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♫ H3H3 Theme Song ♫ ♫ Wow, Ethan, great moves, keep it up, proud of you. ♫ ♫ H3H3 Theme Song ♫ I recently discovered that someone tried to put a curse on me [ETHAN] Holy shit This guy is talking about curses. What year is this dude? Did I hear that right? – I didn’t find out that I was under magical atack by announcements made through facebook posts or bloggers [ETHAN] He is honestly talking about curses and magic I think we better roll that intro again I think we missed something [Guy] After decades of experience witnessing and creating both benevolent and meline miracles through magic I know better. This universe and everything inside of it is steeped in another world. A world of power and energy [ETHAN] Does anybody get the feeling this guy like takes himself just a
little bit too seriously you talk. you got you got no sleeves,
okay your wearing a collared shirt with no sleeves you got gel in your hair I mean you got the fashion sense of a
seventh grader we’re talking about black magic I mean tone it down guy you’re here in
front of a green screen with the image called spooky force dot PNG unlike me that is my fashion is always
on point my taste is the best, call me up Calvin I’m waiting for you Calvin klein.
[Guy] Those who don’t believe in the powers of darkness or those who foolishly assumed
that they’re somehow immune to it are usually the ones who suffer and perish
the fastest when targeted by a real black master. [ETHAN] Perish? what are you, what are you, what are you? Is that a death threat? I’m gonna perish you trying to kill me dude I, what I thought that curses were like you hit your toe on the wall or pour a bowl of cereal
and you’re out of milk you’re talking about killing people dude
that’s crazy I thought you were just a harmless sweet
guy who played a little bit too much dungeon and dragons, but you’re talk about
killing people [Guy] so if you’re not able to deal with the
fact that your magical actions could cause your attacker harm or even death then do not use this particular ritual [ETHAN] I
don’t trust this guy he’s gonna spend his whole life trying to curse people
he’s just going to say fuck it dude I’ve tried to kill a hundred people and
they’re all still living i’m just going to go buy a fucking gun and all the
sudden you know yyyeeaaeah you guys know where it goes from
there dude. [Guy] Ask me to your flame so that i may resign forever with you In darkness I *uncomprehending babble. ♫ spooky scary skeleton song ♫ Are you out of your mind?! This guy is starting to
spook me out dot PNG a little bit let’s proceed cautiously first you’ll need a fetish link connecting you
to your attacker this can be a piece of hair, clothing, a
writing sample, a photograph is the best link thing to have and yes you can print one
out from your home computer to use for this ritual. My fetish link is complete second you’ll need some sea salt kosher
salt or simple table salt that’s all you have available you’ll also need some charcoal, now I
prefer to use the same charcoal discs that I burn my resin incense on but
really any sort of charcoal is going to work fine. By these holy charcoals I mean
holland charcoals I caught to create you curse let us prepare the trouble for the curse.
[Guy] you’ll also need a small mirror or handheld mirror, most mirror spells
require this to be a magic mirror rather than a common mirror. put the object
under cold running water like a natural River or even a kitchen sink.[Ethan] There you go Thats all it takes guys, magic mirror let’s
go complete the curse wash your hands and then shake the
energy off of your fingertips you can then give it a command verbalizing your
intention like mirror creature of glass with my breath I have given you life and with my breath
you will thrive and increase awaken as the waters of vision through which all
things may be seen as the well of knowledge from which nothing can be
concealed so it is *uncomprendable* (dank meme)
to do is crush up the charcoal until it’s a fine powder add in the sea salt
in about a 50-50 mix and continue crushing and pretty quickly you’re going to have black salt that’s a
nice curse growing there in that bowl I I think we’ve got a lot of potential
here on this curse once you have your black salt ready pour it in the bowl pour the black salt over a bowl of
french fries that way you can block the magical attacks and enhance the flavor
of your french fries, now is that magic or what? by the power of black magic I shall
enhance the flavor of these french fries looks good lets going for a bite ackk ackkk ackkk ack cough khag ackkkk *spits* black magic tastes like shit dude. [Guy] Now you’re gonna want to put this
away where you can forget about it so that you can forget about the curse and
forget about your enemy and get on with your life you thought this was just a goof but
we’ve been preparing our own counter curse i predicted he was going to be butt hurt and
try to curse me the secret recipe number one: hair gel bless this holy gel in the name of Satan.
Satan loves the hair styles of middle
schoolers bless my hair a little Jelly spike just like satan loves. This is the
favorite hairstyle of Satan recipe this cost ahhg I’m reborn how’s my hair look? does it
look good? Does it look holy? Does it look demonic? sick dude this is a fucking sick aggh aghh *coughs* aghhh Satan give me strength. You’re gonna place the mirror
on one side and you put the image of your attacker, the fetish link on the
other side once you have your black salt ready pour it
in a bowl, now with everything in place gaze at the arrangement and feel the
effects at the curse pushing it with your breath into the mirror box now you don’t want to put this away
where you can forget about it so that you can forget about the curse and
forget about your enemy and get on with your life and if you take anything away
from this today hopefully it’s that you’re not the only one out there who
knows how to use magic so act responsibly, act intelligently and
you shouldn’t have anything to worry about you must’ve taken the whole salad think tank to
come up with that five year free holy crap come on who’s the genius salad that
thought of this one. was it you Caesar or was it greek

100 thoughts on “Become a Living God — h3h3 reaction video”

  1. like all others, you're just making fun of something you know nothing about. I'd be very careful when it comes to making fun of people like this, whether you believe it or not you'll see some strange condenses unfold. You would be suprised how many people practice witchcraft or black magic. The most popular in today's world in Aleister Crowleys work . it's insane the amount of followers some groups have. Also it's not a coincidence everyone you see in a cult that practices black magick is a millionaire or in some way shape or form doing very well in life. You probably had some pretty bad luck after making this video, mocking ancient deities and in the craft community making fun of someone whos pretty credible and knowledgeable in working.

  2. I’m surprised H3 didn’t catch on to the guy saying that he’s the “black master” lel

  3. What is that dude?
    A witch or a drugdealer making his own drugs?
    Becouse he sounds as high as a kite annyway.

  4. When I interviewed him, he talked about curses and organizations that have people who do ritual murder.

  5. Holy crap I completely forgot about this guy. I used to watch him legit explain how to sacrifice chickens to Beelzebub so you can buy a Lamborghini. Don't bother trying, it didn't work; all I have to show for it is an old Ford and a brown stain on my carpet.

  6. Dude don't consume the instant light charcoal internally, it's coated in saltpeter. I recommend 100% coconut husk charcoal for your next dark ritual

  7. Its goofy to make fun of this because it sounds nuts to atheists who are unaware of anything spiritual, but this guy is literally summoning demon spirits and placing hexes over peoples lives….Its a form of witchcraft that has real satanic power.. Jesus is the Lord of all who is above all else so if you are not protected by the blood of Jesus Christ you can literally have your life taken by a demon spirit who is assigned to kill you. Its not funny at all and its extremely serious whether you realize it now or not. The ultimate thing that we should fear though, is the final wrath of God which is the vengeance of eternal fire on all who do not surrender to The Lord Jesus Christ and repent of sin.

  8. People who practice magic dont understand the concept of mind over matter. Its a real thing but it aint supernatural. You could just forget about you "attacker" without the ritual. But i guess some people need a tangible connection. To bad its so damn cringey.

  9. lol guys, just cause you don't know anything about the subject it does not mean it does not exist. If i don't believe in gravity does it still exist? ofcourse it does!
    I also thought this was BS, but than i started to read some esoteric writting about hermetics, magic, rituals… (A. Crowley, F Bardon), so check these guys out before rejecting this. Just my humble opininon, i won't try to change you, read some books if you don't believ me.

  10. The end of his video where he basically just tells the viewer to move on, is actually kind of sweet in it's own way

  11. The thing i found most interesting is that a thing like " kösher salt " exist. That s a genious idea, you rebrand salt. It's like diamond water or canned air " for gamers". Amazing

  12. This guy is mocked in every serious occult circles out there… Tells you a lot about how much of a living goof he is.

  13. Act intelligently!? Wouldn't that mean dont fuck with power beyond your comprehension. Go watch the butterfly effect you fool

  14. As someone who watched lucifer (VERY RELIGIOUS!) i can aproove that this is satan's hairstyle

    Such a shitty show tho

  15. From experience in Mexico they send a head of a dead loved one but it could just be the mafia idk but sometimes they curse it

  16. I like you I’m a subscriber but Your an imbecile for this Video,This Guy is one of the world’s Famous Black Magician Living up to Aleister Crowley.This Magician have even undergone attack by the Voodoo community for trying to expose their religion for what its really worth and what you truly need instead of undergoing the same religious Hierarchy.For those true practitioners you’ll know what I mean by this,but I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a taste of your own medicine for ridiculing the Power Of Manipulating Energy at Will to bring certain changes, Which is Black Magick.Educate yourself because this isn’t taboo or Fake there’s an actual science to prove this is an actual science wake up from your idiocy and enlighten your soul.

  17. Hey love the video, it is funny I’m not criticizing you but I would be careful pretending with that or making fun of it.

  18. He fell into his on brimstone of fire ..2019…but whatever…he learned from it…not n yet still has ads…n sells bullshit. Yep…cant make this fuckin shit up…😳😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜1 more😳

  19. I fucking love how with every ingredient he's like "You'll need purified earth from the bottomless pit of Samaria… Or just dirt will work".
    Like he wants to sound super serious but doesn't want people to feel like they can't participate.

  20. now i know why my curses aren’t working. i’ve been trying for years to curse ethan with a small ass, but my boy’s been thiccer than ever

  21. The real cringe here is the comments of people defending this trite bullshit.
    Satan is real, illuminati confirmed, the Earth is flat, and curses are real.. SPOOOOOOKKYYYYYY

  22. 4:19 damn you know you done goofed when Ethan‘s double chins are thiccer than your ass.🤡

  23. BE AWARE…You Would Be The First 1 To be Doomed in Hell if You Involves Yourself in any type Magic or Cursing on Others.

  24. I got a tweet saying i was under a magical attack so i emailed my spiritual advisor… After 10 easy payments of $99.99 I can proudly say that I am curse free…

  25. I love your videos and I know there are quite a few dumbasses on here who think E.A Koetting is a joke and comment all kinds of dumb shit about what he does and who he is, but let me tell you this, this man is not a joke, he could literally fuck your shit up from half way across the world. I myself practiced Black Magick for a few years and I know it's real. I'm Christian now but I will have nothing to do with this kind of garbage, it hurts people in the worst possible ways ever imagined. Like I said, I really enjoy your videos but not this one, you're playing with something you don't understand and that's dangerous. I don't know E.A Koetting personally, but this man can, and will fuck you up if he sees you're playing around and poking fun at him. This is his religion and if he wants to go to Hell after this life, it's on him. When you start shitting out your insides, your wife cheats on you, and/your child gets severely sick, don't wonder why!! And the Godless sheeple on here that think it's funny and jump on the bandwagon, they are the easiest to put curses on and completely destroy. Christians aren't!!

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