Basic Cryptocurrency trading – from A to Z – Introduction

Hello, dear traders! This is Petko Aleksandrov and I am very glad to welcome you to the Basic cryptocurrency trading course. In this first lecture I will introduce you to the main topics that we will cover during the course. First, we will start with the trading brokers, how to recognize the bad brokers or the so called Scam brokers, how to choose a good trading broker. And if you are a beginner, you will learn what actually are the brokers and why we need them when we do trading with the cryptocurrencies. I will introduce you to one of the most common platforms called Meta Trader. It is the most trusted platform for algorithmic trading and it’s very pleasant and easy platform to use for manual trading. And I will show you the steps how you need to install this platform. After that we will go through CFD trading. What exactly is that and how we can make profits with the CFD trading. Even when the cryptocurrencies are going down. I will show you what are the different chart types and how to read the charts. What exactly is shown over the chart. I will go through all trading specifications that you need as a beginner trader. I will go through the spread and the swaps. These are the costs that we pay to the broker. I will go through pips and points and I will go to all details that you need in order to start trading. I will teach you as well, how useful is the leverage and the margin, what these two mean, how they are different. And of course, I will share with you how risky are they. And I will teach you here the importance in good money management when we are trading, especially when we are doing a leverage trading. Then we will go to the trading itself. I will show you different types of orders that we can use with most of the platforms. I will teach you about the Stop Loss and the Take Profit. What are these two, how we use them and how they help our trading. I will teach you to recognize the important levels on the market that are called support and resistance. I have added a small practice activity here, so you can learn it and master it. As well, I will introduce you to the basics of the Dow Theory. This is about the trend how we recognize, if the price is on an uptrend or is it going down in a downtrend. This is very important, especially, when we are trading manually to follow the trend and I will teach you how exactly to recognize the trends. And after that we will go through the trend lines and the counter trend lines. These are drawing tools that we use over the chart and they are very useful for most of the manual trading strategies and after that I will teach you one trading strategy that you can execute manually. It is very interesting one and it’s working well on all cryptocurrencies. So, I will do my best to include many examples and this way it will be easier for you to learn the strategy. I will introduce you to a little bit more advanced trading here. That is called algorithmic trading. You don’t need to have any programming skills for that, guys. I will introduce you to a Professional Strategy Builder called EA Studio and you will see how we are generating, testing and automating strategies with such strategy builders. I will show you the importance of history data, how you can export history data from the broker, in order to generate and select the strategies. And I will go with some trading with Expert Advisors. Basically here, we place many Expert Advisors in 1 account, so we can see which ones are performing well and we choose the top performers to trade on a live account. Of course, this whole process could be done on demo, on a virtual account. So, you will not be risking any real money until the moment you feel ready and till the moment you feel satisfied with your results. OK, guys, welcome one more time to the course. I wish you to enjoy it. If you have any questions during the course, after the course, just let me know. I will be there always to answer you very quickly. Cheers.

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