BIG ETHTRADE NEWS!!! No more US investors :(

hey what's up guys this is Kip here today is Tuesday the 21st of February and I have some unfortunate news about each trade it's not really bad it's not any news like they're scamming or not paying or anything like that this is news that they are no longer allowing investors from the United States and all investors that are currently invested from the United States um unfortunately the only option for us right now guys is to wait if you guys have a portfolio that's not 60 days old yet um you have to wait till it hit sixty days and then sell your portfolio and then it will go into your with drawable balance along with any profits that you've made in those 60 days and then you'll have to withdraw your investment um the reason behind this is they're trying to get licensed in every country for crypto currency trading and the u.s. is so strict about licensing companies that rather than to jump through all the loopholes and um you know go by all the rules of the u.s. they're just going to drop us investors so as you guys can see I'll show you a little bit more about what I'm talking about but um as you can see I have one portfolio open right now that's 28 days old and I just want to say the whole reason why this got even brought to my attention or why I'm making this video how I noticed is I'm actually one of my viewers scroll down on my last East trade video one of my viewers this guy Tom thanks for reaching out to me Tom thanks for Oh alerting me to this I guess I mean it's he said each trade is no longer auto reinvesting for me so I'm withdrawing at the end of 60 days fingers crossed and once I saw this message I should actually hopped onto my account and I realized that it's not Auto reinvesting for me either and um he says that he messaged east trade but they haven't replied to him yet and I just I message them also myself and um I just figured I'd make a video now that I found out what I found out on so what you guys have to do as you can see is I already sold on my portfolio that was over two days old this was around hmm see I believe it was a hundred and something days old um but either way this is how I noticed that I wasn't getting my Auto Reinvestment is checked my video and you can see my arm younger portfolio with that point oh nine seven five nine six and when I checked my account it is still at point o nine seven five nine six so I did have Auto Reinvestment on but I wasn't getting my profits added to my investment or compounded um so that's how I realized so thanks for giving me the heads-up Tom I appreciate it buddy so what you guys want to do now is you want to switch off your auto reinvestment so all the profits from your portfolio if they're younger than sixty days old goes into your withdraw herbal balance and then once you hit 60 days on they'll be zero fees to sell your portfolio and then you guys are going to go ahead and sell your portfolio um I have you guys we did not do that I have a video super simple you just hit sell add in the amount of portfolio and you sell it and then your portfolio balance so the portfolio that I sold last night was point one five 509 Oh and that actually got added to my with drawable balance right here and then I had went ahead and made the withdrawal I had a little bit balance in there so I made the withdraw row last night of point one six oh five eight three and when I said there they're not scamming the reason that I know this is they are still paying me oh I actually just got a withdrawal I believe last night so you can see right here 0.01 29.0 one two nine so if we go to my block chain wallet I'm just refreshed so you guys can see it's my live account and 0.01 to nine so I requested this on the 18th and I received it on the 21st so they are still paying and I actually reached out to one of the support centers or support avenues that you can take to reach East trade I did message them in my account but I haven't heard back but they do have support on telegram so I messaged them on telegram this is their support right here um normally you can talk to East trade support right here they actually got back to me too um but Novak East trade is actually a manager I believe at East trade the only reason I know this is I contacted them try to do their webinars for the US investors and I was talking them before I just went on my last vacation I was actually going to start doing their webinars and I was I was talking to East trade support about it and they put me in touch with Novak who I believe is a manager so I reached out to them on Monday so yesterday and they got back to me you can see hi are you there hello I was going going okay a few questions because I'm in the US what happened with our current investments have you not read the news which is kind of funny because if we go over here and click on the news actually was no news about them not allowing US investors anymore I kind of had to find out on my own through people that I know a nice trade and through a little bit of digging myself so you can see have you read the news um do we need to withdraw after 60 days or can we keep our investments going so what I meant was is it mandatory that we need to withdraw after 60 days because we're from the US or could people that are already currently investing could they be kind of grandfathered in and just leave their investment going so that they can keep withdrawing profits every day and this leg they'll find out actually it was supposed us residents withdraw their deposits their English is a little off because they're in another country and I wrote so we're required to withdraw everything actually yes I tell you for sure in a while about this okay we have the option to invest again in the future I cannot tell you for sure but hopefully yes and I said I hope so so they're saying that after 60 days if you're from the United States you need to withdraw your investment after 60 days and I can show you some more news if you go to the East trade homepage I believe you can see this guy Lewis or Lise he actually posted on his Facebook on a message talking about them allowing investors from the US anymore I couldn't find the post but I did take a screenshot of it and this was it dear East trade partners right now we're engaging on getting native licenses for trading in crypto as a regulation in the u.s. are very strict concerning this matter we are worried about the safety and security of our partners from this country thus we have to announce that unfortunately all new registration are not possible for the u.s. that means that all previously registered partners from the US will not be able to invest or refill the balance with each trade we also don't have the function of reinvest on so that's why our auto reinvestment isn't working please wait until all your portfolio's were reached the 60-day of investment period after that you are free to withdraw all of your deposits and profits we bring our apologies for the inconvenience so as of right now if you guys are in the u.s. if you're an investor like me from the US there's nothing we can really do if you guys already have portfolios going I already have investment going don't worry about it just make sure to switch off the auto reinvestment so that all your daily profits are going to your with durable balance and then just wait for it to hit 60 days and then sell your portfolio he either sold one last night and then withdraw when you sell your portfolio goes to your with durable balance and then you just withdraw the entire balance so like I said I already showed you guys they are still paying I did get it with a ja Rule last night and I'll make another quick update video once I get this with charl because kind of a larger one it's around 100 and maybe $75 right now with the price of Bitcoin um so I'll keep you guys posted like I said it's unfortunate news on each trade has been really good so far I don't see them wavering at all from that they are doing what they always said they were going to do um I mean I'm kind of bummed about it guys each trade was really good so hopefully maybe they'll let us invest again in the future if they can get the proper licensing but if not it's been a really good ride I made profit here because I got in over 150 days ago you'll make profit here too if you're from the US because you just have to wait for your 60 days to be up and then you'll make anywhere from 30 to 50% profit when you sell your portfolio and withdraw everything um so I'd say guys quick update like I said kind of bad news not bad in the sense that they're scamming but bad in the sense that we can't be invested there anymore so that's it guys I'll probably do one or two more update videos once my which are all goes through and if there's any other news on East trade but that's it for now guys have a good one I'll see you in the next video

23 thoughts on “BIG ETHTRADE NEWS!!! No more US investors :(”

  1. Well Capt, finally ethtrade can be consider shut down due to all the fund being trade in BTC-E. today in south east asia are the victims where we cant withdraw our funds after ethtrade suddenly sell off our portfolios.

  2. How do I close out my portfolio? I have over $10k to withdraw. A
    withdraw limit $300 a week is not acceptable and support has not
    responded for weeks now.

  3. hai i am from malaysia.. if u need to register an eth acc.. please let me know.. i'll help in my country to register u eth acc my country available to add deposit and make autoreinvest…just contact me at wsapp:+601133656931 i'll help u.. and take a note i dindt take any of charge.. i doit u for u free tq all

  4. I am from Singapore. Ethtrade no longer accept Singapore investors. and I asked support to change my old btc address to current one but support take so long to reply. I went to Ethtrade facebook , asking for help.. but no help come. I was told to go to Ethtrade website to communicate with support online. but support don't respond . (I knew they are busy with a lot of queries.) I asked Ethtrade FB admin. who said I should wait for them to respond. but I cannot wait for so long as electricity bills and data charge are expensive , here. I asked for email address but was told again to wait patiently for them to respond online.

  5. Even UK in the list,big conferences yet they can't get their financial licences together in all that time.Crazy is crazy.

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