Be Careful of Anonymous Cryptocurrency Shopping

hey everyone I've came across this website called the beg coin and I guess it doesn't surprise me that websites like best of springing up but I think it as important to be careful of these kind of websites you can see here that says that use capital con say over 50,000 online retailers like Amazon and any other favorite online store how there's a work buying with Bitcoin and any other digital currency shouldn't be limited and restricted only to a certain online stores accepting it that Stephen alone doesn't follow me with confidence and so essentially what they're seeing as you find the product that you want you say indium cryptocurrency and then the exchange the capital kanji for fear and the order and they send it to you know it says it's got a theta sex reviews you could you could easily buy those you know get friends and family do that but aim my concern and I think everyone's concern well there's always concerns first as this is fully anonymous and you know I'm sure there's people that perhaps wanna hide their cryptocurrency they're scared about you know taxis or something and they want to use something like this to disguise you know and hide where the money came from just gets things sent to them but what you're doing is sending cryptocurrency to an anonymous party and getting them to send products to you and that doesn't free if you check the feq um are there any fees for using your service we charge between 7% and 12% of the order subtool so right away they're charging a lot of money in a CC has some cryptocurrencies have higher transfer fees or some lemonade requires us to make two transfers to reach the exchange while otherwise we can't change interfere was your refund policy we can process refunds only based on different policy over the online store and please know that your service fee is non-refundable as enormous as it's safe we use state of the art you don't know who these people are there's there's no best I don't I don't think there is no no there's no business address at the looks la la I don't see any and so yes there are a lot of concerns and I added a tracer to my wallet from Amazon so effectively like if you go to the home page and paste so I've added an nah come on load up load up so there's the tracer and I want to ship and honestly I agree to the Terms of Use which God knows what it says and continue to checkout Oh choose free shopping like this doesn't even quack or convenient you know that you have to actually manually transfer it over the shipping fee and all that so this is another concern of mine and I realize as something that you do need they do need your name they don't need your email address but not only are you giving an anonymous party money you are giving them your name and your full address and your phone number so maybe as legit guys maybe these guys are trustworthy maybe they have integrity and they do send em maybe they do send the products but why the hell would you use us just use an exchange guys for all the inconvenience use if you really can't be boiled exchanging money use something like shape shift or change Lee you know granted maybe they're not the best services out there but they change the money quickly and you can get the club to come Z and you can then use coinbase or reveler or some other app idea to change it to fear websites like that's trying to take advantage of the fact that a lot see people simply don't want to go through that and convenience but that as a security concern there's a privacy concern but for me as well just the practicality you know of all the things the order from Amazon many times sex monster Lane a year down the line you need to return them do you think in a year's time if you go back to me say oh you know there's been a return they're going to send can you you know organize a refund oh there's another ton can you send it back all that touring and flowing how good do you think your customer service would be when that happens one year down line two years down the line you know if you bought a tail version or something like that and to me cord irate guys buy directly from Amazon or you know whoever the online store does don't use services like thus you are removing any kind of race that you have as a consumer when you use services like this and these guys could just disappear on a few months and well will you when you do that you're left with nothing so yeah I thought I'd show you guys are in a way and just kind of give you a little warning about that maybe some of you guys think those are a demand for this personally I would strongly advise thing away from it so thanks for watching guys we'll leave a link to the beg coin if you want to check out and I'll speak to y'all in the next one take care

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  1. Hi everyone, there is nothing to worry about since we are doing our best to provide the cryptocurrency community with a secure, anonymous and easy way to spend BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH and XMR anywhere online.
    Regarding returns: all refunds and returns depend greatly on the refund policy of the online store the item was purchased from.
    Also, feel free to check on your customers' feedback here: , here: or here:

  2. I'm sure you can buy amazon vouchers etc online with crypto currency, still need to be careful with that but it seems much better than the website in the video.

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