Best Scalping Trading Strategy | How To Scalp Forex & Stock Market

Hey guys, in this video I will show you how
I scalp the markets using a simple and easy setup, strategy that helps me to spot high
probability areas on a chart. So scalping is basically a technique which
involves the opening and closing of trades in a very short period of time, in order to
obtain quick profits. This trading method is based on opening trades
and closing them with small profits, on lower timeframes. My scalping setup is based on finding confluence. A confluence is an area with multiple support
or resistance levels, both static and dynamic. A confluence of support or resistance is more
relevant to traders as it includes 2 or more important focus points on the chart. Although it might seem complicated, finding
confluence on the chart is not so difficult. You just have to train your eye to spot chart
areas where multiple levels meet. Finding confluence on your charts is very
important for scalping because these areas offer high probability trading opportunities. Before we continue with the scalping setup,
let me tell you something important: finding confluence is quite subjective and it’s
dependent on the trader’s skill, experience and tools used on the chart. My personal rule is to find areas with at
least 2 support and resistance levels, one of them must be a static level, and the other
one a dynamic level. So, we need 3 confluence conditions to be
met for our scalping strategy: First, we need an obvious area of support
or resistance. Support and resistance is practically the
foundation of technical analysis and these levels serve as a starting point for developing
an idea of what may happen next in what concerns the price movement. So, we first look at recent market swings
and try to spot areas of static support or resistance. As a rule of thumb, if the line includes 3
or more swing points, it means that the support/resistance level is more relevant. But drawing horizontal lines around recent
market swings can be very subjective and in most cases, we can usually only approximate
those areas. That’s why we need to add something else
for our scalping confluence setup. The second confluence condition involves the
200 EMA, as a dynamic area of support and resistance. I prefer to add the 200 EMA because, as a
dynamic area of support and resistance level, is constantly changing depending on recent
price action. In the case of static support and resistance,
you already know at the beginning of the trading day where those levels are. You know in advance where the possible areas
of interest are located on the chart. With dynamic support and resistance, you don’t
know an exact number, as these levels are changing depending on market fluctuation. This is a good thing for our scalping setup
because we can use both static and dynamic levels in our advantage. So, we add the 200 EMA, and start searching
for areas of confluence between the dynamic support and resistance and static support
and resistance. Our 3rd component in our scalping setup is
the Stochastic, used to pinpoint market entries. The Stochastic oscillator will help us to
spot divergences on the chart. If you are not familiar with divergences,
a div a divergence occurs when prices form a lower low while the Stochastic forms a higher
low (indicating a possible buy), or when prices form a higher high while the oscillator forms
a lower high (indicating a possible sell).a divergence occurs when price action is different
from the action of the Stochastic oscillator. When a divergence occurs, a potential change
in price direction could be on the cards. So, now we have the full setup: we are looking
for confluence of dynamic and static support and resistance levels (respectively recent
market swings and 200 EMA), and we pull the trigger if we spot a divergence on the Stochastic
oscillator. Let’s see this scalping strategy in action. In this chart we see this level of static
support and resistance and here is the confluence area with the 200 EMA (the dynamic support
and resistance indicator). So, we have this potential area, but we cannot
enter the market blindly. We need to confirm it with the Stochastic. We have a regular divergence. And we also have a hidden divergence, a more
powerful setup. All our conditions were met, so after the
crossover of the Stochastic lines we can enter long on the market. Because we trade based on confluence, the
stop loss order would be placed below the confluence area. The profit target depends on your trading
style and risk aversion. You could aim for a 2:1 ratio, or put your
stop to breakeven once in profit and ride a risk free trade. Here is the same setup. We have a confluence area between the recent
market swings and the 200 EMA. And a divergence on the Stochastic oscillator. If you incorporate also some price action
techniques, the scalping setup will become even more powerful. Look at the flag pattern developed, which
is another confirmation that the long position was the only alternative and short positions
were out of the question. Here we have a short scalping trade. We have a clear resistance area right around
here. The 200 EMA serves as a dynamic area of support
and resistance. Right around here, we have our confluence
area. We see a hidden divergence on the Stochastic
and once the Stochastic lines crossed we had the confirmation we needed and the high probability
trade was on the short side. I know that there are some of you that are
also trading the crypto markets. I personally don’t trade cryptocurrencies
because I prefer to understand the fundamentals behind a market before i decide to put my
money on it. So, I’ve not tested this scalping setup
on crypto markets, but you can back test it on a demo account, to see if has potential. On this Bitcoin chart, i found the confluence
pattern, and the Stochastic entry here, but I’m not familiar with the spreads on crypto
markets so I cannot tell for sure if you can profit from it in the long run. Why I’m talking about the spreads? Because of the nature of scalping you need
to trade only the instruments with the lowest spreads. As a scalper, by default you’ll use tighter
stop-losses, aiming for small profits. The higher the spread, the lower your stop-loss
will become. I personally never scalp an instrument that
has a spread higher than 2 points because the risk/reward ratio is not worth it. Like I said before, scalping may seem easy,
but is not. If you want to make money from scalping, it’s
imperative to have a disciplined approach to trading. Keep your price charts clean, without plotting
a lot of indicators, and focus also on reading and understanding the price in order to increase
your chances to scalp the right way. If you got any value from this, please consider
subscribing to our channel, share and like this video, as it would help us a lot in the
future. Until next time.

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  4. There is no magic rule which will determine the exact time the market will dry up and see volatility disappear. Generally the market will pause in anticipation of the next move from central banks. A trader’s ‘style’ can be broken down into four main categories. -Scalpers (Short term, quick in-and-out trading) -Day Traders (Intra-day trading, no overnight positions) -Swing Traders (Medium to long term, trend momentum & range trading) -Position Traders (Long term, ‘buy and hold’ trading ). I Buy the dips and sell the rallies as a swing trader on trend momentum working with ''IQD Momentum strategy'' from LUKASZ WILHELM Method. At any given time, on my 4 hour chart of gold above could be beautifully expressed and mapped out with just two levels at any given time with these method. make research for advanced strategy on any category you belong to. find lukasz wihlem on google search and learn more of his strategy.

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