Beowulf Blockchain – We Empower You to Empower the World

Hi, I’m Beowulf! I’m not the monster slaying Beowulf that you saw in the Beowulf movie but I’m a decentralized network that leverages the people’s computers around the world just like the ones that you and your friends use to power the global communication network on the blockchain We empower doctors to treat patients better and patients to have better access to the best doctors for their health concerns even when they’re in a rural areas We empower schools to provide better education for their students accommodating a much bigger student population at a cheaper cost even with complex subjects such as biology, medicine or even Chinese language We empower banks and insurance companies to take the proper steps toward improving their overloaded customer service We empower online traders and businessmen/women to protect themselves from robo-calls abuse and to have better communication We empower taxi drivers to save money and riders to have a better riding experience We empower farmers to have better business communication better traceability for farming products and in the process improve the quality of their lives By staying true to our values and keeping innovation at the core we are empowering you to empower the world and to transform lives of others into better, smarter, and healthier ones Beowulf – Connect people by the people

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