Welcome back to WhiteBoard Finance. My name is Marko and I’m here to help you
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to. Today we’re talking about the four best easy
acts for 2013. Three of these are rock solid picks and the
fourth one I’m going to lead to the end where you can see what I’m talking about. That’s going to be my one speculative pick
for the year for those of you watching this video you probably already know what an ETF
is. For those of you that don’t and ETF simply
stands for exchange traded fund and ETF is a security that tracks an index of commodity
bonds or a basket of funds or assets. Kind of like an index fund does. Unlike mutual funds and ETF trading like common
stock on the stock exchange this means that it’s very liquid and it’s also a lot less
expensive or there’s less fees involved with an ETF because it’s passively managed. It’s not like a mutual fund it’s actively
managed. So who picks that I’m going to show you today
aren’t necessarily in the sexiest ETF in the world but I guarantee you if you regularly
contribute investment amounts whether it’s weekly monthly or even yearly. Yes. Some of the gains that you’ve seen in the
past were definitely in the wake of a millionaire in 30 or 40 years and that’s no joke. So with that being said let’s get into it. Number one is VUG Vanguard a growth fund. This is the single largest holding in my personal
portfolio and keep in mind that I’m a medium to long term investor. This one is definitely going to stay there for
literally decades. This is why contributing to for a number of
years now and the returns have been pretty good. The VUG fund the growth fund actually focuses
on third 313 U.S. large cap growth stocks and they’ve been relatively stable over the
years. So the one year return has been twenty four
point to seven percent which is awesome versus the S&P 500 which has only returned about
17 point nine. The five year returns have been a hundred
and one and a half percent versus the same period against the S&P which has been 89 percent. This means that over five years for every
dollar you put in you get a dollar back in investment. So if I put in ten thousand dollars over that
period of five years I made ten thousand dollars on top of that. That’s pretty good in the stock market considering
the low level of risk with this ETF. It’s not always that they have or Apple Amazon
Facebook alphabet which is Google visa Home Depot Coca-Cola Conklin’s and Philip Morris
So this gives you a good mix of large cap growth companies with a solid one point twenty
8 percent dividend yield. And this makes this a guaranteed staple in
my portfolio for a long time to come. Number two we have the spider S&P 500 ETF
trusts. So this is literally the oldest ETF ever created. It was launched in 1993 probably prior to a lot
of my viewers birthday to be honest and pretty close to where I was born as well. One of the most solid. Over these last years the spider S&P 500 literally
traps all the companies that are contained within the S&P 500. And you guessed that I mean it’s had a great
return especially after the recession. So the one year has been 18 percent returns. And the five year has been eighty nine point
six. So again for every let’s say 100 dollars that
you put in over the last five years you’re hitting eighty nine dollars on top of that. That’s a pretty good return to you guys again
for the low level risk. The top 10 holdings and the spider S&P 500
trust or Apple Microsoft Amazon Facebook Johnson and Johnson Berkshire Hathaway that’s Warren
Buffett’s holding company J.P. Morgan Chase ExxonMobil gold and Bank of America the spider
500 trusts for investors who want just a little bit less volatility as I mentioned. And it’s a great set it and forget it ETF
that you just had to have monthly just like the Vanguard Growth Fund is. So that’s my number to pay for 2013. Number three. I am the Vanguard high dividend yield. Dividend paying stocks tend to perform better
when you look at it apples to apples as a group compared to non dividend stocks over
the long term. And they also weather tough economic times
a little bit better as well. So this is this ETF is for investors who want
exposure to rock solid dividend stocks but don’t want the guesswork necessarily involved
picking individual ones. So this fund invests in 401. Stocks that paid higher than average dividend
yields and specifically excludes REITS so read is a real estate investment trusts. There’s no real estate holdings in this. Yeah the one your return has been twelve point
three six and the five year has been seventy point to four. So those are pretty solid numbers you guys. The top 10 holdings are Microsoft Johnson
and Johnson J.P. Morgan Chase ExxonMobil Wells Fargo Procter and Gamble Chevron AT&T Pfizer
and Intel. The dividend yield for this overall portfolio
is two point eighty five percent. So for those of you that don’t know what a
dividend yield is it’s very simple. So look at it this way the dividend is when
a company has excess funds on its balance sheet so it pays you in as an investor you
can either be a monthly dividend quarterly dividend or a yearly dividend. So that 2.5 percent. Put that into perspective for you if you invest
a hundred dollars. You’re getting paid two dollars and 85 cents
annually if you invest a thousand dollars is 20 50 annually. If you invest ten thousand dollars. Two hundred and eighty five dollars annually. And finally if you invest a hundred thousand
dollars you’re getting back 2300 50 dollars annually. And if you do a million obviously that’s twenty
thousand five hundred. So when you keep adding to a fund like this
over time and it not only isn’t growing with appreciation because the ETF is valued higher
the dividend yield is also excuse me also pay you your monthly quarterly or annually. So are you getting paid that weighs well. So this is a pretty good pick for the long
term not just for 2013 as well number for our ETF investment trust. So the arc ETF is an actively managed form
that focuses on companies working Next-Generation sectors and mostly they’re investing in the
Bitcoin Investment Trust which is pretty cool. So they’re investing in cryptocurrency that
are investing in companies like 10 cents a big data cloud computing companies. So it’s got a nice mixture of recognizable
names as well as the lesser known speculative companies. So the big Bitcoin Investment Trust is actually
the top holding in art and this fund is betting heavily on bitcoin and crypto currencies. So while that may seem like an unnecessary
know heavy risk. I believe this could possibly be a huge payoff
based on what we’ve been seeing crypto especially in 2017. So let’s take a look at the one year the one
year it’s gone up about eighty five point three percent. And the maths this year has been in existence
in October 2014 and since then it’s been about a hundred and thirty nine percent gain which
is crazy you’re almost doubling and a half times your money. So the top 10 holdings as I mentioned earlier
Bitcoin Investment Trusts Amazon Athena hello Twitter Tesla to you in Netflix and via Google
and Midhat cargo bay. And I have no idea who that company is I need
to look into that. So Bitcoin and the block chain as we all know
are going to be the ultimate disruptors especially in finance going from 2018 and everything
that we know about business and finance is going to change over the next several years. So I think that this ETF could be one to hold
onto. So if you don’t want to invest directly into
crypto currencies are you scared or risk averse take a shot at heart. This could be a really cool ETF in the long run. And those are my top four ETF for 2013. E-commerce are a great way to invest over
the long term with low volatility and if you’re a passive investor edX are a great way to
get solid numbers without having to spend hours per week per month however you want
to research and picking individual stocks. So my question of the day below is which of
these funds are you most likely to invest in. And if you know please let me know if you’re
still unsure I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have in the comments. If you get any value out of these videos you
guys please share them with your friends and family subscribe if you haven’t already. I really appreciate it. These videos take a long time to make and
with all that being said. Have a prosperous day. Hey are you going to invest in cryptocurrency
in 2013. I know. OK. What is that. Good answer. I agree or maybe I shouldn’t say that is the
reason you download it. All right thank you.

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