear excerpt he will
be a before this busy chat, last
week and it’s amazing because and we have that that rocket
from 24¢ to $3.00 and close to
50¢ opening a brand new excerpt
the wallet that time was like 60
b it in change the of the
investment date in chains that
amount those put on hold Paulson
was 60 bucks to open up a wallet
you no anno some of the oats amazing
talent and soda and if you look
at if you look in that
transition on that could’ve made
it very di the first time you know that can
get a little costly for some
people on butt and anyhow on and see
out your first video was about
that’s awesome BN I love that
idea you know I love that that
will q on gee excerpt you the greatest
digital asset ever created a
soul portable right now it’s
unbelievable and more were in
that in that it’s it’s right there now
when mainstream adoption kicks
in and these large finance and
institutions like cake in a eon
the those that have been named those
that people talk about you I think that’s where we’re
gonna see you know so this
migration of money right now we’re talk about really a you know pocket change
a compared to what these big
financial institutions a can
bring to the space now something else they came up so
so we were thinking about you
mainstream adoption were
thinking about utility of we’re
talking ab up in order to see that
mainstream adoption in easy go
step further we we need to look
at on custody in order for large
financial institutions to take
that giant leap into the space
there has to be a third party
custod that that the third party
financial institution or if that
the financial institutions are
going to work with on two where of these got the
custodial accounts will hold of the digital assets
in cold storage of four of the
investors up and the customers
of these financial institutions
it’s so critical so we begin and
something that ought to deny
talks about a lot on as channel
he ta think about all the little
incremental of advances that
have happened in this space all
with the adoption through other
financia you we see little things
occurring you know when we see a
day and then that to me you is
so important you know it’s so
impressiv everybody sticking together
staying positive and and then
you start seeing what’s really
happening you start seeing the
financia you see point base getting ready
itinerant dues of.base of
custody of which they’ve rolled
out he seek point base that you know
Fred think about the months and
months and months it went by
that point base wasn’t adding
exce tell the sun they added Et CE
around like what the hell why
they have a need to see that all
sudden you know they added doge:
it I was a DOS Point and not those:
none of the whenever whether the
other ones they added on that
runs like what the hell are they that none of us know about and
then all sudden boom that
excerpt he then that XL am and
then we start peace you know
here in the a bee and now they just added
the doge: you know uphold had
the doge cloying, Ana and I’m
not up by robin hood alleged you
inves teams are moving now we’re
seeing were seen these financial
institutions that worked the
previously all about the flood and that the
bad now thing of the space and
in all this stuff happening in
the Jamie diamond’s of the world they’re getting their foundation
bill to they wanted everybody
away because they realized and
we talked about this windy and I
w we have of the smaller entities
light of the AB of the excerpt
the tip of an oil in all these
of components that are being
built when it goes up and they grab
onto it and they wanted they
want pretend like they’re the
early adopters so when eight
when if yo on with done a ton, with at the bank in
Canada and that was of the bank
and Singapore Malaysia where
ever was and their testing out a
cross b a couple months ago even paypal
completely late to the party and
paypal not getting into digital
tell you know completely a comm it a late than never a peep out
is coming to the party and theirs is article that came
out and see CNN and I think it’s
so timely because paypal was up our are
our kind of up avenue onto
digital payment saying they
kinda held the mantle for the
longest time Tom and keeping a donations of a
sonata nations update the
payments that was excited I was
an exciting and you know a time
when you up a pal first came out and
you can buy and sell and use
paypal without a bank on that
was those at you know so different you know is so
interesting and then we look at
this pace and then it’s
developing Tehran tear we go alone I am a
transition over and pull this
article and love this young and
the reason why I love this is
becau of there in the game just like
fidelity in the trade of day
have identified and realize that
they have to be in the space
know w as is such an important
statement up we have teams
clearly working on black chain
and crypto currency is well and
we wanna take , on big point to that, you know
statement means but that this is
just so you know impressive you
know bit point skepticism up b the Ojai they have to get in the
space they point rams actions
may be slower but are still
cheaper than paypal to appear slower that doesn’t
help you the battles among a
slowdown people are willing to
pay a little bit more if it’s
fast you but it’s it’s obvious that you
that teens need to change and if
things need to change and AC and
a sacrifice necessarily a speed,
so they wanna have a faster
transa although they also won eight
cheaper transaction and it a bit cloying as a data
provide both of them so of
odyssey there there’s better
ways to do that on and they
really need to fi when you see that the bigger
entities a beginning to adopt to
get into the space and realizing
you know how critical of the
spac on let’s see here to me of an
incision that only throw this
one up there we go and what you
guys think of this of this
backgroun to the of the mounds back here
are yet the freighter ship and he got that the sun was
setting, capture a little bit of
a haze over the mountains and
this is awesome I love this
picture a maybe put that the ship on the
on the metal panel and like a
untried panel canvas and I hang
up and deliver a method of it,
cool , and let’s see here and ago I so you know so that’s a that’s
paypal and then we’d jump a step
further and obviously we’re
starting to see the point base
you’l I think is is even more
important others as of this
estate and they came up and I
can open up and the open this up in a second
as was on ABC Da com and this is
so critical of when it comes to the purpose and the need for a
point base kasi are custody in
general, now this is on a
statement here are our portfolio
company over the past 18 months it’s
called point base of custody and
it is a qualified institutional
custodian which means that
investo can use it to satisfy their
custodial requirements on so
that is that that support and I
was just mention that earlier are these bigger a financial
institutions on to get in and day and I make sure that
there are a view that that there
are a abiding by a bid that the requirement so
here it says: discuss city
operates as a standalone
independently capitalize
business: discussing New York State banking law is
absurd of dislike most of the a
New York State laws are
extremely difficult all when it comes the financials
and the and so if you can audit
and if you can be recognized by
a New York State banking law yo for the benefit of their clients
now this is a night there that
that such an important statement
on and now if you’re going to b of dinner are separate and
they’re being held in trust for
their clients a mention of of a
match in the up to the
reputation tha to keep their digital asset safe
on and the fact that they have
to be insured and that your
digital assets are going to be a
hac , it’s eerily go back to some of
the chat on its it’s good to be
a engaged here so a jacob’s
ladder what’s going on glad to
see on the tse here up a just a
scroll past by mistake of I
wonder how many BT see Max Ms.
Realize all win the day use
their visa ca a really upset you know when of
an upbeat EC is is really just a
for investment and excerpt he
erred in the excerpt the ledger
i of of the financial markets and
think that that’s kind of a
unimportant to know so it’s a idem unseat if you’ve
made up of four zeros you won’t
be bothered about paying a bit
more of that you’ve made tons a
zero I like to pay a little bit less
regardless some on the idea that
scion of whizzes say I used of
top work on a ship like that on and what top four , tse here nice picture think
said reshape that the all time going back to the picture
and I used to work and is to
work on it you sort of freighter
ship by gotten a connecting the
dot it’s really cool on the rail and see when we got
here , and is gravy I really this is a
young great died great chat
tonight, La deal at a great
things happening on anything else the guys want a
throw up here would be awesome
any other feedback on and be of the outstanding an ideal me as you guys a
question now a guide that this
one to throw this out there on
and it’s interesting because add
another on when it comes to of the crossover of economics and
politics of how many of you guys up enjoying
a listening to the impact that
politics has on an economics and
willing to listen to it from perspectives of
politically speaking to know just throw up a I yes or
a quick comment and say
absolutely no you know I’m on
this on the streams of you
really did the an awesome so, the former
merchant marine are very cool
man it’s awesome and was one of what goes on in
their ships when we’re taking a
cruise a few weeks back and on
and we get to the boats and that
w of a of breading hilts what’s up a glad
to see a responded never voted on men, I tell you what, II get
it you know a tour for years you
know and what Dunleavy has to a
country you and to you in the U tech’s navy of excerpt the
Carolina appreciate your service
a glad that I’m glad you mention
that all respects and plea respect a polish six are deftly going to
play a huge role on in the final
a domino appalling here in the
U.S. bits of an awfully impactf of yet devaughn yes politics can
be polarizing on one thing I find it’s
important, discussing discussing
it is really trying that you
keep everything very aboveboard
people ke politically speaking there’s a
lot of things happening from an
international perspective that
are impacting the economy as a
who to gauge on also where you know
some of the power players of
Canby also you know impacting
our economy and another things always kind
of fit well into some other
things that the and I talked
about so those so awesome you
been able on to a ready I’d vote and a for
money on in the U.S. OK that’s
that’s great you know I’ve got to go tell you what on in this
this is something that there
were no sassy one what’s a man
of a Australian so on and on so to this is something that I
learned it’s been it’s been a
number of years are reading, but
I remember on house that had a
confer and then I was talking to a guy
and is a this this older Jewish
guy and eat only on the needed a
a significant amount of work on in Kuwait and Saudi in all these
different places and we’re
talking and then eat only said
while you know what I actually
have r and he said to me so well and
money comes first and only said
at the end of the day everybody
wants a same thing and you over the years of of
been able to work with people
and pretty much every country of
that they’re is on a been
involved i you know it’s it’s pretty
amazing because on going to up
my what to do buy for the first
time I was the same thing I did
do know it was it was pretty amazing you
know but before that he going to
some conferences over and you’re
up and being able to meet som he said that for get about
religion again about the
politics you know that that the
end of the day the people on the
street again they all out the same
thing they want what’s best for
their family’s they wanna make
money they want a trade that one
to b but the one thing that we can
deftly control is how we
interact with other people how
we treat other people and and and really the way we’re
in a trade other people is how
we in turn expect to be treated
if you yell have respect off for it’ll people really again though
they want to work together they
wanna communicate together on and of who was it that said
the politics I can be a little
bit polarizing any candy on an eight and it
shouldn’t be a known but that that’s the
tendency of what the external
entities really are anticipating
from the people on the ground
because to look at the chats look at the
interactions you look Ella Mae Hsing is to me
you know again and I said this
before to me the digital asset
space is so much more of bin and mainstream of together is a way
for mainstream to communicate
with each other is a way for
mainstream ought to work with
each ot all without the polarizing
impact of that comes from from
other directions of the can
deftly be detrimental now as a
final note , many see here up here there’s an interesting
article any ways of died down a
sign of the theory and world
news an excerpt the bank was
quoted but here’s why rebel he must
engage a central bank sets of
Europe I wanted to read on, and
that sea of.base custody of
where thi on butt and did the guy like a
million articles , and none of the articles house
and even possible the media and
it’s undone chrome lots of
chrome OK so all we talked about
pay of the fight fidelity is holding
on win up to talk about a face
book suddenly relaxes crypto ads
and why is space book relaxing snot and here I know where this
article is any of so , how many of you guys know what
a letter of credit is on this the throw out the yes if
you know the letter of credit is and in the meantime, go back up
here and look at some these
comments and the wall will and
wrap up on this letter of credit
idea and a something to do with our
three court of on to auburn rain taxonomy act
is huge taxonomy act of Canby huge it’s
gonna be a I threw out a unknown
time Agassi if they responded
back to me on that on the tse , auburn rain powers that be why
you to be silent and not vote so
that they can do their dirty
deeds yup I believe that on from tie yes money should come first,
it’s how we communicate to one
another in an open and free
market screw around the money
alters , and rain to a OK so let’s say a ID ID a I was talking about
that today on dove in one of his
videos of okay so 10 picks up a strained a so to
the letter of credit, and then
its own 40 ’cause and I talked
about this I’m trying to
remember w and when we look at cross border
payments cross border payments
is only one of one part of
international trade so obvious
if we and and we we’ll have to utilize
swift on we know the status of me know
that it’s clearing we know it’s
not to be bounced back and wait
another week of detritus resubm working with an entity that you don’t necessarily know
on and maybe there’s more of a
comfort level offer them so
basically there’s a third party
a cle the terms and then conditions and the line item description of
the product being sold to the
amount of currency being
exchanged if there’s any issue in this letter of credit it can
be rejected and again money gets
tight up in trade gets delayed
and I can tell you how many time that their risk in that scenario
is that you have to rely on this
third party bank and now you’re
loading up a container with st release sitting out there
because if someone transfers
money and they pick up a product
from a year all of your
warehouse them t you have to spell out a
restaurant of our risk earlier
so on and I can remember if I had that
the article I read through so
awesome because it fit into the
narrative, but within the letter and your tray falls apart the
you’re taking a risk as your
shipping goods dubbed other
parties taken a risk because are
putting to oh of our 3:00 AM up with
Korda on and I Care member of
the other entity , I know I can remember it on
its important city of their working on on redoing
the antiquated a letter of
credit and aunt at least on
testing out of this antiquated
formal lett then this swift on exchange of
funds and the letter credit so
crazy because you have to go
down and then you redraw these
terms you understand a lot of the
terms than yet the right in and
a lot of times it’s handwritten
and think about when you’re in
the U a lot of the banks don’t have a
access CIA to go into the bank
branch you have to dig around
all the stuff it out with a
letter and you have a third party
entity that you’re dealing with
trying to get advice see you’re
dealing with your bank talking
your b but if I screw up on this letter
credit it’s gonna be rejected
it’s gonna take weeks for that
to happen the customers money’s
go that one of the utilized I’ve
done that owns a business with
them but that they wanted
utilized the letter credit for
every tran based on the letter of credit of
day bank was was sending the
money for filling the obligation
and giving them credit off for
th and bribes and whenever they had
to do to get their stuff,
customs who knows that’s on
there and you all sorts of chaos
in the m on it was so difficult so think
about the utility of a black
chain obliging technology and
imagine the banks and imagine
you bee in with all with the cross
border payment and still having
a third party of which holds all your money
and in custody while the
transactions taken place the
difference is that everything is
transparent with the other party and the
kids be simplified ought to do
it through a smart contract to
do with the black chain and now that that the company
that they’re utilizing is our
three and what is it done and I do just evaded leave of up
something raptor on and I can get big as something
that utilizes a court of on so I
imagine that right so imagine
their use in court and as we
know and when you think about and
that’s what excited me in
excites me to this day of about
the excerpt the ledger about
excerpt he o of that that that that platform
is built in inherently built in
to simplify this whole process
and it makes so much sense that
a potential I use of it as it develops and we look at
some of the other digital assets
and really their of their
relatively limited without the
structur of the odyssey there’s this
functionality but which digital asset at this
point in time always build and
you know, in this black chain in
the ledger with a specific of use case in mind
and with the potential of
expanding out into that use case
on in the financial area it’s so
its o , go back here and of its
already 8:12 AM to be going a
little bit longer than
anticipated again I wanted a try
to keep it withi and you start out a little
worley rinse the right on the
right on the minute , Edward woods why does a
president romp not wear glasses it does as a top I like that
nice one to and the that’s a good one and
agonies at one on the tse towns like our job
and Alicea that’s insane com so
much paperwork you have Steve oh
ledger on Steve all I know bob
Se up and anybody who is subscribed
to one again and media
notifications haven’t done so
already that little bell on the
deftly hel but at the same time you guys
know Monday and Wednesday is a Mana
10:00 PM on Tuesdays Thursday’s
you can check out on excerpt the
minute Friday you can check out and you guide Ian ion at 9:00 AM
and 9:00 AM 9:00 PM on Monday
through Friday on and then we’ve
got before that you got bragging of a win is a website coming out
we need to be leaking track of
all the stuff so difficult, so
of any owl of the tse of the ivy to one frictionless ecosystem
it’s really amazing if you sit
back and think about a really is
it’s really amazing den ski on
jus 100% agreed than 100% I think
real estate and II would love
that another conversation about
to about real estate so and really
appreciate done everybody coming
on dad yes everything of value
will use excerpt he lets of the of look for to see the guys on
nods Saturday morning on until that time it by not a lean as crypto to write thanks again

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  1. BINGO! and BTC's last dead cat bounce ALSO Once Au and Ag is released from the Big Boy Jailers, and sky rockets, all the BTC whale monies will go into Ag and Au including the paper metals, as that is all that will be left … after the smokes settle Coke and Pepsi XRP and XLM will be standing and rapidly rolling upwards 🙂

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