Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange: How To Buy & Sell Crypto Instantly

Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
Lifestyles Club. And today I’m going to show you how to buy
and sell cryptocurrency from the order books instantly at current market prices on the
Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange. Right now I’m on the exchange page for Tron,
also known by the call letters TRX. And we’re just going to scroll down a little
bit here and underneath the candlestick chart you can use the buying and selling forms to
trade Bitcoin against TRX with the buying form. And TRX against Bitcoin with the selling form. Notice the BTC balance here on the buying
form. This is indicating that I have over 0.1 bitcoin
to trade for Tron. Or about $660 worth of bitcoin at today’s
prices. If you look in the similar location on the
selling form, you will see I currently have no TRX in Binance at the moment. So we will start with the buying form, since
I have some bitcoin available. To view what prices Tron is selling at currently,
we will use this section to the left of the screen. And the red section of prices here is displaying
all the sell orders of Tron that are currently lined up. And as you probably guessed, the green section
underneath is the order book of bids. Which are the current prices that people are
trying to buy Tron. The black numbers in the middle represent
the current satoshi price that the coin is trading at. And the prices as you look upwards into the
red section of sell orders and the price increases as you look upwards into the red section of
sell orders. The people selling Tron for the lowest prices
currently will be immediately above the current price that is in the middle. The left column has the satoshi price, these
are the satoshi prices of the sell orders. And these are the satoshi prices of the buy
orders that are lined up. The middle column is showing me an exact amount
of Tron that is being sold at each satoshi price. So for example, at 339 satoshis, there are
792,157 Tron being sold. In the third column here is the exact bitcoin
value of all the Tron that is for sale at each price. So for example at 339 satoshis, that amount
of Tron right here is able to be purchased for 2.84 some odd bitcoin. There’s 2.3 now, bitcoins worth of Tron available
for sale at the satoshi price of 339. If you still need help learning how to read
satoshi values, which is really important to understand, when trading altcoins against
bitcoin. Which is where you make the bitcoin by the
way. Make sure to review my training within the
Fundamentals of Crypto Trading section of the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club course. And so back to the bid order section over
here. As you look down the list of numbers here,
you’ll notice that from the black number, that the satoshi prices here in the left column
become smaller as you scroll down this list. The people that are bidding for the highest
prices for Tron, will be at the top of this list. The highest bid that’s in place right now,
is for 338 satoshis. There is 3.34 bitcoins worth of bids for Tron
at 338 satoshis at this moment, according to this form. And you can also toggle the view of these
order books, so you can see deeper into either of them. Click the button with the red line at the
top right here, in order to display a deeper list of the sell orders that are lined up. And you can also use the scroll of your mouse
to look even deeper. And you can click the button with the green
line at the bottom of it, to show all the bid or buying orders, just the same way we
displayed all the selling orders. And yes you can scroll through these ones
as well. And of course you can click the button with
both the green and a red line to return to the original view with the current price in
the middle. So now we are going to use the buying form
to buy some Tron / TRX at the current market prices. So lets take a scan of the selling order book,
the one in red over here. It looks like with 0.1 bitcoin I can currently
buy it from this first sell order that is available at the lowest price currently of
340 satoshi. Just click the satoshi number and it will
show up in the buying form in the middle here, under the price area. As you see 340 satoshis. Then you can either select the percentage
of bitcoin you would like to use in this trade to pick up Tron. Or you can simply type the amount of BTC in
the ‘total’ field, at the bottom of the form. I can type 0.1, or alternatively I will just
use 100% of my bitcoin in this example by clicking right here. Then it will auto populate the amount field
with the amount of TRX that equates to. Which is 29,710 TRX at this moment. Next you simply only have to click the ‘buy
TRX’ button, and walla. You have bought your Tron at the lowest current
selling price available on Binance. Notice how the Tron we just picked up is now
displaying on the selling form to the right. Now that we have Tron, we can try trading
it back for bitcoin. Of course since this is for example purposes,
I will just go ahead and sell these coins at virtually break even, maybe even minus
one satoshi and the trading fee, which will probably just be a fraction of a cent anyways,
so it’s no big deal. So very similar to buying Tron, we just click
on the satoshi price of the current highest bid order, in order to populate the selling
form field with the price. Now since there is only 680 coins available
at 340 satoshis. We actually have 29,710 Tron. So in order to sell that, we would actually
have to set it at 339 satoshis, where there is actually 2 million bid orders worth of
Tron setup, that we can sell into. Now that we’ve selected the satoshi price,
we can just select 100% over here on the selling form. And that will line up 29,710, all of our TRX,
to sell the satoshi price of 339. And we will simply click the ‘sell TRX’ button,
in order to complete the process of trading our Tron back for bitcoin. Now that I’ve shown you how to do all this
manually, I will show you a little shortcut to buy and sell the market that really dumbs
down the process and makes it easy. We are just going to click the ‘market’ tab
at the top of the buying form. Which will bring up slightly different buy
and selling forms, that will already have the current market price set in the price
area, so that you can quickly select how much you want to buy or sell, by either typing
it in the amount field. Or just using the percentage buttons, and
then clicking ‘Buy TRX’ or ‘Sell TRX’ to complete the process. So if you’re in a hurry this is a great way
to do it. And if you scroll down to the bottom, you
can see a history of the buy and sell orders that we just made. Right here we have the ‘buy’ at 340 satoshis
and then the ‘sell’ at 339 satoshis. See I only lost just a little fraction of
a bitcoin. .00 probably 03. As you can see from the difference in these
two numbers. Very very small, just to provide this example
to you guys of how to do this. And there you have it, this is how you buy
and sell the cryptocurrency market at current prices. Something you should know is that using this
method of buying or selling the market instantly at current prices, also has a small fee for
every trade of 0.1%. If you invest in at least 500 BNB, which is
Binance Coin, you can reduce your overall trading fees to 0.075% per trade. By also selecting from your profile to pay
all trading fees with BNB instead of the underlaying currencies you are actually trading. It can definitely add up to a nice savings
over time. So I definitely recommend purchasing a little
bit more than 500 BNB, because you need to maintain the level of 500 to get that discount. But you also need to have some BNB to actually
pay for the trading fees as well, if you want to get the discount. Now not everyone may be able to afford that,
but for those that can, it’s definitely a good option. I hope you enjoyed this video training, showing
you how to buy and sell a cryptocurrency coin market using your Binance Crypto Exchange
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orders in position for beneficial price movements, allowing you to effectively buy low and sell
high, to put it most simply. Be prosperous until then, and I’ll catch you
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