Bernie and Warren Are FAR LEFT EXTREMISTS!

The David Pakman show subreddit now has nearly
14,000 subscribers. Um, this is a great place for people to talk
amongst themselves about politics to suggest ideas for the show. Uh, we have one of the
largest independent progressive media subreddits and it is increasingly active with a lot of
good stuff and stuff I don’t agree with, which is totally fine. One Post I noticed this morning
is a post from someone named everybody loves crayon saying, David needs to stop with the
Shtick that candidates like Warren and Bernie aren’t far left in the context of modern American
politics. They are, maybe they aren’t far left when compared to David’s personal views,
but they are in modern American politics. David loses credibility with people like me
on the right. When he says stuff like this, you can’t just compare them to other countries
in Nordic countries. They’re not far left. So what? We’re not in Nordic country or any
other non American country. This is a very typical right-wing view, which
is as he says, it’s not, we’re not any non-American country. We are America. Therefore everything
has to be evaluated solely in the context of what is normal in America. That’s a loser’s
game and the person says, you know, I, I lose there on the right. I lose credibility with
them. When I say Bernie and Warren are not far right, I would lose credit quote credibility
with you for something else. You’re, you’re not the person that I need to maintain credibility
with. You have a very narrow American centric view merely because you live in the United
States understand that the world is more than the United States. I’m trying to present a
perspective on this channel now on my, on my show that tells us, just because you’re
a US-based blinders give you one impression doesn’t mean that when you expand your horizons,
you realize the very different political reality of the world. So that’s why I you, the whole point here
is to say, yeah, we have a very skewed view in the United States of what is considered
far left. When you look at any other developed rich country like ours, anywhere in the world,
they have a healthcare system that makes sense. They deal with gun control in a way that makes
more sense, et cetera. So I, I completely reject what it is that you’re saying here.
And if I’ve lost credibility with you, because I’m telling you the reality that in the United
States you have an Overton window that is far to the right of where it should be given
what other countries are doing and have achieved. Uh, then, I’m sorry, I guess I’m not credible
on that basis. Another post from the subreddit, a very interesting article on Huffington post,
which encourages Beto O’Rourke to pick a race that he can win. This is a exactly what I have been saying
for a couple of months now. Beto O’Rourke in the first democratic debate imploded. He
lost any chance he had to be the Democratic nominee. Doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy and it
certainly doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to see Beto replace a senator in Texas. He
failed to do so with Ted Cruz in 2018, but maybe he could do it with John Cornyn in 2020
and I set it what it must, six, eight weeks ago, Beto should abandon the presidential
campaign, go back to Texas and use his national recognition to run against John Cornyn. Uh,
there are now more and more op-eds that are suggesting he do exactly that. I love it.
He should do it. He’s got no shot to win the Democratic nomination. Some people I know
will write in and say, David, he has no shot to defeat John Cornyn. He can get in the way of John Cornyn in a
very significant way, causing Republicans in Texas and nationally to have to spend a
ton of money to defend that seat. It will weaken Texas for Republicans if Beto simply
does as well as he did against Ted Cruz, and I actually think he could win. Um, it would
be a fight, but I think that he could win. So really glad that people on the subreddit
are pointing to that. Join the David Pakman show [email protected] slash reddit
that’s r e d d it, I think before we know it, we’re going to have a 15,000 sub reddit
subscribers. They’re very exciting stuff.

100 thoughts on “Bernie and Warren Are FAR LEFT EXTREMISTS!”

  1. Just because the right wing has continued to move rightwards and now fallen off an extreme right cliff does not mean they get to redefine the center of our politics as also moving to the right along with them. A lot of the Democrats like Clinton and Obama are really Center / right of Center politicians but are now considered extreme left by these crazy right-wing loons. Bush or Reagan would not be considered a conservative enough by them.

  2. They are far-center. I know that doesn't make sense, but it makes more sense than calling them far-left. By calling them centrists, we are comparing them to the American people, not the other corrupt politicians.

  3. I live din Texas for over 20 years. I think Beto could win. There are more Dems than people think in Texas.
    Texas is not a pure Red state.
    Obama got 43.7% of the vote in 2008…
    Hillary got 43.2% in 2016 while Trump got 52.2%… 9 Points difference…
    Trump could lose Texas in 2020
    So yes Beto definitely has a shot. The gerrymandering however will cripple his chances.

  4. I watch david pakman and kyle’s shows, both of which support bernie and warren’s policies. But I have a couple questions about the policies which I think haven’t been answered. Please don’t call me misinformed or dumb or anything, just answer my questions. I am only a kid so bear with me.

    1. Instead of having m4a, why not just have medicare for whoever wants to switch from their private insurance, and then have everybody realize that m4a is better and eventually everyone will switch. Why not just let people make their own choices to get rid of their premiums and deductibles and copays. I get health insurance from my parent’s employer (MIT) and my parents tell me that it’s better than m4a so they wouldn’t switch if they had the choice. So why not let people make the decision themselves, and then all the people with worse insurance than m4a will switch and pay into it with increased taxes, and all the people with better insurance can stay on their better insurance. Then everyone will be covered at least as well as medicare and nobody will need to be forced into it. That’s better, right?

    2. Instead of having free state college, why not have greatly cost reduced state college, say 5000 a year, with federal subsidies. In Europe they have free college and it’s a problem because the teachers have less motivation because they don’t see the students as paying customers. So they don’t put too much effort in, for the most part. So why not have greatly cost reduced college, reduced so much that students can almost pay for it with a summer job? That way they will still be seen as paying customers and will need to be treated as such, but they won’t end up with insane loans.

    3. Wouldn’t a $15 minimum wage reduce hiring, so wouldn’t it be better to ensure that everyone gets at least a minimum standard of living by having a UBI paid for by tech companies or by the rich? Also, some people can’t work and the 15 dollar minimum wage doesn’t help them. And it seems like small businesses would not be able to hire as many employees or go out of business. So why not put the cost of giving everyone a minimum quality of life on the very rich and the tech companies that are driving people off their jobs with automation? That way it wouldn’t be burdened by the small businesses, and people who can’t work or who have been replaced by robots can still benefit from our growing economy.

  5. Majority of people(dem,rep, & ind) want M4A, Free public college, higher min wage, affordable housing, money out of politics, gun reform ,etc.

    Therefore Bernie is a CENTRIST, not far left.

  6. ???????? my hats off to you David! Narrow minded right wingers don’t understand they always vote against their best interests ??‍♀️???

  7. Imagine being a MAGA guy, it must feel weird to perceive basically every country on earth except the USA as extreme left.

  8. Political mainstream politics (the so-called Overton window) in the US has shifted far to the right over the last two decades. What is considered today as being centrist, is in reality completely right-wing extreme. So let's not refer to what Fox tries to sell as main-stream. Let's step a bit back, look at the whole picture and recognise how far off we have drifted compared to what a civilised society should call normal.

  9. Also, Pakman' has a global audience. (Probably bigger non-US than conservative audience?) If he'd call Warren far left, his European audience could say that's hurting his credibility.

  10. It's not a secret what political left and right means. Oversimplifyed, right means everyone works for themselves, left means everyone works for everyone. So the middle would be something like part of your and everyone's income goes to the community, to finance stuff that one person could not pay for alone, but benefits everyone. The USA are to the right of that scenario, the taxes they pay don't even benefit the taxpayer, they are wasted on the military and foreign bs nobody needs.

  11. so I guess having policies that the majority of the country agrees with is seen as "extreme" by the right and the right wonders why they have no "credibility".

  12. OP thinks they are far-left, compared to his Personal Views. He thinks they are far-left because he disagrees with them the most… OP is a hypocrite.

  13. Get em David! They keep resisting and we’ll keep moving left. All the way to seizing the means of production and shipping the rich to a deserted island. Viva la America!

  14. I can't believe how far to the right America has drifted. Bernie's positions are actually pretty close to Eisenhower's, who was a Republican.

  15. You lose points with me even though that's all you can ever do. These Republicans are insane. If you call everything "far left" it means nothing. Bernie and a PC "them/they" trans parents are not equal, in terms of far left.

  16. Also, the first post guy doesn't account for the fact that what is considered 'left' now was centrist 40 years ago, and 'far left' is what was considered mainstream liberalism for 50+ years (from the breakup of the robber barons to the New Deal to Civil Rights). This guy, if we didn't have Medicare at all would say that as an idea it's 'Far Left'. It's not now, and it certainly wasn't back then. Keep resisting the media's recharacterization of left politics as 'far left' because they do get leverage out of it by conflation and disinformation.

  17. Mr. Overton window… "David loses credibility with people like me on the right who are so used to hearing fox news call bernie and warren far left extremists that we don't have another frame of reference to avoid this availability fallacy"

  18. This is such a bad title. it's the equivalent of clickbait for you. It's just mean. I get your point but we can do better. There **Will** be People who see this and believe it. Why advertise for the right for free? I'm a patreon for you . Please do better.

  19. A far right extremist kills you or takes your rights away.

    The fuck does a far left extremist do? Ensure you get healthcare and access to abortions whether you like it or not?

    Sounds like regular old leftism to me… almost like the idea of "far left" is just ridiculous nonsense to start with… surely not tough…

  20. These arguments from the Right are to be dismissed as disingenuous anyway because history tells us that no matter who the Democrats table they will be accused of being "too far to the left". Evidence number one; Barrack Obama. No socialist, he.

  21. All I know is they want to do what's right. Fuck party. Vote for the one that cares about the people and NOT OIL AND GAS!!

  22. They are making a disingenuous argument. You KNOW that in the very next breath they are going to shout "Venezuela!" or "Stalin!", neither of which is American. It is straight out of 1984. Remove words that can even let us distinguish Bernie Sanders from Stalin as these trolls themselves push for all the same anti-democratic and authoritarian crimes as Stalin.

    * Social Democracy IS NOT a synonym for Communism.
    * Nationalism IS NOT a synonym for Patriotism.
    * Freedom IS NOT a synonym for Oligarchy.

  23. I think David forgot to mention that Bernie's policies (Tax the rich, Medicare for all) actually have majority support. How can that be "Far-Left" even if you only look at the American spectrum?

  24. Current Republican voters simply do not have any tangible connection with reality.

    They are in their own bubble. We gotta be vigilant in popping it every time. That ballot is the needle. Keep on popping.


  26. So if they're far left in the American political context, what is the Nazi party in that same context? Centrist? Fuck right off…
    By definition Sanders and Warren are social democrats, which also by definition is a moderate position, in which a capitalism-based economy funds a social State.


  28. Yes, Bernie is an extremist. He wants the USA to be a real democracy. He doesn't want any Americans dying because they can't afford heath care. He want the US to address the climate change; he's thinking of future generations. Bernie Sanders is a menace to wealthy taxpayers. Let us face it. He really is an extremist. Vote for Biden. He said famously, "Nothing will change." Good old Joe. He's a real comfort. Just like that Clinton gal.

  29. If the progressive candidates would get off the gun confiscation kick, they may stand a chance. Millions of Americans will vote for Trump for that one reason.

  30. "Mommy, Daddy, and FOX give me my politics and anything that deviates from that is more than I can handle" – Every Trumpist

  31. You do not have to look to European/Scandinavian countries in order to make your case that Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren are not far left. You just need to look right here in the good ol' US of A to our very own 32nd president of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt. During his 1944 State of the union address, he proposed a 2nd bill of rights which included such "far left" ideas as the right to a job, a living wage, housing, medical care, education, and more. The ideas espoused by Sanders & Warren are not new, nor are they "far left" unless you consider Franklin Roosevelt a "radical leftist/communist/socialist/insert label here". What they are, are ideas that are long overdue for implementation and will only serve to strengthen this nation during a time when it is sorely needed.

  32. This is why it's good when talking politics to see if you can ask people somewhere to articulate what the extreme left and right take on an issue is to see how out-to-lunch they are. Usually, they're so far out to lunch they think Obama is a communist, if you have my luck.

  33. Pffft!
    Theyre actually pretty moderate in reality.
    Conservatives are so far to right of fascists everyone seems extremist left even the quakers.

  34. You leftist better tone down the Marxist rhetoric. It's not going to end well. That is the reason I walked away from the left. Nobody wants to live in a Communist America.

  35. Even if you were to put it in an American context, shouldn't you at least base it on popular opinion in the country? I mean, the policies poll very well amongst Americans – so are they really far left, or even extremist when they are the most mainstream view amongst Americans?

  36. U.S. Politics has always tilted to the right, most corporate Dems would be considered right (not even center-right) worldwide, so it makes it seem as thought Bernie is far-left when in most countries, he'd be a moderate. However, if he can win the election and start veering politics to the left, in the far future we might get what other developed nations would call a far-left candidate pushing for "radical ideas", hell even Bernie knows his ideas aren't "radical", he's just trying to push the U.S. to the position all other developed nations are at.

  37. Dude, where did you come from? You're not ranting and raving and drawing on a chalkboard and talking fast with a high-pitched voice. And you're making perfect sense. Are you for real?

  38. You're given an olive branch to start a real conversation with someone on "the other side" and you spit in their face. But I guess you say it best you don't want people like him listening to you just people who agree with you I guess

  39. America is by far, the most socialist country in the world for the rich, the rest of you poor mofos are under some kinda medieval hunger games system.

  40. Americans have got to stop confusing Communism, Stalinism and Socialism. Europe and Canada are socialist. I'm an expat who lives in Europe and I can say from first hand experience that the socialized healthcare, education, housing and basic living standards are higher than in the US. We can have a discussion about degrees and dosage, but to be outright against the very concept of socialism is delusional and ignorant. Young people should be taught these concepts in history and civics classes at school. I don't understand what's going on here. Just a basic high school education should be giving people the tools to think clearly,

  41. Far left X-treme is different than far left, it has spicy nacho cheese with it's relatively sensible social and foreign policies.

  42. It's a sign of the times that Sen Warren is viewed as radical, and Trumpism is presented as reasonable. I'm so done with our provincial view of the world.

  43. I think that this is just the ordinary Biden supporter (or that of another right-wing Democrat, who's running in this year's primaries), not a Republican.

  44. That is the problem. Americans doesn't travel that much and as such take their views from the mainstream media

  45. I think Pakman was too critical. The fact is that we generally evaluate not by the standard of other countries but our own. By the standard even of Europe ( check out Denmark )would u say that Trump's immigration policies are very moderate. Or by the standard of the world that Evangelicals view on gay issues are very moderate. Compare the more right-wing views here toward Muslims with the incarceration of 100,000's of Uighurs by China. Most often we evaluate according to the US political spectrum. That said, I really wish we had better news coverage and analysis of the politics and policies of other countries. We may realize that the political differences in the United States are relatively minor.

  46. Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are far left?? Only in the United States! In every other western country they would be moderate centrists.

  47. I agree beto should abandon the presidential race and go back to Texas. I also believe he can win. His run against Ted Cruz should prove that it is possible for Democrats to win in Texas. The country is changing. Texas is going to be up for grabs soon

  48. This show has gotten so repetitive. We get it, conservatives think democrats are socialists/communists who want to rule your life. What else is new? Next David Pakman title: "SHOCKER conservative brain MELTS like the ice sheets when confronted with CLIMATE CHANGE!"

  49. It is absolutely ridiculous to classify Bernie Sanders is an extremist it's fucking ridiculous he absolutely supports capitalism with controls he is exactly the same as a Democrat would have been in the forties and fifties he's actually probably further right than that because of his experience in in the Senate. In Texas the problem is is that the right wing propaganda machine AKA Fox News has got people thinking that social programs equal destructive dictatorships and guerrilla warfare coos. It's absolutely absurd how little they know about political ideologies in general they call themselves conservatives and they are they're the furthest away from conservatism that you can possibly get. Not one of them is conservative or understands conservatism in general. They are absolutely the radical group and they don't even know it

  50. David completely missed to boat on this one. Making the argument that in the rest of the world Bernie and Warren are fairly mainstream does not contradict the point the commentor was making, it merely emphasises it. Yes, many in the US are isolated in their mentality, and this is particularly true of the political media that shapes views, but merely restating the point does nothing to further the argument. The commentor is arguing that IN AMERICA Bernie and WArren are far left. The fact is, the commentor is utterly wrong, not because of the political views of people in Canada, New Zealand, Europe, etc, but by the barometer of political views in the US itself. THAT is the argument that David should have made, that, despite the political parties that get voted for in the US, despite most of the candidates on offer being centrist or right leaning, despite most people's beliefs about where they stand politically, polling shows again and again that, when questioned about actual policies and issues, in carefully crafted questions that remove leading and partisan wording and terminology, the American people are overwhelmingly to the left, and that Bernie and Warren's views fall right into the mainstream. The overton window reflects the political world, the media world, and the perception of what sort of place America is, but Bernie and Warren reflect the reality of where the American people actually are.

    This would have ben a far more effective argument from David, and I'm surprised he went with the other one.

  51. With that view you cant learn from anyone else, the longer it takes to learn and grow, the more time you spend stewing in your own juices.

  52. I get a good chuckle every time I hear that, I think most of the GOP would consider Eisenhower a Far Left extremist these days

  53. Not to mention Warren and Sanders are within the public mainstream on an issue-by-issue basis. American elite discourse, on the other hand, is very narrow and fairly conservative.

  54. Love the way David spelled “Reddit” out … just in case people didn’t know and had no ability to use their browser. ????
    But seriously. I loved the answer he gave about our insanely shifter Overton window in this country. He’s right and the commenter on Reddit is extremely biased and without international perspective (no, that is not a good thing.) I also agree with David on Beto.

  55. When you look at the policies that the majority of Americans want, Bernie and Warren are center on the spectrum. When you look at what large corporations want, they are leftists. I think it is wrong to say that they are leftist from the American perspective.

  56. Why pressure Beto to leave the race and not Julian Castro? He is (marginally) ahead of Castro in the polls. Anyway, I'm loathe to tell anybody that they should leave the race until actual voters have actually voted?

  57. Most political movements in the world would consider Republicans in the US. Neo-Facists. Therefore a Democrat is simply a Centrist. Extreme left do not exist in the US . By the way Nazis and White supremisists are not left wing. They are as Facist as they come.

  58. Think of the political spectrum like the colour spectrum. Let's call the red end of the spectrum the right. If all you've ever known is red and orange, yellow seems like far-left. However, in reality it isn't – it's in the centre, you just haven't seen green, blue or violet. In the USA, you have the far-right Republicans (some of whom are extreme right) and the centre-right Democrats. You have a few politicians in the centre (e.g. Warren) or centre-left (e.g. Sanders). You don't have a left, let alone a far-left.

  59. Names divide. Simply ask yourself if you would rather have what's going on now? Or a much better political reality after the next election. Most politicians are already vetted by the system (elite/powerful/wellplaced) WAY before they get into the driver's seat. So, barring the travesty ongoing now, most candidates will be about the middle of the road more or less. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, you know the drill.

  60. I wonder if the person who posted that realizes that today Ronald Reagan would be considered left wing? Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to illegal immigrants and he also mandated that hospital emergency rooms treat any human who walks through the door regardless of their ability to pay. Both are things the GOP today call communists. If Trump was in a primary against Reagan in 2020 the right wing today would say Reagon was in favor of open borders.

  61. The better question is how does the rest of the world see Trump and Mitch McConnell? My guess is many people in other countries would consider them fascist on the order of 1930s Germany.

  62. I respectfully disagree. Sanders and Warren aren't far left because their views are aligned with most (at least around half I'd guess) Americans. Far-left would be if they only could find a small group of fringe supporters. The establishment Dems aren't moderates– they are corporate lackeys.

  63. Absolutely great point David – you don't need to keep credibility with republicans! And again, Benie and Liz are not "far left"!

  64. NOW I finally realize why the conservatives in the USA are so cruel, inhumane, gun-loving, misogynist, patriarchal racists! They've realized that Jesus himself was a brown, destitute, kind hearted, poor people supporting, anti-gun, pacifist, hugs-instead-of-walls, anti-schoolchildren-killing, long-hair-hippie, men-skirt wearing, no-mistresses, no kids in cages-policies, practice-what-you-preach, truth telling, anti-tax evasion, revolutionary, out-of-wedlock teenage-mom kid, utterly poor Jewish refugee! Alelujah, I have seen the light – I am far left! ??? (AND he wasn't even American, so him coming from a non-blond shithole country disqualifies him from getting a green card… What a loser! SAD.)

  65. if we are so entrenched by the war on labelling politics, we are doomed, since we are not giving the due and required attention to the critical issues facing this nation and the rest of the world

  66. the democratic presidential candidate has a chance at Texas too. Texas is a toss up state this election that Republicans cannot afford to lose to stand a chance. if Texas and Montana go blue, it would be the biggest humiliation for the Republican party.

  67. Now imagine getting this guy to talk to someone in China about democracy and they say: Democracy wouldn't work for China. China isn't the USA or France. In the context of our country democracy is a form of extremism.

    Would he accept that as a good argument?

  68. Canada isn't a nordic country . We have so many if not all of bernie ideas . WTF really , this guy's so lost to the right . He's clueless.

    Far left . Lmao .

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