Best Websites and Apps for Researching Crypto-Currency like Bitcoin

just a quick video to show you a couple of my favorite websites and my favorite app for doing some research staying on top of all the different types of crypto currencies the first website is clean market capcom and what it's going to show you is the crypto currencies ranked by their market cap okay so who are the most popular crypto currencies here now according to market cap now there's also a lot of information you can you can find on this site so you can get their volume there 24 hour change kind of a 7 day price gap graph on the right here if you were interested in a particular cryptocurrency for instance Stratus let's say right here you could click on that currency and it's going to take you to a page on that currency that's going to have some good information here so it's got all the information that it had there but if we look over here on the left you can dig into it well number one you can go to markets down here to see what exchanges it trades on and which exchange it trades the most on so it trades the most on Polonia X right here and usually that's the exchange that you want to trade it on because the most liquid you can get it in and out of your positions any social media accounts it's going to show you which this is good for doing some research learning about any upcoming announcements they have another thing you can go is just right to their website right up here and click on their website and it'll take you to their website usually they've got a blog on their website where they make announcements they've got a press page etc etc here's their blog right here and you want to pay attention to that for any future you know announcements coming up etc back to corn market cap another neat thing is if we look under trending right here click under trending and you can go to the gainers and losers so it's going to show you the day's biggest gainers and biggest losers and you see how much somethings up or down so for instance XP right here is up 156 percent in the last 24 hours if we scroll all the way down you go to the biggest losers and the biggest loser is patient Tori whatever that is down eighty-nine percent in the last 24 hours something neat to look at here is you look at the volume that's trading that's trading over a few hundred thousand dollars that means there's some action there and you kid you might be able to catch a short ride or or short it when it's down here so that's something to pay attention to on core coin market captain next website I like is called coin gecko dot-com gecko like the lizard or whatever that thing is going gecko lists all their kind of ranks crypto currencies according to their their ranking algorithm or whatever and how they do that is if you look up here they give under total it gives you their overall ranking for the coin and then that overall ranking is made up of a few things it's made up of their market cap it's made up of their liquidity it's made up of their developers how you know devoted and skilled etc they're developers the developers of that particular coin are the community behind it so do they have tons of social media followers are people using this coin etc etc and then they also include public interests like search engine ranking and results and they add all that up and they give each coin a score so that's what I like about coin Geco and they rate each separate each separate category they give it a score each separate category as well so coin gecko is great for doing some research finally an app my favorite app to use on your iPhone your Android it's called block folio and what it basically does is track your portfolio your the coins you have on this app so if you look at some of the features right now it's going to track your portfolio and give you you know your total dollar value up to the second you can set up price notifications for particular coins you can find the latest most popular news it's got charts you can follow the only thing you can't do on it is buy off of it yet because it's not an exchange it's just an app that tracks all this stuff but it's something I use and check every day so make sure to download that get that on your phone it's called block folio just go to your App Store on your phone and type in block folio

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