Basic cryptocurrency trading course – how to place the best EAs in a separate account?

Hello dear traders, it’s Petko Aleksandrov from EA Forex Academy and I continue with a little bit more of statistics that I
have already. Still I have the three profitable trades on the top. These are
the ones with the Bitcoin. So, you can see, guys, if I just move it a little bit
sideways that these are exactly the magic numbers for the Bitcoin 732374 and then we have 508. Yeah? And this is
very, very normal, guys, because the Bitcoin is much more volatile than the
other cryptos. It is normal that the Bitcoin at the moments will make bigger
profit. But at the moments as well it will make bigger losses, much more
volatile asset as you know. Anyway, what are the options now? One option is you
can put the top 3, the top 5. Or in this case you can put the top 6 which are
currently making profit. You can see they are on profit. So, if I click on Net
profit you order the strategies according to the profits. Yeah? You can do the same as with profit factor, with winners trades, with all the statistics
here. But what we are looking for is the Net profit, guys. As I said most of the
time you will see the Bitcoin that is on the top because of its volatility. So,
what you can do, guys? Instead of taking the top Expert Advisors or strategies
you can take the top 1 from each cryptocurrency. So, what I mean, is you can take only this strategy that ends on 508. And then you take the
best one from the Litecoin for example. So, let’s see which is this Expert
Advisor ending on 065. 065 where is it? 065 it’s
right over here. This is for the Ethereum. And let’s see which one is the other one
314. 314 that is the one with the Dash. So, what you can do, is you can take the top
ones from each cryptocurrency. Currently we see that with the Litecoin
not yet a lot of data. Or we have these losing strategies probably some of those
are with the Litecoin. I see this 007 is with the Litecoin. Then we have
291. 291 is with the Dash. 979 is with the Ethereum
and these last ones 005 is with the Ethereum. And 097
here with the Dash. So guys, it doesn’t mean that these strategies are actually
losing. All right? What it means, is that they are currently making losses. And this is once again because the market is changing and it’s changing every day. And
it’s normal every strategy, every Expert Advisor to has profits and to has
losses. So, what we do? We always keep in one account the top performers. I will
show you now exactly this system. So, it’s up to you, guys, once again if you want to
take the top 3 from all of the strategies, the top 5, the top 10. It
is your choice or if you want to have more diversification of different cryptocurrencies. Because if I put the top 3 I will stay only with the Bitcoin.
But my idea is actually to trade the top 3 from different cryptocurrencies.
So, what I will do? I will take the top 1 from the Bitcoin, the top 1 from
the Dash and top 1 from the Ethereum. So, I will just write them down on a piece of
paper or in any file, guys. I’m writing the magic numbers of the strategies that
I want to use. So, the first one is a 86638508. Now the
next one is the one here with 065. One more time let me check it 065, it is with the Ethereum. So, I will write it down 87254065. All right? And then I will have this one over here which is 87110314. OK? And this one as we saw it
is with the Dash. OK? So, I have this strategy, this strategy and this strategy.
OK, guys? So, now I will show you how you need to select these 3 strategies. I’m
going to File, Open data folder and then I’m going to MQL4 and I click on
Experts. And here are the 12 Expert Advisors. Right? So, what I will simply do?
I will take the ones with these numbers. If you have many, many strategies like 99
with our other courses you can write down the magic number. So, it will be
easier for you to find it. Anyway, with the 12 is very easy, guys. So, the Bitcoin
one was 508, it is this one. I press and hold ctrl. So, the other one is 065. It
is this one over here with the Ethereum. And 314 is this one with the Dash. So, what I will do? I will copy this and I will create one new folder that says top 3.
And after that I will just paste these Expert Advisors here. Now what I will do,
guys? I will open another demo account and I suggest you to do this whole
process first on demo accounts. And not to hurry going into live trading. All
right? Just to master it and to see how it’s working. So, I will just copy this
and I will go to another demo account that I have open here. And I will paste
these Expert Advisors over here. OK? File, Open data folder then I click on MQL4
and I go to Experts. And I will paste these 3 Expert Advisors that I have
selected from the other account. I am closing it. I’m going to Expert Advisors
and I will click on refresh. And when it is ready you will see them just below
Expert Advisors and here they are. Now, I have here some Forex currencies open. I
will just close this all. All right? And I will open one chart for the Bitcoin,
one chart for the Ethereum and one chart for the Dash. So, just closing all of these, guys. OK? I have 3 opened. So, what I can do, is I can just drag the Bitcoin over here.
I can drag the Ethereum over here and I can drag the Dash over here. All right? Make sure to go on the exact time frame. So, I will make the others as well on H1 and
the Bitcoin. All right? And the next thing is I need to enable the automated
trading. You can do it also with ctrl + E. And then I will drag it over here. I
click on OK, I will drag the Ethereum as well, I will click on OK and I will drag
the Dash as well and I will click on OK. So, you see the 3 Expert Advisors are
smiling and they are working now as well on this account. So, this is how we are
doing it, guys. So, we move the best performance. You can create your own
system, you can create your own system for moving only 1 Expert Advisor. You
can change it, you can do whatever you want basically with the Expert Advisors.
This is a simple system that I’m sharing with you. Just take top Expert Advisors
from each time frame and place it in another demo account. And now, guys, this process just repeats. We connect this account with FX blue. We follow this
performance, we follow the performance of the other account where are the 12
Expert Advisors. And if any of these 12 Expert Advisors start to show better
results than any of these 3 I will replace it, I will delete it from here.
And I will put simply the better Expert Advisor. All right, guys? Very simple
system. Hope it’s clear. Don’t worry if you have any questions or if you didn’t
understand something you can always ask me and I will be there to answer you. OK?
Thank you very much for watching. Bye!

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