26 thoughts on “Beware of CryptoCurrency Scams”

  1. Good info. I'm sticking to precious metals. Almost went silvertoken. Coin though to lighten my silver load, but friends warned me to be wary as well. Thanks I.S.

  2. Maby you could do a video on spoofing the gold and silver markets. This seems to have the biggest effect on price.

  3. This sounds very similar to the cashless society scam currently being conducted by the IMF, BIS, Fed Res and entire central bank fiat fractional reserve system. If they get their way, it will be far easier to take people into the illogical negative interest rate scenario, in order to continue robbing people blind of their principle, which they’ve been doing since 1913, but increased the pace of their Ponzi scheme in 1971.

  4. I'm surprised more people don't realize it's foolhardy to seek financial advice from famous musicians or actors. Actors especially so since it's their job to lie convincingly based on what other people pay them to say.

  5. Now isn’t this interesting – calling cryptocurrency a big scam, while we’re living inside the BIGGEST scam known to humans in the last 6000 years – the central bank FIAT fractional reserve system. Since 1913, the central banks purposely & DECEITFULLY have transferred trillions of wealth AWAY from the middle class to themselves in a methodical, dictatorial, fascist, plutocratic, imperialistic and PARASITIC manner. No more – you parasites are DONE with your pilfering & Ponzi schemes.
    IMF, BIS, BOE, ECB, Fed Res, etc – you’re FINISHED.

  6. A YouTuber with 92k subs is literally pumping crypto and saying that PM's and cash will be contaminated by Ebola. He also says fear of contracting Ebola will shut down those currencies and drive everyone into cryptocurrency. Then he says Stores will all shut down and Amazon will rule the world.

    If you want a good laugh…

  7. I’m HEAVILY invested in EOS. Dan Latimer, the genius creator says a game changing announcement will be out in June by Block One. Eos is called the Etherium Killer and already is a superb product with a higher transaction per second performance. I agree with this video in that you HAVE to do your own research, There ARE good investments in crypto, you have to be diligent, careful, and patient!?

  8. We have to be mindful as to why the BBC is posting this article. i see cryptos have been recovering, particularly over the last few weeks – my LTC has been edging higher. i hold my crypto myself. Is the BBC trying to scare people off. i expect this sort of skulduggery. Keep your money in the bank so it can be bailed in.

  9. You're asking for trouble now…don't even suggest anything negative about cryptos, even if it's intended to be to help….I comment sometimes and it never fails how I'm told I just don't understand…zealots in all these spaces (gold, silver, cryptos, etc) are dangerous to reason.

  10. This is my area but I am not a professional…฿itcoin is great way to diversify your portfolio. I realize most of you are silver stackers and will not like crypto or even trust it. ?
    For those who are smart…stick to the basics. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. These will have good returns and are not a scam. If you venture into this world stay with the top 25 on Coinmarketcap list. There are some wild cards that will make you great gains but you must read the white paper and study the project. Make your decisions on weather you yourself would use the services offered by the project. How long has the project been in the making. Stick to projects with low circulating supply. As you know…the more federal reserve notes that are created, the less value the dollar has.
    Bitcoin can NOT be counterfeited and has a circulating supply of 21 million max. There are around 16 million or so available today with 35,000,000 millionaires world wide. These millionaires will not be happy with 12 of a bitcoin each…so you do the math. The price will hit $10,000 each soon and $14,000 by the end of June. We will probably break $100,000 each by the end of the year. Good luck Gentlemen. ??️‍♂️⛳

  11. Only problem is that as long as the banksters are controlling the paper derivatives in metals they will never deliver their value

  12. Bitcoin is unique you can't counterfeit it or make anything alike!

    You can hold it and touch it!
    It has an intrinsic value!

    What was i smoking lately?

  13. Well this video has certainly give back some encouragement into precious metals holding especially silver. Especially for the ones holding silver and gold feeling the slowest chap in the class, compared to the crypto currency excelling.

  14. More scams have been spawned by Private Central banks with their fiat worthless money based on no gold. Duitch BANK IS GOING DOWN with their scams.

  15. "Beware of CryptoCurrency Scams" – this title could as well be read as "Beware of cryptocurrency as it is a scam". Did you do it on purpose? Of course, any new technology opens new possibilities for scammers to take advantage of careless folks. Crypto is no different. However, there is a very strong agenda behind fear mongering like this that wants to create in people sort of mental connection between cryptocurrency and fraud or even crime.

    Bitcoin is a threat to the banking system and even the world order, as the further adoption of crypto poses a challenge to the primacy of US dollar and its usefulness as a tool of repression against disobedient countries (economic sanctions). The world is changing and Bitcoin is the force that few understand but many fear, as it takes away the power to create money (understood as a medium of exchange) from Banks and gives it to decentralized network based on algorithms and global consensus of miners and developers. Some say: "bollocks! Bitcoin price is so volatile it cannot be anything else than a speculative asset". Right now this is true, but the only reason for this is that the crypto market is still very small and Bitocin haven't found its final value yet. It is in the process of negotiating via market forces of buyers and sellers, the process that can take years. But as historical data shows Bitcoin's volatility is decreasing each year, so it is very probable that the price will finally stabilize in a decade or so.

  16. Another very good review thanks I S. I also like your brief introductions followed by your trademark theme tune which you have been doing lately. Thanks again. We appreciate your productions.

  17. Is the IBM-guy also a celebrity? 🙂
    "IBM Builts on Stellar": https://youtu.be/GtQY8Jfa4NA

    The goldsilver bullion markets are also full of scammers. All these "limited editions" with huge premiums, 1/4oz Silver-bullions and what not.

    Alt-coins (all crypto-coins other than Bitcoin) are like penny-stocks.
    People who invest in something, just because their favoite actor advertises for it, deserve to lose their money.

  18. The company which employs me is reporting decreased sales y.o.y. in the Asian auto market. Would you be able to advise people on how to approach a loss of job situation in such way that we minimize the effects by making smart financial choices? I am refering to a situation that would be similar to the 1930 's.

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