BeeHive DAPP-A-Lytics (Purification System)

we want to get back all the money that
was ours to begin with every last drop we demand an end to the glorification of
the bear as anything more than a filthy smelly big-headed bad-breath stink
machine I believe we’re all aware of what they do in the woods crypt a slo
cryptocurrency news and investing crypto slo with another honey gains update
what’s going on guys so latest update on the Beehive game the
contract is still buzzing along quite nicely I’ve got my honey production up
to six thousand 633 which is about 3100 TRX a day I have done two upgrades on
the purification system and contracts contributed 4.1 and withdrawn is at five
five five so yeah so now I’m down to these bees down here the Droid bees I’ve
got about six more to finish the Droid bees but these are 250,000 and wax each
so they’re pretty pricey bees at this point my strategy like I said I haven’t
been using honey to buy bees I don’t think you should I think you should you
know play the game get in with what you’re gonna get in and then
strategically purchase I mean if you’re short like 20,000 or something you know
you may use a little honey or it just depends on how close now looking at this
game I did check out these bees down here and these bees are actually way
more expensive on the hundred eleven percent than the super bees the super
bee price actually drops back down to 250 thousand wax where
this Tron be up here is 750,000 wax so it takes wow it’s a lot 750,000 wax
times 32 bees divided by 50 it’s gonna take four hundred eighty thousand TRX to
get all these strong bees and then it’s gonna drop down significantly on for the
super bees but the super bees are where the moolah is at so looking at the DAP
radar and checking transactions and a volume everything is still looking
pretty solid everything’s on the up which you want to watch for on contracts
like these is the peak it Peaks out and then it starts to decay so usually
people are compounding in the game to a certain point and then like I said it’s
similar to like a mini daily but with a graphical UI so far no withdraw problems
anything like that you know these guys are audited and seem pretty pretty legit
so games going pretty smooth now excuse me let’s look at some of my analysis I’m
actually starting a be later analysis page and the concept behind this is to
start doing a little anal analytics on this B stuff so the way I’ve got it set
up right now basically in the spreadsheet is you only have to enter
the wax and the honey for the purification data so let’s go ahead and
snap that over here and let’s see we’re gonna do
this and look there and we’ll go back to the B page so my current is 84 42
so that’s wax 84 42 and then let’s look at honey production that is going to be 66 3366 33
so now start to look at some of the numbers boss this out a little bit so
the idea behind this spreadsheet that I’m building is to see if purification
is actually worth it or if it’s kind of a distraction in the game to distract
you from winning the game getting your CRX back so yeah so it’s pretty it’s
pretty linear in the sense actually let me do something here let me
save this and then reopen it any 141 oh okay no everything’s legit so as you can
see up here I’ve got the one-hour TRX and the 24-hour TRX and that’s whack so
it’s really you could only get more bees with it and then the honey so like I
said the honey in the game is kind of a distraction because those are what are
getting back into your wallet so I found that each of the purification levels
with the 2% stays pretty steady that was the one thing I noticed that doesn’t
really make sense to me is like right now I’m on level three upgrade and that
is going to be two hundred thirty five thousand honey which lets take that and
figure out the wax that’s forty seven hundred Tron so that’s not too bad of an
upgrade that’s not too bad of an upgrade but it just depends you know you have to
divide that out in your daily output to see if it’s worth it to you if it takes
two weeks to recover the honey for the upgrade then you know it may not be
worth it for you to search for that purification data so because here’s the
thing with like the super bees you if you get to that point the percentage
jumps see we go 111 and then it jumps significantly so but the purification
doesn’t do that it only goes up two percent each time so like for example me
getting this is the four thousand TRX that’s going to put me back another like
one point two days on you know moving towards winning winning
and breaking even so you know you have to strategize in these games and that’s
like I said that’s what these games are all about figuring out as early as
possible where you know where you think it’s
worth it where it’s not worth it so you can see down here 24 hour how many
purification levels so and then as you get more honey obviously you’re be
compounding is going to be less so that’s really my strategy for now is
I’ll probably get one more upgrade on the purification system as far as using
honey for bees I probably won’t unless I’m like borderline like close like I
said if I’m like 1020 thousand short wax I may consider using honey strategically
but you know like I said that’s that’s different for everybody and you have to
kind of figure out what works best for you if you’re interested in getting a
copy of the spreadsheet as always I don’t post links to spreadsheets like
that on YouTube just because it’s kind of you know it’s they just don’t like
external links like that so but if you’re interested in it send me DM me
and my telegram join my telegram I’ve got a crypto slow telegram which gets
you access to me and it’s completely free so it’s kind of the crypto slow
community that’s down below in my social links so if you want to have access to
me join my telegram and like I said I can put up the link for my Bo later it’s
on Google Drive and then as I make more additions to it I will you know I can
you’ll have the link and you can just download your own copy and modify the
wax and honey values so that it fits you that’s it for today’s video hope you
enjoyed it got some big news coming for bankroll Network going to be doing some
onboarding series videos to help people understand how bankroll Network works
and should be pretty exciting it’s gonna be a really really cool series it’s
gonna be geared more towards new people that maybe are staking and super
representatives and basically understanding that you know if they
would move their stake over to credits at a minimum just with the at Network
normal network activity they’re probably gonna get paid higher dividends than
just staking on a super representative so that’s it hope you enjoyed it this is
crypto so if you’re not talking honey gains then we’re not talking

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  1. The best analysis of the project !!
    The author of the video, you are a very good speaker !! The beginning of the clip with bees – each clip is different! Waiting for a new creative))

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