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even more gains now let’s get started with the news though if you couldn’t
guess it already the billionaire we’re talking about today is Tim Draper now he
is a very big name in the cryptocurrency space namely for being a Bitcoin Maximus
he is a huge believer in Bitcoin and believes it will rain number one for a
long period of time now he has come out and said this several times he thinks
that crypto currencies now he says gonna consume half of the fiat currency market
and eventually will overtake the fiat currency market which is something that
is debated debated less so now because of the you know the bear market that
were in people are losing people are losing confidence in it but it is
something that is talked about it talked about when you talk to people who are
looking at the long term possibilities of this now Before we jump into talking
about this I’ve asked us a few times but I want to ask this again to see given
the overall market sentiment what most of you guys think so do you believe in
in the future we’re gonna say the future no give no fixed period of time
do you believe crypto currencies will will beat the fiat currency mark will
replace the fiat currency market let me know that in the comments
down below do you think it’s going to replace it do you think it’s going to
become part of anything they’re both gonna be around what do you think is
going to happen in the long term let me know in the comments down below I’d love
to see what you guys think now he comes in and says we are currently at 130
billion in market cap and cryptocurrency market cap in the fiat market is 86
Chileans so for starters you know a lot of people would love for this to happen
because well on that way up there’s going to be a lot of opportunity for
wealth to be created however looking back at the possibility of this
happening now we have talked about the hype in the use case the reasons Pete
the reason people got in for the wrong reasons technically people got in
majority people got in during the end of 2017 versus what is the actual use case
of crypto currencies and what people should delay if they are getting in what
they should be getting in for and that is understanding what so what this is
and understanding how it can improve improve life moving forward now giving
people control of their money is great I think that’s fantastic I think though
you know the ease the the fast transactions the low transaction fees
that’s all things that are in crypto currencies favor the things that I think
are gonna hold crypto currencies back is number one our people response there are
can people take responsibility for mistakes cuz when you have control of
your money you can no longer call a bank for help if you make a mistake you can
no longer have that type of safety net where you can just pick up the phone and
there you go they can help you solve your problem you are now taking
responsibility and you have to therefore be responsible is that something we
think everybody in the world or majority of the world can do I’m very
questionable given the situation of the world is in right now just you know I
don’t know I don’t wanna say too much but I do think that is going to be
something that holds us back the other thing is the people who come in the
market simply to make feel a lot of majority of people in cryptocurrency
right now are not encrypted currencies to to be encrypted to hold
cryptocurrency they’re not buying one Bitcoin thinking well if I buy a Bitcoin
right now and crypto currencies you know consume the fiat market then what I when
I originally paid $1000 4.1 big I’d maybe be able to buy an iPhone 4.00
one Bitcoin because at that point you know the valuations higher but it’s not
directly tied to though that’s not what most people are looking at most people
are looking at this is like okay a Bitcoin for $1000 or I bought Bitcoin
for $10,000 I’m gonna cash it out when it hits a hundred thousand so that they
can have more fear so those are two things that are going to hold the
cryptocurrency market back from overtaking the fiat market now is it
possible I do 100% think this is something that is possible and though we
have people out there saying like Nouriel Roubini who says that bitcoins
the mother of all scans which i completely disagree with and warren
buffett saying that bitcoin is an asset that creates nothing again I don’t think
he fully understands the point of it I do I do think there is the possibility
of beating out the current fiat market because of how much better it is overall
and I think it has some very strong selling points we’re gonna have to wait
and see what happens of course in the long run no one has a crystal ball no
one can predict what’s going to happen but again there are definitely several
things holding cryptocurrency back from doing this and the two things I
mentioned are the main two that come to my mind when I think about it but again
there are a lot of bright spots there are a lot of selling points that I think
are going to help cryptocurrency do very very well moving forward as well now
he’s stuck by his prediction of $250,000 in 2022 which again is tied to fiat so
this surprise where people would be looking to you know cash out if they
bought in at 20,000 maybe they bought in now at like 4,000 $250,000 a lot of
people want to buy their Lamborghini a lot of people want to buy their
Lamborghini in Fiat a lot of people don’t want to buy a Lamborghini in
crypto currencies when cryptocurrency replaced yeah that’s not what most
people are thinking about but again I’d love to know what you guys think of this
personally like I said I think the possibility is there the opportunity is
there I think eventually getting to that point makes sense unless something
better comes along I think getting to that point makes sense and so far I’m
still a believer that this is a possibility now moving on I’ve got a lot
of questions about this o KX which is the second biggest cryptocurrency
exchange after finance they have delisted
a number of trading pairs on this not the first time they did it and we’re
seeing exchanges use this bear market use this drop overall to you know clean
up things on their side so they’re taking out this in particular was taking
out trading pairs with weak liquidity and low trading volumes in order to make
it a better it make it a very better experience for users which again is
something I can understand something I can support but if you scroll down the
list you’ll see a very large amount of you know get some very no notable names
on here bread being one of them bread was nicely otha a lot of people
are very excited about dent is another one that is very very um very much
talked about self keys another one that I’ve heard a lot of people talk about
simple token another one rated network another one requests network one that I
like also seeing that now this is to the etherium trade price you guys can see
what the effective trading pair or pairs are some of them have big coin to
theorem and USD T it’s not looking to get for debt on here and others just
have USD T just have BTC so you can scroll through you know some stratum is
another very big name on here overall there’s a lot of cryptocurrency that I
don’t know but there are a lot of other ones that you know have some very
reputable names and worth some that people were very very bullish oh no this
is the third a batch apparently of D listings from okay X against something
we’re probably gonna see a lot of exchanges to do moving forward probably
not the last we see of this if there are you know if there is weak liquidity I
understand the reasons for taking it out now they’re not fully taking it out it’s
just specific trading pairs so hopefully that clears a little bit of that up next
up Nasdaq is may they might soon launch Bitcoin futures in 2019 namely I think
early 2018 is what most people start or what people what people reported was it
may start start trading in early 2019 again this ties in perfectly with all
the other bullish news that’s happening for that it looks like it’s gonna happen
for Bitcoin and crypto currencies in q1 of 2019 so maybe again all this stuff
piling up could be the indication for the next bull run how we still have
people predicting we’re going to be in the bear market for you know a year or
two there are a lot of good signs moving in 4/20
19 and another thing to keep in mind is that every time you sell every time you
sell your crypto currencies chances are the person buying it is is either it’s
either financial situations it’s a guy on Wall Street it’s one of these guys
are probably buying up your cryptocurrency cuz at these price I do
not believe that they are not accumulating as much as they can
via there’s a reason why they make money in investments there’s a reason why
their success rate now taking manipulation aside obviously that’s a
big one there is there are reasons why they are successful when it comes to
investing they know the times to invest they know the times to sell they know
how this stuff works and when everyone is panic selling you know Warren Buffett
says you know you make your the majority of your money is made in the bear market
every time people are selling financial situations are buying in to make more
money so keep in mind every time you sell some of your cryptocurrency every
time you panic sell it’s going into a very wealthy pocket who is accumulating
and waiting to become even more wealthy I do believe this is happening obviously
there is no 100% proof of which financial situation of what they’re
buying or what it is but I personally do believe they’re doing this as they do
also speculate they are they are also predicting that we are going to see
another bull run it’s going to be you know eventually passing the all-time
high so therefore being bigger then the bull run we had previously and they they
want to capitalize on making that money just like everyone else does
now the mark cap is at 122 billion with a 53.3% Bitcoin dominance again overall
guys on most timeframes things are not looking bullish things are bearish on
the you know the for our last time I checked the one day the one week the
monthly we’re waiting for the month to end so that we can open up obviously the
new candle for the new month that’s definitely something I’m gonna be
looking out for as well but overall in indicators are bears we have the
possibility of course of having a little bit of a bounce up but overall the main
direction a midterm at least right now is still of a bearish Bitcoin now we’re
going to talk about the Bitcoin supports in just a little bit I want to share
with you guys what the change at the top the changes are Bitcoin private is up
16% zelicah up 6 a person as well did you bite is up
almost 15 percent Raven coin maker nem Komodo a lot of cryptocurrencies are in
the green again more in the red though so overall we are having a red day
technically just because the number of cryptocurrencies in the red are larger
factum is down almost 15% oh then Bitcoin SV apparently Bitcoin SV
has declared an end to the Bitcoin cash hash wars I don’t even know I’m not
keeping up with any more guys I can’t I cannot to be bothered to keep up with a
hash war anymore they’re down a little under 10 percent after having a very
large rally where you know it’s had a large rally I’m not going to comment on
the reasons for it because I’m not a hunter SN sure so I don’t want to say
anything that is incorrect steam is down as well cos a lot of people losing faith
in iOS down down 7% as well also we saw a large amount being transferred to
finance I don’t know if that’s been sold yet or what the status is with that but
I did see a notification that a lot of them a lot of a OS got transferred over
golem is one that I am bullish on in the long term as well it is down so another
opportunity basic attention so again same thing stellar
I saw questions about that yes I do I am bullish on stellar in the long term
again in the mid term I think we still have room to fall for Bitcoin namely the
prices I’m looking at and I get a lot of questions about the supports I’m looking
at guys this again would help with dollar cost average this is where I have
again not financial advisor there’s no financial advice just share with you
guys what I’m doing so I’m going to share with you guys where I am buying
what levels I am buying Bitcoin at so that you guys can get an idea so we have
a weak support at $3,500 if we do hit that’s not going to take a lot to break
it is a weak support at $3,500 that would be one point where I could buy a
little more next up we have very strong support at $3,000 and that is where a
lot of people think we’re gonna bottom out it is a very it’s a very big
possibility that that is the bottom now that’s gonna be where I pick up a little
more Bitcoin and lastly we’ve seen people say the one thousand two one
thousand three hundred dollar range this is one I want to touch on because
although that does seem scare and a lot of people would you know lose faith in
Bitcoin again if Bitcoin hit one you know the reason why I would not lose
faith in Bitcoin when Bitcoin hits $1,000 I know a lot of you guys are
gonna agree with me on this kind of we have a lot of very long-term thinkers on
here which is why I’m super thankful for the community we have on this channel
guys you guys are the best community out there by far both the reason I think
about this is because people would kill if they could go back in time to buy
Bitcoin at $1,000 why would you you know we can’t time travel yet that’s not
happening yet so if we hit $1,000 now why aren’t people celebrating you know
people always say I wish I could go back and buy Bitcoin in 2010 you know but
obviously we’re I don’t think we’re going to 2010 prices but a lot of people
would love to buy Bitcoin go back in time and buy a Bitcoin at $1,000 you’d
be up to you know 3.7 X your investment right now even during the beer market
you’d be up a ton a lot of people would love to buy it at that price but yet if
we go down to that price most people gonna panic again it’s a very very
strange thing that happens I personally love trading based on psychology I love
that type of stuff there is obviously technical analysis is one side of
trading and investing long-term I think or like mid to long term psychology
plays a very very big role in understanding how humans work it’s a
fascinating thing definitely not something I’m gonna go into detail about
right now but it’s very very fascinating about how that happens again people
would love to go back to buy it at $1,000 but they wouldn’t love to buy it
at $1,000 now I don’t I don’t get how that works
either way I know I am going to be paying some of free to drop to $1,000
overall still believing in what it stands for and what it can do and that’s
why I will remain bullish on it and why I manage to remain positive on
cryptocurrencies in the long term even during the bear market guys that’s gonna
be for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a
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  1. Going to watch the market carefully and start buying BTC on dips. A year and half ago i wish i got in to BTC at these similar prices. Next bull run takes BTC to 50 K , when i dont know but if crypto is to stay then there is no way BTC wont be worth that much within a few years.

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  3. Traders and institutions are getting good deals once again. I understand crypto is for everyone but those selling really are just solidifying the news cycles, where only institutions and governments can control your money. Its not true but its hard to change I know, keep strong!

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  6. Great video Patrick. Of course I think eventually crypto stands the chance of replacing fiat. I love the current t market it's perfect for accumulating. Bear market is preparing your future chances of weath.

  7. I wonder if their are any billionaires that also think right now that btc is to die like many other news channels say with this crash

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