Bear Market vs. Bull Market: How To Survive and Thrive (2019)

hey what's up world it's Ian Happy New Year 2019 is here and I thought I'd take some time and do a quick video for you guys right I know I've been gone a long time but guys in 2019 year boy is coming back you know cooped her China was nice you know 2017 going into the beginning at 2018 we had a nice bull run everybody was on the moon right unfortunately not everybody was on the moon right some people bought the top but anyway 2018 was a year for growth right cooked America got a lot of exposure but then towards the end pretty much the rest of 2018 after after January February there was a decline right prices are down over 90% everything is getting rekt alright and people keep saying ones the ones drop bottom I want is capitulation alright and I guys you know what I think I think we're almost there right I mean I'm definitely not trying to predict the future not financial advice get a financial advisor right but I'm starting to feel it right and I think this quote by former president of the u.s. Ronald Reagan sums it up best right I think it goes like this recession is when your neighbor loses his job depression is when you lose yours and recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his hey Jimmy Carter was the president I think that before Reagan right but to kind of put that quote in perspective what does that mean right cuz we keep on hearing bear market bear market bear my kid right but not everybody has been impacted by it all right but now I'm seeing even the major players start to get impacted by this right and who who exactly am I talking about I'm talking about exchanges right so for those who don't know exchanges are the biggest cash cows in crypto they're the banks right just like in regular business right banks make a ton of money they make a killing right almost any any big event you go to is being so by bank if you go anywhere in the world the biggest building in the city is usually owned by a bank right banks are cash Kings then same thing in crypto Kuta currency exchanges are the new banks right the by Nance is the okx is the cue coin is all these big exchanges there they're the cash cows right so but now in early 2019 all these companies now is starting to let the lay off employees is starting to decrease right and this is just from private conversations I've been having with lots of other platforms out there and they're also starting to fill the pinch right now when they start to feel the pinch I think I mean we have really basically hit bottom right not finish advice right and one example is there's this article i just shared recently in my alerts channel it comes from a from sheep shift write a script or exchange lays off one third of its staff one third of its staff of its employees have been laid off right that's 37 employees there to reduce right and that goes to show you not just them right but I know some of the companies who haven't really gone public with it right but I mean everybody is feeling the patient not just retail investors everybody I mean even funds I know people who raise who raised funds in – who had crypto phones in 2017 2018 and now those funds there's no way to recovery her like this is the automatic alpha life right so they have to listen you raise new funds you have to ditch those old funds and raise new funds right and now the exchange is another very infrastructure or very unsafe force to your businesses in crypto I also found the pinch right not just I cos all right so I think this it comes to a point where all of us we have to kind of get back into what got us to where we are but towards the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 all right myself included guys I mean I'll be real I'll be real with you right 2018 was kind of a vacation for me right I quit my nine-to-five died from IBM traveling the world you know doing some business here and there with the world tour right but to me is really a way to kind of see the all the culture in the world while building my my network right but now 2019 for those who don't know I'm now here based in Miami Florida you guys if you're coming to Bitcoin Miami I will be here hit me up I'm planning to organize a meet-up as well then after that I'll be flying to Davos Switzerland trying to lobby for crypto taking crypto to the moon with presidents maybe I'll pull up on down in front and say hey you know what take away all those taxes for crypto but anyway guys 2019 is the time to go back to putting into work right I recall it in 2017 or now still working at at IBM and I was putting in like I would barely sleep you guys know me I would barely sleep in 2017 I was doing live streams I like to to like 4:00 a.m. sleep wake up I like 7 a.m. go to work then do a live stream I like 10:10 a.m. alright and I'm here to say guys it's time to get back to those days I had lots of big news coming up for 2019 lots of stuff I'm working on I can't disclose it publicly yet but a guy's big news is coming what I can disclose though is I'm working on a book right the book is has started all right so stay tuned guys it's still very early stages right but working with a New York Times best-selling writer all right so you know it's gonna be fire all right and this is gonna be just more of a story of the ups and downs I've gone through in my life right even before crypto and then crypto as well right with the hack all this other stuff making the millions using it I can get back again right it's gonna be a comeback story right and who knows maybe even turn this to a movie right but guys 2019 is gonna be a hell of a year then and people asking me yeah what's your new year's resolution and I used to do very elaborate action plans or 20 for each year but to me really each year right the way I've kind of I guess a chief successor early alright which is relative but I'm 30 years old has been to always just have a better year than the year prior right so have a better year than last year if you do that every year after 10 years we will be crushing it right so each year basically you have to level up you have to raise the bar right if you're playing the minor leagues you gotta go to the major leagues right if you're in the major leagues yeah and you're playing and you're on the bench you have to become a start of the next year if you're a starter then next year you have to become an all-star if you're an all-star the next day every time at MVP right so it's time for me to get back into the work right I love you guys just just a quick bit I wanted to put it out there let me know what you guys think in the comments right if you guys think we're still in the bear market alright my perspective is I think we're basically bottoming out and I think we're probably going to be going sideways but for perspective I'm planning for the worst alright because I believe if you plan for the worst case you'll always be Gucci alright kind of like the Black Swan write the book by Nassim Talib if you plan for Black Swan events they can really affect if you plan for them expecting them to possibly occur right this all comes down to a probability right so for me all right the worst case I think is all of 2019 is gonna be a bear market worst case right and we may not see sunshine guys until summer 2020 all right looking at the Bitcoin housing and how and also looking at the time frame for the last beer market right so imagine it takes two years until we're back to just being afloat right so that means every move we're making in 2019 we have to have that perspective I mean if the bull market comes in two or three months hallelujah right but we have to plan that it may not come this year at all so whatever expenses we have we got that whatever moves were making we got to be hungrier and I think right now is really the time to now's a land grab as my friend Felix Hartman says right now is a land grab right cuz there's this competition guys and go to conferences all the people you're trying to meet right this is not as competitive as it was before all right it's because not everybody and their family and mom and dad is trying to make money on Krypton ra because like o cryptos died right probably after slamming dinners nobody wanted to make talk about Krypton all right or if you were there that cooked a guy or girl you definitely do want to bring it up alright so I think now is really where the builders build right it's in solitude then when people come they'll be buying the top from us all right so stay strong guys and I'll see you on the moon and at Lambeau

35 thoughts on “Bear Market vs. Bull Market: How To Survive and Thrive (2019)”

  1. The market works in cycles and 2013 is somewhat replaying but that is no guarantee we expect a complete repeat performance as looking critically at the general trends shows we are in on the longest bearish trend in the history of cryptocurrency but unique circumstances may make the outcome differ much. The stagnation and fluctuation around the $3,600 region in m opinion is going to expand but with a downward scope to below $2,000 and eventually, the cycle may kick in and thing may or may not begin to get better. I placed emphasis on may because 2019 will be a very turbulent year from which crypto may not recover and would see a lot lose hope but also see lots of smart people make incredible amount of money off crypto. I'd like to advice to stake a small percentage on a few select ALTS while acquiring and trading more bitcoins for profit but not GPU Mining new coins believe me that seemed like hardcore marketing to me. About trading, this prevailing trend provides a great time to make a lot of money but you have to be careful especially if you lack anything less than expert level experience. My suggestion here is to find someone who is very good and successful with trading and then copy his signals, strategies and patterns. Its as simple as that. A group of friends and i do that with Robert Brady's signals and strategies and i was thrilled in our last hangout when i summed up our profit which was over $$300,000 this year already. So do not be frightened by the happenings in the crypto space currently as there are still ways to turn profitable while still learning something in the process. Robert can be reached by mail ([email protected]) for any crypto related assistance or advice

  2. BAKKT, Fidelity and NASDAQ January, February or March 2019 big money coming in will commence the next bull run!!

  3. Coinbase needs to add more assists to bring some few confidence in the market at least…. what do you think?

  4. one needs to juxtapose crypto against the entire global economic system and work from there , dont just look at the microcosm of crypto otherwise you may not see the bigger picture of where some of these cryptos are going !

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  6. I've been following you for some time now and unfortunately your video's now are all about what you're going to do with the money you've made to squeeze the overall market further, nothing about the crypto tech and what's coming! Why don't you look at the progression of technology instead of pro-gating hardcore capitalist attitudes.

  7. Ian man I am a little mad at you. Where have you been? Get back to your roots and stay connected to your audience. I know a lot of these ICOs and others wanted you to FOMO for them but think long term.

  8. Bitcoin is under the price of runescape party hats the original bitcoin i think it's a great period to buy.

  9. Ian,
    Your New Year resolution is very compelling. ‘Be better than last year’ holds true in all aspects of life ??

  10. According to zoinists owned magazine called "the economist" cover in 1988 we can see that the paper currency is burning and the eagle is holding a coin which to me seems like a bitcoin. The same cover also says on the top right "get ready for the world currency". To me it seems like they are talking about the cryptocurrency and it is going to be a big thing once the stock market crash. Let me know of anyone else thinks the same

  11. Move crypto funds over to gold, wait till the market crash then invest into apartments. Sit back and see where the market is going!

  12. Who you are show one a year. You bought some crypto and the beginning and what…….are you GURU???? HEHE FUNNY GUY. CLOSE YOUR CHANNEL!

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