Big bang Bitcoin! I am thankful for BTC! Bcash and Bgold pumps, Bdiamond

hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to tonight in bitcoin today is November 23rd 2017 buy and hold strong hand some call this day Thanksgiving yes this is a big holiday in the United States it is not my religions holiday but we're Americans we we have a meal on this day and it's interesting it's interesting day everybody's off hey I'm still wearing the same shirt that I was wearing last night remember you can check out the notes section below if you want to get a shirt like this from old crypto or whatever his name is he's a good guy he we got to email dude everybody likes your shirt and everything people like this last night I didn't really get them any comments but we're gonna talk about I did talk about Bitcoin on the streets of Baltimore last night it was a fun time I have a little bit more time to talk tonight um it is very late at night it's almost midnight in here in Baltimore for those of you watching this on tape and I I'm seeing a lot of people jump into the chat right now if you want to ask me some questions you can do this super chat hello everyone all over the world and yeah the internet is slow well there's not much actual social media today talking about Bitcoin or anything so I am behind I've had very little time to uh I've been with my family all day it's been it's been a great day with the young young uns and the my grandmother is 94 and it was great to be with her today and it's been a fun day and so if you say Happy Thanksgiving I Happy Thanksgiving to the people who celebrated and and you know really I know it's a great time for families to get together anyway um yeah also my I like how the water is treating my hair when I wash it here in Baltimore it's like I guess I'm since I'm from Baltimore just the water I'm used to the water it just make my hair I've had some good hair days really but of course I've been shaving too I look Dease I mean I look decent when I went out last night um just because you want to look to eat you know you see your few buddies and stuff not for the ladies don't hump at last night I mean Baltimore's got some what we won't talk about that anyway let's jump break into these think people strong Hank bitcoin is the world reserve crypto currency and yeah value your wealth in Bitcoin so yeah hold crypto his link is below and also of course cryptography I usually wear his shirts I still have a lot of new shirts to debut and you know we're we're laid-back tonight because it is a laid-back day but life does go on be cash had a pump we're gonna talk about that and I'll soon get your Tresor crypto HW wallet calm I'll link to below and yeah let me write down something there all right so uh ya know I didn't have enough time to go everything every over everything before the show that's been happening I usually go over so many different sites after this show's over I'm gonna probably read for an hour and I'll be totally up to date tomorrow it looks like 4:30 p.m. on Friday is this week in Bitcoin on this very channel here and we do this every Friday we've got a special guest Rick from block digest is actually gonna be on he's one of my confirmed yes he's really good about confirming to one of the best confirmations I've ever received he's really excited that being on the show tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and we'll have two other desks hopefully also it's hard to get into in touch with everyone now partially because I was not on line until 9 o'clock tonight and again it's good to not be online 24 hours a day to take some time off I hope people did take some time off wherever you are today it's always good to get out of that mindset and just get in touch with reality a little bit more and not follow the price all the time off either which I don't do anyway but I didn't even follow I usually follow the news all day I gotta admit that so today I did not so I link to the block digest Twitter below and hopefully if I'm not if you're watching this live some things might not be linked to yet I'll get to everything in a second after the show's over I'll make sure everything's linked to so here is a hilarious sign of the impulsive behavior of the 80% now I meant to mention this in another show and I don't think I read I must have it must've been when I was in Israel I was rushing out I didn't write this down hopefully I didn't mention this before like even for one second I don't think I did but there is a cryptocurrency out there like it's in the 200s you know it's a 50-year cryptocurrency it's called bit gem and it's ticker symbol is BT G and that's the ticker symbol that be gold wants or B gold has be gold being a crypto an awesome friendly for crypto dividend of Bitcoin bit gem is just some regular random altcoin that's been around anyway in the last few days and I link to it below there has been a surge in the price of bit gem and in the amount of it that's trading around its trading volume because people are blindly buying and selling btg because they think it's be gold and it's not they're being impulsive it's the ultimate example there's no reason for this thing to go up and for the volume to go up other than people being confused because they're not thinking and this is how people get fish and scammed that everything was they don't think they see something that looks familiar and then I go that must be the real thing well btg of course yeah that's familiar but you're buying a fake and again the bit gem people aren't trying to scan your anything you're scamming yourself by this but the funny thing is is like so many people bought into it the price went up so some people probably did pretty well miss all this bit unnatural bit gem pump and yeah it's obvious why it's happening people are confused so don't get people be patient you can get your if you want to buy be gold and I don't know why you want to buy it when you're getting it for free and I haven't split mine yet I have not even gotten my treasure out of its hiding place yet and we're gonna talk about be gold is going up to 4% recently uh but if you want to buy B gold you can buy it on bit tracks and I guess they're rumors floating around about Polonia X and I think that's why the price of B gold is pumping because of polonius but we're gonna get that in a second but again bit gem not the same thing as B gold B gold you can buy on bit wrecks and probably some other places I don't know and yeah big trucks definitely did people have confirmed correct people who had Bitcoin on bit tracks have received their be gold so they were they were good about that good job bit tracks ah all right where are we so be diamond out in China or their press releases are from Singapore but it doesn't really matter it is a friendly fork of a be gold of the a bitcoin and it's apparently live now that's all I know it's on the futures market it was still trading if you take into account that you get ten for every one Bitcoin it was still trading at around you know over three percent but you know three point four percent of a Bitcoin what I'm saying these percents I mean a percent of a Bitcoin and uh I guess I should link to their Twitter because they have tweeted out a few things lately I'm not completely again there's no easy way to split it yet there I don't think they're any trading establishments that we're familiar with any exchanges that are I'm comfortable with at least that are trading it yet and who knows if it went live I don't know but apparently should have by now um alright so out on the town last night in Baltimore I was wearing this lovely shirt I thought you know my friends a lot of them are very busy you know the marylee up kids so only one of my real close friends was out and that was great great to see travieso out last night we talked about Bitcoin song but what was really interesting is um I ran it you know I'm in the board reiben in the Baltimore party scene for way way too long and I'm not in it anymore because I'm travelling around the world but I've met my share of people and I met a guy um a while ago who who attended Gilman Gilman is a private school I also went to a private school in Baltimore Gilman is very well known elite boys private school and this guy's younger than I am shall we I mean we've been I don't know him from the private school I know him from the present day anyway he's a smart guy if he went to Yale he is a smart guy I'm not gonna say his name uh and he starts talking to me about Bitcoin I guess because I was wearing this shirt and he knows I'm into it and he I mean I was impressed he's telling me yeah I got some etherium I got some Bitcoin I'm storing at a coin base and like what you got to be careful about storing in a coin he's he's like a and I've heard about this rip ball and I know ripple is centralized but that's why I'm interested in it because ripple is different how's it go dude man : out and I was like and he's like well you know I don't try to read the mainstream stuff I read you know there are a lot of different articles that specifically pump specific coins and he mentioned – but he also likes – and um any say item I watch your videos thank you for watching he's like what your videos are not for a beginner and I said yeah they're not for the kid definitely not for beginners anymore and that was a good critique on his part to show um he had a friend with him I don't have no idea who his friend was and his friend starts talking to me to his friends like yeah man but again to these AI CEOs and he's he's dropping names – and this is a good sign this is a good sign um that I'm out at a bar in Baltimore and not random people I know but people I don't know very well who are intelligent people are into it now they they bought it they owned it and the other guy was saying yeah I got like coin bit coin and aetherium because that's all they sold on coinbase so I mean there's an example I've talked about it before how coin base is the the gateway for people who have dollars for regular Americans and there you go that was a regular I think it was probably a smart American I don't know if that guy went the Gilman – I take it I don't know who the other guy was um but yeah I mean it was it was a prime because it was a really uh real life examples that are encouraging very bullish for Bitcoin that people were talking about let me see if I if there was anything else I haven't written down this piece of paper I wrote I just wrote it all down last night yeah and he went – yeah so yeah baby they know all the ins and outs and we weren't talking crypto dividends or anything like that but still it's a it's a good start and it just show why people buy like coin it's why a lot of Americans buy like etherium because it's it's right there on coin basin they want to uh they want to diversify so they might be watching this tonight hey what's up dudes I'm not going out again this weekend guys I'm anyway hang out with my friends at their houses I'm not going to the bars again it was been through these bars way too many times and Thank You DJ rob for putting me on the guest list last night that was very nice of you and it wasn't you had a good you had a good event there in Hamden it was a good time so all right here is he quote pound that like button I already forgot to say pound out like 150 times pound out like fun check out the new section below subscribe this channel follow me at Twitter Twitter's been slow obviously the last 24 hours at Tech ball te CH ba LT don't go crazy shopping tomorrow people that's just a hyper consumerism although it is hilarious Black Friday obviously you know it's the day after Thanksgiving where everyone has to shop in Israel they have signs for Black Friday also and I've heard in European countries they do too totally ridiculous commercial is a hyper consumerism when countries that do not even celebrate Thanksgiving who all work on Thursday have Black Friday sales I mean that's how powerful or how aggressive the marketing of some of these corporations are and you're following for it a lot of people are falling for it it's a shame you're you're buying just completely worthless stuff you know value your wealth and bitcoin don't go out don't you know I guess right now if it just turned midnight people are like what moaning each other down in Walmart then just trying to get big screen TVs is that what this this holida midnight holiday is about now alright so a quote a quote by gtfo he left the gtfo YouTube left this about a day ago in my comments but I want to he was commenting about I was saying how 5% is a great return and he says 5% is seen as a good return by investors I don't see why people complain maybe it's due to the lack – to a lack of BTC meaning they don't have Bitcoin probably the same people who think they can do better with cloud mining and trading I agree with that that's who it is the Bitcoin community needs to promote a big old flipping of B trash he says okay the second part yeah it's a free free free world free market if you want to promote a big old flipping of be cash I don't think it's going to happen you know it could happen be my guest I think a lot of be cash people will be unhappy if you do that but hey that's it's a people are unhappy so we're gonna have a big cold verse be cash debate here eventually again there's a guy in Perth Australia a good guy who's a fan of be cash and I have some big old people that want to debate him Laurie and gammer off was gonna do the debate also he insists on very strict debating rules like from the formal book of the base what's that called and and will do that if Florian wants to debate a big old person as he likes be cash I haven't talked to Lorene forever I gotta get in touch with Lorien I've been too busy he's busy with his family South Africa but there's no no Thanksgiving or like this in South Africa they don't obviously not today was Thanksgiving in South Africa I don't know if they have a thanks do you guys have a Thanksgiving holiday anyway yeah I will be in a Johannesburg March the 10th most likely if all goes well and of course I'm gonna be in Seoul South Korea and I'll be able to meet anyone who's in Seoul South Korea on December the 4th which is coming up real soon and I can't wait to learn about Korea it's just seeing it firsthand I'm gonna bring back some good info hopefully uh all right before I get into that though again my mother brought this up to me today she reminded me the Big Bang Theory which out is a show that comes on Thursday nights uh yeah as next Thursday if they're gonna be talking about Bitcoin all in the Big Bang Theory and I actually heard unfortunately someone had a TV on today and I heard them promote this episode they said next we've got a Big Bang Theory it is ended and you hear one of the dorks I mean they're supposed to be dorky nerdy guys and that's their business whatever that's cool if you're like that I have no problem everyone's different they they they're they're saying Bitcoin just hit five thousand dollars and they it's apparently the guy who loses a Bitcoin it's funny they must they I guess they wrote a pretty recently but not that recently uh maybe they'll update it I don't know I don't like sitcoms I don't watch any TV this is going is a popular show and the Bitcoin price could pump maybe people are gonna get on coinbase just like that might my friend from yesterday he got on coke now he's a smart guy anyway the Gilman um but they're gonna be other people who have the cable to eat the capability to figure out okay these geeks on this show just talk about this thing let me try to google it it'll be some increased Google searches at least after the show I think it is incredibly bullish I brought this up before I'm talking about it I put it in my title I think it is important because it's got to go sort of mainstream one day I mean you can't just be between the few people who know about it now and this could be a big break down we've seen in China and in other countries when it's brought up on TV it helps the price and so we'll see and insights a popular show so I'm not encouraging people to watch it because all of you already know about Bitcoin but I'm hoping a lot of people who don't watch this show who've never heard a bit about Bitcoin do watch that show next on Thursday so Andy Hoffman has been giving good updates all day at uh he had a Bitcoin called crypto gold central whatever I link to it below does he get crypto gold central common I'm all out of it and he's sorry it's linked to below and he's been giving good at updates he's been staying up-to-date out there in Colorado and again I gotta make it the Colorado student I I'm I'm eating a lot of that lick the guy is gonna be on the show tomorrow is from Colorado to I really got to make it out in Colorado and that's one of the few states don't I've only been in there Airport that's it I've never really walked around that now I've never seen it outside of the airport so maybe this summer hopefully I'm planning on that if anybody I want to drive around I just want to drive around but how could I do is show every day if I'm just driving around I mean it's a pain we'll talk about that later alright so I am thankful for Bitcoin yes this Thanksgiving when little kids say what they're thankful for this big kid said he's he's thankful for Bitcoin really it is it a very thankful this side came out it has been life-changing and I don't know if I have said I said this before I was telling my parents this and I told some people this last night my friend Trevor yeah so I was dead it's his last thing I'll say is they but no chubby Esther's not the guy want to kill me although trevi has indeed go to Gilman for a time anyway so I'll tell him I said no and my parents I said if bitcoin goes to zero tomorrow I don't this has been just such an experience you know I won't be obviously I've done very very well in Bitcoin everyone knows I got a lot of it and so in terms of a in dotted the dollar value of my Bitcoin is impressive right now and um I don't need I don't have to work for the rest of my life so but because well partially because a frugal and I can I can make I'm not saying how much it is but I can make that last I mean I spent so I don't even need the BIC remember I haven't even gotten into my Bitcoin at all and that's the point if it did go to zero tomorrow I'd still have a big smile on my face because it has been such an experience and I did I accomplished a goal of mine you know I got to a certain value in terms of dollars that I've always wanted to get to in my life and but still I got yeah I'm not a Bitcoin and I wanted and it is just I mean this has become a really huge part of my life an exciting part of my life where I met interesting people I said and some I bet in person like Lorien some I met and of course Towanda Campbell in Zimbabwe I hope you're all right man we're all thinking of you or here Russ is in the chart right now in the chat right now then shindig towels a guy who's I I've come in contact with because of this she's all sorts of mostly men but but they've got a couple ladies – I met in person I mean it has been I'm thankful for this experience really really AM thankful and again it's a bit coin went 2-0 tomorrow also you know don't worry about Adam because again I've never sold a Bitcoin I live a very low cost minimalist lifestyle as it is right now and my life would go on as is I would still be able to travel around the world pretty much – and talk about I don't know what I was talking I would talk about health we were talking about health and how the the doctor system in the United States these guys don't really care about health much anymore which is really unfortunate and you just gotta keep make sure you keep yourself healthy check out the to yesterday's show if you want to hear about that I linked to a bunch of my shows from the last few days below and I know a lot of you haven't watched them because the numbers have been down and people been just running around because people are busy with their families check out the archives archives of last three shows are still pertinent today alright so what else and you know what the kids we're really cute today I'm obviously I have some nieces and nephews and all sorts of others and yeah they were they well about what they were thankful for and I was really impressed because they're already thinking outside the box and they definitely have some critical thinking skills some of them some of the comments they said were hilarious so the little uh the little ones of Meister's or whatever you want to call them I'm not gonna say everybody's last name so you can't stop me but yeah there'll be there'll be some wild ones out there you know in a twenty twenty thirty years out on the internet who knows though hopefully have some Bitcoin of their own I want to be alive too and have my Bitcoin and they have their big I don't want them to have my Bitcoin at that time just want to clarify that I plan to be around in 40 years with my Bitcoin living it up and they'll hopefully have their own stash that they that their parents get for them and I again I do have a sibling that actually has a teeny bit of Bitcoin for various reasons well some of you wouldn't don't think it's a teeny bit of Bitcoin the amount the sibling of mine asked so good for that sibling uh and yeah it's great to have run to a guy last I do have bitcoin and litecoin and the two guys last night yeah the people I are you a guy's dick do you guys get as enthusiastic when you're out in a social situation and people randomly bring you up and because this happen to you where people randomly bring up Bitcoin and say they have it and again he saw my shirt and he knows who I am and so 14 out at this bar I was at last night as more people should have cut more people sort of said something to me about Bitcoin not maybe they didn't see the whole I mean maybe they thought it was a coca-cola shirt or something again here's a shirt you can get it below it's long sleeve remember this dude crypto ho-hold crypto whatever his name is you're good dude he's giving me the long sleeves and I'm like this because it's cold out there in Baltimore windy I don't like that I gotta go back to the summer again and when I go to South Korea it's gonna be not that it's gonna be cold dish in Busan it'll be warmer than Seoul Seoul the weather is not gonna be good I'll be complaining right found that like button if you like real world stories here all right this is like a little personal chat we're having here oh thanks David this is nice yeah and it's it's hot old crypto he calls him stuff I say hold I you know i don't like the word huddle i know so you're like it's cold hollow i don't know it's called hold come on I gotta go I have to be formal I want to try this school in Baltimore oh no I'm not gonna make that joke they let anyone into their school anyone into their school people like to say that these private schools are really they don't let certain people in they let us in whatever it's a private school let him do what they they knew it was it was a good idea to let us into their school trust me they want smart people there there were people who were able to pay so if you add up if you add up all the Bitcoin and I only saw this in a Jimi song tweet but I've been thinking about it lately if you add a Bitcoin be cash and be gold it's close to ten thousand dollars now and so if you and I mean obviously these other be diamond that's coming out but if you could figure out how to get it that'll put it over ten thousand all of them had it up together I wonder what everyone's saying in the chat I just see if going by mentions in there mention I have some I have a question about female nature what do you I mean it's a question you would ask a veteran Midtown and this is a serious question once you understand female nature like we do now how do you handle like an older female relative who you might think is you know would be an aunt of braid and whoever who might be manipulating you how do you he is there I mean do you think of them differently I mean ours is that they're just their nature and what how do you it's an injury it's something only a veteran mcdowell like vention mgtow could answer and so maybe you can make a video about I don't know because there are guys and I don't consider myself a meek type I like their philosophy a lot a lot but how do you men you know once they understand the name you know how did they handle some of their older and or older we simply older rep female relatives how do you it seems like a very difficult lying to walk I don't know so there might be something you want to talk about and you've probably experienced uh there may be some other make tell this washing uh Russ Russ is watching he's right now to how do you handle the older female relatives in terms of uh you know they're not known on this I'm not saying they're trying to be bad or not maybe they are how do you think it through and stuff but this is you know you treat your obviously you treat your elders reverse some respect but how about if they're not respecting you how about if they're trying to manipulate you in some way or use guilt on you in some way i mean alright we've expanded to convert we've really expanded this way too much beyond bitcoin right but it's Thanksgiving everyone's out there how their families though all the people who are outside of America like Adam come on dude I'm not doing your Thanksgiving thing I don't want to hear about it okay we're not gonna talk about Thanksgiving a families anymore but you know social interaction is important get how did know how to interact socially with people it turns a big point you you don't want something he'd want to be out at a bar like I was last night now I don't drink but how about if some like lovely female came up to me and like yeah I see your nice red shirts let me get you some drinks wealthy Bitcoin man and what's your private key there Adam you see it you gotta know how to handle those things you gotta know this is why is under it's important to understand everyone ever you don't want to get tricked out of your Bitcoin precautions that was what last yesterday's video was partially about I'm gonna get into more precautions later but you do have to be careful of people trying to manipulate you out of your Bitcoin whether they be guys in Japan who are pumping up be cash who are very persuasive individuals or whether it be some lady you meet in a bar that'll be awesome if I'm ever out in a social situation and a woman tries to steal my big point for me in some way like that that'll mean Bitcoin is in the that that'll be a very bullish sign if they're like women out there trying to trick men out of their Bitcoin at bars a Bitcoin will be worth quite a lot of money by that point so hope that you know the next time I'm at a bar some woman comes up to me and tries to try and obviously I won't fall but uh and trust me there weren't too many ladies there last night is it known for features of certain people okay so uh what do we got here four percent big old surge all right so be goal these are around four percent of a Bitcoin right now in terms of price if you want to sell it be my guest I know I think Andy Hoffman said he had an easy time splitting it on his Tresor I have not done so yeah as I mentioned previously but I wonder why it's going up to four percent and again when it when it surged the other day when I was in the airport it was because of it going on two big tracks and all the 80 percenters wanted to buy it and pumping it so it seems like and now the rumors excuse me about it going on apollonia x and that might be just the rumors of it being listed on the exchange help pump it up this is just a theory of mine I want to put it out there Thanksgiving is the new weekend for be cash pumps it was very interesting I noticed this Thanksgiving started last night be cash started the pump and lo and behold high trading volume in Korea it's as if someone somewhere is thinking it out it's thinking like you know I it's good to pump it on the weekends I'm very successful popping on the weekends probably doing it when no americans are trading and no Americans are buying is a really good idea and low end but what was a big coin get a bit to be cash get up to 22 percent of a Bitcoin again and by the way for the people who are saying this wasn't going to happen again that beat is impossible be cash will never be over 20% and I said it would be and it will again and you're just the shell will be I mean it's either or it's so funny that's when you know you're doing the right thing when people say no you're you're totally crazy be cash will never go that high or the ones that are saying say your shell and they're you're you're you're Pro be cash or – anti because you're too Pro being caught every name in the book but he's good it's I don't know what it is right now twenty percent of a Bitcoin he they're gonna try to get it to thirty percent again if there's gonna be a situation that's gonna scare a weak hand situation again like we had that Sunday morning what was it two Sundays ago now this is just a you know this is minor compared this is still major to be worth twenty percent that's impressive I mean that's impressive what a you know to pump it up like that so again and you know I mentioned Manero and – pumping yesterday I didn't even think about to check the bit thumb it's all bit thumb effect again all of it's coming from bit thumb I have got to see this for myself in South Korea when I am there next I leave for South Korea on Monday freakin morning I cannot believe I'm gonna be on another plane I've got to cut down on the planes I gotta stay in a place for a longer period of time that's one of my in 2018 what I want to do but I already started planning some stuff and it involve all this trad all these plane rides I gotta make sure I don't do that alright pound that like button if you like this rambling long show but a lot of you haven't heard about Bitcoin for 24 hours because you've been away you're probably enjoying this maybe you're enjoying it pound the like button if you enjoy it pound the light but if you don't enjoy it alright so yeah I mentioned that I Jeff record I forgot to check always check if you see something pumping that's a top tier all cleaner listed in the top of crypto mark coin mark whatever it's called corn market Capcom always check bit thumb and always check with what's going on in Korea the volume and you'll probably always find out oh that's why it's being pumped nothing really new with – diamond arrow maybe there is something someone mention is something about – I'm not even gonna mention it I'm gonna look into it before I even talk about this thing Valve's a little bit of Doug Casey but I'm not gonna mention the name of it or until I research it so what else yeah I can't eat everyone I can't email anyone back I won't be able to email people back probably till Sunday I'm sorry but um that's just there's too much on my plate right now so many things so and I haven't be able to comment in the comment section I want to have you even read the whole CAI heaven again I have an hour at least of reading to do after this I'm let me up very late again tonight yet I want to go running in the morning and there's stuff to do tomorrow like watch the Ric Flair documentary with some of my friends from high school and no I do not usually watch TV and I don't watch wrestling anymore because I'm a grown up but it apparently is an awesome documentary people even mentioned it to me last night who don't even never even like press them says a good documentary so yeah the great there's been great health comments in the news section below so thank you for all the guys who left the the health commentary and it makes me want to do a video all about health so maybe min one of these days I will do one but it does show you that in the Bitcoin community there definitely are some outside the box thinkers who understand that you know drugs cannot you know statins are not are not the fix at all of the world and you know unfortunately it doesn't I know I think it's a very bad thing I think it's very bad that my father's on that and I do see it lowers cholesterol Wow what what's that mean even that doesn't mean he's healthier remember cholesterol doesn't meet your if you have high cholesterol doesn't mean you're sick um if you're overweight you've got a problem it doesn't make you skinny and it also makes you forget things I guarantee you it messes with your memory okay and so unfortunate that I can guarantee you that um and no I do I don't do step but you I think you get the picture there so yes so when I have a doctor that I'm I know gives and I couldn't so by the way with my doctor yesterday I did confront him I did you I did yellow and I confronted him specifically I'm like you're giving out statins out there so I mean but what's it really matter what's it what's it really matter because the government provides him a non-stop line of old people or semi old people that keep on coming in there he keeps giving them the drugs whatever drug it be it diabetes drugs B it's that you know all of this stuff that that people could prevent on their own if they just ate healthy so a lot of people have common and you know doctors today do not know about nutrition they do not care about prevention and this is very true and the Siegel dr. Siegel is just one of them Steven Seagal in Reisterstown I mean if you I mean obviously he if you're in the area don't go to if you care about your health but so again if you're in is waiting room you can tell it's the government sending in people after Pete you know they're paying for these people to go in there all these old people who are gonna die in a year but are gonna make up dr. Siegel a lot of money and and and all the other doctors that are in that office to it's ridiculous just a never-ending stream of unhealthy people who are addicted to drugs and you know what to be addicted to those drugs it's just as bad as being a drink addicted to heroin and all these other things that I speak again against so no I don't like any drugs and it is and it's a really a shame when it's a white-collar criminal you know when it's a doctor that's that's given out these drugs and making lots of money off of it and you know and the funniest thing is he's totally out of shape this dude he's you don't want to go to a doctor it's got a gut I mean I'm not saying you know I'm a theme guy and everything I'm not saying he's got a couple extra pounds it is a gut that shows that you're sick that you will have diabetes eventually you will die early you will suffer telling me he's gonna suffer one day if he doesn't get into shape but a minute isn't care about health or nutrition alright so I said I wouldn't do a video about this yet I just did a big segment about that so again I am I'm impressed I'm happy that a lot of I guess it's the 20 percenters out there who who know about this thing because they're our play of Bitcoin people who are like whoa why do you first add danger you're not even that good it's just ignorant comments about like you know I'm not I'm not the biggest fan of the Silicon Valley a group of uh liberal elites or whatever but if you look at what they're into now because they have all the money in the world they're in the fasting they're into health hacking they're into you know this this doctor yes so-called dr. Siegel yesterday he said send me send me a paper a paper that a peer review paper that that proves that uh fasting in the talks about this intermittent fasting but he didn't know intermediate fast me from anything he didn't know Paleo diet never heard of that before and so I was like okay yeah well I said to I said the Google um forgot that dr. Siegfried that's his name I believe it's that guy i thomas siegfried who you should all look up maybe i'm linked to him below he's like oh i can't get on the internet now and yet i see about his little phonies on the google or way it's psych it out they don't want to hear anything different they're in there right they're making their money off of these people who are dying off of their disgusting statin drugs and everything else just getting people sicker and sicker getting them obsessed with just the cholesterol number itself lawyer people you need cholesterol in order for your brain to work okay i mean i'm not many of you know that already so again the best way to be healthy is not going to a doctor is rely on yourself and that's something that i preach here prevention and it's so easy to be healthy just don't eat carbs don't eat prepackaged Carmy apples and and fruit and all the natural stuff is fine but processed food that's see don't you soda don't have sugar added to your food it's that simple I mean for me I mean I guess if you're already addicted to it well here's the best thing just raise your if you have children don't give them him don't start them off on the wrong track we ran in modern society today we're all we all start off on the wrong track in terms of uh in terms of health we have cookies at school I mean everything uh Twizzlers the kids were getting today earlier and again it's just like you were to get your kids started right now on Bitcoin don't get us started on the dollars and stuff give him Bitcoin just like I got my friend's kid started I gave him point one big coin for his bris and now it's it's obviously worth so much more that that Portland Bitcoin if you I get it's worth a thousand dollars if you take into account all the crypto dividends or close to a thousand dollars when I went to and I gave it to him it was $25 4.1 Bitcoin alright so that is it I don't think that's enough we can end it with that often I should have said we're gonna end with an off topic things so people could have hung up then sorry if I wasted your time people or if you could say hey but pound that like button i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video check out the notes section below tomorrow hopefully 4:30 p.m. Easter time is this week in Bitcoin I have to work on that now to plan that out here look a nice rate Baltimore here

17 thoughts on “Big bang Bitcoin! I am thankful for BTC! Bcash and Bgold pumps, Bdiamond”

  1. ffs how many times is bitcoin going to split ? …. this will cause problems for btc… too bad meister 🙂

  2. The real Bitcoin is the last update to achieve consensus it is not a forked Bcash. We need to establish this as the only real useful definition of Bitcoin.

  3. Welcome to Baltimore – Your tour guide is Colin and please do your best to avoid Dr Iatrogenic.

  4. Fasting is a great Tool! I did IF 18/6 for 2 years and it was great. I still fast but just fast for 72 hours at the beginning of every month. The other days i eat based on Perfect Health Diet. Adam i like what you are doing with fasting! Are you doing a weekly carb refeed day?

  5. Adam, I'm over in Indy but I can still help you with your maintenance labs. I'm Internal Medicine and Nephrology and firmly believe in what you are doing with your diet, fasting, and exercise. In addition, I accept Bitcoin. Buy and Hold!

  6. Internet crap here in THA today, can see in the show notes your giving Thomas Seyfried a link – good on ya man. Your out to stop more than one kind of cancer. Viva la Meister !

  7. Good stuff Adam, always enjoy the positivity. Also agree about the Doctors with regards to nutrition, I've been arguing with these jerks since the late 90s about the benefits of low carb and high quality saturated fat in the diet. The sad fact is that most Doctors just aren't that smart, after all, how many doctors do you know that own Bitcoin?

  8. I think in the Jewish culture it is the women that take care of the men. Men are studying the scriptures and the women are cooking, cleaning, raising children, working outside of the home to bring the bread to the table. I think the men today do not know how much to appreciate the women, and some men treat the women pretty badly.
    Sure, there are some self entitled narcissist women whose only intention is to rob a man but according to my understanding they are not that common as some might think.
    People tend to attract the people who are on their own level. If you want a good woman, you must be a good person. I think it is somewhere in the Talmud that the God gives a righteous woman to a righteous man and a prostitute to a non-righteous man.
    The good women tend to be the ones who are spiritual by their nature (the religion doesn't really matter), they are the ones who have a good moral sets, they are femine etc. I have heard that in the state of Utah there are this type of people like 50 % of the population. And some guys there are also polygamous like the good old Jewish kings from ancient days. 🙂 Here is a clip of them:

  9. Enjoy watching videos when you give updates on Crypto dividends – Bitcoin , Hodl BTC ….. but I think you should steer away from Medical advise and leave it to the Professionals

  10. Thank you for the mention. As for the Bcash flippening. I think as a community, we should praise the forks with good intentions to help overcome the bad actors. It would hurt Bcash's position of trying to become number one if BTG was in second position (BTC, BTG, BCH) excluding the other altcoins.

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