Best Pairs For Online Trading [Trading Tips for Beginners]

hi guys welcome to Adnan Trading Tips Risk
Warning trading online carries a high level of risk and as a result online trading may
not be suitable for all investors because it is possible to lose all your money you
should never invest your money that you cannot afford to lose before trading in the complex
financial products please ensure to ungderstand the risk inolved This video is fr education
purpose Adnan trading Tips dont advise anyone to take risk in binary or forex trading
Reversal candles strategy basics principal trend is friend no trend no trade market should
be supportive No strategy can work without market support
stop trade and safe money for tomorrow if market is bad set RSI period 14 over bought
80 and over sold 20 set indicator BB period 10 select 6 pairs with good market trend trade
professionally on perfect signals only wait for perfect signals even hours no perfect
signal no trade no lose no need to hurry remain cool all the time these are our super fans
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of new videos guys in this video i will show you how to select
or choose good charts with supportive market frst of all i will show you how to set charts
and how to set the indicator we set
the BB with 10 Period as ussaul and then RSi with period of 14 and Over bought 80 and over
sold 20you can select expiry time 1 min with 1 min candlestick
how to see that this chart is suitable for trading or not guys we are using reversal
candlestick strategy so we have to choose the charts according t our strategy our strategy
working according to over bought and oversold and the movement of market or charts is straight
or forward then our strategy work you can see that all three bands moving straight now
this green candle at the over bought you can see this RSI not touch but 98% is near to
over bought line and their is one green candle and this candle close up the upper band of
BB so guys you can see now this candle reverse from here and came down this is my REversal
candlestick strategy at overbought and over sold guys this type of charts we can use for
our reversal strategy guys here you can see i am useing TRIPLE RSI this rsi is 7 then
14 last one wth 21 period of RSI guys this is tripple RSI Strategy when the all three
RSI touching at same time to overbought or oversold then there will be perfect signal
here you can see this rsi 7 touchng there then rsi 14 and 21 also touching the oversold
and the market moves straight and BB also moves straight then guys you can see this
red candle start from here and close below the lower band of BB and this red candle is
extra large than previous candles here you can trade to higher guys we need the charts
like this to trade with this strategy if we use other strategy then we have to use other
charts for trading like if we sue upper trend or lower trend strategy then we have to use
other charts but here we use reversal candle strategy we need straight market and movement
like swing this type of charts we need reversal candle stick strategy guy one thing is very
important 1 we must choose good charts or pairs with supportive market and 2 is we must
choose best hour best session hour for trade guys according to my experience from 9 am
to 10 am gmt3 1:30 to 2:30 pm,$:30 to 5:30 pm gmt3 then 8:30 to 10:30 pm gmt3+ guys try
to trade in these hours when the full hour starts
please stop the trading 5 min before and 5 min after the full hour because during the
full hour some places stoch exchanging open and some closes so during these time there is volality

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  1. Thanks sir you're really touching the life of people with your experience and good heart 💖 thank you sir and remain blessed

  2. Thanks so much the practical and realistic trading knowledge you have been providing to us.
    Your teaching has greatly improved my trading profits. God bless you and your precious family.

  3. I'm loving with reversel candle strategy….I already quit my job only trading is now my job…I'm from India…

  4. sir you are the best mai ne aj tak profit nhi kiya 540$ loss kiya ha but ab mai apke video dehkta hun shayed in future mai kuch profit karo

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