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JULY 2018

BK Crypto Trader | The Boss Method | Chart Like A Boss


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BK What’s up, everybody we will be covering this content right here two SEC etf. Ruling is Bitcoin dead and uh, Pumping them, you know from the CJ B’s over at CNBC. So stay tuned. We will be back in about a Few minutes give the people a chance to get on here win some free BTC. Let’s go Make sure you like the video if you haven’t done it yet Let’s give our people a chance to come on board yet got some time we’re gonna put 20 minutes on the clock There you go Yesterday we didn’t get out of 50 light. So make sure you thumbs up the video Text it to a friend – om the thumbs up the video You know that way inside 20 minutes, we’ll be able to jump on him. Give somebody some free BTC It’s just that easy to get paid Underwater, where are you at? Cory Madden was going on universal vibes positive energy in the building He’s in love from Mongolia, thank you for joining us it’s good to have you Big crypto, what’s up, smash that thumbs up button if you haven’t done it already. Oh Boy edit share it is to our Facebook group as well. Hopefully we can get some body pain So if you want something to hold on so now define it first but here I am Coming under palm trees waiting for the summer Real quick everybody. I know we got seven comes out there. So this is all No one likes on this video Right, but all you gonna do is jump into one Serious poser right here There It’s just that easy so and get 50 likes I will it went We’re live on it here. Alright, so on my hose off and ended a video to the corner And there you go, so it’s good seeing blood wet boys Then realized the music was planned again in order to win the contest Cory got the right idea All you need to do is jump in the Facebook group and share this post right here Bitcoin etf. Mike wilson, what’s going on? Click that share button? I will hold off till the end of the video if we get 50 likes by the time I’m done We will pick a winner live on the air So I apologize about the music before but we’ll be back in 10 minutes to get this party started, you know Make sure you thumbs up the video and share this post and the Facebook group. So you have a chance to win This is the two-minute warning make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you haven’t already the only at about 27 lights again, once we give to the 50 lights I will be jumping Number one Bitcoin group in the world and picking a winner So make sure you thumbs up the video share this post right here if you want Sixty Seconds There we go, I had to make a little hotkey section so I can jump in and jump out like double-dutch 20 seconds Alright, alright, let’s go ahead and do it Welcome back Again for two days video We will be talking about the ETF ruling is Bitcoin dead and a pump-and-dump About a CJ B’s over at CNBC. Thank you for joining us. We’ll be back in 90 seconds With all this content make sure you hit that thumbs up button Jump on over and Facebook group share the post to win some free BTC BAM my people my people it’s about that time if this is your first time tuning in Congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best My name is BK known as the crypto traitor and I am them both of these charts as you will soon find out BT Kelly 1203 training view comm check me out on there I post free charts every time I’m in there then you jump over to the number one Bitcoin group in the world has tagged one Bitcoin on Facebook check it out I’m on in the doors are always open and then when you’re ready to put down two and pick up six jump on over to Patreon we got a hundred plus people holding me down on patreon. This is the money team $50.00 a month for the kripp topless report a hundred for the profit package and 250 for the boss alert messages where every other date you get an update from the boss be cake Bam is just that easy to get paid. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for your time. Make sure you like and subscribe Right. Now this is the fastest growing crypto community in the world you are Officially a part of history now, let’s go ahead and make this money Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day This stuff dos a Bitcoin decreased o of creeped up is your boy BK and if you don’t like me You must not like money. Shout out to the 50 people live on the air rocking out with the boss right now Thank you for joining me now. My name is Lee K They call me the crypto trader and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I grace this microphone when my voice is another day you get to get paid as a result So is one thing you got to do hit that thumbs up button. I’m looking in the video right now We got 37 lights. We need to get 250 before I finish this video if we do that somebody will get paid What are we talking about today? Well, it’s right there on the screen as you already know more than likely if you’re moderately informed the SE C Stands for securities exchange commission. Let me pull up my window here Ruled On a Bitcoin ETF. What is a ETF ETF stands for electronic? trading fund so imagine it as like a stock of sorts to where people could Trade fiat dollars on Wall Street for Bitcoin Paper right? It’s not actual Bitcoin, but I think the company That’s issuing it at some point would own some Bitcoin basically like a stock they could buy stock in a company That’s supposedly owns Equity and Bitcoin more or less is just a way for the CJ B’s to bring their money over to the blockchain And guess what that thing got kicked in the chest, right? They said no no, no, no By Apple instead. It’s a trillion dollars No, you can’t had no Bitcoin on Wall Street what you think this is right and as a result as a result We’re down 22% with regards to Fake money slave labor debt paper also known as USD. So if you don’t value USD then you have absolutely nothing to worry about problem is 99.9% of the world still values the most destructive Unit of value ever created so so to appease them We will discuss what has actually happened Again, this is the boss method if you’re just getting set up go on over to boss of Bitcoin Comm click on media Got a little drop down right there media videos and watch that playlist right at the top called chart like a boss that’s got about 13 or 15 videos, I believe that will help you make money in the marketplace. All of it is 100% Completely free, right because knowledge is power and power should be free Sydenham these see JB’s buying up all the politician influence and all the power. Let’s give it back to the people This is how we do it So is Bitcoin dead? No No, no, no because in order for That to happened that would mean This thing would have to go down to zero Right. Let’s talk about this. Let’s rewind for a second because a lot of people a lot of people don’t understand this concept, right the sec is A government entity just imagine a circle is literally a logo right would have bird on it It’s a logo and people work for that logo But the only reason it has any Jurisdiction any Providence or any prowl risks progress progress? I think that’s a word Any Gaul is? that the people put their faith and value into it Right. This is a form of governance through government If the people didn’t value what the SEC did Si si would have no power Right so – si si cannot kill something that it does not have power over and No one No, one person being on earth has power over the blockchain and This is the opportunity Because what we’ve learned the only thing we’ve learned over the past couple centuries Is that the consolidation of that power? Normally is not good for society. I believe somebody’s it Absolute power corrupts absolutely We’ve proven it, you know, that’s why you got you know You does go downtown to any major city in the United States and you’ll see those huge huge billion-dollar Skyscrapers with the logo on top of you know, your your favorite slave owner and and those skyscrapers are you know? Hide in the shadows under them buildings are homeless people How does that happen, how do we how do we have so much but yet people have so little you know It’s just another sine wave another distribution if if somebody’s at the top guess what you best believe someone’s at the bottom and All too often what’s happened is that top has gotten a lot higher and a lot higher and a lot higher and as a result The bottom has gotten lower and lower and lower There is no middle class There are the rich the poor and the working poor and this is a system of design So do not think that any three-letter Cjb organization that last one included that’s a four-letter cjb organization down there do not think for one second that they have the wherewithal let alone the Fortuitous to disavow a blockchain based protocol that’s simply impossible they wish they could only thing they could do is uh You know Moderate who has access to this slave labour debt paper known as USD, right and You can see that they made sure that anybody that values Bitcoin doesn’t have access to it, but that’s it That’s funny because we don’t we don’t we don’t value it, right? We don’t value that we value that and that’s why we trade that for that to accumulate more That right that can go down all day forever it already does so might as well exit out of your mind, right Next up. Um Is that this one? I posted this to my Twitter account. So let’s just jump over there real quick everybody You got about five or ten minutes. If you haven’t hit that thumbs up button. Let’s see how many likes we got I’m about to wrap this up Shout out to our TV what it do. So, let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see Post that this tear goes right there. I Say it I’m wondering when someone from that three-letter Eagle Eagle branded organization will take someone from the four-letter cjb organization to jail This is illegal and it happens time and time and time and time and time again And Just because you say, you know, you give you a little three-second disclaimer This is not investment advice doesn’t mean you can use your multimedia billion dollar conglomerate organization and dump Half a billion dollars in losses on the everyday common folk that that are stupid enough to watch your channel. That’s a shame This has happened a few times now a few times 8 August 7th at 1 p.m. They say buy bitcoin is above 7,000 what happens less than 12 hours later 22% loss and And that’s who you trust your your economics with. You know, they will they will Tell you 17 different ways I’m not qualified to speak on speak on financial markets. Well, I’ll tell you one way that I am I Make you money I’ve designed a method that’s bulletproof and I gave it to you for free Do with it what you will Looks like we only got 40 likes 55 people watching 40 likes. That’s cool. I’ll be back tomorrow if you in a chat right now Shout your country out. Let’s go ahead and wrap this thing on up, you know, just just to bring it home It’s not dead, you know don’t believe the hype Turn off the TV Because the logos, you know in that bottom left-hand corner aren’t in business to make you money. They’re in business to take your money That’s why every seven minutes. They got a commercial Cuz they said you got too much money in your pipes. Give it back What is this, what is this You know and I’ll give it back savings rate household savings rate. I think it’s under like 2% You know you make $100 You’re only saving two on average. You’re spending 98 dollars. This is a system of design misses modern-day economics You know This is inflation. This is Kappa stacker capitalism. These are the end times And guess what? They are the beginning times as well change your values change your worth bring it on over to the blockchain is about 6,000 dollars per unit on BTC and Let’s see where we stand a couple years from now Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see if I could bring this chat up real quick just show my people some love over, huh? That’s pretty big don’t need it that big Let’s do this, there we go All right, if you in the chat we we didn’t make the 50 likes so That’s that’s done. That’s that’s over. We had a chance we didn’t do it, but shout your country out It was one question on there. I want to get to Let’s see Somebody said Do I trade back into USD if Bitcoin goes under the 77? it’s a great question that Question deserves its own video if you value USD then it would be to your advantage to Sale right there the problem is that Right if you value USD it’s to your advantage to sell right there the problem is that There’s no way to do that USD T is not USD USD T is a digital ruler that has no equity on the blockchain and I don’t value dollars. So why would I value somebody’s digital conversion fake unit conversion of it? That’s already been hacked by the SBT is a billion dollar disaster waiting to happen and My Bitcoin is a little bit too – too valuable to a trade for that Now if you want to go back to dollars then yes, you can sell right there, right? Yes. You can do that You would have got about you know eight thousand but then what happens when You buy back in it takes time and you normally have to pay a premium Right because you have to literally pay somebody to sell you their Bitcoin. You have to incentivize them Otherwise they say, you know, I’ll keep it if you not go pay me above the market I’ll keep it. So it’s about ten percent each way twenty percent off of that eight grand Brings you right back down here right, so by selling two dollars all the way to the fake labor slave like your debt paper You know Then you would you would essentially be at a break even right now ten percent each way ten percent gasps each way right But do not do not do not trade Bitcoin for somebody’s digital tethered version of a fiat currency Because that’s a disaster waiting to happen that has no equity on the blockchain that has no protocol back in it And that has no faith or continuity with the eclectic electic. It’s not a free and fair Market, it’s a ruler that They can’t even keep safe because it’s already quote been hacked for like 30 million dollars. So, you know, there you go Hope hope that answers your question right Cool thank you guys for watching. Let’s see who we got in the house Cali big Shawn boss walking on the west coast Miss Rhonda, it’s good to see you Sisters, Oregon PAC Norwest Cali again They said we got 50. All right, I’ll give it to you. I’ll give it to you let’s do this real quick because we didn’t get it yesterday next time when I start when I start reading these names if I start Reading the first name. I read the contest so, you know, I’m Sam, but I give it the artist top So let’s go ahead and jump on over here See who we got 10 chairs, what’s today’s date August 8 8 to 6. Let’s go six down from the top Marcelo I appreciate the support man Thank you for that one two three, four five Sean six it’s about that time you absolutely right Big Sean your winner today, man You I Don’t know what happened. No audio Vegas in the buildin, Florida in the building Tampa Washington State And Pacific Northwest Life-size box thought to be doing some crypto videos hit him up You know, I’m Sam look at look at this China. We coming back one of our community members That’s one of the things I try to do just show the people some love if you show me love Holding me down in the community. I’ma show you some love too. We had a one do You know Dugout mug, you know, you send me some free stuff I’m gonna show you some love we bout to do a whole video this lady sent us a whole box of stuff me and Nicole Go make a whole designated video If you saw her last became cold flog like this little bat right here You know drink drink pour some drinks in it is really cool. It’s really cool. It is one of our community members Chris dinner Thompson Thompson mug company dugout mugs calm, you know take them out So support the people man, you know It’s about bringing value back to the people not uh, giving it back to these three little circle jerk organizations You know trying to siphon it off, right? And so with that being say it is that time of the date signing out both No boy, BK no matter where you state Brazil debate California all the way back out dude. Jerk money. Good night. Good morning And good day. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for your time. Hit that thumbs up button. Leave me a comment Show me some love. Let me know what you think And if you want to see a chart, I’m gonna be doing a freestyle truck tomorrow Leave it in the comments down below do that for me. You appreciate my till we meet again. Stay cryptic y’all babes

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  1. Hey BK, Who has precedence…the SEC or the CFTC? Does the SEC Ruling automatically dictate what CFTC decides with SBUX & MSFT plans with ICE's new start-up company Bakkt?

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