23 thoughts on “Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2018 (Long Term Growth Winners)”

  1. Just a note guys, I started the video with the goal to do best "ICOS" and then decided to change it to the best growth tokens in 2018 overall. Just wanted to clarify that!

  2. Thanks for the nice video. Hey guys have u heard about liveEdu coin ledu? Investors that get to trade their coin from bibox exchange stand the chance of wining Tesla models.

  3. Love your videos man and after watching the US Senate hearing on Digital Currencies i decided to look into some coins that could potentially have great value in the future. I stumbled upon a coin called Digipulse (DGPT) that I would love to see you do a review of. Low coin supply and is the first to utilize the blockchain for digital inheritance/wills. Beta release within the next couple of weeks and a coinburn at the end of April. I want to invest but I’d feel much more comfortable if I saw a review from your first!

  4. Bitcoin is the original and most popular decentralized digital currency. It’s used by all types of people on every continent. Think of bitcoin as digital cash you can send or receive through the internet. Unlike traditional payments, Bitcoins are sent from one person to another without going through banks or other middlemen. Bitcoin can be bought and sold from online exchanges using dollars, euros, and other currencies and its the most popular of all the cryptocurrencies. Investing in bitcoin have made lots of people very wealthy . For those of us that bought and invested in bitcoin since 2011 we have made more gains selling bitcoins than when we bought it . Though it’s not too late for you to invest in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. There are 2 ways in which you can invest in bitcoin to earn you profit. Some investors like myself who saw the potential then in bitcoin to rise in no time in the future quickly purchased lots of it when it was cheap to hold and store to sell when the price is now high and gained value. Also you can trade on bitcoin by depositing funds in your account and placing a bet that the price of bitcoin will either go high or fall down, once you bet correctly you will earn a certain amount of percentage profit daily on your account. The price of bitcoin rose from $1,000/BTC last year January 2017 to $15,000/BTC but currently the price of 1 BTC $10,The price depreciated . Investors can purchase bitcoin at this time and store as experts has predicted the price of bitcoin will rise to $20,000 in no time . Imagine you purchase say 6 BTC for $12,200 for each BTC which is the current price at the moment as it depreciated drastically but still profiting from it , which gives a total of $73,200 and we assume that by February the price of one BTC has gone up to $17,000 which it will definitely rise and multiply that by 6btc which now gives you a total of $102,000 you have made an extra profit of $24,000. You can also invest in any other cryptocurrencies of your choice aside bitcoin. Which is why most investors and traders are currently looking and searching for that one coin out of the several cryptocurrencies that will be the bitcoin killer to take over bitcoin in the future. Although I have my pick of coin which crypto experts have seen the potentials in that coin and the value it possesses. Myself and some other crypto experts are already investing on this coin like we did in bitcoin and cashing out . The power to be the next crypto millionaire is in your hands. Invest and trade with the right platform and purchase any coins of your choice you wish to invest in . [email protected]

  5. What’s the difference between Loopring and NEX? If they’re decentralized exchanges would you prefer one over the other?

  6. Hey, you guys seem to be very intelligent and I really respect your opinions and happen to already hold many of the coins you recommend. However, it seems they are all Asian based coins. I'm a bit worrisome that if china's govt does something many of these coins wil be affected. Especially considering China and Korea don't seem to be as crypto friendly as most countries. Any thoughts? Are there other coins you recommend to diversify? Also, what are you thoughts about GAS, relative to NEO?

  7. Do you guys know of any new ICOs that are going to utilize the new zk-starks proofs? Do you think monero will just fork again to develop zero knowledge proofs further? What privacy coins do you guys like.

  8. One of the best crypto channels out there. I’m big on Wanchain and ICON (despite the current slump). I wonder what you think about Dragonchain. I picked up a lot during the drop. Thoughts?

  9. Thoughts on OST/Simple Token? Really strong team and decent enough idea but has gotten wrecked this past week and my faith in it is wavering.

  10. Please review more coins for 2018 theres alot more coins that have potential that provide a great service like Walton, Nano XRB, Aelf, Qlink, Nav Coin, Request network Achain, Deep Brain Chain, Substratum, Ethos Lunyr can you also review Quanstamp Chainlink Quantum and EOS ?

  11. Your vids are really top notch sir. Really impressive. Your advice will be a big player in my current portfolio shakeup. I went over to Coincrunch.io and signed up, and thank you for that by the way, but for whatever reason I'm having a hard time finding your Telegram channel. Any help would be much appreciated.

  12. Neo is my absolute favourite blockchain. 1000 transactions per second & the Neo team are going to increase that to 100 thousand per second compared to Ethers 15 per second, is quantum computer proof, Outstanding Leader Da Hongfei & Community with a tonne of outstanding Ico's coming. Neo is going to be MASSIVE! I have way more to say but I'll leave it at that.

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