44 thoughts on “Best Crypto Exchange?? Liquid Exchange Review! Plus Russian Bitcoin Adoption!”

    (Earn $10 In QASH Tokens When Performing A Trade Over $100 USD)

  2. I've just registered on Liquid. Quite nice, but haven't found margin trading section. For this still use BitMEX or Bitfinex.

  3. I tried setting up an account on Liquid, but when I went to submit my I.D. Verification, I got some orange text above the "submit" button that said "function expected".. I tried talking to support through chat, but they couldn't tell me what was wrong and wanted verify my I.D. through Skype.. Seems a little sketchy to me..

    I also noticed that U.S. residents cannot deposit or withdraw fiat currency to/from the Liquid wallet. If crypto to crypto exchanges have fees, there really isn't much of an advantage to Liquid in my eyes..

  4. Thanks! I definitely need this after my terrible experience with Poloniex..Looking for a good exchange

  5. good crypto exchanges for me are Bitfinex, Bitpanda, Kraken. Tried out many exchanges so far and finally decided to land on these 3.

  6. Liquid is not bad choice but there are many more interesting alternative in the face of Kraken, Bitfinex and others.

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  8. Sadly , I purchased Qash in January of last year. Hold very little now ?. The pain. Lost a lot of players after that fiasco. Hodl my butt. It is ACCUMULATION TIME‼️Many wallets will be rocking out with atomic swap. Fewer exchanges will be the future. I have been cured of ICO investment until my masternodes are all rocking and the room for reinvestment is without further risk of. POS is my way to accumulate BTC. I remember what LGS was pumping out in payouts for masternodes and the community is ? strong. That was my dream masternode, not Dash. To each his own. Now just have to hurry up and wait. I can wait. Eurocoin Token ?. Oh well, priorities first.

  9. Was in before the name change. Anyways, lots of news. ETN & their iPhone ? Mining ready for only $80‼️Putin good, force the hand to get in front but ?. I was going thru your archives to see if you have done a past video on Graft.?Now there is the CNYT now just jumped on board dominating volume by 3X. Have been accumulating to get a guardian node. That bottom seems to be gone now. March spike – Mid April dump ($2800 BTC) & then correction on the way to summer of crypto love. Still early folks

  10. Translation:
    Vladimir Putin confirmed that instructions on the implementation of the presidential address to the federal assembly has been approved on 20 Feb 2019.

    The administration of President of the Russian Federation will provide increased funding to operators of presidential grants towards the development of civilian society in the form of grants to support projects in the areas of culture and arts, connected with local authorities, peoples creativity, and maintenance of historical heritage.

  11. Interesting Russia info! Following Łtc and Glory kickboxing partnership, more Info below re Łitecoin & K-POP partnership!


    CU Entertainment Global
    Feb 27
    The success of a company depends on who they associate themselves with. Partnership with
    was the best move we made so far!

  12. Make a video on Nash Exchange. Launching March 31st first regulated DEX to offer securities, fiat, margin trading and also payment dapp like PayPal but for crypto to fiat.

  13. You are a great blogger! Keep it up! What do you think about the crypto casino? Is it worth getting into? Make a review on geteth.io or dao.casino please))

  14. I'm against visa cards powered by cryptos and that nasty crappy JPM coin. How stupid do they think we are? We already fell for this big bank thing one time!

  15. I'm with you, too, Aron/Austin. That's exactly why I got into cryptocurrency…to get away from the oppression and centralization as well.

  16. … … … forget altcoins … … … ⚡️?⚡️?⚡️? … …. B I T C O I N … … ⚡️?⚡️?⚡️? … … … forget altcoins … … …

  17. JPM will ruin crypto with mass manipulation like they do now with our dollar based system. It might look good at the beginning but they will find a way to mass control it.

  18. I always kind of liked Putin. This is good news for Russia. I hope Russia can set a precedent for everyone else in terms of crypto regulation.

    Thanks for letting us know about Liquid. I'll have to check it out.

    As for JPM coin,i just can't get excited about it.

    Thanks again for the updates.

  19. I just read the official statement/request by Putin on Russian government website Kremlin.ru. One of the people who are responsible for making sure this is done and done right is Medvedev, he is number two guy in Russia. The request is for Regulations AND Advancements in digital economy. I think it is far more bullish than just Regulations, they are actually trying to digitize every aspect of the economy!

    In short, whatever you read is also very accurate!

  20. You will be able to use many stable coins in future for retail stores, the banks just need it to give loans and move money to give them volume and use case. ALL Huge company's and banks will have a stable.

  21. Wow Putin and Trump are actually taken down the Fed then we got XRP lol. Love the vid keep them coming . I might just have to trade in my 5000 Tron for some Bitcoin. Jezzz

  22. I signed up (using the affiliate link of course). Not sure when I'll use it but it looks like a good exchange which could have advantages over Binance…

  23. Liquid exchange sounds good. But for those who live in the USA check FIRST to see if the state you live will allow you to cash out. I know NY does not.

  24. If Jamie Diamond turns 180 degrees, then when will Warren Buffet issue his coin – and label it VALUECOIN, ha ha ha … nothing will surprise me anymore !

  25. Saying “regulations” is very vague and could be good or bad. We all know how over regulation can harm an industry. Just my thoughts! Hoping it’s good though 🙂

  26. Way to go!  100% correct.  Though you should have expanded a bit more: JP Morgan essentially knows that their US dollar backed 'pseudo crypto' doesn't add up to Jack Shit, and they will need consumer adoption.  Which, won't happen provided we keep reminding the true meaning/value behind real, borderless, trustless, decentralized cryptos such as Bitcoin.     Oh,….and Russia will probably only allow the wealthy to purchase crypto, and will probably develop their own bullshit 'national crypto'.     They can't openly adopt crypto such as Bitcoin.   That means loss of power.    This whole crypto revolution is essentially a power struggle.      Freedom (crypto) vs subjugation (fiat).

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