Big Money Making a Big Play for Bitcoin & Crypto – Price is Inevitable

welcome everyone to what's happening in crypto bringing you all of the latest from the crypto world and beyond another raft of giant announcements coming from the big money players on Wall Street this week yeah I know it's the second video on it this week but they have been doing so much that I thought it really deserved a second video because there is a lot of things happening which is curious in of itself anyway let's get into it the SEC Chairman was on CNBC and commented on Bitcoin I SEOs and the bit coin e TF let's have a listen to what he had to say and then I'll give you a few of my comments on it what's the message here and what about the people who currently own icos are there what's the value of their icos if they're dealing with not registered security at this point well Bob let's sum let's separate securities from non securities I think we've been clear that we don't believe bitcoin is a security but many of the IC OS that you see and you talk about they are securities and if you're going to offer and sell securities you have to do so in compliance with our laws I think we've been clear about that the recent actions further emphasize that our securities laws do apply to the IC o—- space if people are going to raise money using initial coin offerings they either have to do so in a private placement or they have to register with the SEC when register with the SEC you got to provide financial statements and disclosure it along the lines that we would expect so are all icos essentially in non-compliance I know there can be some narrow windows where they might not necessarily be so but you seem to be saying they're all in non-compliance right now that seems to be the message today we've had no IC o—- is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission to the extent and IC o—- is being conducted offshore or pursuant to a private placement exemption fine to the extent that you've conducted a public offering and I see oh it's non-compliant let me just move on the Bitcoin ETF we've been waiting for a long time for some final determination from you on that can you give us any update on where that might be the Bitcoin ETF is something that's been in front of it I'm not going to comment on timing or anything like that but we've been clear about some of the issues that a that are concerned to us including trading in Bitcoin and whether there's reliable price information on trading markets and as well as custody as well as whether people who hold those assets can count on those assets to be there in the same way you can with other assets that underlie an ETF for the first point doubling down on earlier statements really Bitcoin is not a security no surprise there but the affirmation is nice second point most icos are securities if you want to launch a security then go to the SCC and get registered or do a private placement for accredited investors or just stay right the heck out of the USA altogether the message is very clear right now from the SEC to the Third Point the Bitcoin ETF it is coming he won't say when they're still working through the core issues of custody and trading transparency and all of this stuff no surprises here business as usual also bit later in the interview he mentions that he thought that the Elon Musk fine sent a good message to the market and other CEOs for some reason I feel like Jake Layton really enjoys his job just a bit speculation though the other huge news is that Bloomberg is reporting that we could see a bit coin future launching on the Nasdaq in quarter one of 2019 now a lot of people are treating this like a new news story but actually the CEO of the Nasdaq has been talking about launching Bitcoin futures for quite some time with some of the earliest comments going back about a year that they were working on the logistics of launching Bitcoin futures on the Nasdaq but this new announcement is basically saying that they have not forgotten about launching Bitcoin futures and that they may be happening in the very near future well another good move for basically institutional but investors to be able get involve here but by the time they launched they will be a bit late to the party as the CME and CBOE futures have actually been out for about a year now and backed is scheduled for the end of January but hey welcome to the party guys over at the Nasdaq now the super fascinating part of the Nasdaq futures story is that the Nasdaq has announced that they are teaming up with van eck now the doing is to bring in a whole host of new financial products to the market as part of this announcement van eck director of digital assets came out and said that they have been working very closely with the CFTC to bring in new standards of custody and surveillance now as a reminder van eck is one of the key players working right now on getting a Bitcoin ETF to the market with a decision expected in late February the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange and husband of Kelly Lafleur the CEO of backed interesting fact for you has come out saying that the survival of digital currencies as an asset class is unequivocably certain the price that they will be at he didn't really say but my gut is telling me that the price for the future of Bitcoin is well above where we are right now just think about this the CEO of ice and the New York Stock Exchange in the incredibly talented Kelly Lafleur are putting a huge amount of their very very precious time money and resources into building up the crypto industry on Wall Street when they could be literally doing anything else with their time just stop to ask yourself why do you think they are doing that just take a moment ponder that let it wander around your head and an extremely positive indicator for just how popular exchange-traded crypto products may prove to be on Wall Street when they actually get launched the a moon crypto bass ket P which recently began trading on six Swiss shots straight to the top of that exchange in terms of volume surpassing all other exchange-traded products available on the platform now you have to keep it in mind that six Swiss is a relatively small exchange only being the 4th largest in Europe but this is exciting to see the interest from investors in these exchange-traded products if this can repeat on Wall Street then watch out because that'd be massive Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are the first companies to be using the newly launched CL s net with others like the Bank of China committed to joining in the next few months CLS net is a blockchain based payment netting service aiming at solving some of the current problems that we are seeing in the forex markets this will help to deliver standardization and automation to an industry that is still plagued by manually confirming transactions for many forex markets it will operate with over a hundred and twenty different fiat currencies and is using hyper ledger this story is to serve as a reminder that the big banks do not plan to go quietly into the night but are developing new solutions and technology all the time and finally coinbase is launching an OTC desk in their latest attempt to court institutional investors I would be very happy to see the coinbase OTC desk as it will provide a nice data conduit to help give us some more insights into the otherwise very opaque Bitcoin OTC market but you have to remember our mantra Bitcoin doesn't need Wall Street guys but oh boy here they come and by the way does anyone else find it odd the insane amounts of announcements coming out of New York recently something is definitely brewing over there and I think that Wall Street in the big banks and the big exchanges are going to be surprising a lot of people over the next year but those are just my – so she's I would love to know your thoughts on any of today's stories down below in the comment section thumbs up the video if you enjoyed it hit that subscribe button if you are new around here if you want to stay up-to-date with what is happening in crypto better click on the belt down below join the conversation over on Twitter you guys are awesome I love you all long live the blockchain and be Sal till next time

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  2. Wall St./partnering manipulators have Cryptos by the throat. I don't know why you'd say, "Cryptos don't need Wall St." No choice. Who would grow and bring liquidity to the market otherwise?

  3. Ethereum had an ICO, too. SEC shouldn't turn a blind eye on it. Ethereum is not like Bitcoin.
    SEC should look into Tezos, Ripple, Ethereum, EOS, etc. (Sorry bagholders.)

  4. NOTE: As Crypto Lark mentioned, SEC regulations ONLY apply to US based ICO's and/or US investors. I suspect many people have not appreciated this distinction, and are spreading illusory FUD.

  5. I guess it's a matter of WHEN and not IF!!!! Can't wait! Please help me out and tell me where to store my altcoins. Thank you.

  6. What are your credentials to give investment advice? The nations of the world will never relinquish control of currency, they can't afford to. The Crypto Currency market will only thrive when the governments issue their own and there is no 3rd party fee. When the "digital currency is tied directly to a currency value" all of the speculation and market manipulation will disappear.

  7. like with gold futures will keep the price to a certain limit. Futures will allow prices go up and down so that professional traders can cash out their prediction. A btc hodler can only be smart enough to liquidate his btc on a max. level of 10/11 K. Welcome to the real world.

  8. When it comes to cryptocurrencies there’s an additional factor: It’s a bubble, but it’s also something of a cult, whose initiates are given to paranoid fantasies about evil governments stealing all their money (as opposed to private hackers, who have stolen a remarkably high proportion of extant cryptocurrency tokens).

    As Robert Shiller, the world’s leading bubble expert, points out, asset bubbles are like “naturally occurring Ponzi schemes.” Early investors in a bubble make a lot of money as new investors are drawn in, and those profits pull in even more people. The process can go on for years before something — a reality check, or simply exhaustion of the pool of potential marks — brings the party to a sudden, painful end.
    But what about the fact that those who did buy bitcoin early have made huge amounts of money? Well, people who invested with Bernie Madoff also made lots of money, or at least seemed to, for a long time.

  9. i just feel like they are setting up the "pickaxe shop" to sell to everyone trying to earn during the gold rush. exchanges win if bitcoin goes up or down. bitcoin can drop to whatever price and people will still trade it like they do now while exchanges make money on each and every trade. They only need to keep it alive to make sure traders come back.

  10. The most important thing that you said was this. That any bitcoin ETF. Has to actually hold actual bitcoin.!!!

    So that at any point a person investing in the ETF can actually claim the same proportional amount of BTC. From the ETF.

    This is huge. Because any ETF would actually have to buy bitcoin in the first place. An ETF would actually be by backed by the same amount of bitcoin. To equal the amount of the ETF being traded. Just like if you buy a silver ETF. Or a gold ETF. You can actually liquidate your ETF stock for the actual metal that it represents.

    This is usually different from the futures market. Which just trades with paper bit coins. I think this is called derivatives.

  11. i had some videos on this a while back i think, feel free to watch some of my crypto predictions are playing out. Im in AWE! very accurate

  12. Most people still forget that bitcoin is 10 years young. And it is the hottest new asset for many investors and speculators.

    WallStreet loves to speculate folks! But they dont want the dumb early investors.

    "Get out! Now we are coming!"

  13. Yo crypto lark, so when cboe released their futures at the start of a bear market in dec 2018 they bet against it, now in 2019 Nasdaq and baakt are releasing their futures and trading so that will prop up the price very high. I’m bullish in 2019

  14. Why hasn’t the Swiss etf affected the price of bitcoin? Seems strange for being the fourth largest exchange in Europe.

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