Beginner Blockchain & Cryptocurrency for MN Women in Tech

Minnesota Blockchain Initiative @mnblockchain a bearer asset means that if your are the ‘bearer’ you have 100% ownership Note: this is a **VERY** simplified description of how consensus is reached (for a beginner audience) Nick Szabo, considered the creator of the ‘smart contract’ many years before blockchain popularized its use You might think “well, a SQL Server database has a stored procedure or a trigger that could really operate in the same way as a smart contract.. Many people are working right now to develop the technologies so that these assets can actually be tokenized If cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are considered *programmable money* Then tokenized assets can be thought of as *programmable ownership* Makes the technology very expansive when you realize you can program ownership Fourth Industrial Revolution Because ‘blockchain’ sits within this context “decentralized consensus” so I want people not to get hung up on the word blockchain. Think “decentralize”. But I just want you to see that blockchain is an amorphous term that encompasses a lot as we’re moving forward with these technologies. Elimination of cash. Is that a good thing? the tracking of every single move we make … (yikes!) social credit system discourages authentic behavior proliferation of 5G which is the fifth generation *cellular* technology *many documented health effects* that 5G will bring with it mindless addiction to our devices, and a disconnection from nature

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