Bernie Sanders Gives Fiery Speech Defending Working Class & Saves Stimulus Bill

This morning it was announced the jobless
claims for the last week have jumped to 3.3 million, the largest jump in the history of
the United States week by week and last night, Bernie Sanders took to the floor of the Senate
and fought for unemployed Americans. With regards to the stimulus bill, see, Bernie
Sanders had pledged earlier in the day that he would not allow this bill to move forward
if Republicans didn’t get on board with his idea to expand unemployment payments to American
workers. And again, this was before we knew that in
the last week, 3.3 million Americans lost their jobs and Bernie Sanders was out there
fighting for them, not even realizing how many people he was fighting for and Republicans
and even some Democrats attacked him for trying to hold up this bill. But in a fiery speech on the Senate floor,
Bernie Sanders made his case and was successful. Here is the speech. This is absolutely one of the best speeches
that we have seen on the Senate floor in years And now I find that some of my Republican
colleagues are very distressed. They’re very upset at somebody who’s making
10, 12 bucks an hour might end up with a paycheck for four months more than they received last
week. Oh my God, the universe is collapsing. Imagine that somebody was making 12 bucks
an hour now, like the rest of us faces an unprecedented economic crisis with the 600
bucks on top of their normal, their regular unemployment check might be making a few bucks
more for four months. Oh my word. Will the universe survive? How absurd and wrong is that? What kind of value system is that? Meanwhile, these very same folks had no problem
a couple of years ago voting for $1 trillion in tax breaks for billionaires and large profitable
corporations. Not a problem, but when it comes to low income
workers in the midst of a terrible crisis maybe some of them earning were having more
money than they previously made. Oh my word. We got to strip that out. Got us. You’ve got our total, those poor people that
no matter what, by the way, when this bill, when the McConnell bill first came up unbelievably,
and I know many Republicans objected to this, they were saying that, well, we want to give
a whatever it was a thousand or 1200 bucks, but poor people should get less. You’re saying because poor people are down
here, they don’t deserve, they don’t eat, they don’t pay rent. They don’t go to the doctor. They’re somehow inferior because they’re poor. We’re going to give them less. Well, that was addressed. Now everybody is going to get the $1,200 what
some of our Republican friends still have not given up on the need to punish the poor
and working people. Y’all haven’t raised the minimum wage in 10
years. Minimum wage should be at least 15 bucks an
hour. Y’all haven’t done that. You’ve cut program after program after program
and now Hora of Horace for four months. Workers might be earning a few bucks more
than they otherwise went. Well, needless to say, Everything that Bernie Sanders said, right
there was 100% true. You know his mocking of the reactions of the
Republicans. Those are literally things that they have
said. Those are literally the reactions that these
Republicans have had. These Republicans actually had these reactions
before Bernie Sanders speech. You had Lindsey Graham going out on TV saying
that we can incentivize people not to work because if the country opens up in a month,
these people are looking at their unemployment checks and saying, Hey, I shouldn’t go back
to work. I’m a lazy freeloader. Then Senator Rick Scott came out and said
the exact same thing and all of this was before we knew how horrible the unemployment numbers
were going to be today, but Bernie Sanders didn’t care. He knows how bad the situation is and he knows
that it is his job to go out there and fight for the working class. The Republicans seem to not care about that
at all, which is something we’ve been saying for 16 years now and nothing’s changed, but
we have to understand folks, if it were not for Bernie Sanders, that unemployment expansion
would not have been included in that stimulus package that the Senate passed and it would
just be a one time check of $1,200 depending on your means testing. If not, you could get $500 or $0 million once
and that’s it. The rest would go to corporations. Bernie Sanders is the one who went out there
and fought for that. Bernie Sanders is the only one who went out
there to fight for that. Let me put it that way. The only one, 100 senators, I guess technically
96 because you had some who weren’t there to vote and they’re in quarantine. One of them has the virus 96 and out of those
96 the only one person in that Senate who actively fought to expand payments to unemployed
Americans was Bernie Sanders. There is still time to make this man our democratic
nominee, but not much. We need to do everything we can because this
man truly cares. This man, honest to God, wants to help working
people. And, uh, based on yesterday’s vote, you cannot
say that about any other person in that Senate right now.

100 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Gives Fiery Speech Defending Working Class & Saves Stimulus Bill”

  1. Now that is how you address the truth head on! Vote the man in, you need him in America, and he is needed the world over.

  2. I'm wondering just how many of the voters who voted for Biden in the already held primaries are now having major regrets. How can democrat voters not want a better health care and welfare system for the people? The gap between the wealthy and the rest will never narrow, it's too big so it's critical that there are essential services available to all low and no income people. We are so very lucky in New Zealand where we have a public health system that may not be perfect but it's pretty damn good; we have social welfare (again, not perfect but it works mostly) and our government has put a plan in place and passed laws to care for the workers first and foremost through this health crisis. Americans deserve better but you have to stop voting for the party's preferred candidate. Corporate America should not be allowed to rule your country anymore. BTW Farron, until I started watching your show I had no idea just how corrupt the GOP were. I thank you for the daily education!

  3. I don't think we've really progressed very far as human beings… Greed, jealousy, envy, money,, power… How did it all get to this point? With corporate greed and CEO's, Big business etc… Unfortunately, I believe we are beyond the point of no return

  4. Capitalists you don't get to win every time, you suck right now, you lost because you suck, if you don't like it try working hard.  You people went to the finest universities.

  5. And yet every old fuck went out and voted for Biden. Way to go America just have to hold on to that power until you die that's how American is being destroyed.

  6. No surprise. Republicans (and corporate Democrats) want us all dead, essentially. We're not millionaire and billionaire cheapskates, so to them, we're lower than dog shit. They proved that conclusively with that little stunt they pulled. 

    I voted for Bernie. Early voting. But sadly, my State, in its infinite wisdom, saw it fit to vote for Biden. Who's no better than Trump in many ways.

  7. Bernie Sanders has always been “the one” who really cares for the people. And what did those people do? They went out and voted for the bumbling “faux pas” king Biden who in the debate right before Super Tuesday said “I am running for Senator because …” Who forgot Barack Obama’s name. Who lies and lies. We might as well keep Trump. But I will vote for Bernie this time around just like I did in 2016. I wrote Bernie’s name in and went to bed that night with my conscience in tact.

  8. Why they can let Bernie be the President? Joe Biden is not doing nothing but hide. Bernie deserves this 2020 Dnc.

  9. Let me get this straight… both 2020 dem candidates are rich old white career politicians, one of them is a millionaire Marxist and the other one is an increasingly confused and angry ex-VP caught on tape with quid pro quo with Ukraine? That “whoosh” sound you hear is the democrat party imploding.

  10. “Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob “.
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  11. If we want Senate and Congress to understand the People, then pay them as much as your average working stiff, double their hours, cut their staff and slash them to the barest of insurance plans; basic health without dental. We'll quickly see how many got into politics to serve and how many got into it to line their pockets.

  12. A good majority of Americans repeatedly votes for the wrong guy ??‍♂️ it will take a real rocket scientist to figure this out in the future ?

  13. Bernie Sanders is the brilliant man we all could have had to save our country from this Idiocracy……but no, because people will never be smart enough to choose wisely; will never have the intellect to choose what is best for them……….. #americansarestupid

  14. Sure would help if the UN would step in and make sure the DNC can't rig the election. Then maybe we could get this guy into office. Wake up, people. He's been cheated TWICE. Every candidate in recent history who won two out of the first three states has won the presidency. Bernie won all three, the only one in history to do so. Then everything changed overnight. That DOESN'T HAPPEN. There is NO WAY Biden won all those states, he has NO supporters. These progressive channels on youtube need to get over their fear of being called conspiracy theorists and start talking about it. It is SO obvious, they're doing it right out in the open. To say that I'm disappointed in certain people on youtube would be an understatement. Check out the convo couch, they will tell you like it REALLY is. The mainstream media lie to us EVERY DAY, so why would they tell us the truth about the vote count?

  15. And so far more people voted for Biden, where has he been and what has he done to help average Americans? Nothing. Too many people in this country are just stupid – there is no other way to put it.

  16. People like Bernie are the reason why I never vote Republican. I am a progressive Democrat for life. Fight for the 99%, Bernie! #Bernie2020 #NoGOPFor2020 #DitchTheMitch

  17. I so love this. This is the eleventh time I regret YouTube does not have a "I love it" button. We need Bernie Sanders for President. I don't like to pray much. But, I pray God blesses us with Bernie Sanders as President for eight years, not Joe Biden. Please no republican or corporate democrat, to include Joe Biden.

  18. One time payment of $1200? $600? Should have been $2000 each adult, each month! Why should corporations keep getting billions and billions over & over, again and again. Hard working people are getting nothing but scraps? Chump change.

  19. If I were given choice to select the next president, I would absolutely choose Bernie Sanders without a doubt. Because what he expressed about the working class it blew my mind away. He deserves to be given him a chance not someone like clown and total disgrace maniac.

  20. Bernie is the ONLY chance that the USA has to MAG. There never was an "Again" but American voters could get there by putting Bernie into power. Try it… you'll like it.
    But the Mega Rich will never let it happen because the American political system is corrupt to the core and rampant Capitalism will squash anything that proposes to take care of the needy. If you're American you should be ashamed! The whole world is watching in disbelief. It would be great if we could just ignore you but you have all the best weapons and a psyche that came from the Wild West.
    We may be looking at the next Mass Distinction.

  21. ?❤️I think I just fell back in love with Bernie. Honestly I been torn between bidden and Bernie but this is significant .I watched the way biden acted towards this situation and although I love the humanity in him and the fact that he was emotional but he has not defended us the way Bernie has. So wow bravo to Bernie . ! ! ?❤️

  22. Two of those low life motherf%ckers dicks of an excuse for senators come from the same poverty, low wage, under educated, poor schools, right to work state of South Carolina. One of the poorest, poorest state in the union. Lowest performing in education, including higher education. The closeted queen and the Uncle Tom must go SC, grow a pair and get rid of these parasites, vote them out of office.

    LETS GET RID OF THEM. GO OUT AND COUGH IN THEIR FACE. That’s how you get tested, they will get tested, just set back and wait for their results.

  23. For a country that claims to be rich don't want to help people unless your rich or a big corporations. The freeloaders are the republicans in congress.

  24. Bernie always stood up for the people. How do the people thank him for that? By voting not for him but for Biden, who, as is well known, has always worked against the good of the people and who, as is well known, has long since promised the rich and companies in the current election campaign that nothing significant will improve for the people under his rule ?

    And Americans are seriously wondering why conditions in America are not improving, why the world has been making fun of America (especially in the last three years since Trump became president) and why the prejudice that Americans are ignorant is so persistent ?

  25. Forget about the virus for a minute, now we have an economic crisis that'll hurt us FAR worse than the virus will, and after observing how the government has handled this "crisis" so far, it's obvious NOW that helping the American public financially was NEVER the plan EVER!! Instead these Capitol Hill corporate shills were secretly planning to assist in the largest wealth transfer in American history while PRETENDING to help workers and the less fortunate while at the same time engaging in the typical political theatrics while millions of people are LITERALLY suffering right now.

  26. So why the hell has everyone been favoring Joe Biden ???? !!! Where the hell is his voice in this crisis? ? PLEASE get Bernie in the White House ???

  27. Where is Elizabeth Warren ? These "moderate democrats", what a joke of a name, all they are looking about – are the donors of their party. What a shame !

  28. This whole video is a complete falsehood. Bernie had NO ROLE in drafting the Democrat parts of the bill. The unemployment provision was put in place by Senator Michael Bennett. The bill was NEVER in danger of not being passed with this provision, and it was passed unanimously in the Senate. If those 4 Senators had issue it would've still passed 92-4. This is more Bernard grandstanding when everyone else like Elizabeth Warren already did the heavy lifting. Bernie is trash.

  29. Bernie fights for we!
    ..The establishment DNC and GOP fights for gold worshipping wealth hoarding self interest.
    It’s time everyone fights back anyway they can…write letters, make calls, run for office, stay informed and do the research so information can spread when corporate media hides and lies.
    Change is now and we can be the difference when we work together for a better future beyond ourselves.

  30. Ironically, the Gop men-babies are THE biggest free-loaders this country has ever seen! They do not work a MINUTE a day, yet they somehow DESERVE our tax dollars so they can pay their gay lovers to stay silent and buy a few more yachts?

  31. I've been saying for decades that republikkkans are trying to kill off us elderly, disabled and poverty stricken people. I'm all three.

  32. And people will still vote for those Senators because a bulk of our population is borderline brain dead. Its horrifying.

  33. Can't help it, love Bernie, & how he stands up for those in need, no matter the social cost! ? I think any Senator complaining should try & live w/the 1st amount they were going to give, before Bernie. Add min wage, for the time they wrk. Or if not wrkng, unemployment for the min wage, for 4 mnths. Do that, w/out using any other money for anything, & I won't complain about them again. Quit, & drop the Bernie is a crazy socialist, not saying vote for him, just sick of them attacking his ideas, for people they're not helping.

  34. When I saw Bernie travelling in economy on the plane, I thought this Man really cares and he does. Imagine the Turtle or Nunes going in Cattle Class, Nah it would just be impossible as Trump stringing three words together.

  35. And Democrats want Biden?! Go figure … they're scared of Bernie. FEEL THE BERN, PEOPLE! BERNIE FOR PRESIDENT!!!!

  36. Forgot Republicans, forget Democrats America truly needs this independent progressive candidate as president

  37. BRAVOS to Farron Cousins, and even more to Bernie SANDERS, for their aggressive stand of advocacy for working PEOPLE !!! in this time of crisis. We need Sanders in the White House, not Biden, and certainly not Trump !!! Bernie has integrity; Bernie has vision; Bernie has energy; and he has a workable program for dealing with this crisis, AND he has the power to beat Trump. Whether in the Senate, or (hopefully) in the White House, it's Sanders who is the REAL champion of real people !!!

  38. Hey Kentucky and Florida and all the other states where you have Republican Senator's and the few Democrats that were against this we'll remember this when you come up for reelection.

  39. This man time and time again proves that he has foresight in the ability to lead yet Americans keep screwing him over. I just don't understand why we can't get together behind this guy. He's the Clear Choice

  40. What boggles my mind is how so many people can see this speech from Bernie, and all his other speeches, and look at his political platform, and his history of senate votes and activism, and still think he wouldn't be the best candidate. No, they want Biden. Even if Biden wasn't making gaffes and stumbling over his words and not knowing how web cams work, even if he spoke perfectly, I haven't heard one thing from Biden that inspires my confidence in him to represent me or other average citizens. I have only really gotten that inspiration and confidence from Bernie, and to a slightly lesser extent Elizabeth Warren.

  41. When Bernie speaks it makes me want to support him, but when his supporters talk it makes me question if I can bring myself to do it.

  42. How is it that following the first 3 Primaries in a large field of candidates Joe Biden was considered dead but not buried? My answer is this: Because THE ESTABLISHMENT DNC had a plan to promise all failed candidates (except ELIZABETH WARREN) an indirect kickback – possibly position and power by withdrawing just prior to Super Tuesday – which they did leaving Bernie swinging and twisting in the wind. Moreover those failed candidates were told if you endorse an almost dead Joe Biden – the DNC will remember you favorably. If the travesty in IOWA wasn't a warning shot that the DNC's book of dirt was alive and well then THE ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA – MSNBC & CNN would reinforce the legitimacy there – BERNIE WAS MUGGED AGAIN. How is it that 75% of the electorate wanted EVERYTHING BERNIE SANDERS stood for from the most POPULAR & ONLY HONEST POLITICIAN IN WASHINGTON & have it robbed by the usual suspects? The same group that supported the CLINTON MOB FAMILY. BIDEN IS MISSING – HE'S SICK but watch the DNC do another loaves and fishes and replace him with another anointed stooge


  44. What's so stupid is that in most states you can't refuse to go back to work. Your job can report that they offered you to come back to work. In many states you certify on a regular basis and you have to report if your job offered you to come back or anyone offered you a new job. You actually cannot refuse work that pays you close to what you make in unemployment.

  45. Actually other people other than Bernie talked about people getting more than one check. I heard it from more than Bernie. I'm not trying to knock Bernie, but I don't like how Bernie, OBama, Bush, or any other supporter acts like their guy is the only one to either come up with or support an idea

  46. That's why the politicians never do any fucking real work. Cause they know they'll always have that government pay check waiting for them, and corporate lobbyists to help subsidize them, who needs to work?

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