Big Cardano News We Have All Been Waiting For!

welcome to the show everyone it's the crypto lurk and I'm very excited to have on today Sebastian from emerge America of course is one of the key pillars of the card ah no ecosystem we have a very big announcement for you that we're gonna be sharing today it's something that the Cardno community has been waiting for for a very very long time so we're gonna be talking about that we're also be talking about some other key updates we have seen coming out with card on or talked about a bit about the yo Roy wallet and some other things too but Sebastian welcome to the show hello so my name is Sebastian I'm an engineering lead Adam Ergo said a mergo were kind of the venture capital branch or the commercial arm of Cardno so that means that we spend our time trying to figure out how to build the cordana ecosystem so we our goal is to build a global Cardno an ecosystem with many companies invested into this project and basically trying drive value to a ton to card on oh so that's our general goal and one of the ways that we've been focusing on on this goal right now is building up something called the euro a wallet which is a light wallet for Cardno and it's supposed to be kind of the Gateway to the financial world that's our big vision for it so I means right now obviously we have the wallet itself we have treasure support we're adding a bunch of other features such as paper wallet supports and now I'd like to announce that we're adding let your support also so where you precinct you functionality is tuned to our wallets very exciting and we hope to see that your dough in the future will kind of grow to this ecosystem where whenever you need to do a financial transaction anytime you to interact with the financial world that you it'll be your go-to place and so I'm very happy to announce all the work that we've been doing with you to a including this ledger integration that we've been working on for quite a while now not just us in a mergo but also our partners in Iowa's Kay our partners in the Cardinal foundation and our partners in vacuum labs also helped us build the intubation thanks for shouting out everyone there as well because I think it's important to point out that none of this stuff just happens one person does something it's a big team effort and there's a big team behind Cardno pushing all these things forward and if you have not if you're a Cardona holder you haven't tried out the yoy wallet you gotta check it out I absolutely love it it's super easy to use and datalist has had its issues and I know that some people have had lots of issues I had lots of issues or I don't know six months where I couldn't even access my data as well but I didn't mind cuz I'm getting a long-term modelling but in terms of actually the user friendliness of your ROI it's absolutely awesome so it's it's a light wallet versus having to download the you know the whole blockchain so it's a bit different in that in that respect and so what's been the public reception to the euro wallet yeah you know a wallet was shipped last year I believe there's ships in October it's been a while so I kind of forget the exact dates and since then it's kind of a slow launch by the time because America is not as well known at a time since then a brand name and ER company has really gotten a lot more well-known and so when we launched our iOS and Android apps earlier this year are they both all over a thousand downloads in a day you're right now across all our platforms is that over 15,000 downloads so we're really excited to see how many people are using it or every day for their transaction needs so it's been quite a huge growth for our R&D department that was only started last year so it started maybe in about July with just two people me and our CTO Nico and since then we've grown to a quite a large team working on many products including a toy so roars our first and biggest but now that we've got a very solid product that's very well loved by the community now we're kind of starting to expand out to other projects and so it's really exciting to see our arty team really grow based off the success we've had with you – I now you were telling me before we start the interview I think that's a fun story worth repeating here because I assumed that this meant something really cool in Japanese but I've always thought yo Roy you know but it actually does have a really cool meaning like you just tell people what what is euro what's what's the actual meaning behind the name of this wallet yes so you'd always the name of the armored that the Japanese samurais war so the reason we picked this name is because we're Japanese company so we want to kind reflect our history with the name and also these armored kind of signifies that we're protecting your funds right you're safe with you a toy don't worry about it we have all these measures in place to make sure that your funds are safe and that's the imagery we wanted people to have when the users wallet obviously because it's a Japanese term a lot of people don't know the meeting but it is the word as is so if you if you google search judo it will be probably be the top result but if you go to Google Images you'll probably see pictures of various Japanese samurai so you can kind of get a feel for whether Sam this armor looks like it's pretty cool I recommend you check it out nice now I think a big question on everyone's minds in fact a big question that's been on a lot of Cardinal investors Minds for a long time is staking now know that this is something you guys are working on integrating with the Euro wallets so not only is it gonna be this beautiful easy to use sort of light client wallet we're also gonna be able to stake from that wallet which is very exciting do you have any details you can share with us about that yet yeah so the way we can't do development in Cardno is in multiple steps right so the first step is the research then the specifications and then the implementations so if you think about the Shelly release which is the release that allows taking card on oh we've done the research okay we've done the specifications and now we're refining specifications with the implementation so we have iota has two teams the hassle team and the rest team who are both working on the implementation and every now and then they come with some specific problem that they need to align on and then we refine a spec of it and keep moving forward well that means for us at a mergo is that we want to enable staking in your toy right so we want to have staking both on the desktop version and on the mobile version of you don't and so that means that we're also with iOS k we were reading the specifications we're making modification specifications to figure out exactly how to enable this feature new toy so we have a team of people that's working on this feature and we're making good progress but obviously we'll be announcing stuff as it becomes more ready for how the exact interface of sticking it away will work but so far things very pretty the whole system although it is complex I think will have a really good user experience for it to really walk people through the staking procedure so we've been spending a lot of time on it but I think will be really great so we'll have some announcements about that in the coming weeks looking forward to those announcements for sure and obviously making a user friendly is so incredibly key because reality is most people when they find out they can stake something they want to do it but in terms of if you have to go through a bunch of hurdles and technical things it becomes really difficult for people so user friendliness is absolutely key now I want to get your thoughts about kind of some more overarching things that have been happening recently with Cardno we have now Cardno 1.5 the completion of byron's so kind of what does that mean for you know the average user out there are they going to experience any changes to the way cardano's working and of course when Shelley when it when are we gonna see it what's what's going on with the production of that right so if you imagine a kind of classic software engineering problem it's hard to come up with the right solution so you kind of just my camera a bit it's hard to come up with the perfect solution right away okay so often what you want to do is you want to come up with a solution think about the problem and think about you've learned how you can improve and they make a second iteration right and you can kind of think of that as what's happening with Cardinal so we had Cardinal a 1.0 come out quite a while ago now back in 2017 I believed end of the year okay and it was the first iteration okay we had research done about or Boris was proof estate protocol and so we had an engineering team go out and build a protocol since then we've done a lot more research on the problem and we've learned a lot about how to engineer a complex engineering product such as this and this is mostly our partners I always get I've done this since we've done all of this it's time to kind of go back look at what we've learned and try and make a more refined next step and if that's what shelly is supposed to be and so that's why if you look at shelly not only is there a lot more research behind it a lot more specification behind it so you can find you know 50 page documents by exactly how it's going to work for a mathematical level and really oops you like put you through all the steps such that there's no ambiguity behind it okay and so that's what we're moving – it's like the refinements on top of the first iteration now the problem that we have in a sense is that making such a big switch is non-trivial okay mostly because if you think about a blockchain we need the blockchain to maintain across all protocol upgrades right we don't want to have to stop Cardno kriti new Genesis block for a new block C and have it be migrated over that's just the terrible user experience right so we need to have a smooth transition if you want to do a second iteration of your protocol with so many new changes which is what will happen in Shelly it's hard to do it in one smooth change so we've decided to do is have an intermediate step okay and that intermediate step is called or Boris BFT and it's a much simpler protocol that will kind of tie the two layers between and the reason this makes it a smoother experience is because the old code base has to have a transition point with or bars BFT and then you can draw the old code base and then the new code base hooks in with or board CFG and continues on okay so this will ensure that we have a smooth user experience across the upgrades and that's what Cardinal 1.5 is supposed to be it's the first hook going into or ports PST that means we have buyer in ok with 1.5 we've just added a hook and overboard PFT and now that we have the Auris board or boards PFT hook then we can add in Shelley afterwards so I want to move on now to talk about the super exciting news which is the ledger wallet integration now this is something the community's been wanting for a very very long time why is it taking so long what have been the challenges in making this happen right so let me kind of walk through walk you through these steps of integrating with ledger okay so the very first step is having support for the cryptographic functions that we need for our demo so Cardinal is written from the ground up it's entirely new code base we did not fork Bitcoin or any other blockchain therefore ledger integration just to fork Bitcoin by the way yes exactly the reason it it took long for the first step which is adding the required cryptographic functions is because when I wish he was making Cardno they say okay what's the best cryptography that we can get at this current time for a protocol and so they picked according to that which means that we have a function that is not used in other cryptocurrencies yeah a few other cryptocurrencies have adopted this these kinds of cryptographic features since then which is why we're not the only blocking that has have has had to have wait for this but that was added a fingers back in January or maybe December something over on that range so it was not possible to have ledger integration before then because we would just not be able to do the cryptography or hard to do the integration okay so that's part of the integration right once we have let your support for the cryptography then we need to build the actual ledger app so that means if you pull out your ledger device you select your app right so we need to do the actual programming of the application so we worked with our partners it that company called vacuum labs on this and so we work with them to build the application and that was done in about one month time okay so now that we've got the actual application on the alleged device then we need to build the UI which is your toy right because your card and no ledger although it can store your wallet it cannot really broadcast transactions you can sign transactions it can check public keys they cannot broadcast transactions you need to connect it to a wall to do that all right which is why we developed the integration with ledger inside get away so your dough is now the place where you can connect your like a device to then be able to broadcast your transactions to check your balance and all these kinds of stuff and so the development one one quick question just to confirm so the ledger integration won't be operable with the daedalus wallet no it's just for you a toy for now so the dualist team will work on adding ledger support in the future but I can't speak to their roadmap on this feature mm-hmm but so doing the integration into your toy took about another month and then so that's kind of where we're at now so if you think about the development and come plus the polish and the marketing preparation is about two to three months and and to build an integration which i think is fairly reasonable for such a complex system and so that's kind of why it's taken a while because we had to wait for the cryptography and then plus the time to build the app and I build integration into your e but I think overall it's been fairly fast and we've had a huge amount of people working on every step of the pipeline ledger has been really great about communicating with us and syncing with us about the progress on this so kudos to them and everybody else who's been working on this product with us will you be able to stake using your ledger through the euro wallet that's something that's gonna be available so I will do essentially you know cold staking yes so the question of when ledger is answer for now but I'm sure they'll come back for two reasons once because we want to add staking through lecture devices through treasure devices and possibly any other solution that I which kit comes up with and so we'll be working on that for sure and I can't speak to the release day because I'll see that depends on the release date of Shelly hmm and so that's the question for Iowa State but the ledger support also has to be extended now to let your nano X right because you want to have people be able to also use their hover wallet inside their mobile phone right so as you know you're always also available for ios and android which means now we had to add support for this also so the X is not released yet but I'm sure once it's really fueled we asking us about the integration so we'll be sure to get started on working on that right away that way when it comes to people will be able to use their horror wallets with their phones yeah the legend native X is very cool as lucky to get an advance copy of one but definitely that that mobile wallet integration is super important and look if you're obviously if you're storing a lot on your mobile wallet then you're going to want to use it if you have ten bucks worth of cardano's sitting there you may not be so worried about your ledger nano X integration but still important to have that that mobile opportunity in the Euro wallet I've actually got it downloaded on my mobile phone as well so it's it's good for that I got it in my my Chrome browser here as well so you know it works across all things which is great so very very excited I'm so happy to finally see the ledger integration happening for card I know I know it's been a long time in the coming but it's great to see it happening obviously things are never finished right things always continue to move forward you have to continue to you know like I said next next is the legend a no X you can get it on two mobile phones and all these things but nevertheless I think this is definitely a very welcome step for the community to see this ledger integration finally happening yeah and the way to set up it's fairly you see if you have a new wallet in your all you gotta do is create wallet connect with ledger and it's like two or three prompts and you're done if you have an existing euro a wallet it's slightly more complicated because the way we have your roi set up its what accounts per chrome profile that means if you have an existing you enoyed wallet you'll have to click the button at the top right of your chrome and click create a new account it'll create a new chrome count and so we had one chrome count with just your old wallet and one chrome count which is your new ledger wallet I mean you can choose to send your funds or manage them however you want so there's an extra complication which is not that big a deal from the actual steps you have to take but it may not be obvious or some users how to create a new chrome profile so I just want to mention that right away it's probably a lot of users as soon as this come out we'll ask how do i migrate my existing wallets to ledger and the way you do that is by creating a new look the easiest way to do that is by creating new chrome profile and then you chrome profile you download your toy and send that one up with ledger very very cool Sebastian thank you so much for coming on today and tell us a little bit about your Royal about what's mirga's doing and of course about ledger it's super exciting so thank you so much yeah thanks for having me

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