Batman kidnaps Lau from Hong Kong | The Dark Knight [4k, HDR, IMAX]

What’s this? FOX
I had RND work it up. Sends out a high frequency pulse, records it’s response time. For mapping an environment. -Sonar. Just like a… -Submarine, Mr. Wayne, like a submarine. -And the other device? -It’s in place. Mr. Wayne? Good luck. COUNTDOWN BEEPS LAU, IN CHINESE
Okay. Okay. PHONE BEEPS Go look. Ah! Let go! Let go! I’ll give you anything if you let go! Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot, don’t shoot! RACHEL
Look. Give us the money and we’ll talk about make a deal. LAU
Money is the only reason I’m still alive. -Oh, you mean, when they find out you’ve helped us they’re going to kill you? LAWYER
Are you threatening my client? -No. I was just assuming your client’s cooperation with this investigation. As will everyone.

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  1. When we visited Hong Kong for a vacation, my gf’s mom pointed at those towers where Batman stood and landed. I still have the photo of those. I almost forgot about Batman being in Hong Kong.


  3. The Best Comic book movie is still the dark knight by far, Joker is the 2nd best comic book movie in my personal opinion.

  4. The Dark Knight is still the best comic book to movie adaption of a film ever. Nolan is God of Batman!!

  5. I see so many triggered people in the comments. Whatever happened to just respecting each other’s opinions? What a sad sad world we live in. Over a fucking couple of movies.

  6. 2008: "The Chinese won't extradite a national under any circumstances." -Harvey Dent

    2019: "Hong Kong is not China." – Hong Kong protestors

    Oh my how the times have changed in 11 years…

  7. I like how Nolan's Batman trilogy logically explained why Batman graduated to a remote control Batman mobile, The Batpod and "The Bat"

    He needed Gordon to to take out the Train tracks in Begins with The Batmobile, so it makes sense that he made The Tumbler remote control in TDK.

    After needing the Skyhook in this scene to get Lau, not to mention needing to rely on Chinese smugglers to get him to Hong Kong in the first place…he now has "The Bat" in Rises.

    Then due to Joker blowing The Tumbler to hell, he only has The Batpod left to further his pursuit of The Joker.

    Nice attention to detail.

  8. You'd have to be batshit crazy to jump off a building that high…
    Obiwan stands atop the building: It's over Anakin! I have the high ground!

  9. aside from the chinese cops' bad acting, and the fight choreography that could have been better, this is the most batman scene in the trilogy. this and the docks scene in begins

  10. I understand that Batman doesn't make mistakes – he would know if the glass was shatterproof, know what floor the guy was on – all that jazz. But imagine if the mercenaries were 10 minutes late because Eddie couldn't find where Yuri put the cable for a few minutes…

  11. and there really are tall buildings. amazing. i never been higher than 30's floor for the moment. in place where i living not much buildings.

  12. I wonder if this would of legally flew with actual court systems, yes he’s a criminal in the USA, but since he was illegally abducted from China by Batman, don’t you think that would of given his sleazy lawyer something legally to use so he isn’t prosecuted and not even being obligated to show up in court because of this?

  13. Chinese Government: Ban Batman in China.

    Rest of the world: Breaking news is that Batman is banned from China, and rumors say that his cellmate is Winnie the Pooh.

  14. Joker: "As for Mr television here, Batman has no jurisdiction! He'll find him and make him squeal! And I know a squealer when I see one…"

  15. Take notes arkham knight this his the game could be more amazing by using the same or similar type of combat art style of fighting than armored tanks.

  16. when the building started to shake and you hear a rumble sound of an aircraft I totally thought it was gonna be the Bat Wing 😒

  17. People don't realize that Michael Keaton open the doors with the look and the feel of the Character.Christian Bale take on the character was an expansion of the character Batman/Bruce Wayne.

  18. This was Batman at his strongest and quickest. This batman would have kicked the shit out of Bane. Unfortunately Bane, gets batman at his weakest. Not really fair.

  19. Lucias : mr.wayne !
    Bruce : (turning around)
    Lucias : like a submarine
    Bruce : stop saying that i got it !
    Just imagine that😂

  20. ¿Quién carajo es el bananero?
    -El del video de Wanda

    "Haceme un petete y cerra el ojete

    -yo soy virgen!

    No te creo un sorete"

  21. I know nobody asked me a damm thing, but if anyone were to ask –
    i would have to say YES.!.!.

    This is quite possibly the best BATMAN movie ever..

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