10 thoughts on “Best Cryptocurrency Wallet of 2019 – ZelCore+”

  1. Hi. Tell me whether it is possible to run Claymore's GPU Miner v14.5 for two or more profiles with strapas in Avesomminere.

  2. In coin request, how about someone sending cash, and automatically convert to a coin of your choice.
    Not sure if it's a feature already, but what about an exchange to exchange, taking advantage of the coin price difference.
    Another nice feature would be from ledger nano to an exchange of your choice, and back?

    I'm confused, there's a monthly fee, Zelcore transaction fees, and utilizing binance for transactions, does that mean there's three fees?

  3. Great video as always .hope you talk us about the lux masternode how it did work out.and more about Pos coins n projects

  4. Hi, Ive never used this wallet before and i'm confused about one thing. I don't get the wallet 1, 2 and 3 and why on wallet 1 my Zelcash, BitcoinZ and BZEdge all have the same receiving address?

  5. Best wallet hands down, the Android wallet is so handy to management my crypto.
    Loving the vision of this team

  6. Love the wallet, and the entire Zel platform.

    How do you plan to use the ZEL online wallet in conjunction with a hardware wallet such as Ledger?

  7. Of the Ethereum coins are these the ERC20 Tokens ? If yes, then the one I am using currently is KBC [Karatbank Coin] from Karatbars International which is trading on a number of exchanges. I wonder if this wallet can manage those types of Cryptocurrencies like KBC which is backed with Gold ?

  8. Very good wallet, i use it from the 1st day u made video about mining ZelCash.
    Since then the ZEL coin was mooning.

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