Billions Lost in Cryptocurrency Hack | Comodo News

Hi, this is Shaw Unib Shaida with your latest
Comodo Cybersecurity news update. Trending this Monday, a relatively unknown
South Korean virtual currency exchange, Coinrail, has been hacked leading to a 7% pricing slump
for Bitcoin. Coinrail has said that hackers stole about
30% of its virtual currency equating to roughly $30 billion dollars in cryptocurrency being
wiped out in 7 hours of trading. Bitcoin was trading at about $6700 dollars
by early Monday afternoon which is down a staggering 66% since December 2017’s high
of $19,783 dollars. Cryptojackers infiltrate computers to secretly
mine cryptocurrencies. Once you visit an infected website, the script
automatically executes malicious code that requires no download, starts immediately,
and is completely unnoticeable. The undetectable nature by which it performs
makes it the new stealth bomber of the cyber threat industry. The most recent quarterly report from Comodo
Cybersecurity Threat Research Lab stated: “During the 1st quarter of 2018, Comodo
Cybersecurity detected 28.9 million cryptominer incidents.” Protect yourself and your organization with
website security from cWatch Web backed by 6 layers of technology, human intelligence,
and a team of cybersecurity analysts. Click the link for more info, for this Comodo
Cybersecurity update I am Shaw Unib Shaida.

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