Woman: Don’t get your exchange money from here. Man: And 28% that’s ridiculous! Women: We want the money back. Would you like to get cheated? You’re a bunch of scamming cocksuckers. Woman: It’s a problem because they’re cheating us. Woman: This is the face of Prague. There are millions of tourists in Prague and some of them need to change their money, unfortunately there are places, like this one behind me, that claims they charge zero percent commission. In fact, this place charges way more! But there are way more! There are places that charge 23%, 20%, so we’re going to change dishonest exchange places into honest ones. I’m sorry. Do you know this place has 38 percent commission? Did you know it? Interesting about two things that do you think they should get this sticker? You not give the money back okay, so I’ll give you a sticker so everybody knows that you were doing. So, this guy claims that he has 0% commission in this place. The truth is, you will get your 16 crowns, but 16 crowns for 1 Euro is 38 percent commission! Correct, you know this, there’s no more 0- oh wait.. Lovely! Guys, you want to change money? 38% commission. Good deal, 38% commission? Changing dishonest places into honest places. Yet another dishonest place in Karlova Street is not claiming what’s their commission. Let’s change that. And now it’s honest! We made your place honest. Look, because now everybody will know that you charge 20% commission. Owner: And what? And what? Owner: Yea. Oh wow! And yet another place that offers 0% commission. Let’s check it out. Hello! Well, but believe it or not, one euro is only 15 crowns, which makes it a commission of 42%, so this sign is not true! So, once again, we’re changing a dishonest place.. into honest place. Okay, yeah, you’re saying I’ll be in trouble. Which is possible! He just sprayed pepper spray with inside the exchange place? No he didn’t! No he didn’t! Is it good or bad? Bad? Okay, I see. Alright man, well another place in front of the train station that claims to have 0% commission, but in reality they will charge you 38% commission, then I asked the guy inside they have two fights a day and they do not give the money back. You think we forget about this place, no we did not. This exchange plates claims to give you 0% commission, the truth is they’ll give you 42% commission. Almost half of your money will be gone if you change it here. Well, I got something special for them! They charge 42% commission. Okay, we didn’t really do a good job at changing the sticker but we’ve changed a dishonest place into an honest exchange place Change here, 42% is what the sign says and it is completely true and honest now. Job done. No, dude. No! Come on! Can I take my- can I have my sticker back please? Can I have my- whoa!! Can I have my sticker back, come on? Okay, it only took a second. Luckily, we have another sticker. Since we cannot stick it there, we will just hold it here. Special rate! 42%! Change your money, and you’ll only get 42 percent commission! You’re only losing half of your money! Special deal, not only today, any day! This is- oh okay. This is old, this is new. It’s a special deal. It’s amazing, okay? You’ll really- like, it’s like throwing money in the air, and only half of it coming back. I don’t care if you’re a journalist, or what. What is not allowed?? Fuck off! What is not allowed? This branch has been here for 30 years. I know! So you can continue doing that, it’s gonna affect us. Oh, are you serious, but you told him not to go there. Thank you man. Thanks! Job well done. I wish the two of us could stand here every single day to promote this amazing place with 42% commission But I don’t want to do it. I can’t do it. I have other things to do, but if you come to prague take a selfie.. We call it a ‘Scamfie’. selfie with scammers posted on our Facebook, I- and we will be super happy. Make sure to warn other people if you see them walking inside, tell them 42% commission. If you’re not in Prague and you’re watching this video, hit that share button or post me on your Facebook wall or Twitter and spread the news we need to spread. So people can enjoy Prague peacefully. Prague is beautiful. I mean look at- look at that. Look at that. Look around here! Everybody’s having a great time, except for people that visit that place. It’s been here for 30 years, we’re closing it down. This year. Hit that subscribe button, share this video. Let’s make Prague a better and safer place for everyone. Thank you so much. The fact that you’re watching means that we can keep on doing this show. Bye! Today, we’re going to show you 10 worst tourist traps here in Prague. Unfortunately, ah, We had to take the stickers off. But, they were easy to peel off. So we did not damage any property, the reason we’re making this video is to make awareness of the problem not 0%, 38%.

100 thoughts on “BIGGEST SCAM IN PRAGUE SOLVED? (Honest Guide)”

  1. For these type of scams you should get a ladder and put some on the top so it will take days to remove.

  2. the people who disliked it are the scammers in Prague like checkpoint
    If you agree give thumbs up and let your Family and friends and worldwide tourist loose their money

  3. Great work. Appreciate what you did. especially your youtube videos about prague exchange scam is amazing. it really rocks. Btw i have found a really useful P2P mobile app for exchanging money with real people instead of cheater exchange offices. Winngie Exchange Currency is the name of app that you can meet with other tourists or gift shops or even uber drivers to help you exchanging money. kind of useful. just wanted to share my experience too.

  4. I want to congratulate you guys on getting Chequepoint permantently closed 😀
    Good job guys. 😀

    It's always a good feeling to know that scammers have actually failed in their life mission
    to the point of packing up and leaving. You're success has led to their failure which in turn
    has led to tourists saving money, and a happier, more reputable Prague for everybody.

    Maybe one day I'll get to visit, it looks FUCKIN GORGEOUS. (and AFI's Silver and Cold music video was
    filmed there).

  5. Man, you should get stickers from russian guys who are figthing against driving on a sidewalk. They dont peel of easily.

  6. Man, I was click on your video by mistake, but I just keep whatching alk one by one and love what u do and I have to say you are a HERO. Well done, good job! Keep doing this!

  7. What a great work you have done , I like your way to help tourists and keep up to clean up your town from cheaters

  8. I really love your videos, but if you had a lot of money please hired atleast 2 bodyguard for your own safety. btw goodjob!!

  9. there still some good places tho…despite this video. You just have to do your diligence, lets say youre exchange $100 just google the rate ,thats the rate you shud be getting , minus 3%4% which is usually fair comission rate-. Now if you go to those exchanges it will be lot less than that , you know right away when they tell you the amount that you will receive.

    I picked these scammers off quickly and still found some decent places

  10. That is a GREAT JOB guys what you did! Only thing is how people can not just check few things on Google maybe before they travel in some other country and maybe they wouldn't get scamed like this.

  11. What is the point of them recording lmfao if this happened in the USA, that store would be burnt down or robbed or the worst thing that might happen is a shooting

  12. I love your bravery bro and thanks a lot for sharing and making this video, why can’t the government takes Serious action on such Rascals who cheats tourists.

  13. Actually the biggest scam is the ta fantastika aspects of Alice show lmao that was the worst “show” I’ve ever witnessed

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