welcome to the riskiest game in town crypto where you can hit it big and you can lose it all in essence it's risk it's gambling and I'm not your financial adviser or consultant none of that I'm just a guy showing you how I make a full time passive income from doing crypto all right we're gonna run down the platforms that I'm in which is really a total of seven but I only give links to five okay this is not a review show when I feel that something is far too risky or you're late in the game I go to all my videos I don't remove the videos sometimes I do if I don't like the video whatever it's my prerogative my network the O and the Oracle network but I always always do my best to remove links under any video so if you go back and see one of my older videos and there's no link to the platform you know it's not good stay away you know and they like this to all my trolls loved to say here's a scammer this and that look at what other youtubers throw at you every garbage that that comes along every garbage new platform every clone and they do it in the guise of doing a review now that is referral harvesting I only go into platforms with my own money that I believe in and I share them with you for you to do your due diligence and see if it's right for you number one rule if it don't feel right don't be a troll go find something else to do you never go into something that doesn't feel right for you okay that's straightforward now exp asset running a long time I absolutely love it but it's getting long in the tooth it's over – I think it's like two and a half years now my only gripe with exp asset is and it pays like clockwork the binary 1.5% a day five days a week okay and the big money comes from building out the matrix a lot of you say you can't get referrals I say that's an excuse okay what's a referral do you need to go and talk to your friends and family do you need to carry some skin care products around the back of your car and go and talk to people strangers no all you need to do is creatively take your link and spread it around the web like digital STDs that's it is that really that hard if you can't do that you're not willing to change your life you are not willing to make a difference so don't cry you can't get referrals and I've encouraged and helped so many people to start YouTube channels what does it take for you to do that – is that just you telling yourself it's easier to not take action how many times have you looked at an opportunity and found little things wrong with it just to go ahead and dismiss it and say oh I'm not doing that that is not because there's something wrong with the platform that's because you're resistant to change you may think you want to change your life but you don't want to take action we all do this it's human nature the difference between many of you and myself is I'm a risk taker I take action because I've seen the phenomenal results now exp asset great platform the money is really in the matrix okay and building our people is it too late absolutely not this company keeps putting out new newer and newer things and updates and everything else you see unlike a hype where the site just goes down and then they come back up and say oh we were under maintenance okay that's a ploy to build confidence and they all did it go X all of them exp asset and real platforms will tell you we are going to take a scheduled maintenance break so there's no panic it's no game no joke my problem with this is this is starting to look dated and what I feel is that many of you are afraid to come into this because it looks highly complicated it's simple Bitcoin and Bitcoin out okay every Friday all your money you accumulate on a daily basis gets moved here and you go ahead and claim your paycheck it's that easy now the problem is is that it's looking old it's looking tarnished it's looking it's aged it looks like a station wagon with fake wood panel they are working on that check this out this is going to be the new interface this is modern current and shows that this company plans to be here for a very very long time those of you that want to play around and see the new backend you can go and click this beta the XP asset you can log in but this looks phenomenal when this comes every time the XP asset doesn't event somewhere in the world something happens the network explodes my network goes ahead and gets bigger passively and I can only imagine when this is full-blown and out of beta this thing is gonna explode I would tell you if you haven't taken a seat take a seat what should you do first by the matrix is or the binary that's a decision for you if you want to start with immediate passive income do the binary plan okay make a deposit put it in the binary you'll get up to 1.5 percent a day five days a week it's a start with a company like this you can kind of dollar-cost average in okay yes there's no token or price but you can make weekly deposits you can use it as a savings account again it's as safe as you can get in crypto but again there's no guarantees I can't promise you anything what you don't want to do is be a tire kicker this was sent to me by somebody who has well over 200 people underneath him what's her overflow from me filling in the chain yet on over 200 people he's not reserving receiving any daily residual or a weekly residual passive income which is a shame in order to qualify for that you need at least $100 in the binary and you need to have a couple of matrixes but you need to sign up to people directly that's where people are having trouble this is not that hard look you want me to do a few I'll get you two people 0.10 BTC and I'll get you two people okay I hustle I work I put out ads outside of YouTube I showed this in another video with my passive trades but you can build this out this is a good one I don't know why a lot of you are afraid of this one why do I say many of you are afraid in almost five months I've signed up 266 people personally and they've grown around the world but when we look at VC I nine hundred people signed up in a week so that means that people are doing the right thing they're going by their gut in what they feel I think that people in exp I said think that this is overwhelming and confusing but they're gonna change that and they're gonna make this the hottest new thing with a solid team behind it that's fully legal and requires kyc this is going to be a runaway hit I like things that last okay some youtubers say oh I like to get into the latest new thing those are the youtubers that things blow up in their face they chuckle it off and say well I told you it was risky haha its Krypto let's move on well that's not how a relationship I have with my money okay my relationship with my money is a little more serious the XP I said is now adding new products which will people will purchase in the matrix one of them it's called exp alerts this is for people who want to trade these are real-time active alerts but again that's not for everybody a lot of people just like the passive income side so you ignore this just ignore it okay it's like a girl you don't wanna be bothered with anymore so I encourage you to take a look at exp asset it's always critical in these matrixes who you sign up under look you may like me you may hate me you may troll me which means you love me and I appreciate you little troll beggars and I always slap you right back in the comments I am NOT cordial I am NOT here to be a youtuber I don't have a boss or a manager you can explain to and if you slap me I'm gonna knock your head right off unlike anybody else I'm gonna come back with an answer that'll make you zip up your pants and go home crying to mommy FX trading I have nothing to say except this thing just keeps paying and paying and paying your pain what do we get in these four to get paid this is our my matrix also you could start for as low hundreds dollars so I got to say about FX trading that's 2 in my portfolio that have not waivered for months and months and months VCI international okay number three in my portfolio paying and paying in pain okay now there are other things coming like rental income and pool payments this is going to be the EXP asset killer but I'm gonna warn you the hype people are getting smart okay just the other day on king of Phobos Channel he was he was pushing out a copycat clone of VCI it was actually an FX trading cone and then he had to eat his words a few days later and he says now he can't recommend it and why it's a total scam total scam copycat we don't need to jump into every new thing we need to be selective you didn't see me going to all these Trond apps which now all of you are sorry okay why I knew they were all the same people that screwed us in theorem depths and the theorem classic – same same same nasty old hoe and a new makeup I mean a new wig and makeup in heels but deep down inside it's still the same girl she turns around smile she's still got one tooth now let's talk about the matrix and confusion okay direct sales everybody knows that's people who sign up from you okay and you create this passive income okay simple simple simple two dollars here four dollars there are eight dollars there then you get these matching bonuses wait this one I want okay now these I don't know what the hell a binary cycle bonus is and I really don't care as long as they pay me for it you see you don't need to analyze and really understand the whole thing you learn that as you go just like I do $45 $45 $45 I don't know what these are from I have no clue but you know what give me a money baby give me the money just keep paying it out and that's how you do it this is how you create passive income now the only thing you need to know is the first seven days as an active a period call it be asked call it whatever I'll call it you know just you know eating up some time look I don't care what it is after the seven days you start getting paid on your binary I mean on your your package that you have the hybrid package super super simple now this company is also coming out with new things now we know you can buy these for as little as $25 each or up to five hundred this starts at five hundred you can buy multiple packs this one starts at five thousand this one starts at ten thousand but check this out EGH aiming packages these I have no idea what they were but it says that they're sold out and they'll be available again these look unbelievable look at this $75 okay gives you up to six hundred dollars in rental income this is really really crazy I can't wait till this starts again when these are available people underneath you start buying them you will receive residual income super super simple okay there's a whole bunch of them here ocean eight scalping ocean eight momentum reversal these are more new products that are coming so breakout more new products to make us passive income I don't think you should miss VCI I mean VC is a strong one has a major you tube pump and the people have spoken nine hundred and eighty seven people have clicked the link to kick the tires 694 are spinning dreidels rolling dice reading astrology asking their friends and family if they should get in okay and just dilly-dallying well almost 300 are making money making money getting in it they want to get in it they're not over analyzing and they're doing what I'm doing congratulations to you and 90 new people today alone let's kill it let's check the check the leaderboard Oracle Oracle Oracle good ok this is the guy I signed up under a youtuber so it rains from him on to me and then I bring the monsoon typhoon tsunami on to all of you I don't know who this crazy Amish looking dude it is but he's climbing up the ranks really fast really fast I gotta watch out for him but he's a long way away but he's creeping he's creeping I'm watching you bro the silent sleeper what I call the ghetto exp I set website looks terrible has real trainers that really trade and they show their trades on Facebook for transparency in case you want to go ahead and do the same trades now look again what do we want passive income trading is not passive that's active income you have to work for it and spend time this pays you up to 1.25% a day 7 days a week and this is program number 4 okay which I still give links to I believe in this and with this you can reinvest oh as a matter of fact let me go back one minute I want to do a reinvest on VC I it always reminds me of a vasectomy so let's go to vasectomy now look up here and reinvesting is important because it's time critical so I have 26 dollars in my reinvest or repurchase the way you do that is you'll see your balance up at the top see there ok so if your balance is here available you want to move it to your repurchase wallet so you're gonna go here and you're going to go from available balance to repurchase wallet click the amount ok enter your paraphrase and then it's in your brief purchase wallet like you see up here so then you can come to packages and you can do purchase I'm gonna buy one because I have $26 and instead of sending money and make sure you read this big red hand in your face it couldn't be any closer when you're gonna put in fresh money you got to stay on this page until you get at least one confirmation if you go off it's a problem so pay attention read do your due diligence repurchase using balance purchase successful and that's going to go ahead and show up in my dashboard here and I'll begin adding residual income in here now I have eleven hundred dollars in here I'm going to keep building this building this like I did exp asset but again look at the power of sharing your links sharing your links is that so hard to get referrals do some YouTube searches plenty of ideas there one of the things I use and why I was talking about my passive trades is that you get advertising credits with this and so basically to get around future regulation because they want to be here a long time all these companies are saying look this is not an investment you're buying the advertising packages it's called an ad pack and as a bonus we're gonna pay you one point two five percent daily of our real trading profits no BOTS nothing so I'm gonna log in now when you log in you are going to see an ad for seven seconds well this actually why it's showing my homepage I have no idea I might have put the wrong link but this is my ad for exp asset I also have ads here for that other thing called onyx I need to fix this and change this hold on we'll do that later let's skip ad now this ad was free for me based on the investment okay now here I've withdrawn let's see total withdrawal told earned I'm gonna work shows it but I have twenty three hundred and thirty dollars in here it's not a ton of not a ton of referrals and this a lot of people just maybe don't know about it but it's a sleeper instant withdrawal super awesome again I stack youtubers I sign up under a big youtuber so there's overflow for everyone so what you do is you go to my wallet you make a deposit okay do deposit money and then you go to passive trade packs they call them ad packs why I just explained so you're gonna do buy ad pack I don't know if I have any money here to buy any let's see oh I have $11 so I'm gonna go ahead and buy two of them because they're $5 each so if you want to put in $500 you're gonna buy a hundred of them okay I'm gonna go bye now bye now okay purchase successful my passive packs okay you can see here all my reinvest and then just a few days ago I put in fresh money okay we're in sixty four dollars already on that one thousand eighty but these are reinvest reinvest reinvest reinvest reinvest reinvest you don't reinvest till the moon you start in the beginning and then you come up with a strategy that's right for you don't be like the bit connect people we don't fall in love when in your platform we don't get married a platform and we don't reinvest forever it's a bad move so this is my passive edge you might want to take a look at the arm marry but my passive trades this is number four in my portfolio now we're gonna go here to my login ads so I had one for exp asset where is it okay I think I took that one down and they only want to have now is my onyx lifestyle okay and let's go ahead I got two credits there let's assign those two credits yes I had like 2500 credits so the other day I was blown away because yeah I still have 251 for this ad because when I logged in I seen my own ed and the thing about onyx which we're going to talk about next is your link is an entire page like this okay that's what your link gives you so people can see a video and see the compensation and the presentation plane and conference compensation plan which are great okay so that's my passive traits and now this onyx look we know nothing about onyx all he knows what they're telling us right now it costs no money to take a place and then on May 1st when it goes live because this is in pre-launch when it goes live you can make a decision if you want to 190 $199 to lock up a space so when I go to login login you will see here that Wow so 407 people underneath me 191 direct signups this is going to be very very big and they give you a link which is actually a link to that website I showed you which is your referral link this makes it super easy and sells for you and you can see here that this is going to every country around the world there are 21 pages of this okay a total of four hundred and one around the world everywhere what is it it's basically going to be a hold on let's do this so let's go here to the presentation it's going to be a kind of like an American Express black card it's going to give you all kinds of lifestyle benefits gain lots of different benefits and everything else there's a banking connection to it the card will allow you to use the card as if it's fiat but it's really crypto – fiat anywhere around the world any kind of fiat and you can decrypt on a crypto fiat – crypto whatever okay so it's basically designing a luxury brand look everybody wants to be a baller that's why you guys buy cars you can't afford suits you can't afford you overspend consumerism because you want that privilege this is going to give everyone the privileges could it be a scam anything in crypto could be a scam you know I always tell you straight up okay so there's a concierge service would it luxury benefits this could go very big why people are always looking for these stupid cards like a shift card or whatever to spend their crypto well this is gonna give you that ability with a lot of perks and allow you to turn your crypto to Fiat aka coinbase there's another aspect to it okay these liquidy blocks I don't know why they would name it that ok maybe who knows who knows but a block cost $70 there's a $20 administrative fee and basically this pays you 10% per month on crypto that you lend them okay temp and you can withdraw your crypto at any time so 10% per month so like here a $50 micro loan out of your $70 becomes a 12-month term 10% month monthly interest now I don't know if you only pay that $20 on the first one or whatever okay you get your principal back anytime 2% of a termination fee if you take it out before you can have up to 500 of these blocks when this goes live this hasn't even started yet that's how early we are okay below this video I'm linking a training video which if you're in this you can watch this and get a big head start right now right now okay super super interesting platform do we know what it's going to be we have no idea but it's going to be a big-ticket item because the truth is is down many many levels when people buy these cars you can get one for 300 bucks okay and it allows you to buy those liquidity blocks that pay you 10% a month or you can just use the card okay crypto to Fiats a 2% fee and look imagine getting commissions on all these and every transaction all the way down that's what this offers you okay so this is something that people might really want okay there's monthly there's gonna be auditing monitoring reporting by a third party legal team they look like they're trying to do everything right everything right so you're gonna earn Commission's on your first few levels okay and then let's jump to the other point here's the compensation plan again do you need to understand this no do you need to know what three at three times infinity is not really all you need to do is build as many people as you can while this thing is brand new and start creating unlimited passive income okay this looks like an STD under a microscope but 10% matching bonuses on five generations look at this look how many levels down it goes this is going to be a marketers dream and being that they do all the work for you and create that capture page all you've got to do is share your link don't just spam it in my discord it's saturated think think outside the box go on Facebook going Twitter going other dish courts okay hit up your favorite youtubers ask them if they found out about this alright that's it hope thumb is helpful to wrap it up stay frosty winning it's not a sometime thing it's at all the time thing you don't win once in a while and you don't do things right nuts you do them right all the time wedding is a habit you gotta fight with your heart with every ounce of fiber in your body appreciate the grind the dissin at when at the wound


  1. It seems like each block will cost $70 of which $20 goes for commissions / admin costs. That means to make your money back, you need to hold it at least 5 months (get $25 in interest plus the $49 back = $74) before you make any profit. This is not counting any commissions you make on your downline. Just looking at it from a passive income (non recruiting) perspective. To compare, 5 months is nearly an entire Exp Asset cycle for the binary plan.

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