27 thoughts on “Beyond $8800 Bitcoin – What Should We Expect and Will Altcoins Follow?”

  1. Hi George
    Apart from actual crypto,
    Have you come across any other blockchain based investments where people can buy into something apart from Unstoppable Domains and property in Decentraland? You never know, one day they might tokenize Mona Lisa's left eye ball or something.

  2. I just checked my portfolio and I'm up 40%. Yay and all, but that's a month's worth of grocery money. I'm not in here for shorts. Long game, #hodlgang all day e'ry day!

  3. There are no sellers anymore, nobody would sell at 4 or 5k, everyone is hodling. There might be 10-20 percent drops but not more. We will not see 5,6,7k bitcoins anymore. Fidelity, Ledger X are around the corner. Long live the Bitcoin!!!

  4. Hey George, is it possible that Bitfinex people are the ones pumping BTC again by buying it with the new Tether they printed this year. They raised enough to cover this missing tether so why print more? where does it go? 

    Its difficult to believe that an individual would spend 100 million at once to buy Bitcon at its peak both times this year.

  5. George I'm a believer in BTC but come on we all know the alts will provider bigger gains long term. 2017 XRP = 36,000% . NEM 29,000%, ARDR 16,000%, XLM 14,000%, DASH 9000%

  6. Best way I’ve seen to limit the fees you pay is buying USDC with Coinbase (no fee there for USDC purchase), move it to Binance, then use BNB for trading fees 0.075%.

  7. Look at start of last 4 year cycle in July 2015. Rally topped then failed, dropped below 200 to a 35% sell off then six weeks later reversed to the upside and on to $20K

    So do we repeat ?

  8. I rate it is because all the cloud miners contracts are coming to an end of their contracts and miner are being turned off. RIP Hashflare

  9. I look forward to your videos every day. Feels like I'm just hanging out with a friend talking crypto! Keep it up!

  10. Thank you George! Yes! The greedy traders are trying to short! Good let them loose their shorts!

  11. potentially trillions getting into million and billion dollar markets. fast yes but institutions are bulling out and its just getting started. USD<BTC.

  12. We have planned to deploy dBFT2.0 on the NEO MainNet in early June. Since then we will no longer experience the problem of block forks. We are one step closer to a reliable smart economy

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