Binance is launching a new blockchain & decentralized crypto currency exchange called Binance Chain

hey everyone I'm v Patel and thank you for tuning in to the small slice of news for Tuesday March 13th today I'm talking about finance the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange my trading volume it has announced that it's launching a public blockchain to facilitate the creation of a new decentralized exchange called finance chain finance believes that in the near future centralized and decentralized exchanges will coexist complementing each other while also having in our dependence to understand the difference between a centralized exchange like coin base or by nads in a decentralized exchange like ether Delta in this upcoming finance chain check out the video link down in the show notes for detailed explanation the current ether based finance token will be upgraded to its own native box chain sometime in the future now it's not clear if there will be some kind of token swap for users who currently hold the exchanges ERC 20 base token those details will be released at a later time it is unclear at this time what the future and future uses are that we'll see from the new BMB tokens or if it will just remain primarily as a fee reducer on trades despite the lack of information we've seen an almost 30 percent increase in the price finance went on to state that they plan to transition from being just a company to a community most exchanges are centralized with assets held in one location but decentralized exchanges are less prone to hacking risk because the funds are held on the blockchain conveniently this announcement was made just under a week from the famed hack attempt made against the finance centralized exchange and just a day after they made the announcement of the bounty program this first-of-its-kind bounty program is to track down the perpetrators of those fail to hack attempts by offering a whopping two hundred and fifty thousand worth of BMB tokens to the first person who shares information leading to their arrest the new exchange is currently in development and they have not provided any timeline as to when it will be available to the public crypto world – is on the move to create history once again thank you for sticking with me through this finance story come back and see me again you centralized with assets held in just one location but syndrome thank you for sticking with me and come back and see me again hmm I got weird maybe thank you for mmm thank you for coming back and seeing me no I don't like that thank you for sticking with me and come back and see me again all right au revoir MA she'll love you all

13 thoughts on “Binance is launching a new blockchain & decentralized crypto currency exchange called Binance Chain”

  1. Hey it's Patrick from twitter, sorry I haven't been over here sooner! Good show! I think Binance will without a doubt do a coinswap with the ERC 20 tokens as they have proved to be a reputable company so far. It's very smart of them to switch to a decentralized exchange, since that will be the future. I just wish I could short on Binance or Gdax or heck any exchange I trade on. I guess I'll open a Kraken account! You can sub back if you want. I don't make a lot of videos, but when I do they are crypto related. Now over to Steemit to follow you there!

  2. Wow ? Py……fantastic video!! Very timely, concise and well presented. Volume is great. Kudos ???
    I am looking forward to this as Binance is my go to exchange because of its ease of use.
    I find etherdelta and waves dex very cumbersome.
    Hope Binance can make a more user friendly application.
    As always thanks for sharing the crypto love.?
    For mass odoption of crypto a more user friendly experience is required.

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