and today we're going to be reviewing the motley fool and its stock advisor service in this review I'm going to answer almost all your questions as many as I have time for that you previously add-on stock advisor and if we missed anything any good questions or anything else please don't hesitate to just send send me an email or write it down in the comments and I can answer it whenever I can so let's get down to it first off is is it worth the money so I'll give you my honest opinion and then you can be the judge but don't worry I'll cover everything from the good to the bad and I'll even dive into the details and show you some screenshots of the actual product so just keep watching to find out I also wrote a blog that can be found in the description of this video if you don't have the time to watch the full thing you can just click here to skip to my final conclusion on the Motley Fool's of stock advisor service so what is the Motley Fool stock advisor and why should I care you probably already know a little about the Motley Fool and their products you may have seen some of some of their posts or articles on social media where they provide insights on the stock market however here's a brief recap of what they do so the Motley Fool is a stock making service whose primary primary goal is to help you take control of your future and become financially free it was founded by David and Tom gardener in 1993 and the full stock advisor service has one and only purpose to help the world invest better and the stock advisor is Motley Fool's flagship product every month the Gardner brothers will present 12 US stock recommendations that are sent via email and available on their website so here's how it works on every first Thursday of the month Tom presents one stock recommendation then every second Thursday of the month David presents one stock recommendations and on every third Thursday of the month Tom presents five stock recommendations and then every fourth Thursday of the month David presents another five stock recommendations so as you might have noticed Thursday is obviously a big day here it's key and that's when fresh new stocks will be available for you think of this service as is one of those Hollywood movies where the cop or you know as a confidential informant Motley Fool that knows all the juice the good stocks and shares the stuff that happens in the underground world or the stock market since the stocks have already been analyzed and reviewed for you all you have to do is invest it makes life pretty easy and if you're having doubts about one of their suggestions or would like to know more about that stock you can always pull up the coverage page which will display the analysis of that stock if you don't have time to read the whole article you can always just look on the right side of the panel where you can find the one-minute presentation which I find is a very useful feature so why should you care about the Motley Fool stock advisor service simply because it can change your financial future not all of us have the time or the skills to scout and analyze the overall US market and its stocks the stock advisor subscription is tailored for the individual investor which I'll explain later in this Motley Fool review so next we'll be covering what you actually get by being a stock advisor member so by being a member you will have access to the current and all historical best stocks to buy these suggested stocks also have related articles should you wish to read more on that suggestion you will also have access to their favorites page which will track stocks you are interested in and you will be instantly alerted by the fool when one of these three events occurs on your stock list so the first is new buy alerts the second is large price changes and the third is when it is time to sell which is obviously extremely extremely important you also have access to the fool's research page which presents premium articles and reports that relates to US stocks that reports page is very interesting and presents numerous trending topics in our society such as virtual reality and self-driving for example they recently released the PlayBook that presents a few stocks that can benefit from Trump's presidency this page is useful in creating the bridge between investing and the innovative and trending topics of our time the stock advisor also includes access to the community page where you can use discussion boards to communicate with other foods another interesting concept is foolish companies where the board's our company based these boards are available to premium for members and can be useful in talking investing strategies with fellow community members so is it a scam or is it legit so first off I can confidently say that no the Motley Fool and their stock advisor service is definitely not a scam people may get the wrong impression if they stumble upon tweets like these however you can find those tweets about anything these days so the fact is that the Motley Fool has been in business since 1993 and employs more than 250 people not to mention I've been a customer for over three years and haven't seen any reason to think of the scam of course as an investor though you should always do your own due diligence and investigate the company before taking any of their investment advice but here are just a few of my findings on the Motley Fool in its services there's no question it's a legit company that is very well among investors in the finance and trading community they even have their own mutual fund which is the Motley Fool Global Opportunities fund investor shares also known as Fool X also The Fool brothers don't try to hide from their customers which is always a good sign they're very active in the investment community and for example they often have interesting ideas on their certified Twitter page and as I was writing the article the market is currently having its worst day in eight months The Motley Fool just reached just tweeted an idea on to blue chip stocks that can help us through this market downturn so thank you fool brothers and the Gardner brothers are also active in the traditional media where they appear on news websites such as AOL news so here's another interesting piece on their ups and downs with they first purchased it in September 1997 so well the Motley Fool si actually helped you make more money in short the answer is yes I mean that's been proven by their past performance you can read more about their performance here but also I've been paper trading almost all their stock pics on my own to validate their claims and I've seen similar result you can check out my article in the description for that but here are some other additional insights so first off it is true that there are many free options to explore apart from the motley fool essay but after testing a bunch of them my paper traded multiple stock advising services and The Motley Fool provided the most optimal returns and the best bang for my buck second the stock advisor is now cheaper than ever for only $19 a month or $99 for one year with a 30 day hundred-percent membership refund period and third I do agree that this service should be considered as a cost in your portfolio's return but what if you can recover that fee with better stock picks and higher returns in other words you will have to consider this as one of your investment fees but the stock picks will generate higher overall portfolio return versus the portfolio's returned without a paid subscription and like with any other investment advisory firm it is true that their investment strategies are obviously not hundred percent guaranteed I mean however they do keep full transparency and will alert you when to close a position they also display their past closed positions and how much it is returned my recommendation would be to set stop losses based on your risk aversion with trailing percentages and/or fixed prices lastly after testing their advising service I was actually amazed at how much money I made I also feel that their service is very cheap compared to other alternatives for example Zacks investor service is almost three times the price of the Motley Fool si so next does the Motley Fool si cover penny stocks unfortunately no it doesn't it doesn't cover penny stocks as it focuses more on blue chip stocks which are large and well-established companies in their respective industry penny stocks are stocks of small publicly traded companies that are trading at very low prices per shares generally less than $5 and such stocks are usually really extremely volatile and for penny stocks I would suggest looking into Timothy skies a penny stock trader who made one point six five million dollars by trading as a university student tim is now a financial educator and activist where he donated 1 million dollars to build schools in countries such as Ghana and Indonesia Tim also has a couple of teaching segments that you might that you might find interesting and links will be posted in the description and so you may be asking what about technical analysis well technical analysis involves analyzing and forecasts in the direction of stock prices technical analysis focuses primarily on historical data such as stock prices in volume and the stock advisor service is based on the fundamental analysis which is the study of a company's financial statements their competitors the overall health of the company and other things like that and when investing for the long term it is best to analyze a stock's fundamental strategy which can define its strengths weaknesses and the overall value of the company with the Motley Fool's essay the fundamental examination has already been taken care of where you can read the analysis and their stock reports however if you are an enthusiast of technical analysis you can always perform your own research with the fools recommendations so next we'll be talking about The Motley Fool essays impact on day traders so day trading basically involves buying and selling stocks on the same day I personally believe it's pretty hard to be a successful day trader I mean just think about it you would have to put a heavy amount of cash on one single position and make round trip transactions on one day to be profitable as an individual investor I wouldn't be comfortable having a large position on one stock the the Motley Fool's essay is a service that is not suited for day trading in my opinion it's more focused on buying hold portfolios which seek capital growth and that involves a lot less stress and growth for the long term so will the Motley Fool I say make me rich I mean that depends riches relative so what is rich for you from my personal standpoint I believe being rich is when you have more wealth than the previous time frame so you're richer if you have a dollar more than yesterday so in that case we'll the Motley Fool I say you rich most probably but this is still subjective and contingent on what you believe is rich so then what is the motley fool I say good for I believe this is the easiest way to enter the world of investments and trading being exposed to stock recommendations and what the Gardner brothers have discovered will help you pinpoint exactly what is essential in managing a portfolio whether that's for general knowledge or of the market or just for using your investment purposes I believe the stock advisor is a tool that you should really have in your trading book box you don't need a fancy degree or a job at goldman sachs to make money in the stock market The Motley Fool has made it really easy and affordable for regular people just to start investing and to start making real returns so in conclusion is the Motley Fool sa worth the money and in short I would say yes it is definitely worth the money if you skip my entire article and came right down to this conclusion I mean good for you I would probably do the same I don't have the time to watch all of it but I would take the stock advisor service is most definitely for you it's it saved me so much time and money over the past few years and I mean I've been a customer for over a few years and I can say it's definitely been worth it the reason I think it's worth the money it's because it pays for itself that means it's basically free the math is very simple if if you take advantage of this offer now then the service will only cost around twenty dollars a month so that means that for it to pay for itself it only has to produce one trade that makes at least twenty dollars and so here's an example if I invest ten thousand in their recommended stock and that stock increases by only 0.5% which is nothing then I would make fifty dollars that month basically ten thousand times zero point five which is fifty so now if I subtract the twenty dollars I paid for the full subscription I'm still up thirty dollars a month so it becomes even more interesting when you look at the whole year instead of just one month especially since I don't have time to invest every single month often skipped months and just look at my overall performance for the year so for example if I paid $99 for the year for the subscription and invest $10,000 let's say I only make a minimum 5% per year which is I mean very very little because I mean historically stocks averaged at least at least an eleven point six nine percent return so that would basically mean that I would make five five hundred dollars which is ten thousand times again zero point five so now if I subtract the 99 dollars I paid for the food I'm still up four hundred dollars for the year so I mean obviously clearly it's a no-brainer when you take a closer look into the mat so in conclusion just don't forget the full service is on sale right now you can click on the link in the video or description to take advantage of the offer it's not gonna last really long so I suggest doing it as soon as you can and yes and this has been Gregg from Wall Street survivor thank you so much for watching this review don't forget to subscribe like and comment on the video take care see you around so this is a service that I've been using for quite a few years but using them to kind of get some ideas on stocks which ones are the good ones to buy me and hopefully make some money and just not lose any money so here I'm gonna give you my kind of review what I think about what the features are like the features that don't like and if I've made any money on it so first thing is the cost the cost on this guy is about 53 dollars per year so it's it's relatively cheap compared to a lot of other services out there I think for 53 dollars is a great tool to kind of learn stocks with especially if you need new to stocks you don't kind of know what to buy maybe you have a couple stocks you're thinking of buying Apple or Google or Facebook you don't really know is this the time to buy it is you know five hundred dollars a lot of money for the stock or is it not a lot of money for the stock it's kind of hard to kind of put a price on stocks because you know the prices fluctuate the market is you know we an uptrend downtrend all these kind of complicated things and there's p/e ratios and all this complicated stuff you don't have to know all that stuff because what's great about the stock advisory is they make it simple for you they kind of say this is the time to buy this is the time to sell so basically stock advisor gives you the what who and why what stocks by who – by and why you should buy it so here at the homepage here you can see there's today's top guidance the best buys now basically this comes out it's a new stock ideas you can pick and then every month there's about each of this team David and team Tom and each side gives you about five stocks that that they recommend at this time and you can kind of see the different performances you see David's performance is high right now so maybe you want to follow along his stuff or maybe you just prefer Tom's kind of style you see both of them are outperforming the S&P 500 which is important because that's kind of the benchmark so if you don't want to think about choosing any stocks at all you can just buy something called SP Y which is basically in Dec of the top 500 stocks so as we look through here what I personally like to do is I like to find stocks that I have like an emotional attachment to that I like so let's say Walt Disney World for example this right now is the best buy so that's probably something I'd look at you know some of these other brands like maybe Kinder Morgan not too familiar with you can click in here and you can read why they think this is a good time to buy it you know you can get different updates on this kind of thing and you can grow your portfolio you can go here to the latest tips and then gives you the best buy now just a rundown of the risk level who's recommending it and then I like this starter stocks so this is always well they're not always changing it but there's a good couple service action never purchased any stocks before just some good ones to kind of get in and get your feet wet if you will now The Fool invests in the long term so all their recommendations or at least keep it 5 to 7 years which I agree with of course it's easier for them to be right on their stocks that they you're keeping in stock for 5 to 7 years but I think it's too stressful for me to be buying and selling each month I just buy it hold on to a long term me personally I plan on holding it to 15 to 20 years if not longer because you put yourself in that kind of situation it's not like you're taking money you necessarily need for rent or make credit card payments you this is just excess money that you have and I recommend putting a little money each decide each month whether it's 50 bucks a hundred bucks scale that out depending on your income so this is kind of an under hold here they had made recommendations before and now they're saying you know what we shouldn't don't buy any more of these stocks and under the sell stocks so they've changed your mind and that's kind of nice too like oh let's say you purchased you know Amazon and eight years down the road things go sideways they're gonna recommend you sell that stock when it's the time to get out and they're recommending this because actually Amazon purchased whole foods so that they're saying basically if you want Amazon stock Buy Amazon stock but don't hold Whole Foods just to get more Amazon stock so we have a couple other things as well you have access to tools you can do look at the stock screener you can create your own watchlist which is cool I kind of track see how the ones that you purchased or doing this articles are very informative I really like the articles that you can actually get free from the homepage but you can start learning more about stocks and things like that the bones reports I don't read this too often but it's kind of a neat thing if you they put out some bonus reports just for if you're a full member here and they kind of like inside of cars tomorrow so it kind of kind of tips that you want to look out for now as far as the stocks that have made the most from by using the service again I've been using it from probably seven to eight years and that would be Netflix Amazon Facebook and Google now I might have purchased those by myself on my own kind of here's because I like those companies but because they came up as Best Buy's I was like you know what now feels like a good time they're saying the price seems right and I'm gonna go ahead and purchase these stocks those have been huge gainers for me I have had a couple losers that basically I picked a stock that they recommended and it went way down those were Under Armor TripAdvisor and a company called DDD that does 3d printing now they they all of them lost about half their value all in all I'm Way ahead considering how many stocks have purchased through here so it's good to get a good basket you know maybe fifteen to twenty stocks that you can invest in and kind of go with that you don't want to just do one stock and then just sit on it and see how it goes you wanna kind of put your money maybe you're putting a hundred dollars into each bucket if you will that way you're hedging yourself so a couple other nice things that the stock advisor has is they have a free weekly podcast that I like to listen to you know maybe the beginning you don't really understand a lot of these terms are that they're talking about but over time you start picking more and more things up and it just kind of keeps your interest in stocks unless you want to go back for more investigate more and the more that you get into it the more you learn now I have a couple of their subscriptions I'll talk about in a different video called The Motley Fool options but it definitely recommend before you options you just start with stocks kind of build that up and then if you really like stocks you want to get something more advanced there's no Motley Fool options and they have a couple actually a lot of different things like hidden gems these are companies that are new and kind of maybe under no one's really seen them but they think they're gonna explode so there's a lot of different things depending on how much money you have to spend each service is a different amount of money and it's generally renewable once a year but I think the biggest benefit to the fool is kind of the educational services they provide for someone who really doesn't know much about anything investing because unless you go do a college course they don't really teach you much about money and financing and things like that in the school system so you kind of have to go out and investigate on your own time so hopefully you guys like the video I would definitely give this a thumbs up and give this a try if I were you for fifty three bucks I think it's well worth this value and then you can grow off of that there's a couple other places that I want to review so if you're interested in stocks and things like that keep an eye out for new videos you guys like the video please give me a thumbs up thanks you


  1. Nice video, the presentation was clear and i think motleyfool is a very proffessional stock advisor institution.

  2. Great advice, details video, i think i will register with them and tried a small invest of 1k just to test it out.

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