Bigfoot – Behind the News

Mm-hm. Mm-hm. No, I said Bigfoot, not a story about someone
with big feet. (GASPS) Jas, I’ve got to go. I think I’ve just spotted Bigfoot. # One way or another # I’m gonna find you… # For more than 60 years,
people have been on the hunt for the mysterious,
probably mythical, Bigfoot. Otherwise known as ‘Sasquatch’. # One way or another # I’m gonna see you # I’m gonna meet you,
meet you, meet you, meet you # One day, maybe next week # I’m gonna meet you… # Bigfoot! (RECORD SCRATCHES) Oh. (CLEARS THROAT) Bigfoot is said to be a giant hairy
upright walking ape-like creature that doesn’t live at the ABC, but all over the United States, apparently. And leaves behind giant footprints,
hence the name. The first supposed sighting
of Bigfoot was reported in a newspaper in 1958. And in 1967, we got our first
alleged vision of Bigfoot. This is Patty. She was captured on camera by filmmakers Roger Patterson
and Bob Gimlin. Although most people think it was probably just someone
in a costume. Hmm. Either way, Bigfoot became famous
amongst American folklore and inspired
a wave of Bigfoot hunters. Oh, and countless movies. Dr Wrightwood, say hello to Harry. Yep, it seemed everyone
was on the hunt for Bigfoot, including the FBI. Recently, they released
a 22-page report from the ’70s about the big guy. Apparently they tested hairs
that were thought to have come from the big man, or woman,
or whatever. And the result? Deer hairs. Ah. Well, that settles it, right? Probably, but there are still
some people who aren’t convinced, and probably never will be. Of course,
Bigfoot isn’t the only target of wannabe monster hunters. Many countries have
their own mythical creatures, some of which are based on legends that have been around
for centuries or longer. Like dragons in Wales, the unicorns of China, and Transylvania’s vampires. Here in Australia, there are bunyips,
a large mythical creature said to lurk in waterholes that appears in several
Dreaming stories. And we also have drop bears. Oh, hang on. That’s just something
we scare tourists with. There have been some serious hunts
for legendary creatures – like Bigfoot’s Himalayan cousin,
the Yeti, or Abominable Snowman. When he wasn’t climbing
Mount Everest, famous Kiwi Edmund Hillary actually
went on a couple of expeditions to try to find the Yeti. And then
there’s the Loch Ness Monster. Scotland’s famous lake-dwelling
creature thingy. At the moment, a team of Kiwi
scientists is analysing DNA samples from the lake
where Nessie was supposedly spotted. But back to Bigfoot. While many scientists don’t believe
he, or she, or they are actually out there, that hasn’t
stopped the hunt for many. Gotcha!
(GASPS) Ah, you’re not Bigfoot. Oh! You’re just some
lady in a fab faux fur. Oh.
(SIGHS) Oh, well, I guess there’s some things
in this world you’re just not meant to know about.

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