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I could have ever imagined now let’s get started on Finance so a lot of you guys
might be having an issue here that I’m having as well so I try to go to buy
Nance calm and it’s not working right this site can’t be reached it’s not
working what’s going on well if you guys you guys probably know if a lot of you
guys here probably do trade on Finance it is I think the biggest exchange is by
far my favorite exchange where I can if I can get an any coin on by Nance and
that’s where I’m going to be getting that coin but you guys can check on
their Twitter feed it’s always good to get updated I have a lot of Twitter
accounts put as push forward as like post notifications for I have those
turned on so I can notified every time they tweet something and so I was
following the whole situation and they were doing a system maintenance they
were upgrading stuff and then they ran into some issues so some issues where it
was delayed significantly more than they thought it was going to be initially she
has been see they updated us every two hours are so very consistent which is
absolutely awesome it’s great that they kept us so informed of what’s going on
the whole time we were talking about it in the facebook group as well trying to
see what was going on and then finally they got it back up now the thing is
some of us are going to have issues accessing finance calm right now so if
you are having those issues try us finance comm and this is tweeted
by by the founder of Finance I believe this is him right here CEO of Finance
and yeah so you guys can check out and if I go to us top finance comm BAM
finance Lowe’s I can go I can do whatever I need to do so guys if you are
interested in and making a balanced account again link down below the full
website finance calm or not full website finance calm should be back up very very
soon this is just some lingering effects from what was happening before so don’t
worry too much about that the good thing is they are doing a 70% off fees trading
so that’s huge seventy percent off is a huge huge steal so if you guys want to
pick up any coins that you have not done so yet I would take the advice I would
take take advantage of this opportunity given to us right now by Finance 70% off
fees it’s not something we’re gonna see every day so guys let’s take a look at
the markets refresh the page four hundred and twelve billion a dollar
market cap we passed a four hundred mark that’s what I like to see you guys can
see ripples actually having a pretty good run up at 20% and then we have
coins like Bitcoin gold up 60% I don’t know why Bitcoin school Bitcoin gold is
up 60% I’m not too big a fan so I’m not going to even comment on it but overall
Green Green Green Green Green except for a few red but mainly Green that’s what I
like to see we’re starting to see recover however we are still in the
question mark phase question mark phase being is this going to last
we know we have we’ve had a huge correction from December already we’ve
been going down for several weeks the markets been going down for several
several weeks and now we’re starting to see a little bit of a run-up it’s a
bigger run-up than we’ve seen previously when it corrected back down however I’m
gonna say we do need a few days before we fully you know can be confident that
we’re in a bullish a bullish market and so the next one or two days are
definitely crucial I think maybe we might be expecting a little pullback
just a little one in one or two days but still I’m hoping this is the turnaround
that we need seeing markets move up so if you guys
are interested in picking up some coins make sure again go ahead and pick up
your favorite coins the markets aren’t too green today it’s not like
everything’s up 20% or something it’s only 2 or 3 percent so make sure to go
pick up your favorite coins and if the you know if we do have another dip
dollar cost averaging we talked about in the previous video by on your way down
to secure your position it is better to do it that way than to wait until you
try and time it at the lowest point because the next thing you know Bitcoin
shoots up to 20,000 and you miss down the opportunity cuz you’re waiting for
it to hit 8,000 instead of 8400 it’s better it’s better to buy in when you
thinking long-term so don’t think about trying to make the most money in the
next one to two days think about how you’re gonna make money and think of
investing only in projects that you think could really you know get mass
adoption and could work and you think it’s gonna last any increase in value
down 10 20 years or so now let’s look at the Bitcoin chart simply because you
know the market tends to follow Bitcoin so we’re definitely I’m just gonna check
out Bitcoin and the market you know what I say for Bitcoin the market should
pretty much follow so you guys know we had the correction down here 6500 was
the bounce um no 6200 what’s the bounce and I was
starting to see if we started go back up currently at 8400 142 billion dollar
market cap not bad now I think we’re going to see some resistance entering
the you know if we can break upwards here first of all we need to break up
words here if we can have a break up words here I definitely really see some
resistance at roughly the $10,000 mark that’s where we previously saw support
now turne resistance $10,000 I think it’s for I I believe it’s a
psychological point of five figures at this point um you guys know technical
analysis is a lot of um a lotta and analyzing previous trends
and sort of trying to predict emotions I feel like a lot of people just talk
about is analyzing previous trends but it’s definitely also talking about
previous and future emotions and psychology that goes along with this and
I think five figures is a very big indicator it’s a very big number you
know it’s a big from 9,000 to 10,000 it might only be
you know a thousand dollars but to someone looking at it it is a big
difference so I think resistance will be at the ten thousand dollar mark if we do
break upwards of that again I think it’s going to be very good yes I see we held
that’s pretty strong right here between ten eleven thousand dollars pretty
strong for this whole week I guess this might be even two weeks period if we can
break up that then I think definitely definitely a bullish market overall
definitely bullish off Bitcoin bullish market overall and soon soon after we’re
gonna be going to test that all-time high so that’s kind of what I’m thinking
so we still need a few days and obviously every day I’m gonna keep you
guys updated we’re gonna see where the markets are headed so you guys can make
the best decision now don’t forget as always none of this is financial advice
I forgot to say it’s in the beginning none of this is financial advice this is
just my biased opinion given to you guys for information purposes only now let’s
talk about like where’s well I haven’t talked about litecoin in quite some time
like was that one hundred and fifty two dollars you know it’s eight billion
dollar market cab they had a huge high of almost four hundred dollars at one
point right almost four hundred dollars now one thing I like about Mike one
right here just a quick analysis on the charts we’ve seen we’ve seen two low
points right and this low point was a little lower but it was very close to
this low point let us $119 this one is 111 dollars and that does
show a good sign of a good a good sign a strong you know bounce-back opportunity
so we’re seeing right now is a light coin as every coin is Bitcoin chart we
saw just before it is starting to move a little sideways and hopefully we’re
gonna see it break upwards now what I’m looking if I were to get into light coin
right now I would definitely wait a little bit to see what what the reaction
of the market is long term again long term like one’s a great coin I think you
cannot go wrong with picking up some light coin right now however if you want
to play it in the little more technical nitpicky few days type of trade thing I
I couldn’t come up with a better name for that that was the long name I gave
to it I would definitely think of waiting until like coin gets past its
past $180 if it does if it does get passed on it does you might even want to
set a buy or that’s something considering doing again not financial
advice something I’m considering doing is selling a buy order at setting a buy
order at 180 $185 and once it because I think once it triggers that I think
we’re definitely going up to the 200 $240 mark right here where we did see
some where we’re gonna see some resistance so I think that’s a pretty
good trade if you guys are interested in that again do your own research but
that’s definitely a trade that I’m going to be looking into doing just you know
maybe possibly make a few extra extra bucks with light points so guys that’s
gonna be it for this video again if you guys are interested go check out by
Nance down below and if you guys can’t access it
use us buy Nance dot-com that should work perfectly fine and bye Nance calm
we’ll be back pretty soon if not by the time you’re watching this video so guys
hopefully you enjoyed this video again if you guys are new the channel may have
not subscribed make sure to smash the subside subscribe button and hit the
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thing’s gonna happen to the markets in the next coming days guys thank you so
much for watching I’ll see you tomorrow for another video actually I’m gonna be
double a double uploading today so I’ll see you guys later today for another


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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

  2. What are your thoughts on Game Credits? I’m very bullish on this coin. I think it has great potential and a low supply. Their platform is like steam but with cheaper games that gets constant updates and new games pretty much weekly

  3. The problem im having is when trying to withdraw and i get the confirmation email. When i click the link to confirm withdraw it says the site cant be reached took too long to respond. So cant withdraw.

  4. Didnt they say not to log in to anything usless it says and no one seems to be able to withdraw. Im not loggin in but anyone know?

  5. You are the only one who has made this kind of vieo today thank you! everyone talking about how much they love biance and how great binance is.. Not the last few days.. It's made me really angry.. what if someone wants to purchase or sell something or get something off the exchange??? to make it worse right now I'm simply trying to withdraw something to my wallet and its not working. thanks for the video

  6. Wabi is $2.67 in coinmarketcap, is it the same with Binance bec its only showing $1.75 in Binance? I bought in at $1.10 and since it almost trippled wanted to get some profit but couldnt withdraw! SuX!!!!

  7. Ok i have made multiple trades and withdrawals in the last hour.
    goto to access site then when making a withdrawal 
    when you get the email copy link and paste it then change the www to us 
    and press enter and it will show as processing i just received my lite coin in
    my coinbase account and sent it 10 mins ago.

    btc address: 13FEVjehRhYSTeBxeMgmazbaU9yk1Xdeu3 
    ltc addresss: LRpMmpeAoeXsqTFabzB4BkbwkfFMTPWoCG

  8. I'm not trying to enter my user information into ANY SITE that isn't Fuck that. Not Not

    Binance has changed their url from to for who knows how long? but the withdrawl request confirmations are being sent from the old binance url.. .. SO HERE'S WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO: WHEN YOU CLICK ON THE CONFIRM LINK it's going to to twirl around and around and around and go nowhere.. you will then receive a link at least I do from google telling me that that page couldn't be opened at the top of that message after it's rolled around it lists the url you are trying to reply to by confirming shows in the url bar of that cannot be loaded message.. YOU THEN GO IN TO THAT URL and add or change it to us.binance and it then goes to that page and confirms

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