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[Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] Oh ready Oh let's get this party started shut up deadmau5 talk about some magic in that money let me just exit this screen over here good morning everyone I hope everyone's having a beautiful Tuesday morning wherever you might be in this world a beautiful world however it is starting to get a little bit more cold here in Helsinki Finland so my god that makes me happy coz I'm tired of this is fucking global warming bullshit for real it is so goddamn annoying anyways now that I'm not sweating off my ass at all hours of the day I just want to say hello to everyone out there and good morning to you all Jared how Brosky how you doing my friend I hope I'm saying your name right how you doing pleasure to have you in here who else we got publishes her rope reads have rope reads you as well Kristen hey welcome back president long time no see in a live stream so um so it's a pleasure to have you in here Donnell is first indeed you are who else we got Nick good morning to you head Savi what a good day from Vietnam I love the smell of bit cone in the moaning rocky gee how you doing man my man over there can we hello hello who mr. agent lazy boy what's up man how you doing over there in the West Coast Costco guy hello hello who else we got play one what's up man you like the samurai boys oh we have a hitch in Reno honor Begins what's up man what's goofy freak van are yo yo yo how you doing diesel TV hello how you how you doing my friend it's gone on topic at hand guys nice little crypto zombie session oh you can see that I am in a position right now I'm basically a break-even this is my demo account once again okay so over here over here I'm just gonna kind of run down what we saw in the last let's actually go to stamp over here what we saw in the last 24 hours since a lot since I was last on and essentially you know overall just we haven't seen any of the big triggers being hit so to say and and again with the way that we closed this yesterday is dildo right here as a nice Darth Maul dildo just kind of poking both sides that to me is you know it's pretty nasty the way that it's kind of posture right there now of course of course speaking I don't you know taken into account the underline market dynamics right now I actually look at this and while I while it screams you know get fucking short I don't want to and the reason why I don't want to get short right now is because we have a plethora of shorts you know piling on in the last uh what is it about four days now all the way from back here so we've gone from 17,000 shorts to about 23,000 shorts so that's quite literally 6,000 shirts being added in the span of you know what is this four days now that is very significant and that means that these people can very easily you know shorts typically typically speaking are gonna be more risk-averse and more likely to kind of get out of their positions if if it goes against them just a little bit we can see over here that pretty much you know it's pretty much just been straight up ever since the third at 1900 my time and that would equate to let's just get over here the third 1900 right around here so right here right now these shorts are feeling fine right they're feeling fine they're feeling great and that's all well and good definitely you know worth worth worth mentioning right there however however you got it you got to be asking yourself where would the where they kind of be you know where they likely to be shaking other positions if we were to have some sort of a short squeeze to remember 6,000 shorts being added in the span of you know four days and keep in mind that sticks 6000 on it just a $17,000 SART 17,000 number already which is you know that significant Reds that's significant you know a third being added very very fast so I'd imagine that they're probably managing there was somewhere right around the top of this tilde right here looking at this as a major rejection as we get as we get ready to head on further down and more more recently they're probably using the 200 simple moving average this red line right here on your 8 hour till the chart is what I would imagine so the way that I look at this right here is you know yes we are consulting right near a major support which is typically a bearish indication that we're likely to break to the true-true the downside but for right here right now I just feel like I don't want to be overly aggressive short my plan if we actually do break this 6800 level and again just putting on my drawing tools over here you can see that just this nice straight horizontal line right around here let me just make sure everything's working good beautiful awesome sorry about that guys um my plan for that is I'm actually gonna get over here on on de ribbon and start selling some of these out of the money calls the 7000 strikes look pretty damn good to me they've got about 130 as premium on him I could probably probably offer something like 140 or something like that middle the markets and and hopefully get filled so that's gonna be my tentative strategy if we break 6800 I actually don't want to in unless if I can get a better entry I don't want to like go short on the futures just yet I would rather sell the premium over here cuz man this is expiring on the 10th right this is expiring on the 10th so that is Friday this week and that means you know I'd be pretty damn comfortable with just kind of be naked those it may be a little bit and I want to keep my my underlying perps open if I want to go spot long on those to kind of hedge it if I need to so that give me like a nice nice $140 buffer but again remember that's that's on the $7000 strike so I'd have a little bit of reaction time right there as we're still you know $50 under and as we are on Tuesday you know that these things still do have a little bit of premium on them you know leading up to the x3 as you can see that premium actually gets widely um uh actually doesn't you know go up too much even on the Quarterly's right here this is expiring the 31st and I'm looking out over here and yeah it's you know it's about double the premium right or sorry it's okay well actually it's a lot more sorry about that I completely got that one wrong this is for 60 right here at 7000 so so so yeah those might be a little bit better to sell there's only one offered as you can see these they're there's there's no fucking volume on these things sorry one bid and four-and-a-half offered right here there's no fucking there there's no open interest on these things but you know fair enough is fair enough I'd rather you know I just kinda want to get my feet wet on this on this platform here I have a very very very very small balance which I'll be you know kind of playing with in this in the streaming account so to say so again back now over to the good old cones over here we are going to start to get some very powerful signals speaking on bearish crosses over here on your Exponential's especially on your higher time frames I believe all time frames are turning bearish up to the four hour perhaps yeah the four hours hasn't gone hasn't gone death cross just yet but it you know it's it's getting you know if unless we have a desperation rally in the next I guess 24 hours we we very well likely have that 55 cross to the downside of your purple 200 which will put intense pressure on the on the cone so to say again a lot of P are watching the four hour what about the six hour yeah six hour a little bit further away and so also so so your six hour and above are all still you know slightly neutral to me you know I wouldn't say that they're bullish but they're they're just they just haven't gone like full bear yet so to say so we're having a little bit of a start of step right here at this major sport that we've that we've been testing quite a few times as you can see it looks like last night while sleeping we had of actual formal tests on this support trendline at sixty eight thirty getting all the way down there I would not be a buyer I repeat I would not be a buyer if we came back down to test this area one more time again I know that it is within the blue balk territory but we have been you have kind of over overextended our welcome in my opinion on this blue box territory right here if we do and you can see that actually the the rising trend line of someone that kind of caught it this last time if we do come back down and test it again I would say that that's probably that's probably gonna be the camel that the straw that broke the camel's back or whatever the fuck that scene goes so um so again keep that in mind you know we do have this this bear flight information that we broke down from so if we do get a rally off here I'm looking somewhere right around 70 fifty to kind of get rid of this red of these cones again if you're just joining I do have a small small long position it's not like fucking tray to the or anything like that just kind of a boredom thing but I do see some good bind down here so I think the first reaction is probably gonna try to shake out some of these over aggressive shorts speaking speaking on the other side let's go check out but what the Long's are doing and Long's are actually getting more aggressive right now to actually I really haven't checked them out today too much but we have a lot of we have essentially just Long's going put being put up right around here on the fourth at 11 a.m. my time so what does that equate to 11 a.m. on the fourth right around here so they have an average price somewhere right around a little bit under 7,000 bucks we could say so you know in this range right here is you know six seven thousand dollars give or take a little bit so they you know I'm imagining or at least what I would imagine that they're thinking is that you know they're gonna be using this area right here your 6800 level as as a risk management tool so we actually do have you know both sides really gunning for now obviously shorts are a little bit more overextended but they also are not in pain and then Long's are in a little bit but again you know Long's can hold their positions underwater for a little bit longer typically typically you can just based off of the overall market dynamics but the second that we break this if we do break this in 6100 level that's gonna lead to the Cascade effect in my opinion you're gonna see a snowball as they kind of cascade into each other because again I would imagine a lot of people have you know their stops place around there everyone's everyone's fucking looking at this area you know it's it's you're 6.8 Fibonacci retracement if you're a bull and it's or 2 3 6 if you're a bear retracement off of this corrective wave right here so again both sides are quite literally you know right at the same point and this is gonna be one of those very very violent things if it does break and of course like I said I'd I wouldn't put it past him to have one more run-up to hit like the 70 300 level that would make sense to me to kind of wash out some of these more aggressive shorts again we do have going over here to our CMI's we do have a major gap right around here around 72 77252 7,300 typically speaking I mean basically always in in markets they've there's never been a gap that's been unfilled at least at least I'm aware of so that doesn't mean it's gonna happen anytime soon but if it did happen you know come back kind of tessa serie that would be a sell to me as you kind of fill in that gap and then and then and then do the real move downwards that's what it that's what i think it's is probably gonna happen but again we can just as easily just break this area I mean we've been kind of resting on this area this 68-hundred area for so goddamn long it's it's like how how much longer can you wear out your met we are welcome for right so again I'm not short right now my plan to be my plan is is if this does break if this if this area does break again I'm be selling these 7,000 calls over here for about a buck 40 or a buck 50 something like that depending on where I can get there's only one fucking bid so again you know it's it's gonna be hopefully someone has like a bot turned on and I can go take advantage of that that'd be great but yeah that's what I wanted you cuz again those though that premiums gonna get crushed as days expire again remember options you know they use time rather than you know just just static static like price movements I mean also that is you know we included in the in the calculation of course but don't get me know don't get me wrong it's it's more about the time decay and having theta pay you is the way that is a way that I think about that so again back now I'll be here to the good old cone let's just quickly go over what the Bears are looking at right here the Bears have an extremely strong case right now they have an extremely strong case while the Bulls essentially only have you know 6,800 left for them they've they've lost their following we´d formation they've lost the potential cup and handle formation and and overall the oh the only thing I can find for the for the Bulls right now at the current moment in time is a 6800 level which is your 6:1 a Fibonacci retracement all right the Bears have several things going in their favor again just by the most basic of basic ways 200 simple moving average this red line right here on your daily total time frame is still holding back a price action you know curtailing this move and now it now more importantly it's aggressively sloped downwards and that's you know it's it's kind of like the opposite of what was going on over here you're aggressively sloped upwards over here of course this does not look too too pretty on on mechs because there's not enough price information but as you can see over here you know aggressively slept sloped upwards that's just in the most basic of basic ways a bull market right then you start to kind of flatten it out and that's telling you oh ok the momentum is changing shifting we're going into more of a consolidation phase and then once it starts really aggressively sloping downwards right here and more importantly a rejecting price action for what is this you know the fourth or fifth time going all the way back over here that to me is indicative ok we are not just okay with living underneath this trendline we are the the bots in the big and the higher powers out of that be are bearish right now they want they want lower prices what it tells me so again whenever we're doing technical analysis I'm really you know really the basis of it is to figure out what the big accounts are doing who is you know who's doing what because at the end the day we're just trying to ride a super whales waves essentially you know when I talk about super whales I'm talking about someone with you know five hundred five hundred million to a billion bucks that kind of person can influence market for sure so yeah at the end the day you know that's that's essentially what we're doing with technical analysis is trying to figure out what the bigger accounts are doing with that said you know I mean obviously there's some more things going for the Bears you're back below your purple 200 exponential again after you know severe rejection right here and it's all it's not just the rejection right here that's that's telling it's the way that we got rejected just several tries right above 80 300 and all of them Swift reject it if you were watching price action at that moment in time like I was you would have seen you would have likely seen a bunch of market cells taking you above that 8300 resistance and then swiftly beans pushed right back down as soon as they got a few retailers kind of foam Owen and then price actually moves very very quickly away from from from that area and that's your institutional order flow and liquidity pools dynamics right there in front of you at play that to me tells me that the big accounts we're trying to get there fills on their shorts above here if they're trying to get their fills on shorts above here then we can make the assumption we can make the assumption that that this was your real move right here from ten thousand and fifty eight hundred and this was only a corrective wave upwards if that's true then it should it should follow that we match up with some sort of a Fibonacci retracement number and well you guys have already seen me do this million goddamn times before and look at that oh my god it lines up right with the six one eight the fucking golden pocket holy fucking shit man it's like they read my goddamn mind no of course I've done this many times and and you know it's it's by no mistake that you're two three six right here is kind of like that that bottom support that we're trying to ha to launch you because again you know the both the Bears and bulls are looking at this area if you're a bullet you're looking at this as a six one eight on the six eight hundred you know strike and if you're berry looking at it as a two three six in the relevancy of that for the Bears is that if they if they're algos were selling around here they're gonna be buying the three eight two and then the two three six is what they do and they'll probably buy it you know all the way back up maybe even to the point five I would highly doubt that you do see that in some markets sometimes but perhaps a three a two if you're coming from the from the two three six and then sell from there is typically you know typically how it goes but again my question for myself right now is did we already try that right here this is a pretty weak attempt and obviously didn't get anywhere neat I mean it got about a hundred fifty bucks short of that area so it's it's one of those things – one of those things where you know this is the art of technical analysis not the science and I you know I can kind of look that and say well it looks like a try and it looks like it was severely rejected so maybe we could count it but i $150 under that area you know you kind of you'd want to see it a little bit closer like within 50 but 50 dollars would be a lot more normal I suppose you could say but again the way that we close this Darth Amell this Darth Maul dildo right here is extremely you know nasty in my opinion and indicative of just a heavy fuck just fucking heavy pressure all the way through all the way through sorry as you can see we are in the formation of a bear flag now bitcoin and it's in the same formation that's pretty much the rest of the market except it's in like a later evolution of this market right so Bitcoin making a gigantic bear flag right here which is essentially building up a case so to say in in Wyckoff terms and the bigger case and the more time that you spend kind of in a range consulting and this is you know what you can refer to as a case the bigger the the bigger the movement is likely gonna be when and if it does break up or down now of course I'd be leaning towards its downside here because again going over the other the other market leaders like a theorem cone you know you putting your Bear Flag right here and you broke it you broke it like a week ago you know it's it's well below it looks it looks fucking garbage like coin same same same shorter same sort of shit over here broadening wedge broke into the downside a little bit after aetherium but same sort of idea over there what about be cash over here beak I believe be cash is is a little bit McCann say that it's a little bit stronger compared to like own and in a theorem cone over there mister beuter all but because he just broke this this this brawny wedge you know as of like a few days ago and bitcoins kind of knocking on the door right now so I am leaning towards Bitcoin kind of you know following in the footsteps of those prior and and this is gonna be quite the move again that we've been spending about you know about two months now yeah quite literally almost two months in this in this range now is a big range we have done a lot but you have to be asking yourself where the measure move be taking us if this is indeed what's going on over here and I'm just gonna even be a little bit more generous with the measure move not that I think that this is actually right but assuming that we actually do break it down it would be it would be kind of implying to move somewhere between thirty five hundred and if I take the more aggressive move it would be implying to move to about twenty-eight twenty-nine hundred down around here so again keep that one in mind you know if people are playing this playing this pattern if they are looking at it from the bearish view that's what they're gonna be looking for so this this you know has has a lot of weight in the market right now is my point all right so I'm gonna quickly go into the lower timeframes and put in a stop so myself cuz I really don't want to let a fucking a fucking long trade bite me in the asshole right here again I really hate trading against a trend but this one was just you know there's just too much buying going on down here just another another reaction off this area right here so I did take it I also took that trade in my in my main account it's got a little bit better of an entry I mean a lot better entry really but uh but yeah so again if we do get the rally over here over to about 70 50 ish area what I'm not gonna sell my long perps what I'm actually gonna do is I'm gonna sell the DS the D December futures over here because they still have some premium on them and I do believe that this you know we'd probably be getting ready for a move downwards off of it so I just kind of want to squeak out a little bit more getting a little bit greedy over there and in fact I should be putting in my order right now so I'm gonna go over here to my December futures chart over here and so that area would likely correlate somewhere right around here just kind of like you know eyeballing it about 7080 ish area so I'm just gonna do that really quickly let's do 70 70 80 whatever you know again it's I don't need be fuckin perfect with this one 20,000 I'm gonna go one-to-one on this one and again these are the futures over here so they do have a little bit of premium on them and that's and that's kind of why I'm choosing them I choose You Pikachu and back now over here okay so cool I'm just gonna keep on watching the the lower timeframes other than that not too much has changed actually not that very little has changed um we're just still kind of hanging around this area which you already knew what about the two day let's go over the higher time frames sorry we need to go to a bitstamp over here yeah so yes you can say on the – – on the two day dildo chart right here it's your blue thirty simple moving average that's been kind of holding the movement up and it looks to me like you know it's just just kind of a green with that 6,800 level as support and you see the boss have kind of wanted you know corral price action back in there before the daily door closed but again is this you know you can you can interpret this in a very very bearish way as well and I think that's actually the better way to do it again you know you have a Darth Maul dildo right here which is certainly never a good thing and on top of that you I would actually not just look at this as you know as whole as the 30th simple moving average of holding it I actually look at it as a rejection off your 200 exponential right here which again you know accounts are watching and so if they're selling if there's something that aggressively I want to be aware of that because that to me is it is a clear rejection off of it I do believe we just got yeah we just got a new two-day dildo right here so you know we might have a day I've just kind of fuck around but I I think it's it's starting to get a little more likely that the next one might be that might be the big one your three-day dildo chart same sort of thing you know you actually have a reject what looks to be after a close below you're 21 and you're 30 moving average right here then a try right here on this three-day dildo and rejection and we do get a new one tonight so so people will be watching that let's go see what the Teddy spawn show over here it's kind of spinning back as you can see my my nice new indicators have been thrown up on trading view yeah we are working on a red shoe right here the three day dildo chart is actually pretty damn good at getting a getting highs and lows but so yeah I just always want to kind of keep that one in mind what about a two day dollar chart we are working on a read for however you have not given your you've not been given the green light for the read for short entry you need to trade below the low of this red three right here which is 68 35 on stamp what about your daily I do believe we are in a red eight yes we are we are on a red eight so this perhaps a full you know a potential full nine count to the downside but keep in mind if you do want your traditionally you know picture perfect read eight or sorry read nine if we are gonna have another day of it we need to actually trade below the low of your read six by the time that red nine happens so again we don't um we don't have that in place just yet but that's kind of what both sides are posturing for I would imagine and this would be indicative of some more downside pressure I'm gonna go back in over here to I want to just check on the lower timeframes just in case again I really don't want this fucking position to oh man it's already are they already gonna whip me out you motherfuckers alright well that's fun anyways um the weekly we haven't looked to the weekly up weekly is pretty pretty nasty in my opinion the weekly is not I mean the it's just so fucking gross I so fucking gross I mean it's great if you're short man it's great you're sure just another just another rejection with your thirty simple moving average right here Mew know and then and then you know not only did we get rejected off that but we blown right through our 21 and or 55 right here and if we would have actually closed that last weekly above that twenty one exponential I would have caught actually you know I would have ventured into a into a little bit of a trend long so to say but obviously we just we just got rejected right fucking through there so again that's what I'm looking at right here right now um I think that's pretty much covered what I want to talk about again we're just kind of all we're all kind of waiting here is looking for this looking for the same shit essentially someone get on over here to the comma see what's going on baby let's see what's going on crown time I just watched your last few videos sold most over the weekend waiting to see what happens I want to be bullish but it looks like shit me too man I want to be bullish at the end of the day as well man I really really do it makes my life way fucking easier makes my life infinitely easier to be honest with you but at the end of the day man you got to call a spade a spade and you know if you're gonna be a treasure you got a fucking trade right so so yeah man you know what you know like I said man I'm gonna be the wet when I feel like it's time to be bullish I'm gonna be the first person screaming at the top of my lungs gay guys I'm getting fucking along here but right here it's certainly not that time what's up DJ me pops cool how the fuck are you doing man DJ meet sleeps achill how you doing man good day and good night to you as well man I hope that you're still here but you know if you're not I wish you restful sleeps my friend and republish this Rawls says crowd did you give up DJ because you only had three tracks yeah I know you know I know it's probably fucking annoying for the people you know who tuned in to these to tune into this content every day because I typically do play the same the same few songs but it's because of like copyright infringement laws and all that sort of stuff so I want to avoid you know causing any sort of nuclear war with YouTube because you know they do kind of host the venue over here what else we got over your men agent we yes no no fights for the moon but now wish Gotti oh that's fucked up man what's guilty hey by the way minute I just saw Gucci Mane's performance at Lollapalooza I saw the rerun of it very very very very impressive indeed man he's come a long way you got it you gotta love Gucci man what's up diesel TV adrià a Mountie hey hey welcome back back I've been a bad boy I've been a bad man sounds so wrong but it feels so right boskie what's up man how you doing Bosque bitcoin hanging on for dear life get rekt could be man could be um you know again bitcoin is I mean it just look it looks and feels weak but again am I being my short right now no actually I'm not I'm uh I'm kind of waiting around and and I want to see this big level hit I think that there's just so much going off of this level right here there's you don't really get too much extra for being for being aggressive on this now do I want to get out of this position it's a real question I mean I mean I don't need to you know I don't need you this this certainly could go in my favor but that's kind of more of a gamble than anything so you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna take a pill I'm gonna take some of my own pills and just kind of go with it right here or maybe I do want to wait for this this 45 minute to play out let's you know what do I think about this we're still kind of flagging out this area right here I really should be hardly and on to this is this would be a bad trading decision to actually get out of this position but you know what so don't want to get fucked over here so you never know what's gonna happen over there so yeah I'm just gonna let it go and play the futures if they go my way leet run what's up man how you doing long from sixty nine thirty where you looking for a stoploss rule right here right now man I'm not letting this shit go against me Jesus Christ adrià Amenti says can we please look at bat I heard good news about their project yep well they're a bunch of fucking child molesters apparently no I have no idea what they do yeah man okay so so bats baits tension choking yeah it's like it's like just a fucking pump and no basically but actually no I shouldn't say that sorry hey that's that's really wrong of me to say there's it's actually not a pump and dump it's one of the few ones that is actually trying to consolidate in this area right here but what does that mean what does that mean I mean we need to we need to kind of adjust this I don't know what else singing right there but essentially speaking you know I can get rid of all these horizontals and we can just go off of the consolidation give it the benefit of doubt what I'd say about that Jesus Christ man I hate that I pull it out does that what I can say about this is that you're okay let's give it the benefit of the doubt you do have something you know unique going on here you're not just fucking phone on to new low after new low after new low which there's something to be said about that right you know we have this area right here which is obviously your very big area of resistance at 5565 and as long as you hold above this area right here above 35 50 you know I give me the benefit of the doubt and I say that's it's probably it's probably consolidation that's more likely to resolve to the bullish side than the bear side we do have some damn good buying going on down here as well so I do like that but again you know just because it's consulting doesn't mean you know it's guaranteed and in fact I'd say it's certainly not guaranteed if anything again most most things in this market are just kind of failing their consolidations but hey as long as it's kind of hold again Halloween above this area right here 35 50 I'll give it the benefit the doubt and you know if I was already long I guess I'd stay long but I'd really but I really be more in tune playing the breakout above here above 56,000 satoshi or what is that no far sorry 5600 Satoshi my numbers are off of year if that happened yeah I'd look good I wouldn't see much stopping it from this area right here and at that point in time I don't see much stopping it from just going on the full-on blue sky breakout but uh but yeah at the end of the day you know want to be careful with that sort of thing just because any fucking all in this game is you know it's it's it's it's it's more of a risk and I'm willing to take you know it's more of a risk I'm willing to take you know most things you know if Bitcoin does take a step down you got to be asking yourself okay well what the fuck is is bad you know I mean it's just another token type thing so it's probably scam again I haven't done my research into this so if you know if you actually know about this project feel free to school me feel free to abused me feel free to tell me crown your stupid and maybe you're right but but I can tell it but but but what I can say from that is just you know for the most part generally speaking most things go down when Bitcoin goes down and seen as Bitcoin has plenty of room to go down and just kind of knocking on one of these major supports even though I do think it probably has some more upside here before the eventual big down you know just be aware be aware so I think cuz my my fear here is that most people will hear me say something like that and then just be like alright all in and Hottel for life and it's like well hold hold on man hold on it's not like you know chart of the year it's not coin of the year it's not nothing like that so yeah hey what's up what's up cpt Z sup Holmes how you doin my friend how you doing we'll have to have you back in here first in our hearts how you doing expose what's up man hoes i FM hello hello hello my Hosea hello welcome back Costco guy can we look at XRP what happened well let's go over here to XR p again XR p at 40 cents so here's your again we looked at this for quite some time guys this was your big towel right here we got bearish on XR p once it started once it lost his support at 44 and a half cents now we did give it the benefit of the doubt for a little bit of time saying that maybe you know maybe you had some sort of a declining support trendline coming in like this but you actually got a full confirmation of break yesterday yes it is on lower volume but I don't I don't like it man you know again at the end of the day you have to be asking yourself what the fuck is what do you thought the flux you do you think is gonna happen if bitcoin breaks this major support I mean it's it's unlikely that XRP is gonna do anything positive but I know people think that it's like decoupled from bitcoiners or shit like that I would maybe disagree with that just because it's probably something to do with their announcement of a fucking announcement of a fucking Eunos conference in a month are sorry two months in October which again if you were there last year they they pumped it up before the conference you know very very common you you you pump it up leading to the event and then as the event starts you start dumping you start fucking dumping and let's say unless if they announce some you know something just absolutely fucking major there which I know everyone's anticipating if you go into if you want to Twitter all the people with XRP and their name are saying guys XRP is gonna make the announcement that Bill Gates has no longer using is no longer using dollars but using XRP and that's why it matters by the way it doesn't matter that XRP is not needed to benefit from the ripple Protocol which actually is pretty good but don't worry about that don't worry about that it's not that there's no difference between these two things nothing there's no fucking incentive but but believe me in the year 2025 there's only gonna be X RP and nothing else it's like okay well that's one extreme view maybe it's somewhere in the middle in like front probably x RP is you know it's probably just gonna be worth very very little again your next big support for XO P somewhere down around to your around 30 30 cents something like that and at the end of the day that's a must that's a must haul to support if you start losing this area right here that I mean yes there is support built up all the way down to about 20 cents but hey if you lose that area right there there ain't nothing holding you up there ain't nothing holding you up from one cent you know there ain't nothing fucking holding you up from one cent so so be aware of that always know your risk I'm always gonna say that guys it's one of the things that my mentor would always be yelling in my fucking ear saying know your risk goddammit know your fucking risk you stupid kid again you know I actually I'm gonna this on to the floor of the exchange arca you know straight out a car so I literally was a fucking kid when I started there but yeah man you know XRP not immune from the general market's movements again not a meaning from the general markets movements and you do have some heavy selling going on right here so so while a lot of the time things will pump up leading into their conferences I'd you know I I don't fucking trust I don't I don't trust any of these any of these goddamn things besides maybe even Bitcoin and Bitcoin you know it's like it's like I trust it to go down is what I'm thinking right here I trusted to go down do we have a rally before that happens yeah I think it's pot I think it's actually kind of likely but again am I in my long right now no actually you know I'm not I'm not long anymore I don't want to be long anymore and that's for good reason I'm not I'm not gonna go long a depreciating asset jesus fucking christ all right so back in over here to the comments ll throw a health rap what's up man health rep i gotta say i wanted to say this directly to you man without just you know replying to a static comment i want to say really massive thank you for leaving that comment that that meant so goddamn much man and and it's just like it's so humbling so flattering and and you know i really do feel that way meant and i just want to say thank you that's a massive massive thing thank you man alright sorry is it worth looking at the yen sure man let's go look at the end we'll get on to your question now all right so the yen over here on on on flyer and what do we got so the yen is is looking a little bit worse to me in my opinion the way that i look at this is on the eight hour and say yen is has lost and has closed an eight-hour dildo below your 200 simple moving average right there now yes it was not done on high volume so you know maybe not the death the death blow that that it could be but at the same time you do have this secondary eight-hour dildo already being shot below there with with 58 minutes and 30 seconds to go so that so on japan to me this looks this looks a lot more like a rejection right here on higher volume I don't believe American markets have the same sort of volume on this shooting star dildo right here so that to me you know you could make the argument that yeah it's not perfect but you kind of did get it you could maybe make that make the argument for that being a gap fill right there what about our lower timeframes yeah our lower timeframes do look like we could you know we could very easily have a move back up to year two to about eight hundred thousand yen what about the daily yeah daily looks just as bad as as American markets but here's the thing here's the thing actually interesting enough for for for Japanese markets over here there's actually there's actually plenty of room beef between here and and that critical support that needs to huddle if if bitcoins gonna you know not play out this major major bear scenario that I think is very possible right here you know in fact in fact you could actually look at this and say Japan doesn't even have the same sort of formation really you know if I'm making a bear flag on American markets does Japan agree with this and kind of kind of I guess yeah actually yes okay so you do have three touches so three touches makes a trend right so it does work but as you can see the critical zone which would be eight a sixty eight hundred for American markets is actually is actually likely well below on Japanese marks it'd be somewhere down around here which I'm guessing would be underneath you know sixty set like 67 or sixty six fifty or something like that so so they do kind of disagree with with each other from that perspective maybe Japan saves the day only comes down to here and then plays it plays it up maybe it's possible am i leaning towards that happening no not really and just for reference here's American markets right here you know you can see that this major level is right here but again you know if I do use dildo bodies do they agree with each other maybe actually maybe I am wrong on that so you have sixty seven fifty again it's more of a range right and while sixty eight I would be pretty damn comfortable with saying hey if we close like an eight hour dildo below sixty eight hundred I'm getting fucking short 6750 is where it becomes like a slap in the face signal especially on a daily dildo timeframe you do that on on on on heavy volume and yeah I'm gonna start selling some I'm gonna start something some of those seven thousand strike calls right there again they're still they're still being a bid at yeah 132 so I'll be pretty cool with that I think that that's enough enough premium to sell all right back in over here what's up Mullen ten how you do a man probably gonna accumulate Bitcoin at capitulation low so I can restart my trading afresh when I get my skills right hey man yeah at the other day make fuckin trading easy for yourself guys if we are gonna if we are gonna play out one of those intensely bearish markets be aware that you know a lot of the professionals they fucking have difficulty with this sort of market ooh it's very hard for everyone I'm I'm gonna not gonna represent it any other way let's get your cobra pose on by the way and and and you know if you want to make it easy for yourself there's no dishonor and doing that in fact it's actually a logical decision just fucking come back come back when the markets a little bit easier and then you'll have the skills because you'll have been studying up you'll have been doing all the right things and you'll just you'll be that much more advanced and the mark will be easier and then there you go there you go now you have an account to trade with when the market turns around so yeah man you know I don't see anything wrong with that and just learning as much as you can that's probably gonna be the best like risk free reward and if you want to trade in these in these markets right now when you know it's it's very very difficult what you can do and there's no dishonor in doing this is just you know put like a couple bucks in your account or trade the test net and and that's that's essentially gonna give you this the same sort of experience you're not gonna get the emotional aspect because obviously you know putting on some significant risk is gonna take on a different you know feeling but but you'll be doing you know the best that you can oh god damn it now we get the fucking rally my god I could have been rich and now I'm poor back to the comments anyone what's up man how you doing a new pen by the way guys I knew from the actual originator of the cobra the cobra pose what's up man Greg Smith what's up man how you doing mr. direct Smith boskie says what does basic attention token do I don't know it's probably like some sort of fucking fun token that has it's gonna be something on the blockchain and you need this token to use it but you can't you it definitely would not make sense to just use Bitcoin but you need this token it's just better I don't know how that works play one says symmetrical triangle on the one era about to make a decision let's go check it out oh I am on the one how look at that okay so symmetrical triangle I'm guessing you're where are you seeing a symmetrical triangle is a real question I see some sort of like a flag formation not coming off this low right here I know I really should be getting along off this I'm gonna put another bid back in like 40 44 bucks something like this again this is this is bad Trading crown you know this is this is just bad fucking trading but you know what I want to do it just because I don't think it's gonna take too much right here to kind of get us get us a lit up so to say WC what's up man how you doing WCC Jackie back in the house how you doing mr. bear how you doing my friend ah let's see what did I miss well if you missed like the last week or so well yeah but really miss much let's see JOHN CARTER moves back in the house how you doing man Cobra seen a lot of shorts I think it has one more bite left before the Bears sauce on the cone yeah I think that we have put in a nice local low down here you know there is some good bond down here and things have just been absorbed any time we you know go below 6800 it gets bought up pretty damn fast so I'm gonna be a little bit late to this party probably yeah I'm gonna need to be a way more aggressive with this oh man I could have been rich I could have been rich well let's see let's see if I get a little bit more aggressive what's gonna happen again I'm more I'm more comfortable with playing that downside on this but you know what let's go see what the measure move off of this head and shoulders would kind of spit back as we actually do have a head Abin inverse head and shoulders being put in right here and something like this would be taking us to about almost about 70-100 so not bad actually you know what I need to move this back about you know I don't know like 71 22 probably something like that would be okay um and I'm gonna do like 40 40 thousand contracts I'd be much more comfortable with that we are hitting a little bit of resistance right here but this is also in your neckline so this will be confirmed to the upside you know if we get another leg above here and then yes it'll look good to me so there you go there's your trade for the day baby there's your trade all right Adrian what's up man how you doin Adrian welcome back walking walking the kid in the park asleep watching the stream well goddamn man beautiful man beautiful I'm happy to have you here man and I'm happy to see you again man it's pleasure it's been a pleasure to actually meet you formally yesterday and to have you back in here right now well welcome back baby welcome back John Coble says I know you hate shit cones it's not that I hate shit cones man it's just you know I don't see the risk to I don't see any any I don't see what the what the draws to them if I'd if you don't believe in them I just don't see what the draws to them you can just trade Bitcoin on on leverage and essentially eke out the same sort of gains okay but can you tell me if it makes it makes any sense to sell arc now again okay so whenever we're talking about more specific things I it's it's very difficult for me to do you want to look at it verse okay well I'm guessing you're talking about u-verse USD okay so let's let's first bring up you first USD it's not that I don't like looking at shit coins man I just don't see what the what the advantage is really you know I know people say well they go 100 export yeah but they you can just trade fucking Bitcoin on leverage men ok so this looks absolutely fucking oh no no no no holy moly so again ok I I'm not gonna tell you specifically to sell I'm not gonna tell you anything to do because I'm not a fan should buzzer don't know um this is not financial advice bla bla bla bla bla bla bla SEC can go take a big fat red dildo in their face but what I can tell you in this situation I would definitely not want to be long this piece of shit this is going back to the gutter most likely and I just want to I just want to put this into your mind's eye right here Annie this is a head and shoulders right here this is a goddamn perfect picture perfect head and shoulders to look at this neckline right here let's see what the measure move kind of spits out because this thing does this I mean it looks like when it smells like when it's already confirmed oh shit man this one might might actually be going down to zero okay so weed candy we actually can't even go that low alright alright so I don't know if okay so this is obviously not probably not gonna play out this would be indicating a negative six dollar move so probably unlikely probably unlikely but again you can you can kind of sense that there's some intense downwards pressure here now again this does look again does look like a head and shoulders and that would be the measure move to be made off of it but uh you know I you know sometimes you can get crazy stuff like that doesn't that doesn't mean we're going to negative six dollars I mean you can't really get there but it's it's kind of fucked so to say I can tell you where the next big supports are so you might get a nice balanced play somewhere right around here would be your next big area then right around here would be this is like your very strong support under that you know you do have strong support right around here as well but under here I mean that's you know it's 85 cents right that's right where you bought in so again while here here's the problem with ARC my friend here's a problem with ARC you can rally all the way up to a dollar and 23 cents and it would still be bearish as fuck and you could rally all the way up to you and you can rally all the way up to $1 and 91 cents and at that point in time yes maybe you would have you would have kind of convinced me saying okay it's time to a there we go it's time to it's time to uh you know maybe maybe get along this thing but at the current moment in time I mean you know you might bounce around and again you know you might be losing out on a few bucks here and there if I if I say hey I would be doing this or that but hey there you go there's your fucking there's your move baby green dildo it up everyone's done the cobra pose do your cobra pose and you will get some green dildos in your life but yeah you know here's a next big sport and it ain't you know it ain't that I mean it should be it should be pretty damn strong and it might even give you a nice bounce to even get you back to this range right here but uh I don't know what you really want to fucking wait for that I don't okay so there we go hey did we play at the measure move oh my god it's so close but again remember former support turns in resistance and we put in this bear flag over here and she's kind of playing out like that now isn't it so again um or maybe I even had this wrong did I have this wrong maybe you know what maybe this is your neckline now that wouldn't make sense because it wouldn't make sense with this area right here but fair enough fair enough is fair enough right okay great um I'm gonna go why do I want to play that do I want to do I do I want to play this if I do want to play this too long Simon I'm gonna put it in a bit at the neckline so like 60 I think I'd have to be like 88 88 dollar bid something like that this might be a fast gap I'm not sure if I really want to huddle this again I while I think that it wouldn't take too much to get us up to this area seventy three hundred I don't want to be you know betting my life's fucking savings on that shit all right back now over here what else we got baby what else we got um hey Kenyon what's up man you get bat for using the brave browser trying to change the dynamics of the internet advertising all that being said could be a load of BS only plus is the guy behind Java and fireboxes out the head well that sounds pretty good then to me like I said man I'm not the guy to go to for funny medicine on this sort of stuff my general disposition when anyone asked about anything named other you know not named Bitcoin I say it's probably a scam because that's just you know that's just what my research I've shown and I've trying like and I've kind of just like given up trying to even look at new ones so obviously yes I'm biased and I'm gonna and if you are gonna go buy me for sure don't get me wrong you know don't don't kind of take my opinion on fundamentals as the end-all be-all it certainly is not I'm I'm definitely not the guy to go to from fundamentals in fact I think what what I'm probably gonna do in the future is I want to have like a more permanent guy on this channel who could do fundamentals it may be like he has his own channel so I don't know if you know people like that they'll be cool maybe we could talk but for right here right now it to me um you know something like that you know it's just like alright well I mean that's cool if you believe in the my kind of my kind of general disposition with all its is like if you believe in the project then yeah that's the only reason to go into it but for myself you know I don't really believe in any of these sorts of things except for Bitcoin and you know like I said there's gonna be a handful of other legitimate ones for sure don't get me wrong but I'm just you know I'm not too focused on that all right back now over here okay oh and I might be getting my fill pretty damn soon so my first I believe my first offers like Sony 122 or 71 something like that well what was it yeah somebody 122 we're trained not 7088 so I should be getting that feel pretty damn soon and am I gonna be am I gonna be in for some hurt on this one okay whoops can't look at that right now can we but yeah I think yeah I'm pretty cool with that it's also gonna be your your 21 exponential right here most likely so I'm just gonna patiently be waiting yeah it's that somebody 135 on this guy right here maybe I'll be a little bit a little bit more aggressive but do I really need to be again we could come very easily to 70 300 so yeah I don't know if it's worth it to be dad aggressive right here right now all right back now over here hey play one it looks like it looks like you have your answer for that man I actually I would identify that more as like a as like a flag but fair enough you know it you know at the end of the day supportive resistance is what rules our world and you know all you had to do all you have to do whether you you view it as that or that it doesn't matter we broke the resistance and we go up there you go nice nicely done my friend nicely done can we says that is a token for their internet browser users get paid in bat for a lousy for allowing popups and ads well I give this one way of doing it I guess one way I guess it's a better better system than what we currently have so fair enough Wes list says let's go what's up by the way Wes haven't seen here before man so good to meet you sure editor says loves the streams ground a man alright thank you I appreciate that keeps me entertained on my commute and I've learned a crazy amount really appreciate it man amen my pleasure and it's been good getting getting to know you and everyone else here man just absolutely beautiful man who else we got hard okay what's that part okay crown hope you're doing well hey that man I appreciate that you know I did have a nice sleep nice night of sleep last night so what's up man by the way pleasure to meet you man haven't seen you before just a question about the futures contracts where do I look to know what trades at a premium is their contract that is better to go long short at the given time okay so when I talk about you know contracts pretty trading at a premium over here I'm talking about is in relation to the perps right so the perps are trading at 77 38 as you can see right here whereas over here on the December futures are trading at 70 70 73 and a half so they're trading at about what a 30-year $40 premium something like that I can't do math in my head but something like that is what I'm saying if the futures were trading underneath the perps which are trading at 70 40s so if they're trading at like 70/30 for example on the December futures that would be called trading at a discount so there you go all right and also what I want to be doing on this move is is if we do get into this range right here I want to be keeping my eyes on these options the 7000 strike as you can see with just a $50 move has already gained about you know 30 to 40 dollars in the on on the bid side right here look they're actually even buying them right now people do want to buy these that's pretty crazy so I'm gonna start to ease into maybe I'm gonna offer like one well here's the thing oops that's the wrong screen but then again these are now in the money right these are now in the money so do I really want to be fucking with those not really actually not really maybe maybe I use this to sell the the end of the month's 75s yeah 7,500 strikes like this 320 bid right or 320 bid on that area so that's that I think would be a little bit more a little bit more enticing and look at that so we hit this area right here what kind of Wick down as people take profits nice nice by volume down here good so so this you know it looks good to me it looks good to me again I'm looking somewhere right around here somewhere right around here to pick up some long cones sort of say I think I'm bidding like 69 88 yeah and then I'll be and then instead of luck she's selling them I'm gonna be selling the futures against them and in fact what I could do right now is I could I could actually sell a little bit of these futures right here and I feel pretty pretty safe with that to be honest with you I'm gonna take this this offer down for now but I want to kind of get that place in there just in case up and there they go god damn it you motherfuckers you dirty motherfuckers but yeah all right back now over here let's see mb says shit cones are more are much more influenced by fundamental shit and way less by ta and for some it's much easier um yes and no yes and no you know because here's a thing is like there's not that many eyes on them so there's less it's training them if there's let's boss trading them then you know there's there's less stuff to go off of but at the end of the day you know while I wouldn't trust like the shorter timeframe technical analysis as much as something that has you know more trading volume as Bitcoin um what I would trust is like is like the most basic hired timeframes and then also you know just just straight-up accumulation distribution type formations and that to me is gonna tell me what you know if someone is actually keema lighting one of these things it's gonna show up in the fucking trucks if somebody is just too butyl money's things it's gonna fucking show up in the charts especially on the higher time frames so yeah ok it looks like it should be getting filled in these pretty damn soon we're at 70 68 um let's see I got again this is a very small order 70 68 or sorry 70 69 and also what I can do if if these do turn a turn against me is I can just buy you know the perps against some ice oh I just saw ten thousand right there nicely done and hopefully this doesn't make me hate myself but again I'm looking for you know we just hit it we just had a nice resistance right here if we come back down I'm gonna buy the perps against them and and do it one two one all right and I'm like yep I'm in ok great so I got 20,000 contracts not a huge order by any means but uh but just kind of want to demonstrate how I might do this all right whoops all right back now over here big green total BTC says Andrew Fogg yes indeed we got some green dildo party guys we got some Cobra action going down get do your cobra pose it's time it is time for the Cobra know your Victor bloom eh what's up Victor how you doing man Yeol's green Dillo time indeed it's papen we got some PAMP and we got some damp Kluber style maybe you could look at ET CBT see sure man sure ok so a theorem a therm classic over here on let's go Phoenix I believe a theorem classic just got added to like some fucking shit Quinn exchange called G Dax I'm sorry but yeah so oh man look at this made this look at this major wake above here so this this kind of presents a dilemma to me right because yes we did actually we'd actually confirm and break this major resistance right here this declining trend line which you know I would pay a lot of attention to but the way that this daily dildo right here is currently formed I really don't like that is a shooting star as it's currently formed right or gravestone whatever the fuck you want to call again I don't care what you call these things the general underlying psychology is the same and it's essentially a bearish reversal dildo the way that it currently is of course there's plenty of hours left in the day for this thing to turn around but if this thing if this thing gets shoved back below 25700 I get the fuck out because that's gonna be a fake out to me in my opinion by the same token if you do actually close this daily doodle above 28,000 I I would add some to my long to my long stacks over there if I was already long or I get long if I wasn't already long but overall overall that's kind of what it'd be thinking right there so again again for a theorem classic it's it must close this daily Dillo above this area right here 25 let's call it 25 800 if it fails to do that then I I'd probably get out and it looks like it's wants to retest it so that's pretty normal you know not not a bad thing this is this is a pretty strong rejection right here I will say that you have a very strong rejection shooting-star Tilda right here oh man these futures have Scott just got just just got bit up right there didn't they uh-oh I might be on the wrong side of this you know I might actually have to get rid of this pretty damn soon so let's just let's just pretend that this never happened it's never happened now let's see what's going on up here mmm-hmm we've still got 39 minutes left on this dildo well I think I can hold on to it just for just a second longer I'm gonna use the ten minute to kind of manage my risk upon okay there you go all right sell it back down you little bitch so back down and so yeah if the ten minute if the 10 minute dildo chart does close above this this reason since right here then what I'm gonna do is I'm going to get out of this position it's probably it's it's probably just gonna go more is what I'd imagine I wouldn't see much stopping it from this area after that point again 70 100 ish so so that's what I'd be thinking all right let's see let's see what else we got zurk ad says where can i short a shit coin into negative dollar amounts well I don't know man I don't know I think finnex finex and Polonia axe are your go-to exchanges for for shorting alt coins unfortunately you can't really there's mostly mostly shit coins you can't even sure you know that's kind of the problem with them right it's like you can only buy them and if you can only buy them it doesn't really that leaves a lot to be desired right let's see sorry phone's going crazy over here just want to make sure that nothing nothing too drastic is happening happening let's see what else we got where was that there it is Victor Blom says seventy three hundred seventy four hundred as bigger top resistance um well it's kind of a range right anytime that you're talking about resistance and support it's not just like a singular line it's kind of like a range so I kind of discussed both of them right here 73 thirty I would imagine is gonna be stronger resistance because again that's not only the gap fill it's also gonna be a four hour two hundred exponential and you're probably gonna get a death cross which is what's gonna what what we're likely trying to avert right now with this with this rally going on by the same token but by the same token if you do break above this area then ya the next in the next error that I'm looking at it's actually 7500 not not necessarily 7400 so it's 7330 that I'd actually be looking at and yes I would be leaning towards that being the stronger of the resistances again just more things kind of converging at that area for good confluence what else we got baby what else we got alright uh Mohammed Ali says I started like in your stream now I hate it cuz it cuz I know it always ends and I got away too high well you know it you know Muhammad Ali definitely check out the link in the description for the discord because that's where we hang out that's where the whole community kind of hangs out in between the streams um and you know what you can hate it you can ate all that downtime right there with us by the way I'm probably gonna be bringing in like a talk channel soon into the discord I don't know if people want that or not I'm gonna do a poll later but if people do want it I don't see any reason not to have one because well it kind of just brings the community together I suppose we have like a really really strong community just a lot of really good minds in there at all hours a day which makes it a lot of fun so I'd be loving to hear what some of your voices sound like especially especially after hearing Romain's voices if romaine isn't here my dude it always it all makes so much sense now your french that's it all right max puck what's up man how you doing tackle spark West has TD one on the twelve-hour now well did we just got a price lip is that we're that we're kind of referencing over here let's go check it out what does a twelve-hour look like right now yeah okay so we don't really need to look at the TD – I mean you got you put in a full nine count right here then just carry out another nine count to the downside so yeah you do you have your first price flip in a long damn in a damn long time but yeah fair enough you got you got a price flip so good eye man good eye again I don't see too much stopping us from 7300 if we do want to test that area and it just would make so much sense so again what I'm gonna be looking for see okay so there is there is our selling dildo right there do we come back down into the 7000 if that happens I'm gonna start buying up against my futures position right here and just kind of lock that lock it in that way instead of just closing them manually okay let's see John carbo says thank you for the chart analysis on arc to the garage sale it goes well fair enough like I said at the other day you know I've never advise anyone to do anything specifically I can just share my opinion on it at the end of the day you know there's several different other variable factors that come into it right and me being a more short term trader compared to what I think a lot of people do in like in trading shit cones and like hardening them and shit you know I could imagine that they're probably going to have you know different there's gonna be different you know perspectives right different perspective that Saul that's all well and good it's you know I just want to offer up like you know understand the lens that I'm coming from because it might apply to you am I not right might apply to you am I not hey what's up a new PEM all right bro check the stochastic on the daily all right hiss hiss ooh Oh a new PM's got the hissing out by the way a new PEM is the Cobra master and look at that man your stole castings did just cross up what I'm looking for on the stochastic so more more important or just as important is you know you'll you'll sometimes see them kind of dance around and get crosses all the ways as I do hang below this critical zone right here below the 20 zone but when they actually cross up and you get the blue cross from that to the upside of the of the pink above this 20 that's actually when I want to go long to be honest now this could be a preliminary warning right here which you know you know you want to pay attention to if you want to be a little bit early but it's it's when they get back above the 20 where I start to where I start to be more excited about about pulling that all right 10 minutes having a nice little shooting star dildo right there just come on man I just keep me in place for just a little bit longer I just I would like to get my position into your Thank You it'd be great it would be actually awesome and I'm gonna actually goose this up just a little bit right here let's go 96 up am I on the right I'm on the right thing yeah I should be right yeah that's XP TUSD sorry there we go alright great and again if we do close this 10 minute dildo above this resistance right here then I will then I will get out of this short position on the feet just we got regardless of whatever the fuck happens to begin with okay back now be here sis it's indeed a noob em we need some Cobra action over here bitcoin will rise like the Cobra sure to beware or a new plan will Mongoose you just kidding alright back now view simply game says can you check osg BTC sure man sure OST not familiar with this one myself whoops that's not the right one OST BTC there we go simple token alright this sounds like this sounds like what the fuck this is a ten minute chart for reference okay so this sounds legit okay now we pull up to the daily now it'll make sense now doesn't it and I'm guessing we're doing something like this something like this I'd imagine let's see yeah we put in some sort of a falling wedge formation like this and actually broke it out to the upside right here volumes go down this breakout so I do like this but again falling wedges put my leave my little least favourite pattern to play of all goddamn time but hey the reason for that is because a lot of times you'll kind of see it come back and retest a breakout area hey who's this Victor Blum hey welcome to the channel man pleasure happy in here I like that you've already joined the conversations I just want you to know that we do these Street that we do these live tunes every day two times a day so feel free to join in the conversation man we absolutely love you here man we love you and of course man of course it's I always wanted you know personally welcome everyone in this channel man so again good to meet you man good to meet you all right this is just a green dildo going straight into the goddamn sky you can imagine all these bearish assholes just impaled all the way through ow ow ow wow these these bears ain't loyal are they but soon enough you will be praying to your bear Jesus I promise you that well I don't promise you that but I do lean that way it's just you know we probably some of us had to go on here I don't know what's going on with this one man it's probably it's probably got some sort of announcement or some shit like that you do have a nice for let's just kind of plot out the the potential horizontal resistances right here is a next big area that I'd be looking at this is the next big area below that I don't know when I I have no idea when I'm in this shot it must be like ages ago but this you know this this is your next big area right here which we're actually right at right now so I'll be keeping my eyes on that and by the same token I really want to see it Hottel above this area right here if it can if it can maintain this area right here I give it the benefit that down actually and actually what to get long this thing at a 896 Satoshi you know again a lot of the times you'll have a major green dildo like this and then kind of sell it back down as as people posture it around right alright so so here we go alright there's a selling coming in I so let me get my fills that'd be great let's you at the top of this still to read is right here okay okay so I hopefully I will get filled on this again I'm just gonna hedge them one to one on these on these 90 on these um perks over here alright back now to the comments and what do we got baby what do we got hoes I fam says who all be kin short some shit coins okay fair enough I don't know anything about who OB I'm yes is that a Korean Won or something like that I don't know too much I don't know too much about that can we says can you check the three de wolf saying we got we have some bearish divergence here okay let's go check that out by the way man I've been spoken to wolf in a long time man but if you I'd like to reach out to him again man he's I really really like him and he's good guy okay so so divergence bearish divergence on what I mean you could say that we have mmm what do we have bearish divergence on is a question I'm guessing you're looking at probably some sort of hidden bearish divergence on your RSI right here no that wouldn't makes sense unless you're comparing it with this area right here yeah okay so I'm guessing what he was he's what he's kind of referencing is this area right here so yeah I'm guessing he's gonna be looking at hidden bearish divergence because he's comparing this top to this top right here and saying hey we tried we got higher on our RSI but our but we didn't get as high as this top over here which is technically known as as hidden bearish divergence it's certainly it's my lease in the context of a downtrend most importantly it's certainly my least favorite way to kind of use divergences because a lot of the times I think it's just due to the overall trend taking over but you know is he right technically he's right technically he's right I just don't know if it's gonna play out like that I wouldn't be blindly going off that just because I mean well it is valid it does I mean honestly I'm being I'm being way too fucking Dana – over here it is valid it is fucking valid no doubt about that it's just I don't know I just have a bad taste in my mouth from from Aidan bearish divergence and don't take that the wrong way or maybe you should but but but again at the other day you know yeah technically he's right I don't know feel like a like a strong move like this you got rejected yeah you got rejected from going into the and you're bullish zone on the RSI so yeah maybe you know maybe it does make sense from a more higher degree standpoint as well oh I might be a be on the wrong side of this trade pretty damn fast you know you know that you know that all right back now over here play one says bounce off to 0.5 fib at 70 22 the 0.5 what kind of pivots are using for that Fibonacci retracement is a real question hey what's up so we just trucking long time no see man what's the position what's the position well right now I mean I just short of the I just try to short the wick of that which I think I'm I probably made a bad play on that so I'm gonna be I'm gonna be I'm gonna be buying the perps against that pretty damn soon Victor Blum I want to play whoo – for what what what what what is that short along goddamn it's we just truckin st. no fucking signals Channel now is it Kenyan mode says talk Channel would be a nice add-on yeah man I was thinking the same thing so you know I'm glad I'm glad that you that you agree and and yeah I'll probably I'll play implement it soon man and maybe we could do something like you know whale pool has set up where it just streams for like twitch 24/7 and some shit like that you know I don't know people how they're cool with that or not cool with that but might be might be a fun little experiment to do let's see a 0 1 to 8 says I want to hear sauce wicks with the fat calls yeah if you want to get some fuck over here where is sauce where is sauce effects he's right here baby he's immortalized in the good old gifts health rap says talk channel would be great I want to hear what seniors indeed man he only hear what everyone sounds like man I really want to hear what saucy sounds like in like in real time I definitely agree with that Christian says hey man stochastic RSI looking good on higher time frames oh you mean Stokes and the RSI looking good on higher time frames um let's go check that out let's go to the daily and let's see I mean we are right on a major support right here you did you know you are are you are you creating some sort of bullish divergence on your on your stochastic down here actually yes you are you are by definition you are not creating bullish divergence on your RSI though you are just kind of bouncing off of the more bearish zone so I would say your our side is actually a little bit less less nice less forgiving with this but stochastics are saying hey you probably do have a little bit of up here but again this this Darth Maul dildo right here technically speaking should act as a nice pivot for the resistance above 70 150 that the high of this dildo right here so the way that I'm looking at that is that if we actually do try to move the high of this dildo right here this Darth Maul dildo at 70 50 ish area depending upon your exchange that to me is actually gonna be indicative of we got we probably got a nice little rally on our hands until that happens you gotta go you gotta go with the overall momentum in my opinion and again when we when we are kind of creeping up on a t9 on the daily I'm sure that bears really do want to break this major reason this major support before that does get you know cemented in stone right all right let's see let's see a cup and handle on the 15-minute ICS all right well if you want to trade the 50-minute well you came to the right goddamn place actually I used to trade all the lower timeframes and traditional equities and is it a cup and handle well again man it's okay let's not really know this is just another piece of shit coin man again you know just rolling over information right here it's never a good sign I mean this is just what happens after it plays out so it doesn't really help you too much to know that we're it's just struggling it's it's doing its absolute you know hardest to hold on to all along to that position right there yes you do have a nice rounded off formation right here but you don't just you know this is not like not seeing like good bottoming action right here like I don't see a good bind you might get a little bit of an uptrend you know because bitcoins kind of carrying up the market right now as it as it puts in a little bit of up itself so yeah if Bitcoin does carry out you know another 150 200 or rally you'd imagine that that something like this is gonna catch wind most likely but uh is it a cup and handle not really more importantly on the higher time frames right I mean the higher time frame this is a fucking hourly right here but look at this man look at this you actually put in a major bear flag right here and this does have a measure move to make that does have a high degree of playing out so let's just see where that point down to and this is gonna this is what I have to respect as long as you're living below the bottom of this bear flag of former support which is now likely to be resistance so let's just see where this points down to yeah this would be this would be kind of this would essentially be suggesting a move down to about 1050 1025 which is quite literally you know your low for forever your low for forever so so that kind of makes sense for the good symmetry of this I don't you know I don't know if it's gonna happen right here right now maybe you do have a little bit of up to be played out but again be aware that as long as you're living below this area right here I you know you're you're you're you're dealing with some shit so to say you're dealing with some shit again this area being about let's call it 1250 as long as you're below 1250 I don't I don't touch I avoid that thing with the goddamn plug so back now over here Christian says RSI EMA cross over on the a tower let's go check it out baby let's go check it out let's go check it out uh-huh yeah you're right man you're right it says training above but it needs to close above remember you do have good bullish divergence on your on your eight-hour dildo chart over here again it's it's um it's you know it's decent it's it's decent however again what you know same thing as what we just looked at that icx you're contending with that former resistance of this bear fog that we broke down oh sorry some the foreman support of this bear fog that we broke down from right over here and it still is kind of acting as resistance so far I'm not saying that we can't get above it I'm just saying you know just be aware of that that's kind of like your next big battle to a face so to say all right lol a new poem what's up man have a good old laugh over there our friendly Indian always here always here putting smiles on our faces somebody gangstas hahaha pump-and-dump p.m. at a good old pumpkin dump is good for everyone now isn't it diesel TV says does your course heat out a scalp yeah man in fact I'm actually gonna be adding a bonus module pretty damn soon that even that's even like that's even like taking scalping a goddamn step further credit or man romain over there for kind of kind of suggesting uh you know taking one of those strategies and then just like and then just like geeking out even more of a percent off it I absolutely love it man but but yeah there's there's plenty of modules or there's plenty it's all the strategies can be applied in in in several different ways and yes there are strategies specific stews to scalping in general but every you know all the strategies in there can be used to if you know depending on what kind of time frame you're using can be used to scalp okay back onto the comments over here Costco guy says GFP Effie and GB are stocks place 1gf all right well we got another mr let's see wait what that's that's not showing us PFE sorry about that I'm getting all flustered over here PFE Pfizer okay I know this one on New York so I've changed nice okay cool and we're having a nice little breakout on the daily it looks like what about the weekly oh man this thing is this thing is actually flirting with a big oh hold up hold up this thing is flirting with a big breakout hey put this one on your goddamn list man this is this is something worth worth speaking on we've got a big breakout above here confirm this is a weekly keep in mind so it's gonna take some take a while to play out but overall the wheels are kind of in motion is the way that I look at it you know yes you do technically have resistance right where we're at right now somewhere right around this area right here more like an order block so to say yeah yeah you're actually reaching for it right here right now it looks like but if you can if you can actually get above this area right here this thing will very likely enter into a blue sky breakout mode and at that point in time there ain't nothing to do other than just you know get fucking long and in wait for some sort of a major reversal dildo on heavy volume to kind of get out of that but for right here right now here's the way that I play as long as it's above 36 bucks and 90 cents I I stay long now yes that also means that I could come all the way back down to 37 about 37 bucks we'll call it and still retain that good that good formation so be aware of that as well big range there big range cuz we're looking at a weekly but overall yeah it looks good man it looks really really good alright you also want to look at gbr it's that great britain something Great Britain rats gbr new concept dynasty sounds sounds sounds good hey man this thing barely fucking trades look at this is a 10 minute man there's gaps everywhere let's go to the daily is this a fucking pink slip notes no it's it's but it is pretty damn low man this I don't know where the fuck you guys find this shit this is this is you know I look at this ain't that you know there are shit coins and stock exchanges as well and again this is like something if you believe in it then it's worth then it's probably worth it to you but if you don't believe in it you know you fucking avoid this shit like the goddamn plague man this is this is the area that must Hottel 2 dollars and 37 cents that must huddle on a daily door timeframe if you do close the daily dildo below this area I get the fuck out and I don't look back I don't even look back and I say and I say get the fuck out of here but by the same token man by the same token you know yes it does look like you put in a nice move right here this is a little bit of a difficult chart to read because it's just this thing does not fucking trade so whatever it is it's you know it's it's people obviously it there's there's just not any big big players you know watching this thing is what it tells me if you do get above this area right here at 482 you're probably in for a nice big breakout but again this is like you know it's a set it's essentially a shit coin on the stock market I don't know how the fuck this thing got on bats it's let's see what it was was it on NYC yeah was its own art guy yeah that's that's exactly where he's fucking trading man holy shit how long is this thing been relevant for 2010 okay well fair enough it does have some history again it must hold this area right here two dollars and let's call it 35 cents as long as this close and daily deal is about there you know you can give it the money for the doubt but just be careful with it you never know with these with these lower volume stocks over there like I said shit coins do exist in the stock market as well okay back now of here John Carlos is lol hard to focus on the stream with this kind of price action often have you on air live during it and seeing some demo trades yeah man well if I can actually like yet if I could actually get some fills that would be even better man so I'm glad that I'm about that exact that that could help so we just trucking this is not a fine this is not a fucking signals channel my friend does anyone know if he's long or short listen man at the end of the day it doesn't it shouldn't mad at you if I'm longer short because what should matter to you is is is kind of like like why would that you have to understand like you know my sort of particular perspective on the market if I'm if I'm long here that doesn't necessarily mean I think that we bought and up forever and we're going out on to all-time highs which I which is what I fear a lot of people think that's what I fear a lot of people think is happening when I do some like that by the same token if I'm sure it doesn't mean that I think that we're gonna break it through right here it might be that I'm hogging it for a little while I don't you know it's again that's why I really really want it back away from ever saying like go long go short you know it's it's just not helpful and I feel like it's probably more hurtful than anything so I hope that you don't take that personally man it's just it scares me a little bit when you know kind of talking about that sort of thing without without providing the underlying context as I just fear that some people might you know interpret that the wrong way okay back in over here let's see uh nice John Kobo well like a talk channel as well beautiful man beautiful Costco guy says s please also what a symbol s okay Jesus Christ man you just got every fucking shit going in here don't you sprint okay oh this is a mishit coin probably sprint what sprint doing hey happen tonight hey look at this man okay so you have you happen okay this is a this an excellent example of accumulation going on especially below this level right here five dollars and fifty cents and you are flirting with a major break out so good shit man good shit you have identified potentially one of the better plays probably the mark I mean I don't know about that there's fucking thousands of stocks right or probably you know maybe hundreds of thousands I don't know but yeah you know as long as you're kind of living above this area right here six dollars let's call it six dollars and four cents on the daily dole timeframe I think this is actually in the in the midst of a big breakout you put in a very lovely rounded off bottom right here compass formation which I which I respect a lot man I respect that should a lot and I don't see much stopping me from this a right here now yes you do have gaps along the way and we did talk about that before you know the market loves to fill gaps and then move the other way but overall as long as you're above that six dollar area I think it looks good man I think it looks really good actually now if we do pull it out you can see that you know it's no it's still okay but again if you can get above eight dollars in seventy six cents that's where the real magic will happen that's where the that's where the that's where the shit can get crazy alright back in over here again bitcoins similar similar information down here this rounded off for bottom alright back now over here yes I'm it a new pin wants to talk channel will goddammit bro you get the talk channel if you want it I'm down for some rubber off some rubber raft talks god damnit Len you got to have the vision my friend you gotta have the vision hard doc says thanks around by the way are using the long scale for scalping as well trend lines will shift a lot if changed from an orbital lossy oh yeah I do typically use a log Co but again if you're looking at lower timeframes it actually it's not gonna make a huge difference look here here's the thing man this is log this is linear so my trend lines will shift but it's that's this is a this this trend line the reason why is shifting is because it's a very very long term trend line right it's it's it's going all the way back like all the way back to a couple months ago right so I just need it so like if I'm looking at if I just want to scout the lower timeframes it I mean it's it's you just have to make your trend lines on whichever one that you want to do technically but there's there's very little difference between log and linear just look at where the price action is yes it does change where my trend lines are but that's irrelevant when I'm looking at this because it just was not made on that timeframe it's it's Kim it's going back way you know two months ago two fucking months ago so it's it's not you have to kind of scrape that from your mind right now again it's very little difference I do believe that bitcoin is the only trading asset where I think you actually do you actually should use logarithmic scale instead of um instead of linear and that's just because Bitcoin has these crazy moves and again you know I I just see the the logarithmic scale being respected a lot more than that then then the linear on the higher time frames I've seen things just fucking blow right through a linear trendline and not even fucking look back so again at the end of the day I'd you know it's it's it's one of those things where that's that's generally my debt my general disposition so I don't see too much of a benefit from looking at linear in other trading assets I would I would I would completely wipe that I would say no I would want to look at linear for just about anything else but for but for but but just for a Bitcoin due to the do the law of big numbers you kind of actually have to look at log and I think that that's definitely I think that that's the one that most people are respecting okay bacne over here let's see hardac since i watched some of your youtube videos yesterday and you are using it a lot thanks for your ideas hey man my pleasure my pleasure yeah and you're right they will shift from from log to linear of course but again in my experience more people are watching the logarithmic on Bitcoin on other but again on other trading assets it's I almost never look at log on other trading assets I only look at linear because again you know the numbers are closer right you're not dealing with like these fucking 100 percent moves and all this kind of shit okay back now over here let's see em limb says I see X you see T goddamn it man did we see enough this checkpoint already well hold on maybe this old I'm sorry my bad man this might be a different one I think this much yeah I think I looked at something else there sorry they all look the same to me nope another shit coin all right bad very very bad very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very and like ten billion more very Bad's right here okay so what am I looking so the daily looks absolutely fucking wrecked here's the problem with the daily you aren't even doing I mean you're you're in a blue sky breakout to the downside you're in a black hole breakdown is what we call it and it's just the same as a blue sky breakout you plate the exact same fucking way and that means you stay short until you get some sort of a major reversal dildo do you see any sort of major reversal dildo here on heavy volume no absolutely not in fact you just see it take out support after support F to support and it's just in freefall mode there's absolutely nothing good about this whatsoever unless if you can close a dildo above 89 cents eighty nine and a quarter cents and maybe you have something going on maybe but again I really just don't like what I see here these things can always go lower than you think they can always go much lower than you think and this one is no exception to that rule I mean well I guess zero cents ins not too far away but fair enough all right back now here John Coble says you never look at Noel's BTC it's a project full of a project of a lot of OG guys in the space our Full Tilt on it it has a partnership with bit Maine okay well fair enough let's go check it out NOLs I think actually what is this one Noel's BTC I have a friend named Knowle I like him and I don't like this coin man again again you know it's great it's great that they have a lot of og support in bit Maine supporting them but it doesn't look like bit Maine is paying attention to their charts because ain't nobody coming in to save this one right now it's on its last line a big support right here that being 25500 if you do close a Daily Double below this area get fucking ready because this thing does not have anything holding it up at all whatsoever until this area right here 16,500 so again yes it is technically honest last line in sports so maybe some sort of you know magical mystical adventure happens right here maybe Jesus coin saves it from the from the heaven the hellish depths but just looking at this current price section it just looks like you actually tried to flag out right here and then you just broke down so I I don't like it I really don't like it again yes technically speaking as long as you're above this area maybe just maybe something crazy happens but right here right now I would not be I just don't see the reason to to play these things when you got you know Bitcoin on on on margin over here you know if unless if you really believe unless you really believe it I just don't see the advantage to doing it you also can't short these things either I don't believe so it's like you know it's it's it's it's that bad where like it just it goes to the fucking ground where it's you know you can't even short it Elsa BTC actually can't look at that man unfortunately I see X you see T looks different uh mm they said it looks it looks honestly worse it looks honestly worse maybe Volk e says cranky chicka can you check Eng on Finance Chairman I know it dump but this coin has amazing fundamental as well or the fundamentals saving it right now let's go check it out fundamentals come save me be my Savior mr. fundamentals what is going on here my fundamentals fuck oh they said the fundamentals were good and it's still going down what the fuck they lied god dammit day two – you told me the fundamentals were good on nano you told me they were good on ICF's you told me they were good on engine coin and it's still dumping what the fuck is going on there you go okay so let's just break this down let's just break this one down all right this one is a complete piece of garbage until you actually break above this area right here 808 right now it is trying to flirt with this area right here which could could give it a nice little boost if you do close the daily dildo above 700 Satoshi if you're looking for a shorter term trade then I don't see much stopping you from this area right here but again keep in mind this is a this will be your next big pivot as long as you're below there I treat this like the piece of garbage that it's that it's you know appearing to be I know it does have great fundamentals but unfortunately people do not agree with that um at the current moment in time it looks like to me again I don't see anything indicative oh no sorry hey hold up hold up hold up I do see something indicative of a low being put in right here you do have a very very very very strong bind dealer right there so let's give this one the benefit of the doubt okay sorry about that let me just let me just eat my words really quickly over here so yes um you do have very good vine right here and you actually do have good vine right here is that enough to save it well again when you're looking at these at these very low mark cap coins you do get these wonky charts but I do I will give this one of the benefit that out here because this is significant vine it does stand out in the overall scheme of things so so what else can we say about this can we can we find anything else positive about it do we have any sort of divergences going on yes we do we have severe bullish divergence going on right here severe so yes actually would give this one the benefit of the doubt maybe you happen in a low right here but here's a thing this this is only gonna this is this only is this low is only as good as your low as long as you hold it right and here's the thing you know by the same token you know technically speaking yes it is still bearish as long as you're below 8/10 satoshi but if you can get if you can get above this area right here about 1100 Satoshi if you can get above there and start closing daily dillos above there then yes then I would start to agree with you that people do care about this and people are starting to act like it but I don't know what's going carrots are very very strange around here I don't you know I don't know what the fuck goes on on by Nance it's a very you know I know people love this exchange but it's certainly not my favorite I'll put it that way and and this this does stick out right there maybe maybe someone did put in a that is you know that is worth paying attention you do have severe divergences again so again you know it's it's still technically bearish as long as your blows 11-hundred but I do believe this actually might be a bottom right here it actually might so yeah fair enough all right there you go and back on to it all right let's see Kennedy says OS he is pumping now due to a new exchange listen well yeah I think most people know how that typically goes how that typically play AHS plays out alright and let's see so it looks like Bitcoin is starting to come down to my bid over here um if I Pro I can probably get filled a little bit lower around the 200 simple right here I'm gonna go like $84 something like that and again I just want to do one to one versus this short over here it's not like a huge short anything like that but uh but it does look like I probably will get my area I would think you do have your two hundred exponential coming in right around here so maybe maybe not maybe I do need to goo set up a little bit yeah you know what I probably shouldn't be too greedy with this one again it's not even that much edge to begin with but uh rather I'll probably rather be safe than sorry here again especially given the overall you know market consensus right okay uh let's see let's see emblem says and thanks for the tea as always amen my pleasure my pleasure I hope that no one ever takes anything that I say plike personally against because I know people can get a little bit like buddy-buddy with their coin I you know nothing's ever personal gets anybody here it's just it's just you know I sometimes you see a coin you know just like well this is this is not what it looks like to be you know shit like that hey what's up Oh like how you doing man how you do mr. oleg sub crown can check out b-y-o-see bring your own cocaine no you'd never do that people IOC beyond commerce alright don't know what this thing is trades Oct apparently so another pink slip Jesus Christ man what do you guys five nine cents alright so it's a penny stock or is it even a stock hey but you do have a you do have a night okay so it's actually is a very nice formation right here alright so we have very good accumulation goal going on below literally a tenth of a cent so that's nice that just gives you a little bit of context on what we're dealing with right here you did put in a nice little area right here so I like that what's this weight coming from I don't have absolutely no idea that's what you have to deal with when you're playing with these things but to me it looks like it looks to me like you have your classic cup and handle formation trying to do something like this so far I was gonna draw a line I don't think that is actually I don't think that we have enough information to go off of to draw a support trend line somewhere down around here but with that said we do have enough for a resistance trend line and if you also notice it's likely to be this area right here yeah okay so if we can close a daily dildo above this area right here sorry am I on a weekly let's go to the daily yeah if we can close a daily dildo above like eleven eleven and a half to 12 cents I'm like that would look good to me I just wouldn't see much stopping it from the other area oh and goddamn a Bitcoin just routed in my face while I was doing this all right so if you do break out of that area I wouldn't see much stopping you from this area right here 40 41 cents ish and above there that's where the you know two dollars is probably or sio dollar 70ish area would probably look look about right to me all right so should I get out of this position let me go check back in on it what are we doing bit cone are you are you rolling in my face you know make me look a goddamn idiot well maybe actually actually maybe they just rallied about 30 bucks off the lows right there maybe I do just get out of this out of this short position right here let's see what happens if I put this order in see maybe maybe I can get lucky with this again I guess this is mmm do I want to play around with this is the real question because it could flak out right here and then take another leg that's really what I do not want to happen so let's see let's just see if I can get in real close and maybe even get that rebate – that'd be great 120 thousand contracts no that's nothing of course that's nothing okay back now over here let's see cost boo boo I says it's an oil and gas operation company fair enough man fair enough structure says Kristina black hey cram what a Christina black hate crown earlier you were trying to head yourself using both the perps and the futures how's that better than simply closing your position would love to know an example well okay so let's say I close this position using perps rather than rather than rather than the futures well that gives me that gives me essentially options to play off of in the future right so if the position starts moving in one way or the other I can actually start to scale out of the position that would have been hedging it and ride the trend that's that's kind of going in my favor right or and I just got I just got worked out anyways so yeah I'm just gonna let it go anyways because I don't think it that it's worth it to hollow to a hollow right here right now after and just kind of hint you know that move right there so so yeah man so it gives you it gives me more more options to deal with it going forwards there so I can you know keep the position that keeps on going that direction and then kind of take a little bit off the other one so you know maybe you know kind of it kind of just gives you options going forward so let's say let's say I sold those futures at 70 69 right and then I bought the perpetual is at you know seven thousand well what happens if we start going well below seven thousand well what I can do is I can actually start to buy our sorry I can start to sell a little bit of those perps back maybe like half of them and then I can just and if we break below this area I know that oh it's likely that we go lower so I'd actually rather have that short position so I just get back I just kind of you know put a little bit more on to that using that so yeah you know you can always you and also with the with the futures you know there's premium on them right so at the end of the day if I you know if I was wrong they give you a little bit of a little bit of room of wiggle room to kind of be wrong on and also if things were to start to go my way especially to the downside those those futures premium are gonna turn into a discount so it also be making money that way as well on every contract so one like that so yeah ma'am there you go alright back now over here let's see Christina black what's up how you doing the queen of vaults how you doing Christina Josiah fans Frank got sold off to t-mobile t-mobile by Softbank fair enough I don't know anything about that but hey the truck looks okay I suppose or I don't remember already I was in a short sense Christina covered two thirds on a 68 fifty nice well done well fucking done Christina well fucking done sriracha is covered as well beautifully done bleed it beautifully done we got a lot of good traders in here love it absolutely love it what sorry just missed Costco guy where is he where's Casa Cugat yo where'd he go there he is hey no sorry that's simply Gaines he says holy shit Oh is he still going well nice fair enough uh let's see Wes says the Mongoose is waiting out 7330 yeah I think that's the area west where I really start to get a lot more interested in Harley in a short you know yes we did hit him hit a resistance right here but I still I feel like us I just does anyone else feel like a squeeze is coming I kind of feel it man there's some good buying down here man there's some good mine and you know at the other day not everyone is allowed to win the game now are they alright back now over here let's see structure a daily expanding range on the candles kind of bearish hawking for a big breakdown uh yeah okay gotcha gotcha nice John Coble says any promo codes for your course bears have kicked my own stack not gently if you want to pay in Bitcoin I mean that suppose we could do a little bit a John card well reach out to me reach out to me on the discord there will be like discounted periods in the futures I don't like I don't know when I'm gonna do it I'm not really in control that to be honest but I can I can like probably hazard a guess out imagine okay what else we got baby so say how do you say how do your friend Knowles to Cinco you know what what's up no Laporte if your listen to this right now man I fucking love you man I miss you and I wish that you could be over here in Europe with me right now let's see cosmograd says thank you mr. Krown you're great hey thanks man I appreciate that you're great as well man you're great as well Volk e says haha oh no not my funny mom they were supposed to save me know that in that that was a bad example to do that on though because that one actually did that one actually did look like it could have put in a put could opinion could have put in a bottom as you can see i'm obviously you know projecting my own biases on things so you know I'm not fuckin perfect either man and I do apologize for that that one did that that coin in particular did not deserve it although plenty plenty of coins do that one actually did not deserve it John Carlos is I hold a lot of oil and natural gas stocks can you look at Ohio hey man I actually used to make markets in Ohio Oh bail on what what is this probably to show bad huh where is it no this is on Arkham oh that's not right either hey where's just fuckin oil oh I L this doesn't look right do you want to look which a which ticker in particular do you want to look at I'm happy to look at whichever one that you want to look at but there's several different ones man and there's not the one that I that I used to trade it's just straight up Ohio in the stuff I was trading on a on a foreign exchange without even knowing it millena says fundamental people will say it's because crypto is hard to price and still immature that's why it's dumping well then why is everything dumping at the same fucking time huh you know again I know that you're not saying that Mullen it's just like it's just you know it's just like okay a little bit of critical thinking here could go a long way Adrian says goddammit I started laughing and I woke up the kid sorry sorry about that Adrian I apologize sometimes just got a little bit worked up christina black since watch oh yeah I'm looking for a short around the neck line or break 6,800 ish yeah that's again I think that is a little bit you you know there there's no I don't see too much to be gained from being aggressively short here although now that we are kind of breaking down on the 5 minute I I think I will put back this short on on the on the futures right here oh and they just moved away from me god damn it well god fucking damn it you can ever can't ever be perfect now can you as you can see these markets are so wide you know it they don't even fucking trade just the boss moving them gotta love it man gotta fucking love it alright let's see rocky G since I watched the stream 70% for the lol's and 30% for the TA well it's one way of doing it appreciate that man appreciate that lazy tech boy says what's up my dude eh what's up leads tech boy been in here been in and out of stream have looked at et Cie yet yes we have we can look at it again versus a doll or I would be happy to look at it versus a dollar each see USD on fin X right here and oh this is a five minutes so let's disregard everything I just said look at that so major shooting star on et see right here be fucking careful on this one now of course whenever you have a shooting star or any sort of formation on the daily you want to see it cemented in time but this the way it is is screaming it's fucking screaming at you especially on high-volume short me bitch short me and don't look back I don't know where you can even short atherton plastic can you short it on bit max it's a real question no you cannot no you cannot unfortunately but yeah it but again major major point here do not just short this blindly please do not show this blindly my major point to be made here is if if you do close this and confirm this daily dildo which again is 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time so plenty of hours listen today below 18 dollars and eight cents I would very much not I'd like to very much not be along this thing and if I can be short and short this thing to the ground I would like to do that by the same token all right there we go all right should I stay in this position right here yeah okay cool let's see let's see Kenyan modes Adrian yeah yeah the funding Muslims bit had meat I'm sorry about that so the gains man I could be up up 80% when OST was up 90% a little but never touch that Amen at the other day you know sometimes it is you know if it's worth that she was worth to you but also be thinking with those sorts of things it's not as easy as it looks because of the you know there's not super there's not a lot of equity or at least I'd be at least I'd be guessing less it's probably not too much liquidity in that sort of thing so yeah you know I'm always I always want to be careful with that sort of thing just because of that reason alone it's like you know I used to I used to do something I used to be a market maker in stellar man in fucking stellar which is a top 10 market or was the top top 10 marcab coin even that man is like the markets are so fucking wide you know if you try that market sell or buy even a hundred thousand bucks worth of contra worth of stellar it's it's gonna move the markets like significantly and and that's you know I mean that's that's not that much money in the overall grand scheme of things and people have certainly mut many much much much more much more money you know you can just imagine what someone with like five million to to ten million could do just with that market oh and I already read selling this look at that it's just gonna flag out and now I'm fact now I'm fucked now I'm super fact now I'm gonna hold along to it just for a second more I wanna I want to be I want to be convinced over here let's see too many soft people out there I'm glad that you can take it emblem and I'm glad that no one takes it personally man because it's never intend to be personal you know Adrian says I'll ask crown to look at neo or nano just for the lulz I want to well I I always look at me I always pick I always pick on nano but I'm happy to look at neo man cuz neo is one of Neos one of the ones that probably does deserve a lot more negative attention they don't have any like I don't know why people are so excited about them they have absolutely no activity in their github which is very bad I mean Tron has more activity in their in their github than neo jal just put it that way and you can see right here neo taking out this level right here we didn't see this one live but once it closed below this level right here we had this marked off at about 27 50 it very very bad you know it's you can see that has tried to test this this this resistance a few times at 28 bucks and just rejected from it each time leading a little bit lower I don't see much up from about 21 and 85 sorry 21 bucks in 85 cents that should be your traditional strong support coming from here but again that area must Hollow otherwise this thing goes into like you know straight-up freefall mode what all right I'm sure that there's actually more history on it just cuz you they had ants or ans before um so I don't have a history on that but for right there it looked a little bit nasty alright back now over here let's see John Coble says elbow Jesus coin offers redemption for all beautiful you just gotta get your Jesus put him in the token machine and play him out baby Oh Lexus think you broke that's that's one I've been watching amen my pleasure man my pleasure structure says Christina black yep seems like the relatively lowest lowest Reds play yeah just play the fucking trend oh there we go all right take it down Bitcoin take it down take it down to the ground Oleg says just clear that up BYOC isn't in isn't an oil company I think he's talking about the energy 100k okay fair enough fair enough Oleg yeah I think I I think I understand that as well or that's the way that I understand that he meant that as well millena says Jesus coin has such a great dev team even Jesus himself that's right guys Jesus have come back from the other the other beyond heaven as some people say to give to you in IC o—- form a Jesus coin your ticket to Redemption Henry says damn the volume and OS you daily can is insanely huge it's certainly impressive it does stand out let's see simple gains his crown would you buy Hottel shirt yes hallo Schwartz that's fucked up a new pimp says when our going to be interesting because moving average cross and I want to see some green dildos rest you know what I'm thinking yes indeed mr. boom and we can in let's uh and let's talk about that in the discord my friend I think some other people gonna be interested in that as I as I will be ending this stream pretty much here man I'm gonna go over the most important things be aware of on Bitcoin and I'll leave you off till tonight I'll be on on on on and like what seven or eight hours after a little bit of working out I'm gonna go for a new personal record and deadlift and I'm gonna also have some nice some nice food to eat as well looking forward to that alright so this a tower funnily enough did close above this to hundreds of women out right here this this this this red shoe and it's a movement average so again I actually am leaning towards seen a little bit of upside being carried out right here with that said still this area does remain 6,800 we'll call it again it goes a little bit deeper about 67 50 but as long as this area is still acting on support you got to respect it as support does that mean that you know does that mean I'm gonna you know does that mean I'm trying to get long down here not really not really but again I don't see you know I do I would not rule out a moot a quick move to about 73 or seventy three hundred 270 250 that to me would likely be a cell just from the gaps on the CME and the overall pressure that I kind of feel on the cone right now but with that said that's probably I hope I don't as long as we don't break one of those two areas before before my next dream that'll probably I'll probably do it again these the big air is being this one right here sixty-eight hundred and seventy three thirty as long as we're playing between there that's that's a range in my opinion yes we do have the former resistance sorry the former support which is now acting as resistance from this bear flock over here to deal with but if we do get above that I don't see much stopping us from 73 you know a hundred area all right so that's gonna do it for the morning guys again it's been an absolute pleasure speaking with everyone I hope everyone has to rest a best rest of your Tuesday I'll be back on a little bit later I'll be looking forward to seeing you guys in the discord and take care guys

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