Best Cryptocurrency In 2019? How I Learned To Trade? Tron TRX, Bitcoin, Ripple XRP Thoughts? (Q&A)

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video for you guys
full of information today we’re be doing the crypto Q&A that I talked about in
the last video a ton of you guys left questions in the comment section so I
took as many of them as I can and we’re going to go through and read every
single one hopefully you guys do enjoy this video if you do like this style of
video or if you have an idea for another video that we can do that is a little
different than the traditional videos that we do leave them in the comments
down below I’m always interested in changing up the videos hopefully you
guys do like the new settings and all that comes with this video I’m very
excited to do this work for you guys before we get started I have a question
I want to ask you guys in the beginning of the video and I have a question for
you guys I want to ask at the end both of which I want you guys to answer in
the comments down below the first question not crypto related at all who
do you want to win the NBA Finals I was watching the game last night obviously
Toronto is up 3-1 right now if you guys have been keeping up you’ll know that
then I want to know what your guys thoughts are just a random question let
me know in the comments down below if you do watch basketball which one you
are rooting for and if we go through the technical analysis really quick I do
want to summarize there’s not much going on in terms of technical analysis right
now that’s why it’s the perfect time to make this video not any change from the
previous video that I did now if you guys can tell I’m a little bit sick
that’s why we haven’t had an upload in a few days haven’t been able to record
it’s been difficult to talk so hopefully this video does sound okay but in the
technical analysis we did go down to this next support that I talked about we
bounced back out currently trading above the seven thousand seven hundred and
eighty seven dollar support that I talked about previously where if we
traded below if we closed the weekly candle below it did that would indicate
to me that we were starting to head down to the Bears might have started to take
control but as of right now we are trading above at seven thousand nine
hundred and ten dollars on BitFenix as of this moment exactly I don’t know if
I’m gonna put the chart up on the screen right now but if you guys haven’t seen
the last video where I do talk more about the possibility of the job what
I’m looking at to tell me that we are going to job what signs I’m looking at
then make sure you do go ahead and check out the last video after we are done
watching this but let’s jump into your questions I’m
excited to do this one I haven’t done a video like this ever and I’ve always
thought it would be a very cool idea so let’s jump into question number what I’m
going to be putting them up on the screen hopefully I do remember to do
that I’m sure I will so here is the first question so the
first question comes from John see what do you think about TRX as an investment
do you have any confidence in just inside great video Thanks
so talking about choice try this one that I’ve talked about in the channel
for a very long time I know a lot of viewers other channels do the channel do
like Tron and a lot of them support shot now what I think about Tron as an
investment right now I think Tron has a lot of upside I think Tron even just in
terms of technical analysis has some room to go up and that is in the mid
term I’m talking about in the coming weeks in the coming months I do consider
Tron a pretty good investment now as a project to me as of right now everything
that they said that they’re going to do what they’ve been able to do that and
that’s something I keep track of a lot when it comes to investing in a project
in a project that I like it’s making sure that they can stick to the
deadlines get what they want done and that is a very good sign no to me truck
looking like a good investment there now the other side of the question is do I
have confidence in Justin son now I have confidence in Justin son when it comes
to marketing when it comes to getting the name out there it comes to exposing
things getting attention which attention in today’s world results in money that’s
pretty much it that’s why you see so many people on social media attention
equals more money so if it comes down to trusting Justin son with attended with
getting attention with marketing I think it’s clear that he knows what he’s doing
some people love it some people hate it and that’s the case with all types of
marketing you know for the for example ty Lopez if anybody here does has seen
ty Lopez at some people like the guy some people hate the guy because he’s
his abs are always popping up but that doesn’t stop the fact that he is being
successful in what he is trying to do so that is my thoughts about justice I’m
confident in him as a marketer and do I think Tron is a good investment overall
I have no reason to say no but now they’ve completed what they wanted to do
they’ve every single deadline that they’ve set as I’ve been keeping up with
it they’ve completed it for the most part now question number two this is a
more personal question and I love answering these time
– just so you guys get to know a little more about me this one is from fab LA s
I don’t know if I pronounced that correctly hopefully I did I already
asked a but for the video do you work or is this your full-time job not to answer
that question pretty simply the answer is none I do not do this full-time and I
also do not work a regular nine-to-five which is what I’m assuming the question
is asking about I actually have several different companies this being one of
them this YouTube channel along with a trading group is one of my incomes is
one of the companies that I run I also have ecommerce businesses I also trade
myself and all these different things together is how I make my living but I
do not have I do not do this full-time 100% but also I do not work a
traditional nine-to-five so hopefully that does answer your question a little
bit I know a thing a lot of people don’t actually know this fact so I do thank
you so much for asking this questions I do want more people to get to know a
little bit more about me question number three this is a
three-part question a personal one but one that I think is gonna benefit a lot
of you guys it’s well on a question I get asked a ton this is from hot damn
sucka what got you into investments that’s the first part how did you get so
good at reading charts that’s the second part in third any suggestion for those
trying to learn so I’m gonna answer the first question first what got you into
investments well this ties in a lot with the last question which asked what I did
full-time and so when I was sat in school I knew I didn’t want to work the
nine-to-five I knew I wanted to do something else I knew I wanted to start
my own company and as of right now being 22 years old I started four successful
companies I failed a lot of other ones I’ve started four successful companies
which is what I mainly work on right now and I knew with that reading and
researching up on billionaires I knew that there was always an investment side
all of them for the most part had investments and grew their net worth
with investments so I knew that something not being taught in school
that I had to learn for myself and so I started reading I’m reading up I started
research I started researching the different types of investments and
overall I realized some were easier attainable some you could start early
and some you need a little more capital for
we’ll real-estate the type of real-estate investing that I would like
to do which is just purchasing a multi-family unit and then renting it
out to people so you make the passive income from renting it out that’s type
of real estate investment is investing that I would like to do in the future
that requires more money so I started looking into what requires less money so
first I was obviously looking at stocks I’ve had some success with stocks but
again we stopped the movement isn’t quite the same that you get with crypto
so once I found out about crypto once I started researching more into it in
early 2017 I got hooked and this is where we are right now so that’s kind of
how I got into investments how did I get so good at reading charts honestly it
comes with practice one of the personality traits that I have is
everything that I set my mind to I really wanted to do well and I never
don’t want to know how to do something so when I started looking at you know
stocks back in the days and then now with crypto when I started looking at it
I wanted to understand what was going on I wanted to get an idea I want to be
able to tell for myself what exactly was going on and not have to rely on
somebody else and finding somebody else who I trusted you know take some time it
takes it takes time to find someone that you trust it takes time to find someone
that you want to follow for their predictions so I wanted to learn how to
do it myself to incorporate that whilst I listen to someone else and kind of
create my own idea and that’s how I got that’s how I got started reading charts
and then practice practice practice that’s where we are right now again so
for any say if I have any tips for those trying to learn that would basically be
it you start not only reading up and practicing it on your own find someone
you trust and that you think is good at it as well and start seeing what they’re
doing start implementing their different tips and techniques into your chart
analysis you’ll notice people who learn from the same mentor for example they
all have a similar style of reading charts while somebody else has a
completely different style but they both can be successful so all time it comes
from who you learn who you implement the tips and tricks from so it’s important
to find someone that you trust with it it’s important to find someone that you
like that you trust that you think is good at it they get implement that
whilst you are learning so you can develop your skills a little faster and
again practice works every single time with everything the more practice you
give more time you give it but one thing that
comes with this market is your gut feeling although it sounds terrible your
gut feeling in this market is very very important especially when it’s 50/50 and
the longer you’ve been in the game the more you’ve seen the different price
move was the more you’ve experienced the difference privacy movements the easier
it is for you to actually go out there and predict it yourself and have a
better gut feeling which like I said before it sounds terrible but the gut
feeling does actually work if you’ve been this market long enough and you
know what you’re doing now this next question is very very long so I’m going
to summarize it and basically it’s asking me what do you think about Apollo
currency 8:00 p.m. I get this question a lot and a lot of times I don’t know if
it’s a real question or if it or if it’s a bot or a spammer in the comment
section and that comes if that ties in perfectly with my answer now being that
there are a lot of products out there and you can’t keep up with every single
one I admit I have not done my research on Apollo currency so I could not speak
on it in terms of what it does what it’s do you know what it’s been able to do
what it looks to do how how they’ve kept up with deadlines I can’t talk about
that because I simply do not know enough the only thing I can say and the reason
why I haven’t done my research on it is because it left a sour taste in my mouth
when it comes to their marketing practice I didn’t like the box in the in
the comment section of my videos I didn’t like the spammers I didn’t like
you know specific the box trying to pretend that they were real humans so
that they could trick people into buying Apollo that’s me is just not good
business practice so that left a sour taste my mom now again I said in the
beginning of the question I do not think that that does not mean that this is a
bad project by no means does that mean that the fundamentals of the project are
bad it could just be you know bad marketing practice could just be a bad
marketing idea could be an experienced marketer who thought in this space
that’s the way you do it but for me I haven’t done my research on so I’m not
able to comment on the actual fundamentals of the project maybe I will
do my research on it I’ve actually gotten this question asked probably like
five times in the last 48 hours which is a lot so maybe it is time I go ahead and
do my research on it maybe I’ll make a video on it maybe I
for the most part you got to stop with a bus it’s never worked I’ve seen it a lot
of products do it before over and over and over again all of them have resulted
pretty much in pumping ups because when the price goes up people then move on to
the next thing most people get burned because they got tricked into buying it
buying with all the hype a lot of people lose money on the dump
it leaves sour taste in everyone’s mouth so that’s definitely something to watch
out for and the second last question why are the feds outside your door there’s
sirens all the time if you guys watch my videos I don’t think there’s actually
been any while I’ve been recording this video which is pretty cool and I don’t
know for sure because to me like I’ve said this to you guys before I’ve
completely blocked out the sounds of sirens in New York City I don’t hear the
sirens anymore very very rarely am I like oh my god I hear a siren then I
call it out in a video but the reason why there’s sirens the reason why it
sounds like the feds are outside my door all the time not just because I am
satoshi nakamoto clearly we all know that that’s old news now I’m Satoshi
they’re always trying to come after me but because I live pretty much in
between two hospitals there’s a hospital here there’s a hospital here and Here I
am so it doesn’t help with the ambulance it doesn’t help with everything going on
there’s noise 24/7 Plus this New York City it’s already in noisy city living
next to two hospitals doesn’t make it any better now the last question nobody
actually asked is which I’m surprised but I did want to bring this up because
I know this is probably one of the most asked questions in cryptocurrency
history what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in in 2019 now I’m gonna make
this very very easy it depends now I know people hate that
answer but it does depend depends on your risk factor depends on you know how
I said how much risk you want to take depends on what you like what
cryptocurrency product you believe it if you don’t want to take any risk Bitcoin
Bitcoin probably the best cryptocurrency you can invest that doesn’t mean is
gonna have the most gains it doesn’t mean it’s going to even be any positive
at the end of the year it’s gonna hit it doesn’t even me it’s gonna go up at the
end of the year it just means that that’s the less risky investment so if
you don’t want to take any risk in crypto Bitcoin might be the best
investment personally though and this is obviously
a Q&A with me so this is a personal answer I’m gonna go I have to go with
one of my favorite crypto which is xrp I think except he’s a great investment I
think it’s going to be very very good I’m not paid to say that I’ve actually
gotten people say that I’m paid to talk about XRP I wish I wish I was so if you
are watching this XRP team if you want to hook me up with a deal I’m not gonna
say no to it but no I am not paid to talk about XRP but one thing one what’s
the best cryptocurrency for you might not be the best cryptocurrency for
someone else that’s why it’s so difficult to answer this question if you
are answering and sincerely and not just trying to shill a project it’s very
difficult to ask this question hopefully that does give you guys a
little bit of an idea if you don’t want to take any risk probably Bitcoin if you
do want to take risk and you want to look at something else then maybe look
at a mid to a mid market cap for me personally my best cryptocurrency
investment of 2019 I personally believe it is ripple XRP again that doesn’t mean
it’s gonna be the most gains it’s gonna give the most games I just fundamentally
believe in the project I like the project so to me that is my best project
I’ll let me know yours in the comments down below as well and last question I
have for you guys I’m gonna make more video more in depth about this in the
next video what do you think about all the news that’s coming out with Facebook
cryptocurrency Facebook’s cryptocurrency I’ve seen a lot of rumors I’ve seen a
lot of news hard to keep up with what’s rumor and what’s the news right now but
again I want to know your guys thoughts on this as this is obviously a big big
deal so let me know your thoughts in the comments down below and guys as always
if you did enjoy this video this different style video and you want to
see more different style videos maybe more Q&A in the future maybe no just
different style videos if you have an idea for a different video that you guys
would like to see leave that in the comments down below as well guys thank
you so much for watching hope you did enjoy this video I’ll see you guys
tomorrow for another video

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  7. XRP Yes!! I respect you even more!!
    Honestly I think XRP is also the best most secured investment. It is very hard to manipulate large moves. It’s very has the most adoption in the banking industry and it has the best people running it.
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