Binance Futures Step-By-Step Tutorial

Hello friends, welcome to Binance in this video We’ll be discussing how to use binance future if you already have a binance aaccount. It’s easy Click on try now Once you click on try now you’ll be able to see futures click on futures it goes binance future account Okay, it’s binance future account. Here you have transferred click on transfer click on transfer Exchange futures USD available amount Have already transformed my money. You can see the available amount its fourteen point four nine us Here we have limit price market price stop limit them take profit limit Let’s go. It’s stop limit. Stop limit. Let me give the stock price at seven thousand eight hundred and my buy price will be seven nine six zero order quantity in your multiple entities 0.001. It’s almost he told 8 dollars you can buy long You have the sell shot and Here the stock rises seven thousand intended. The price current price is seven thousand nine sixty order quantity is 0.001 VDC margin rate is 0.40 auto guide seven four nine six. Okay by law. I clicked on a long Path it Okay Cool, it has been open orders. You can show you the symbol until limit by price and The price it has it been no the order amount other is previous order history transactions history You have transfer a month. You will be able to see over here Positions are not in any position to item the price needs to be filled at this price okay, and You have this conditions like where you can click here time input the order will continue to work and in click on post only Post only the order will be added to the order food and not execute with a pre-existing or the immediately Okay, so very simple guys you can see the price the transaction price mark price 24 hours change 24 hours high 24 hours loop volume here You can see the order who the prices the size in PA BTC in Bitcoin the people who are purchasing in Bitcoin lets you be the largest amount who is purchasing 0 point in the limit price Yes, click on some things have a point 0 2 0 Nor pointedly. It’s almost 7:00 for to Purdue. It’s thousand 593 USD. Okay You can change this here 0.12 11050 and ruthless covet 0.01 and It’s very simple to do trading and binance future. If you have any doubts please comment i would help you You

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  1. Thanks for this information, I'm just now learning to get started with a futures account. It was very easy to follow your step by step instructions, I'm very grateful. Thanks again!

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    In your video u expalaind everything step by step
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