20 thoughts on “Best Crypto Dividend Platforms 2019 – How To Make Passive Income With Cryptocurrency”

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  2. Hey Max, thanks for this! I've just started exploring the dividends game, and while it sounds great I'm naturally a bit skeptical. Is this working for you? Are you staking your coins and making say, 0.5% per day?

  3. I've been thinking about June 1. I wonder if it's possible that one of the announcements will be that either Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash have decided to run on EOS. I don't even know if that's possible, but for some reason, that came into my mind.

  4. Hey Max: love your videos, but, if your asking about the intro, i wasn't a fan. but i still love you videos and their content. I'm an avid subscriber and follow you with some others very closely. Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Oh check out Prospectors mate, things are starting to warm up and goes live soon. It's a MMOG built on EOS. Only 9% are staked atm so decent daily payouts. Plus when the game is live people holding the gold "PGL" get dividends of all trading fees.

  6. Poker EOS has been great since day one. Some people confuse it with EOS Poker, that went down. But Poker EOS is actually fun to watch and has actual gamers not miners. PKE. Cool review as always mate. I can only imagine the volume of these things in a couple of years. I see buying now then later with huge volume could return your investment in days not weeks. Pretty cool setup.

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