16 thoughts on “Bearableguy123 MAY To Much Fun Edit ..”

  1. Thank you for the support i have a few new ideas for the Hidden GEM TV. Help support Hidden Gem TV Here is Link.. Subscribe Today Thank you for the support https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC87SNEOtsX6_6DJ5b9QQYUg

  2. Volume down by 2.3 points during the voice-overs, keep bass levels , tweek Mids and come up on the high end just a smidge, otherwise GREAT JOB Bro wait for more !!!! I'm am pushing you in HTown !!

  3. I love your edits but everytime I play your videos my girlfriend says she doesn't like the music because it sounds ominous it sounds like the Illuminati I just laughed

  4. CKJ you are the men! NO HURRY I can wait. I am a XRP HODLER located in São Paulo – Brasil. I am on the road for 2 years.

  5. I am seeking a timeline or list of the many things xrp had gone through and its affiliations and utility that would easily convince friends and family to look at xrp. There is just to many links of information to copy n paste to 1 friend at a time lol. Reason for saying this is because if we had 1 picture, well… a picture is like a thousand words. Sometimes it's better to think visually.

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