Best Mobile Apps for Trading Cryptocurrencies

hello my name is andreas I work as professional video producers social media consultant and I also help to make crypto currency traders lives easier in this video I want to show you my current favourite mobile apps to trade cryptocurrencies now the first couple that I want to show you our very basic ones and I really don't want to go into detail with these these are coin buyers BitFenix and Kraken so basically these are just the stock apps provided by these exchanges and so as you can imagine they are not very full of features BitFenix for example is the rather old design but what's nice about this one here is that it comes with trading view built in and so you can load most of the indicators that you know from trading view as well but it's not very well implemented so for example if you want to place a trade you have to go out of the trading view again and then do your stuff there okay that once I really don't want to show now let's go to the ones that I really like at the moment from not very exciting to the most exciting ones now one app that I can't recommend at him at the moment anymore it's black folio it hasn't received updates from the last past months also the developers don't seem to be really focused on this app anymore and it seems to be dying slowly but it's still a really good app to use now for trading on beat tracks especially I like to use trade a bit this is an app that allows you to view each market for example let's look at neo you can view the order book and the market history your history you can buy stuff up here for example and it comes with a couple of neat shortcuts here that allows you to quickly enter step for example like 100% of your entire account or just 5% or what have you you can also view the charts and this is also one of the big strengths of this app I default though it defaults to the one minute candles it doesn't really change but if you want you can also request this feature be my guest I like to view 30-minute candles one hour candles you can zoom in and out on this graph you can check out single candles here as well there are opens and the closed prices for example you can switch the indicator down below so as you can see you have a also a variety of indicators to choose from and that's about it in this particular app it's really really straightforward minimal as you can see that the design is not really that great but what you can do for example is let's say I want to book let's say I want to book an order for 5 3 to 300 then you can just tap it in the list it also adds whatever is on the order book on the top as you can see so this is kind of confusing but it gets the job done and la is the allows you to quickly set your orders up and you can also view your so-called wallet this is what you have in your wallet on beatrix very great the next step that i want to show you is called b tracks this got a kind of a different approach you can see it looks much more clean it uses also a lot more space though it gives you the overview of the entire market Bitcoin based ones theorem based ones and US dollar based ones you can also just view favorite ones I don't have any favor but I could add favorite ones just by sliding on on the market and you can also remove it as well you can add new alerts for prices if it's more or less and that kind of stuff as you can see here this is really straightforward and really easy to use it also allows you to add your API keys in the settings which you can see let's see it's I think it's security yes there you can add your API key and the secret key and this allows you to view your account what coins you have the moment you're directly in Beatrix the only downside or it's the major downside of Beatrix is that it doesn't allow you to cancel or add new trades right now so I'd like to use Beatrix as well as trade a bit because both have their strengths as I said this app here it looks much cleaner than trade a bit but trade a bit is the one that allows you to cancel and place new trades so you have an alert section here as well the chat if you are into chatting you can join the chat here and this app comes as a free app but you can remove or you can add Pro features using in-app purchases drag – here I found recently and I really have to say it's one of the not very good-looking apps but it's very well at all so what you get here is you can scan or you have a multi view you could say like crypto watch used to be of all the various exchanges and they're cryptocurrencies when you go to the charts here is where this app really shines the interaction and the design and all that nonsense is really not that beautiful as I said but then what this app is able to do it is one of the very few apps that allows you to do technical analysis and comes with a range of indicators that you can use on your mobile phone and that is different from other apps it comes with all the various exchanges here for example it current based exchanges let's see here you can choose the currency you can choose the exchange up exchange up here and you can choose others as well as you can see it's got a slew of supported exchanges currently my most favorite one is pit tracks and then you can choose which currency you want to show for example monaro you can switch the timeframe for a you have minute based time frames you have our base timeframes and you have a based time frames and also up to one week for each candle now in technical analysis you can show volume graphs exponential moving average make the RSI Bollinger Bands on balance volumes PSAR and you can choose to switch to logarithmic I talked to a lot of logarithmic display you can move around these two lines here and that's it that's about it you can also look at the order book and you can set alerts here as well and here is also where you can spend some money for this app you can basically get an alert for volume changes or or an RSI indication so this is really really great for training and this was actually it I hope you enjoy this video please leave a like or subscribe you can also join our Facebook community or check out my cryptocurrency trading course in the description below until next time take care bye

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  1. Thanks for the video. I'm on Bittrex and like TraderBit app however after clicking the link, iTunes says 'The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.'  Your video was uploaded fairly recently so I don't understand what the problem could be.

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