Best Crypto Airdrops (June 2019)

[Applause] what is up everybody welcome back to the channel it is yours to lead the crypto enthusiast light lager here and today I'm gonna be trying out a different type of video which might become a monthly bimonthly series in case you guys are interested in air drops so please leave a comment down below if you want to see more videos about air drops in general if you're not interested I'm not gonna be making more of these so in this video series we basically will look into very easy air drops which will make you a lot of money with pretty low effort okay and we're gonna be starting out with a coin called energy and yes I already did a video about this and back then it was valued at one point six dollars per one energy and today it even hit ten dollars right now it's sitting at nine point seven dollars and you get hundred energy by filling all the steps plus another ten energy by using my link and this would equate to pretty much thousand dollars for doing all the steps and this is absolutely bonkers I mean it's so crazy and it doesn't require a kyc it has bounties for Twitter Facebook reddit Linkedin Instagram I think it hub was there and am I missing something probably yeah on YouTube yes so basically you don't even need to do all of them but i really suggest you because the valuation of this coin is so high right now and yes when the air drop will commence a lot of people will be dumping their coins or some of them will be investing them on master nodes or staking them who knows but basically even if it will be dumped on to $5 it would be free $550 for you guys if you sign under my link and did all the steps it takes like tops 20 minutes to do the whole steps it's crazy money this has been no this powerful airdrop in in a very very long time and it is right now open for Europe New Zealand Australia I think United States there's and after the phase three is completed there will be phase for phase 4 which will be worldwide so if you're African or Middle East everybody can participate on this it's so crazy so much money so much free money it's not scammed by the way the airdrop number one Rondo was already distributed it's already there the proof is in the pudding and it's already listed on very very big exchanges you know the developers they have that you know come out with phases it's not an exit scam you know so this is a very very impressive and it's gonna be crazy even if the price will go up even from this so who knows how much we're going to be getting when the airdrop is gonna happen so definitely sign for the energy airdrop and you can find a link down below moving on into our next token this is a therian 2000s setting-room ERC 20 token it's called Earth blowed this is something that you simply do in a client inside telegram so there's a telegram bot that you basically fill in the information – there is steps in Twitter and telegram I basically I don't think there was anything else might have been YouTube and you get $12 for free and a plus referrals so more effort as you bring more dollars you will be getting and it's already a coin that sorry it's already a token that has been listed in plagues plays like vind acts and system going basically so this is a pretty much easy very fast airdrop to also take moving on we have another year c20 token this is still haven't been the IE OS hasn't happened yet but basically the mind block is giving $20 and basically what you have to do is just like follow them on Twitter and telegram and I think that that was pretty much it that you had to do and you know supply supply you know proofs for that and basically $20 and this is also near sea 20 token as I mentioned so all you need is an F Aryan wallet like let's say at Sami quality you can put them there another very very huge I earn drop airdrop is coinbase is giving not fifty dollars in stellar so not 50 stellar but fifty dollars in still or what is it whatever is the current value and this is inviting only so I have an imitation link down below you have to wait a bit in order to can invite it to the platform basically and you get $30 sorry $20 for free and $10 for every friend that fills out the air drop as well and also they have brave they have so many air drops actually there I made over email over $100 just by doing those air drops and actually the videos that they force you to watch that's only thing you need to do just sign up and do kyc basically and just watch the videos and you basically just can you know get the free money the videos are actual educational you'll learn a bit more about those specific cryptos and so on and then we have our second last token here which is Zeon bit token this is a bit lower value token but I decided to add it because there might be some potential and you can get free 20 tokens plus referrals this is all telegram and Twitter only simple step streaming it's no kyc it's simple and then we have other income you can there's a wallet in magnum wallet in case you want to store it somewhere you're too bored to download their official GUI wallet whatever they require you to do simple Twitter and telegram steps basically to get 50 ETI and you can get more for referring refferals to it it's also a bit low value coin I think it has some potential or upswing to increase in value in future so it's something that you want to maybe obtain and as our final token is called fire token which is there has been this sort of a new trend of deflating currencies which means that there is a smart contract around these tokens every time they are sent to a different address max amount of the tokens are being burned so as the time goes by eventually what was a maan million tokens eventually will be like two tokens or something like that so basically deflating currencies have very very high upswing because that's the currency as a big scar city increases the value of the coin increase as long as it's not like total coin and it has some use value basically I mean bum token is like a very good example of something that started out like a dollar or something now it's already $10 a piece so these deflating currencies are very very well they're getting really good and inkay and speaking of deflating currencies oh yeah the fired token only requires you to join their discord that's it this only thing you had to do and you just post your ethereum address there into Channel and boom you get free fire tokens and there's the last thing since we are talking about deflating currencies you might want to watch also Leo token which is BitFenix exchange his own token and they are burning it all the time every three hours it is being burned and this is something that you might want to buy is a pretty I bought it at one point 68 I think it has gone gone up a couple of cents in just in 24 hours so this is like the next finance going basically so the value will basically increase more over time since they keep burning and burning and burning it and I'm gonna leave down below my BitFenix link where you can buy that token that's like I'm not a financial adviser but if I said you want to buy some coin then it's gonna go immensely up in value by the Leo token because BitFenix is like the second largest or at least top five exchange right now especially when crypto Pia went under so this is a coin and token that you want to hold because there's inherent value and you know the value is just going to go up as time goes by that pretty much wraps up my air draw video I will be doing probably more of these as I said leave a comment down below if you want to see more of these if you have any questions about them also leave down below and I will help you much as I can and you know hopefully you get free money and hopefully all we get rich yeah thanks you got then thanks guys I see you guys next time and make sure to subscribe and like the video Cheers

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