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good afternoon everybody and welcome
back to the channel today we’ll take a look at something called bet match now
unless you’ve been living under a rock the last month or so you’ll be aware of
bet they’ve been doing a huge marketing push over the last month or so
and you’ll have seen their ads and videos popping up all over the place on
YouTube telegram groups etc so I decided it is
time to take a look a bet match since I do like to gamble and I do like to best
particular in sports so today we’re gonna look at that match
so this is bit and as you can see it is your typical sports betting
website the main difference here is is done on the blockchain and you bet using
your cryptocurrency so as you’d expect huge array of sports football UFC tennis
basketball volleyball boxing etc I’m interested for ball and so he goes the
football section this is what it takes you into huge amount of options here I
particularly like to bet on the English or the champions of Champions League is
aren’t tonight let’s take a look at that group stages and you have all your group
games that are on tonight here your odds handicapped odds total overs unders wins
and it cetera now you can get more in depth Betty obviously click it on the
game’s first goal with for 25 minutes etc etc there is a huge amount of
options which you would expect with any decent a bookmaker I hope to be like
both teams to score and so let’s see we got that here we are yes 1.5 minutes about average
obviously depends on the game this game is a
Atalanta and chakra genetic I would think but five nine is it decent odds
for that now we take a look at the backend of your account obviously I’ve
already signed up and paused and withdraw history I’m gonna get there in
a second but wanted to show you what options you
have here for betting obviously you’ve got your Bitcoin your theory your life
kind and X B M is the native talking to the platform there’s other options here
for depositing using basic hair etc but that is going to buy you the X B M
talking you’ve got eSports and you have
currently there eSports server different games and options there tournaments currently they’re running a tournament
three days left on this and and this is obviously for them people that use this
very regularly surprise is tonight second prize five eight and third prize
is Thurid and the winners this will be determined by the total of bets on Mitch
during the tournament period players whose total bets from joining the
repaired and altered currencies except X p.m. bonus is the largest regardless of
whether they win lose or the bet is referring to take at the prizes current
leader is only eleven thousand dollars so that is heavy heavy betting so if we
do the hard work section and obviously it is blockchain solution for bookmakers
by re by Revell at development now you will
find errors on the site which is a bit of a negative to be quite honest there
is some others errors on the site also the betting options there is no option
for accumulators which is going to be a huge downfall because I know many people
including myself utilize accumulators to increase their odds with betting how I
rock is after sending you eat directly to the eat theorem contract address the
user can see his cryptocurrency balance by clicking on the account balance
putting the top right hand corner which cuz you can see mine is still 0
attracting a bet on your desired event and you receive a trustworthy and fast
payout in case of a win in case of a win I think most of us will be hoping that
it is their actual win so why should you utilize cryptocurrency and for betting
and perfectly obvious reason that it’s many of us in industry prefer to use or
cryptocurrency as opposed to traditional fiat services bookmakers according to
bet match bookmakers are using outdated technologies such as complex and
expensive feed of financial infrastructures
yes they may be complex and expensive but they do work extremely well nowadays
and seamlessly extremely high user acquisition costs due to direct
marketing fully centralized businesses with little or no community components
pet match on the other hand has a convenient off on demand mobile Beijing
and limits of private betting services they also have a high instant high
incentive and transparent social betting provider grid reduced Commission’s and
zero commissions for members to tell controllers so nothing exceptional there
at all they do go on to outline their advantages over competitors one of the
main things are harp on about is the unprecedented degree of security in
short by decentralized Asian wide variety of sports and big types yes
that would be expected anyways they could is a traditional custom experience
convenient for the majority of players there’s no place for insider trading and
speculation your Commission’s now we were take a look at the technical paper
you can see that at the bottom they got the white paper token paper technical
paper private policy and Terms of Use it is basically a standard straightforward bookmakers platform now this now Zuri’s
negatives this obviously as I said there’s no accumulators which is huge
nono everybody nowadays you slices the curators there are bets and it is this
hickety pickety who punch of a better word a lot of the bets are mixed up you
got a football here UFC here that’s fine but when you like when you go to
football so for example when you go into will see it simply message Minister it
is I would say challenging but it’s a bit mixed up for English Premier League England area you’ve got the right man leaked ahead of
the Premier League I don’t know how it’s not an alphabetical order I don’t know
how it is all particular so the weekend games are all here ijuin SPECT this is a
little bit more organized looking all right bets here so you want to do
Tottenham talking lead certainly draw full time is 13 so about 12 to 1 take it
how does your bets clip and place bit so I was doing a Q&A tournament do more
than one game from so say a bright and win obviously Liverpool win these are
all single bets you cannot do that hume letters and the contact support is an
email and that about look that about to his back match sort so that’s that match
and yes I know there has been a lot of talk about this and we’ve seen a lot of
videos of emerging regarding bit much and I do like the idea that you can have
a bookmaker that utilizes cryptocurrency another negative here is the accumulator
or the lack of the option for accumulators now it is a new site so I’m
sure as it grows these options will become available and for cryptocurrency
enthusiasts like to gamble on sports events this has a potential to be great
for me personally I do like the idea of gambling and betting on sports utilizing
cryptocurrencies and it really hope this does take off it just needs a little bit
more rubble for to really stand out it definitely will be keeping an eye on
this one and it definitely will be coming back to it come back to it
probably every week to see we’ve improved the user experience because
that’s in the day it’s the user experience that really isn’t up to
scratch yet overall though I would give this an 8
out of 10 if I had to raise it because I think the idea is excellent the size
looks good functionality and a few small tweaks
just to get it up to the expected user level experience that what is this for
today’s video I hope you enjoy this let me know in the comments box below what
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