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in the news of ton and we are going to be covering that and a new
cryptocurrency a lot of people have been waiting to join by an inch you guys
probably know what it is when chain is what people have been calling we’re
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below sorry for the long intro I know sometimes we have some crazy long intros
but let’s jump right into this year right now let’s get talking about buying
it so you guys remember the issue with finance um they’re officially leaving
Japan now and they’re going to be opening an office in Malta so you guys
remember what happened Japan basically told – that they
didn’t like the way they were handling their exchange or cuz you don’t buy us
you don’t only have to give a lot of information to be able to trade on there
so Japan didn’t like that so they told finance you gotta go it’s basically the
summary of what it was Japanese regulators had issued a warning
to the exchange that was announced on Bloomberg and of course after the great
news from the g20 summit everything that had caused the market to start rising
this is the news that hits us and it causes Bitcoin to dip a little bit not
too much nothing crazy perfect to pick up some points if you guys wanted to
pick up some all coins always look on the positive side of things guys there’s
literally no negative side to cryptocurrency ever you should never be
upset in cryptocurrency either one you’re seeing your portfolio green and
you’re making a ton a profit or two things are so cheap and you guys can
pick up so many of these cheap all coins it’s really incredible now so they’re
moving over to Malta and they’ve the Twitter right here so Joseph must get
who I’m gonna show you guys or Muscat I don’t know exactly how to pronounce his
name he’s the Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party in Malta so he
actually tweeted welcome to Malta at bi’ness we aim to be the global trade
trailblazers in the regulation of crypt of blockchain based businesses and the
jurisdiction of quality and choice for world-class FinTech companies Malta is
actually huge in crypto courage but they’re very open and they’re probably
one of the more adopted countries when it comes to the idea and things going
forward so it’s great to have no finance which is still my favorite exchange by
far I use it for absolutely everything so if you guys don’t have a buy honest
account yet all of you guys probably do but if you don’t there’s a link down
below what are you waiting for bye Nance is great but then the CEO of buy Nance
cz as we call him a cz NOK you’re not giving crypto away because you you guys
know why the ever everyone on Twitter has this on there now
you said he’s honored a part of the original quote to Bloomberg that was
left out was Malta’s very progressive that’s the word I was going for
progressive when it comes to crypto and FinTech we think it’s a good place for
other crypto businesses to look into as well so this is good instantly when
there was bad news now there is good news for finance immediately
shifted in the good direction which i think is very positive those of you guys
who don’t know where Malta is it is actually a little bit below Italy tiny
island like in the sea below Italy basically it’s that’s where it is but
not only is this news coming out but there’s also been news that bias wants
to launch a Fiat to crypto exchange think about that guys coin base and
things like that are in trouble if this comes through because now people will be
able to use their dollars and they’re partnering with banks in they’re
partnering with banks in Malta to be able to deal with the processing the
transactions but if that works out you can then buy Tron you can buy know any
altcoin with fear now we don’t know exactly how it’s gonna work you’re gonna
have to buy Bitcoin with the fear there’s only gonna be a few things that
you can trade the Fiat with but even then having everything on one platform
not having to buy on coinbase with the high fees transfer it over this is going
to be huge so I’m very very very very very excited for Fiat to crypto
purchasing on Finance and then our another article I wanted to show you
guys right now is Yahoo Japan plans to launch crypto exchange in 2019 after 19
million dollar buyout so Japanese armed Internet giant Yahoo will report will
open a crypto currency exchange in April 2019 or later
local media review reports of March 23rd today is March 23rd so that was reported
today the purchase of bit Arg Arg shares will be made through Tokyo’s YJ FX a
wholly owned Yahoo subsidiary basically they bought
at the bottom for 19 million dollars now they’re going to launch their own
exchange now this is going to raise a bunch of red flags and I don’t mean to
cause fun I’m just giving information but is it kind of coincidental that
Japan kicked finance Barnett’s out and then they admit that they’re
going to launch their own crypto exchange to me that sounds very very
fishy let’s see what happens maybe they you know I don’t know it sounds very
fishy they wanted to bring by an ends down to be able to hype up their
exchange that they are announcing they’re gonna launch so
many things could be going on right now don’t forget all this if these people
are smart everyone knows what they’re doing at all times which is why
cryptocurrency is so risky and so volatile there’s just a lot of people a
lot of influential a lot of very smart people in in the industry so that’s why
it’s always important to do your research and be careful because things
like this why does Japan launch this now right and
here we go again the last article which is ending on a positive note Dutch Court
finds Bitcoin a legitimate transferable value I don’t think I needed to tell you
guys that all of you guys watching this probably already believe Bitcoin is
transferable value and you guys all you know you guys are all supporters but
they the Dutch Court ruling in favor of this that does show again more sign of
adoption more sign of acceptance and more sign of recognition in the overall
world which i think is very very very cool so those are the news articles
right now that was the big kind of things I wanted to go over now as I
mentioned the news with – did cause a little bit of a red market today we’re
at a 301 sit loads were gonna find out a 300 I’m gonna say 25 coming guess 25 Oh
331 better than I thought market a billion dollar market cap with
Bitcoin dominance at forty four point four percent that’s three fours what a
coincidence anyways um yes you see last day or so
we’ve had some good movers you know in the green the icon doing pretty well
other coins that are doing pretty well in the last week
Tron 23% we talked about that Yi OS is up 35 icon is up sixty nine point nine
three percent that’s crazy so some coins are having a great week most however are
still in the red it’s actually fairly even in the last 24 hours as well
markets trying to figure out what direction we are going now the news I
wanted to say is that everyone was equated for a wham coin for one chain
everyone calls it when chained because it was you know supposed to be launched
for a while and everyone’s been waiting for it officially launched on Finance at
two o’clock in the morning yesterday I was
up waiting to see the launch and see what happened the price did dip
significantly um it dropped like 50 percent I think it’s down from its
launching price which but it’s already up like 10x from the ICO so
congratulations to everyone who got in on the ICO I personally did not however
I wish I had I wasn’t into AI seals back then this was a layer I say was hosted
well I wasn’t i ciose i was just trying to huddle as much as i can but yeah
that’s basically the market right now looking at the technical analysis again
you guys remember the graph now I do have the technical analysis book I got
so much great feedback from you guys that you guys want the book you guys
think the e-book you guys think it’d be beneficial and if it’s gonna help you
guys out then i 100% want to go through and do that so I am gonna get started
working on that as soon as possible lay this few things I have to go through
you know make the outline of it I’m kind of everything I want to cover go into
detail probably do that in a notebook and then transfer it over into a PDF
document and you know give it to you guys as an e-book or yeah post it as an
e-book so that’s basically how that’s going to work unfortunately it’s not
going to be able to be free though I just want to get that out of the way
because I’m gonna put several several hours of work into this I don’t think
it’d be fair if I was just just give it away for free but nonetheless if you
guys want to learn technical analysis that is coming so stay tuned now looking
at the charts again we are trading still within this resistance and this support
which we had drawn recently the you know they’re closing in together the date
we’re still looking at is like April 6 is the day where something has to be
made like the last day a movement has to be made up or down let’s see what
happens currently you know just kind of floating in between here I think maybe
we might see a little bit maybe a dip a Bitcoin back to like 8,000 but we also
could see it go up to 9,000 something so it’s very you know up in the air right
now vary depending on the news that comes out in the next couple of days
Suffolk that the market is still we’re still in a bearish market of although I
am very positive in the direction of the market I still believe we are in
currently in a bearish market because we are you know there is a downward trend
following in the end in this channel right here we are still
trading in between here which to me signifies we’re still in a bearish
market now the fact that we’re constantly up on this resistance point
it is showing me that we are trying to break out of it but until we fully break
out of it I’m not comfortable saying we are in a bullish market whatsoever so
most people you here are gonna say yeah the Bears are in town right now but
we’re all waiting for that moment to flip which I think could be happening
soon I don’t want to put all my eggs in the bat in one basket waiting um yeah
honestly I’m gonna keep you guys updated every single day but things aren’t
looking too bad in my opinion I’m still bullish on cryptocurrency um not on
today’s market right now but a cryptocurrency in general and yeah I
think this is going to be maybe a week or two of on maybe a week a few days of
uncertainty and then hopefully we’ll start defining a new direction which
we’re going to be trading and so guys that’s gonna be it for this video
hopefully you guys enjoyed I know so much information good than bad than good
this is a bunch of information hopefully you guys enjoyed don’t forget always
stay positive with the crypto currency markets guys there’s always opportunity
no matter in what direction the market is headed in there is always opportunity
always opportunity think long term that’s all I gotta say bye guys you guys
did enjoy the video don’t forget to leave a thumbs up on the channel as well
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something related to the video guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see
you guys tomorrow for another video


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