Mark Cuban throws some serious shade at bitcoin, and Binance brings out a special program for it’s VIP clients. Let’s start the show. Welcome back to crypto global news, please make sure you like share and subscribe to the show. Also, we have a brand new website – jump over to and have a look, we have all the latest news from the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. You can find a link to our site in the show notes below. Enjoy today’s episode. Executives at the Bank of Ireland (BOI) could join a trial in the case against a man named Mark Scott, who allegedly helped launder nearly $400 million via cryptocurrency scam scheme OneCoin. On Sept. 29, the government of the United States submitted a court motion seeking the testimony of four witnesses via closed-circuit television from a remote location in Ireland. Initially set for Oct. 7, 2019, the trial has been recently adjourned to Nov. 4, 2019, while a final pretrial conference is scheduled for Oct. 28, as reported by fintech publication FinanceFeeds in early September. What will be the outcome of the investigation? Billionaire technology investor, and host of Shark Tank Mr. Mark Cuban said that he would be happier owning bananas than Bitcoin (BTC). Cuban made his remarks in a video Q&A published on YouTube by technology news outlet Wired. During the Q&A session, he answered to a Twitter user asking why Cuban hates crypto if he is “into providing opportunity for people to grow their net worth.” “Did you ever see someone who collected baseball cards? And they were really, really, really proud of their baseball cards because they kept saying they were going to go up in price? Comic books — same thing, even artwork. There’s no real intrinsic value, you can’t eat a baseball card […] Your artwork might look good on the wall but not much you can do with it. Bitcoin — there’s even less you can do with it: at least I can look at my baseball card […] I can look at artwork.” “Here’s the thing about crypto, particularly Bitcoin: Bitcoin is worth what somebody will pay for it.” That is a hell of a lot of shade to be throwing at the digital asset. Just a reminder, we have a brand new website – jump over to and have a look, we have all the latest news from the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. You can find a link to our site in the show notes below. And now, back to today’s episode. News Major cryptocurrency payment services provider BitPay has undergone a security and confidentiality compliance review, the Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2). As per a recent report, the , business advisory company Aprio confirmed BitPay’s compliance with the SOC 2, a tech audit and a requirement for technology companies that assures that customers’ personal data is kept secure and confidential. “After thorough review, we have confirmed the design and application of BitPay’s payment system meets the standards set forth in SOC 2 for protecting customer data. SOC 2 reporting is an industry best practice standard that evaluates a company’s controls relative to matters such as securing transactional and other sensitive customer data.” How will this validation affect BitPay? Cryptocurrency trading platform Bittrex has announced Bittrex Global, a new platform headquartered in Liechtenstein.Bittrex is expecting to roll out Bittrex Global at the end of October in the city of Vaduz, Liechtenstein. A fundamental reason for Bittrex’s choice to set up a new trading platform in Liechtenstein is the country’s regulatory clarity toward digital currencies and blockchain technology. What will this do for bittrex and what will it do for Liechtenstein? Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced in a recent blogpost, that it is launching a market maker program. Per the announcement, users whose monthly trading volumes exceed 1,000 Bitcoins (BTC) — or can reach such volumes — and who also have quality market making strategies can immediately join the program. Binance explains that the aim of the initiative is to bring more liquidity to the exchange. The firm has said that the program is limited to the spot markets of the trading platform on a “market maker pair list” that will be periodically updated. Each market maker will be given a score based on their performance across various markets, depending on which the exchange will calculate their fees. Seeing as the bulk of the users of the platform will not be working with 1000 bitcoins per month, how will this actually affect Binance and the greater crypto market? Many thanks for tuning into today’s episode, please make sure you like share and subscribe to the show, And please remember to go check out our new website at where you can find all the latest news from the world of cryptocurrency. You can find a link to the site in the show notes below. For crypto global news I’m Edward, until next time you take it easy.

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